Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 17 Jun

Hi Guys hope you all had a win on saturday because today is not going to be easy.

Race 1: has a lot of first timers and hence left alone

Race 2: Here there a 3 contenders 3. SPRING OF YOUTH who ran a very good race last time 6. GIRL NEXT DOOR who made up a lot of ground and is ready to strike and 7. ASPIRING SEVEN who is consistant front runner. both spring of youth and 7. ASPIRING SEVEN are going to make the pace hot enough for swooper to finish well hence 6. GIRL NEXT DOOR comes in the pitcure and is my choice to win from either 1. GOLDEN OPERA or 3. SPRING OF YOUTH .

Race 3: This also a very open race with improvement expected from atleast 7 runners so is best left alone.

Race 4: 8. RETRIBUTION in my opinion is a great horse but has always seen one better in every run however in this race he has the class to win. His only drawbak is he is running after 90 days and that is a lot of time in horse years. See I am still going to tip him to win here but halve your bet as in all fairness he is still maiden and needs to learn how to win.7. SUPER POWER is also in the same boat as the favorite and should give this race some interest twists so its best to half your bet.

Race 5: This another race where spotting a winner is very hard as most horses are in with achance. However 5. PERFECT ATTRACTION needs some attention .For jackpot picks dont ignore 4. WAFADAR and 2. CARRA MIA as both these horses can win.

Race 6: After running a process of elimination I believe only 5 horses require attention.
4. HOTSTEPPER has done everything that he has been asked for. was unlucky to lose to liverno as the wieght told. At best he will fill the frame if all goes well but lacks the class to beat this field.
5. BADGE OF GOLD has run against a very experienced bunch of horses and won on his terms. once he starts to accelerate he gains a lot of momentom and maintains it. He is the only horse in this field that hasnt been extended yet and today when asked to do so will be hard to beat.he is drawn 11 which will make it very easy for the jockey to settle the horse in any position.
6. BOURBON KING is great horse with a big heart he likes to stay with the pace and when asked has a very good spurt of accleration , unfortunately the spurt last only 200 mts but today the pace of the race is going to be much faster he is drawn 1 which means that prakash will use up a lot of energy to put him in a good position early which will unsettle this horse and today he is running with the best of its kind and I believe the draw and pace are not in his favor.
11. ELUSIVE STUDY is a very talanted horse who had a setback early on. on his last run carying 61 kgs he set and maintained a scorching pace which is a sign of a good horse. drawn 12 will be at his advantage today as it will let this horse settle a bit off the pace early on hence he will give himself a fair chance today and a upset from him is not ruled out.
2. VIJAYRAAJ has got his fulltime jockey back in the saddle and should run a better race today.

In closing I believe 5. BADGE OF GOLD and 6. BOURBON KING will be involved in the finish with the former having a advantage to win and in my opinion is a better horse an upset from 11. ELUSIVE STUDY is not ruled out if he settles early.

Race 7: Looks like a straight fight between 7. NOBLE GUEST and 3. ALANDRA I believe the former has not been on the track for a while but it is not much of a worry as it could be one of many reason or just over looked. N Guest is definately better then Allandra. However if you are looking for an out sider 5. MISSION CHIEF need a lot of notice as in his first run he was over wieght and still ran a good race today he has been on the track and has striped fitter he has also run well in superior company hence worth a notice.

Race 8: there will only be 2 reason if 3. WONDER SMILE to loose today one is if the connections decide it shouldnt or if 7. MERCURIAL stays the trip if there is money on the former in the last 3-5 minutes consider it a good bet for the day.11. HABITUATED can make the finish interesting.

Race 9: The equipment on the favorite has changed please be careful the odds are not right on this horse Anyway I believe 7. BALLERINA GIRL is a better horse and should beat the favorite anywhich way. For jackpot please dont ignore 8. CINDERELLA MAN if asked this hores will win.

All the best be careful today as the card looks very tricky wondersmile ,Girlnext door and Badge of gold will be my main 3 bets. AWESOME BEAUTY is the upset for the day.



Friday, June 15, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 16 Jun

Race 1: Very open race with 6 horses in with a very good chance but my choice is 2. HIMA`S PRIDE who had a veryhampered run last time out and has run in far superior company to win from 5. A RUN TO REMEMBER who will run a much better race today and is the obvious danger.... Punters who are looking for an outsider in this race dont go beyond 9. ZANGI who can strike at this handicap.

Race 2:2. CONDE NAST is a far improved horse and the distance will not be a problem, his manner of victory for which he has only been penalised 4kg is in his favor and if all goes well however I strongly believe 5. BROTHERS IN ARMS has shown a similar sort of improvement both these horses have improved after being gelded and I was once told by a jockey who is now a trainer that when a horse shows improvement after being gelded back him till he is beaten the problem is both have shown improvement but I will give the Former an edge because he has run in superior company.1. RAPIDO GONZALES should make the race interesting if he is allowed to gallop.

Race 3: 8. OLIVIA VALERE is a fovorite here but please be very careful if you are going to back this horse... there are 2 things that this horse does which is doing her no good firstly she does not like to pass other horses and the most important thing is when she is put under preasure in the straight she changes strides in her last race she changed her strides 4 times in 300 mts which I see as a major saying that I know the trainer is smart man and if he has taken mearures to counteract this problem and if the horse hits the front only then will she run a good race.My fancey in this race is 12. ALYCIAA who seem to be a good horse from 2. WAR OF ATTRITION who if backed will run a very well .

Race 4: I Think it will pay to leave this race alone 2. AELENIA is carry 62kg in the second rund of her life,if she is good enough she can win only 2 horses look good enough to trouble her 1. SPRUCESPRINGSTIEN who carried top wieght and paced with Elusive study till the bend in a very fast run race has caught my attention and the jockey is good too from 7. GIVE ME THE MONEY who is no slouch and will make the race interesting.

Race 5: It is safe to say that the best 2 horses in the country will be racing each other today and no matter who wins none of the two will be disgraced 1. HOLDING COURT who as missed the board once in 20 starts and the great 4. SOUTHERN EMPIRE who has won 12 out of 13 races both will keep us on our toes till the last stride. SE timing if it is correct in the mock race is too good to be true 1-27.80 without even being pressured which says a lot. Holding Court who was given a very easy run earlier this season also showed that he still has a big heart and will make SE fight for every inch of pride. I would hate to tip in this race as it would be an insult to either of these 2 horses but I believe the former will create a flutter today as I have decided not to split the horses but to pick the better jockey.
Now I have also tried to see if there can be an upset here which is highly unlikly unless some un forseen mishap takes place.11. ALLEZ INDI comes into the picture on an handicap chance. In my opinion 5. MOON FOREST will run a good race and is a decent place prospect.

Race 6:This is a very bad race best left alone 1. SUAVE is my pick to win here because he is running in a weeks time in the last run he was not extended and finished on well in a higher class from 5. PRINCE OF BYERLY and 8. TURBO BABE .

Race 7: This is the toughest race of the day with all horses in with a great chance.I have decided to give 4. SHYBOY a very good chance due to current form and last run which was very good. However if you are looking at horse at higher odds of for jackpot reason dont look beyond 1. TRIBAL FANTASY as a good each way bet.

Race 8:Looks like a straight fight between 6. SIERRA and 7. DHANUSH with the latter having a slight edge, NoName and pillar of gold should follow.

Todays card is a mixed bucket of surprises please follow the market trend in the last 3 minutes.

Treble for today
HIMA`S PRIDE , CONDE NAST and WAR OF ATTRITION (if backed in the ring)

Good eachway bets

All the best and if for some reason I cant tip for 2morrow back Badge of Gold



Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 10 Jun

Race 1: This race is best left alone...2. NALWA has a chance to win if there is smart money on it.6. SMART CHOICE can be looked at as a small place bet.

Race 2: 1. IN THE ZONE looks a good horse and if there is money on him today he will win.3. JERSEY POWER who missed the kick last start can trouble the former if he gets a level start.12. BORN BEAUTY is the dark horse and shouldnot be ignored.

Race 3: 1. ASSERT THE RIGHT wont get it easy in this race. The 2 negetive factors against him is the wieght goes up by 10.5 kgs and teh distance goes up by 600 mts so he has to improve by 15 lenghts in the 600 meters and that is a big task. Another factor is that he changes his stride in the straight hence the bangalore straight might be a bit too short for him to regain momentum. 4. FAIRYTALEENDING who has run in superior company will give him the run for the money so will 2. RED MUSTANG .Hence my choice will be 4. FAIRYTALEENDING over 1. ASSERT THE RIGHT .

Race 4: Looks like this race is destined between the top 3 horses. the consistant 2. GHOSTOFACHANCE has blinkers on today and is my pick to win from 3. DARK HORSE looks like 1. SIEZE THE NIGHT need more distance.

Race 5: 2. THREE OF ARTS is my first choice to win provided the draw dosenot affect his performance.10. PANCHAKSHARI who will make the pace very fast will cause a lot of swoopers to finish up close hence if a rank outsider wins here dont be surprised.

Race 6: Looking at the mock races 11. ASTRAEA looks a cut above this field and is a good type. But from a punting point of view I would like to draw attention to few issues which i believe can be the reason of her to lose today. If you saw her first win in mumbai she was fine till she was alerted to the task when started to go wide and could not be controled. If you see both the mock races you will notice she was not alerted at all but allowed to create her own pace. in the second mock the wide draw made the filly throw her head around and the horse did not settle till she took the lead all these signs mean that this filly is very tempremental and if not given her head she can cause her own downfall. there are a few fast horses in this race and if they dont allow her to sttle then this horse can lose.
After puting a lot of thaught in this I still believe this has the class to win hence my tips are as follows.

Race 7:The speedy 3. CIMARRON is a very good horse but the jockeys inexperience will cost him the race again. Drawn 1 in a 12 horse sprint is not a good sign gor the apprentice jockey who has just won one race so far hence 6. TRAFALGAR SQUARE is my first pick over 4. EXCELLENT SPEED for the jackpot please consider 7. AVON GORGE .

Race 8: Very open race with many horses in with a fair chance My money will be on 11. MAJOR IMAGE who is a good type to win from 12. PASSION TO PERFORM for jack pot and place 5. LORD OF ILLUSION is the one.

Race 9: Very open race with 6. KING OF QUEENS in with a very good place chance.

I dont believe there is a days best today however the UPSETS ARE


Good luck all have a win/

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 9 Jun

Race 1: a race best left alone however FINAL DEPOSIT will be tried today but dont think he can win.1. BOLD BLAST needs more distance

Race 2: Cant see beyond 1. LADY ESCORT here dont be fooled by the aprentice jockey as the trainer is not a fool and this horse today is a certain eachway bet.

Race 3: A lot of questions should be asked if 7. ROYAL FLYNN and 6. OLYMPIC WONDER who has had a positive change in equipment beat 1. MASTER STRATEGIST who I believe should avenge the loss however expect some gamble from 4. SILVER PARIS .

Race 4:This is another race which is best left alone how ever 5. FEARLESS ANGEL and 3. SUPREME QUEST 9. SIMPLY DANGEROUS and 6. ALLONIA dont have a positive equipment change to justify favoritisum but if I had to pick a horse in thi race my choice will be 2. GLOBAL PRESENCE who is a good type and will run a good race.7. LIVE IT UP will will give everyone a run for there money

Race 5: 9. ALEJANDROS is a a improverd horse and should win here if all goes well from 5. RUBEN STAR whos outside draw is a worry and is best left alone as he tends to run eratic if he is on the outside. People looking for jackpot picks please dont discount 11. AMAZING ONE .

Race 6: 1. FIGHTING STAR who is a good type will run a good race today expect some fight from 6. GOOD HEART forget about 2. REFRESH who seems to be laubering a lot maybe need more distance.

Race 7: 8. PASTICHE manner of victory suggest that she will win again if asked to 10. SUGAR BROWN is a good place prospect.

Race 8: 6. CARABINIERI has an good advantage over its rivals here however 2. CHILLY WIND if given his head today will be hard to beat hence looks a good each view prospect.

All the best today please be carful as this card dosenot look promising follow the market trend in the last 3 mts.



Days best 1. LADY ESCORT
Good Double 1. LADY ESCORT and 8. PASTICHE


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 3 June07

Race 1: Not a lot of horses to pick from here4. STAR SUMMIT who had a very good run last time out stands out however the timing was not that good hence 3. CIMARRON who has run in far better company can do the trick...1. EASY is short of a run however the joker in the pack is 7. POLAR RUBY who can upset.

Race 2: 2. COUNTER PUNCH is tracking well and is very highly regarded horse how ever he still has to win and is short of experience which can be the undoing today... the opposition is competetive today and hence this favorite should be left alone good luck if he wins but i dont believe its going to be easy. My choice is 3. WONDER FALCON who has been tracking equally well and has the experience to trouble the favorite. 1. BERNARDO is a certanty in place.

Race 3: 6. ZAIOS is my choice to win here from 10. ASPIRING SEVEN however expect an upset from 8. MAJORITY WINS who has run in far better company and can UPSET.

rACE 4: This is not a race for punters My choice is 3. BRAVE BHEEM who has a slight edge over 9. WILE WENCH ...8. SNOB VALUE can be considered for an upset

Race 5: ITS VERY HARD TO SEE BEYOND 1. HAUNTING MEMORIES but I believe she will not have it easy today and the danger will come from 7. SECRET COMMAND who will give her the run for the money

Race 6: This is a very open race with many horses in with achance however my money is on the much improved 7. CHILLY WIND who can win again from 4. FORT KNOX . 8. IMPERIAL VIEW has a big job on his hands and is best left alone.

Race 7: 4. CONFIDENT VICTORY should do well in this company however expect some resistance from 9. SPY MATE

Race 8: The stage is set for 7. SPLENDID GLORY to win here and is a good propsition for a good bet today.



All the best and have a win

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tips for Bangalore 2 June07

Race 1: The quality of horse surprise me in this race winner gets 1.8 lakhs and none of the horses have done anything. 1. LOCAL WARRIOR has a benefit of an easy run to win from 2. REMARKABLE STRIDE who has been tracking well (Dont be fooled by the Jockey). Open race

Race 2: Another race best left alone

Race 3: 6. FANTABULOUS HERO has the stage set to win today and 7. ROYAL FILLY and 10. ZANGI might make the finish interesting.

Race 4: Looks like 9. BEAUTY DANCER has been prepared to win win today however 6. ROMANTIC SCENE looks like a better horse but the distance is too short for both horses hence an upset wont come as a surprise hence this RACE IS BEST LEFT ALONE.4. MAAHI VE FOR PLACE/JACKPOT.

Race 5: 1. PREDOMINANT shold run a good race here 2. GUEST CONNECTIONS is a filly and might struggle if the pace is fast so is best left alone.

Race 6: The faith of this race will be decided within 6. INDIA SHINING ,1. CHAGALL and 4. ASIATICUS ............... Chagall has the class and should win and the othe 2 will be right there.

Race 7: ANGELIQUE should win well and 9. OLIVIA VALERE

Race 8: The equipment on 9. ASCOT LADY is a worry she comes from a gambling stable and today it seems she is geting a run.11. WOMAN IN CHARGE has the class and has run in far superior company in the past hence my choice to win from 3. KODAVA FIRE who had a forward run and has a positive equipment change.

Good Treble: Angelique,CHAGALL and FANTABULOUS HERO


All the best guys have a win



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