Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pune last day 2014

Due to work commitments no post today. Horses I will be backing today are Lorelei,Gracious,Clinton,Your Royal Majesty,PumbaMiracle Of Mercy,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pune 25.10.2014

Race 1: Open race expect a gamble on Star Elegance, who has had a huge drop in class and the step up in distance. Dont worry about the jockey if there is intent the horse will win.

Tips: Star Elegance,Dream Yuga

Race 2: Mystic RomanceStar Lightning

Race 3: This a wide open race and any of the runners can win best to avoid or take a small chance on J'adore, or Moneywise,

Race 4: Another wide open race.

Tips: His Highness,Khaleefa

Race 5: Shania,        Upset: Quest For Love,

Race 6:Way Out,       Upset:   Myla Rose,

Race 7: Domingo,Ghazal King

Race 8: CezanneAbderus,

Race 9: Grand Gibraltar,Winds Of Change,       Upset: Seacaucus,(note)

Race 10: RavelloMarengo,            Upset: El Wonder, ( note)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pune 18-10-14

Race 1: National Star,               Upset: Iridescence,

Race 2: Burlesque,      Upset: Whitesox,

Race 3:Zoltan, Lhotse,

Race 4: Classic Moment,           Upset: Gates Of Heaven

Race 5: Fortune Favours,             Upset: Zoraavar,

Race 6: Speed King,Durer,            Upset: Dhanyavaad

Race 7: Flanker,Our Girl

Race 8: The Other Song,Starry Brook,          Upset: Staying Alive, (note)

Race 9: Reach The Stars,Burgundy Rose,         Upset: Veni Vidi Vici,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pune 17-10-2014

Race 1: PlatedCumbre Vieja,

Race 2: Vixen,Leothefiercehorse,

Race 3: Smart Raider,Zaagros

Race 4: Rajsamman,Full Moon,

Race 5: Thoughts Of YouJust By Chance,

Race 6: Tammy OHeart Of The City,

Race 7: Pure Bliss,Casino Jack,

Race 8: Caesars Star, ( Days Best)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pune 12-10-2014

Race 1: Sail Past,Chase The Ace

Race 2: Wind Of The Hills,Donata

Race 3: Doc Holliday,Basic Life,

Race 4 : Dixie Delight,Magic Vision,

Race 5: Replica,

Race 6: Rosie Sunshine,

Race 7: MaishaTatiana,             Upset: Flashing Chieftain,

Race 8: One Kept SecretHawker,

Race 9: National Pride,Oriental Rocky,

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