Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mumbai 27-11-11

Mixed day of racing should be dominated by outsiders.

Race 1: Most horses here are unsound or gamble horses. 1 6 7 should be involved in the finish.Lady Black Star, is riddn on merit should win but best to decide in the ring i do feel the 1000 mtrs is a bit sharp for her, Hickory, is consistant and the distance will suit her she will be the one to beat.Auraria, is the dark horse if the jockey can give her a fair start today she can upset.

Tips : HickoryLady Black Star,            Upset: Auraria,

Race 2:Once again a race full of gamble horses Equiano, has merit was my follow horse but I have no faith in the owner hence ignored.Cypress Point, was fancied in terms races and is running VB should run a fair race.Money For Nothin, has been prepared well but the connections are gamblers and can pull the plug at the last minute so best to decide in the ring if tried he will be the one to beat.Radical Mackie, gamble horse and trainer but may struggle in this set.Lagad has to hidden horses here Let It Fly, has the one that can upset provided he tries the otherone,

Tips: Money For Nothin, Let It Fly,               Upset: Savage Garden,

Race 3:Once gain a bad race and folw of money will decide the out come. Arabian Eagle, has merit and should be the one to beat.Beemer, has blood vessel issues and best left alone.Ran Banka, should be the fray and can win.Tomorrows Dreams, is the dark horse can upset if tried should place.

Tips: Arabian Eagle,   Ran Banka,         Upset: Tomorrows Dreams,

Race 4: Arctic Minstrel, and Good Looking, should dominate the finish here the first named is now fresh and should run a good race. Mountain Warrior, is better of the Wadhwan horses.

Tips :Arctic MinstrelGood Looking,         Upset :Mountain Warrior,

Race 5: 20 horse field good luck here.King Julien, is nothing special and now drawn 18 makes it worst not worth a bet will be lucky to place in this set.Horses with a realistic chance are 2-5-7-14-15-16-17 and the winner can be shortlisted from them.Divine, if tried has an outside chance to place however its unlikly he will be tried.Double Diamond, looks well prepared running the right distance and has the right jockey should be right there, So Royal, ran a fair race on debut last spurt was impressive wide draw is a negetive and can be the undoing.Spirit Of Mercy, will do well on mumbai track drawn 4 with no initial speed is a negetive can place if the luck is on his side,Star Builder, is the best of the Wadhwan brigade drawn 3 with good initial speed will be the one that they all have to catch shold finish on board and can upset.Flying Kiss, is a small horse with a lot of heart will be flying at the end and if in luck can upset.Light My Way, is horse of a different class has the right jockey and if his legs hold up he will be very hard to beat.

Tips: Light My Way, Double Diamond,           Upset: Star Builder,

Race 6: This is a very interesting race but over a mile and on this track Beautiful Stranger, is the horse to beat.Macchupicchu, and Ocean And Beyond, are coming back in distance so will be hard to win here.Native Knight, is fresh and will laways be there over a mile.Ciel Indienne, and Rajasthan Royals, have a good handicap and if they carry pune form they can also be there however they all have to beat Beautiful Stranger, today.

Tips: Beautiful Stranger,Macchupicchu,            Upset: Rajasthan Royals,

Race 7: Aliyana, if tried will be the one to beat in this otherwise tricky race however its difficult to tip gamble horses.from the rest Venus Rosewater, has a very good advantage will be able to settle as most horses are sprinters and will be involved at the finish.

Tips: Venus Rosewater,           Upset: Aliyana,

Race 8: First Timers so best left alone but Your Lordship, and Portia, should dominate the finish the former has a slight edge due to jockey and experience of a run.
Tips: Your Lordship,

Race 9: Scarlet Pimpernel, is a far superior animal but doesnot like the pune track will win.Be Cool, is blazing the track but the owner holds the key can place if tried.

Tips: Scarlet Pimpernel,                              Upset: Be Cool,

Days Best: Scarlet Pimpernel,
Double: Scarlet Pimpernel, Light My Way,
Eachway or place bets: Light My Way,Your Lordship,Hickory,Let It FlyBeautiful Stranger,Aliyana,
Bolt from the Blue: Star Builder,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bangalore 26-11-11

Very nice card today P S Chouhan has a very good chance of making your day or ruining it I think the first option is likely.

Race 1: Opening race of the day is going to be between the 3 fancied runners Samovar has agood handicap and will be the one to beat Hackett look better of the 2 top wieghts.

Tips: Samovar Hackett

Race 2: Looks a straight fight between Crown Empress and Rezoom and Jockey skills will matter at the finish.

Tips: Rezoom Crown Empress

Race 3: Expect a gamble on Enduring Speed today should win if tried from the rest horses 2-4-8 have a fair chance Moves Goodenough has placed in his last 7 starts and can make ammends but make note of Star Of Desire who is at a tidy handicap can upset

Tips: Enduring Speed       Moves Goodenough                    Upset: Star Of Desire

Race 4: This a race where a gamble is likely it will pay to look for value horses 1-2-4-5-8-10-11 are all in with a fair chance Starscream looks well prepared but has a problem at the gates hence avoidable.For An Angel is tracking ok but has a good jockey and is the best bred horse in the field however looks a very average type should be favorite but is nothing special, Turf Fame had a good run earlier this season is a winner in this class and can win if tried Molly Malone is a gamble horse with no realistic form but as most A Caddy horses will sprout wings if the money is on molly,Royal Music  is tracking well and at a good handicap can win if tried and lastly the horse that i think there will be a gamble on today is Youre A Star  with a benifit of a run and positive change in equipment look good if the jockey can handle him make note

tips: Youre A Star, Royal Music                 Upset: Turf Fame

Race 5: With a benifit of a run Lad King has a slight edge over Chantilly however the manner of victory and current handicap suggest Words Of Wisdom can repeat if tried.

Tips: Lad King            Upset: Words Of Wisdom

Race 6: Very open race and all  4 fancied runner can win jockey skills and luck will play the trump card here.Shuddering  can play the spoilsport.
Tips: Scarlet Knight Adonis  Upset: Shuddering

Race 7: Firstly if anyone can shed some light on why Southern Bay was disqualified form race 74 on 14 sept in mysore would be good as i cant find the reason for the disqualification.In saying that she has shown a lot of improvement however the jockey involved has to take credit for that the inecperience of the jockey in classic races and be the undoing.Celebrity is a late entry and has merit on her mock race should finish in the fray but will need a very good run to win.Dancerella is improving with every run has the best jockey in the set lacks class but on jockey merit can run a good race winning looks difficult.Lovely Kiss is back to winning form has beaten this field once and will be the one to beat however since she likes to sit up on the pace and with the likly chance of the pace being very fast can be her un doing.Nearness Of You has run the closest to the former taking the BB off will help the horse her last run was very good considering she was carrying 61kgs and was in the fray for a while in a very fast run race today on level terms and a good jockey aboard she will be right there, Honestly speaking if Show Time will stay the distance she will win the race she is the only horse that has improved a lot has tremendous speed which will be the undoing of many horses if they try and pace with her jockey talent is questionable but If she stays Its Show Time .
My Final decision is based on jockey talent hence my picks are as follows.

Tips:Nearness Of You   Lovely Kiss                                     Upset: Show Time (note)

Race 8: Nadia is a nice animal and should win par mishap however the bottom wieghted Shades Of Scarlet note her for an upset.

Race 9: Very open race and many horses will be tried here. Horses 2-3-4-5-6-8 are the ones in questions Bid For Glory who has no form what so ever is a horse that can win here always runs fresh is a winner of 4 races and a positive change in Jockey and equipment plus being a first run has a very good chance Black Beauty, Windsor Park ,Emerald King and Intizara also have a fair chance to win the second named was not ridden to win last time can win if tried today however make note of Emerald King who is a gamble horse and if money comes her way she will sprout wings.

Tips: Bid For Glory,  Windsor Park             Upset: Emerald King

Days Best: Samovar
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Samovar Nadia Scarlet KnightLad King Enduring Speed  Rezoom
Eachway or Place prospects: Bid For Glory,Nearness Of You Shuddering Youre A Star,
Bolt from the Blue: Show Time

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mumbai 24-11-11

Race 1: A very open race to start the day and it will be interesting on how many horses will be tried. In my opinion horses 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-10 will be tried here which makes this race a wide open affair.Born Destiny, who won when rated 20 in march is now rated 14 and running in similar company has age against him but has enough potential to win.Secret Magic, has merit on the basis of jockey and pune form should be right there.Itspiritofracing, has been tracking well has merit but blood vessel animal so best ignored here Alaska,Only White, and Golden Kingdom, should also be in the fray but the first named is the fittest of them all and if given a chance can upset.

Tips: Born Destiny, Secret Magic,               Upset: Alaska,

Race 2: On Paper Fortune Hunter, and Frost Fairy, will dominate the finish the first named is a nice animal and will be hard to beat only if Frost Fairy, is not in a galloping mood.

Tips: Frost Fairy,Fortune Hunter,

Race 3: Golden Creek, and Bartimaeus, look to be the top 2 contenders here as both animals will relish the long strech run and jockeys skills will matter in the end.

Tips: Bartimaeus,Golden Creek,

Race 4:Bad race Antia holds the key to this race its difficult to know which horse will be tried hence best to leave the race as horses 2-4-5-7 are all inter connected and if one is tried the other 3 will be slowly out run wide get blocked drop the whip etc etc and dont worry about the stewards they will be busy judging the fashion show. Rain Forest, is a nice animal and can beat them all if her legs hold up.

Tips; Rain Forest,

Race 5: On the basis of the contenders Ocean Tern, has merit but its difficult to reccomend a bet on a maiden in VB @4/10. Miracle Of Mercy, and Stud Of Gold, are 2 horses if tried can upset here the first named is bred well and tracking well but intent is a question mark and the second named has won when tried today at the same handicap as his last win in mumbai can be tried and can place.

Tips: Ocean TernMiracle Of Mercy,            Upset: Stud Of Gold,

Race 6: Stromboli, is a nice animal but seems to have some issues in fitness if she is ready she will leave them standing as I do believe she is the best animal in Pesi's yard and will be a force to recon with in the classics this year, However as I am not sure on her fitness I dont reccomend a bet on her but I do believe she can win. Astapi, and Secret Service, are closely matched the former is better over 7flg.Make note of Scarface, in my opinion will run a far improved race today trackwork suggest he is very fit and has been given some speed training which will help him in his initial speed which he lacked he has a big heart and I do believe he can upset them all.

Tips: StromboliAstapi,          Upset: Scarface,

Race 7: Miss Starlight, is a favorite because of the jockey and handicap as I have mentioned a 100 times before Ignore H Metha horses so I would like to repeat again ignore him if he wins good luck. Following are my picks on merit however dont ignore Hill Ranger, for a minor bet or EW chance can upset.
Tips: Capitano, Borderline,           Upset: Hill Ranger,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mock Raceday at RWITC

Race 1: Arabian Rock, belongs to a gamble owner and has not been ridden on merit for a long time today if money comes his way he will win. Perfect Moment, is fit will keep everyone honest.

Tips: Arabian Rock,              Upset: Perfect Moment,

Race 2: Mockery of racing

Race 3: Over a mile Lake Paradise, will beat Haunting Fantasy,  as long a Shrinath does not whip her too hard as she doesnot like it.

Race 4: Forest Flair,

Race 5: Ocean Yarrman, looks very good as per track and should be the one to beat.Crowned Princess,  can upset his rythm.
Tips: Ocean Yarrman,             Upset: Crowned Princess,

Race 6: 2yos hence difficult to say but going by track movements Winds Of Fortune, and Hot Pepper, look good the first named has a slight edge due to the mock race but the second named can upset note.

Race 7: if Flashforward, is tried here he will be hard to beat but make note of Lazor Razor, who can upset if tried.

Days best: Ocean Yarrman,
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Ocean YarrmanForest Flair, Arabian Rock,Lake Paradise,
Eachway or place bets:    Lazor Razor, Winds Of Fortune, and Hot Pepper,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bangalore 19-11-11

Race 1: No Doubt, and Right On Time, should dominate the finish here as they have experience and good jockies, the second named if in the money is a better horse . The Situation, is very well bred and is tracking well can upset if the intent is there.

Tips: Right On Time,No Doubt,           Upset: The Situation,

Race 2: This can be a very tricky race and most of the runners are talented and its likely atleast 6 horses will fight for honors.horses 4-5-6-7-8-9 are the ones in question hence it will pay to look for a value bet.
Mi Amor, is one horse they all have to beat as her first run is her best and track work suggest she has improved a lot hence my first choice to beat either Saganaki, or Flying Snow, the first named is a certain place and can upset the second named will also be right there.

Tips:(Note) Mi Amor, Flying Snow,               Upset: Saganaki,

Race 3: Open race Gluteus Maximus, and Spark Of Silver, are out handicapped against Make My Day, and Star Presence, . Soberano, has merit as he is down a class and has a benifit of a run however the trainer has no merit hence I have ignored it can win but not for me.Which leaves Yas Marina,Star Presence, Nessie, and Make My Day, to fight it out. The first named is running her pet distance and runs best when fresh and should be the one to beat provided she can give wieght to the other 3 animals.the second named has finished an average of 2lgths behind the winner in the last 9 starts with one win and 6 placings considering this record she has only been penalised 7.5 kgs for the performance of her last 9 races and is clearly placed very well on handicap and if ridden on merit has a excllent chance today.Nessie, has merit as she runs well first up and has performed well in superior company however belongs to gamble trainer and best to see market trend on her can win if tried.

Tips:Star Presence,Yas Marina                Upset: Nessie,

Race 4: It will be a tragedy if At The Helm, loses at this handicap, has the best credentials and should win par mishap or intent. Mountain Of Joy, is a much improved animal since being gelded will run a good race and can upset.
Tips: At The Helm,           Upset: Mountain Of Joy,

Race 5: Very interesting race and a good finish is on the card Love Conquers All, has good merit but is ignored as the connections are more interested in gambles can win but let the market decide her faith. I personally feel the winner will come from the 3 bottom wieghts. Accurate, has good form but with blood vessel issues its difficult. Sunspirit, and Mighty Heart, have both come down a lot and are ready to strike the first named if ridden on merit will not miss the board and the second named has come down to his winning mark is tracking well and the fact that the trainer has opted to run him in a higher class and a strong rider shows intent and will run a good race.

Tips: Mighty Heart,Accurate,                      Upset: Sunspirit,

Race 6: Bad race too many gamble horses
Tips: Showers Of Luck,Blue Origin,           Upset: Youre Stunning,(note)

Race 7: the last 2 spurts of Miss Ching, suggest she will be the one to beat otherwise it is a open race and the market will be the best indicator.

Tips: Miss Ching, Monreale,               Upset: Rappadan Glory,

Days Best: At The Helm,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: At The Helm, Miss Ching,Mi Amor,
Eachway or place prospects: Mi Amor,Mighty Heart,Star Presence,Sunspirit,Mountain Of Joy,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bangalore 18 Nov 2011

Race 1: First timers Cielamour, is favorite but doesnot look ready best avoided. Abarth, and Gol Matol, are the ones that look forward in condition and should dominate the finish.

Tips:Gol Matol,Abarth,

Race 2: Bryant Park, has good form and is tracking well, Shoot Out, has been off the track for a while hence avoidable,Win Again, and Windsor Knight, also have good form and track to support them which makes this race wide open.

Tips:Win AgainWindsor Knight,             

Race 3: Formidable, is a favorite due to the connections has done nothing so far and track work is average hence avoidable. from the rest horses 4-5-7-8 have merit Savvy Concept, and Super Spectacle,  look well prepared and have a good chance to finish in the top 2 the first named is better on handicap and jockey merit.Make note of Alianz, here has the potential to upset if tried watch market trends and decide as flow of money will show intent.

Tips:Savvy Concept, Super Spectacle,         Upset: Alianz,

Race 4: Catamaran, is running first time after being gelded and with just 2 spurts its hard judge avoidable.Regal Hostess, should make ammends to his loss early on. from the rest horses 2-5-7 have a fair chance if tried. make note of Rubellite, who is a moody galloper and will keep them standing if in the right mood.

Tips: Regal Hostess,                   Upset: Rubellite,

Race 5: Secret Punch, is a very smart galloper and should win provided the intent is there.Romance In The Air, has the potential to upset will run a fair race and should give the former a tough fight and make full use of the 8kgs handicap.

Tips: Secret Punch,               Upset: Romance In The Air,

Race 6: Super Surprise,Smart Exotic, and Cherelle, have a good chance to fight for honors the second named has a slight edge on hndicap and jockey merit. Mystere, is the dark horse will be in the money if the jockey can handle it can upset note.

Tips:Smart Exotic,Super Surprise,                 Upset: Mystere,

Race 7: Sabala, finished a good 4th first up when not ridden on merit will be fancied today with the jockey atop however its important to note that the horse performed in a very heavy going which might have suited him today if the track conditions are not the same the story will be different plus the fact that he belongs to a gamble trainer its difficult to reccomend.from the rest horses 2-4-6-8-9-12 have merit hence the race is wide open.Sun Rich, and Star Crest, are tracking very well the latter has a good chance if tried is definately worth a punt if the trainer has a win earlier in the day.However make note of Special, today as she is running in VB for the first time after running in terms races this field is a different kettle of fish and if fit which is likely the half brother of Su Chalyo can win at good odds.

Tips: Special,Sun Rich,               Upset: Star Crest,

Days best: Regal Hostess,
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Regal Hostess,Secret PunchSmart Exotic,Savvy Concept,
Eachway/place/jackpot prospects: Special,Mystere,Romance In The Air, AlianzGol Matol,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mumbai 17-11-2011

Race 1: Sound Of River, should win here but Magical Mantra, has a very good chance to upset here.
Tips: Sound Of River,Upset: Magical Mantra,

Race 2: VB and a very open one too provided Adventurer, is not tried if he is the race is over the cooler mumbai wether will help his issues with the blod vessels. From the rest horses 5-6-7-9 have a fair chance to perform if the former fails.Wells Fargo, is best on handicap and has a very good chance to finish in the money today,Rajdoot, runs best fresh and can upset as he will be in the running for a double for the trainer dont ignore.

Tips: Adventurer, Wells Fargo,             Upset: Rajdoot,

Race 3: Blau Himmel, has merit but is a gamble horse best to decide in the ring. Divine, is a H Metha reject but choice of jockey is a worry.Kite Runner, is a bad starter and best to avoid such horses,Dancing Money, has some pune form and is tracking very well can win if tried which is likely.Arabian Eagle, has merit if tried but they all have to beat Blush, who is a horse worth a bet as he will relish the long mumbai strech rune note.

Tips: Blush,Dancing Money,             Upset: Arabian Eagle,

Race 4: Wouldnt it be a good gesture if Desert Eagle, the daughter of Placerville (USA) / Desert Lightning win the DESERT LIGHTNING PLATE. Possible its worth considering a small flutter.
On a more serious end Rancho,is tracking very very well and looks a nice type I normally dont back first timers over a mile but his prepwork suggest he can beat King Julien, who is nothing special, If Rancho fails Storming Heart, can also win.

Tips: Rancho,               Upset: Desert Eagle,

Race 5: Open race as  horse 5-6-7-8 are carrying a rating of 29 or under hence it is likely the connections will prefer not to try and drop them down one class hence its difficult to predict intent but the result should be limited to horses 2-3-5-8 if the race was run on merit.Walking Tall, has a very good chance to win if tried which is likely.

Tips: Walking Tall, Hammerhead,           Upset: Distinguished,

Race 6: If St Catz, settles well early she will win if not then it would be Living The Dream,
Tips: St Catz,               Upset: Living The Dream,

Race 7: Open race but the result should be limited to horses 2-4-6-7.If the last spurt of
Snow Blaze, is not a mis print then I cant see him losing however Star Of Killarney, will keep him honest, make note of Silver Screen, who always runs well fresh and can Upset at good odds.

Tips: Snow Blaze,Star Of Killarney,                   Upset: Silver Screen,

Race 8: Pronto Star, is nothing special the company is weak but the wide draw and big field with top weight doesnot do him any favors.Horses 1- 3-4-7-9-10-11-12 have merit if tried.Sunlight Magic, is one animal if tried will win its likely in this field. Laurus Pride, is tracking very well but has a short spurt and the long mumbai strech will not do any favors should run a good race but winning is difficult.Eye Of The Storm, and Saddlers Rule, have decent form since pune and should be in the fray

Tips: Sunlight Magic, Saddlers Rule,              Upset: Pumba,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mumbai 13-11-11

Start of the Mumbai season the first 5 races will make or break you as small field indicates that pace and tactics will come in play and jockey merit and experience will reflect on the results, the last two are best to go slow on anyways.Good Luck

Race 1: On Paper Frost Fairy, cant lose but stranger things have happened.If there is a danger it will be from

Tips: Frost Fairy,             Upset: Smart Hunter,

Race 2: Dancing Glances, Oceanic Wisdom, toss up jockeys skills will prevail.

Race 3: Mountain Treasure, and Adams Vision, toss up former has a slight edge

Race 4: Interesting to see Pesi has opted to run Smashing, in a handicap race class 3 and scratched her from the million race. Looks like a educational run over 7 flg before she runs the fillies trial stakes a clear indication that the connections are not sure of her staying ability she should win here but I am not convinced that she will have a walkover. Golden Heart, will relish the long Mumbai straight and should finish ahead of the rest and the likely upset.
Tips:Smashing, Upset Golden Heart,

Race 5: Will be a very interesting race all 5 with a fair chance on paper Our Chieftain, should win but am not sure of the jockeys ability in the long Mumbai straight.Ranthambhore, is a smart galloper and tracking very well but the being a unsound horse and the hard mumbai track will test him.Lake Superior, has an advantage of a good jockey and the horse does like this track. Lack of trackwork has put me off Out Of My Way, . Ishpingo, will do very well in the long mumbai stretch and should finish in the top 2.

Tips:Lake Superior, Upset:Ishpingo,

Race 6: Bad race from a punting prospective look for value or leave the race.the faith of both fancied runners Atlantic Star, and Lady Genereuse, will be decided in the ring the latter is better.From the rest horses 4-7-9-10-11 should be tried Bemisaal, is running after a long layoff which is strange for N Lagad horse its clear he has some issues so difficult to bet on, Adams Prince, won a race in Jan when he was rated 16 today after 11 months his rating has dropped to 8 which indicates he is in striking range.Sizzling Love, has finished within avge 7lths behind the winner in his last 6 starts today has a good jockey and recent spurt suggest intent will be finishing on and should be the one to beat.Free For All, will like the stretch run is a good candidate for a gamble today and if money comes his way which is very likely he will win don't worry about the jockey.

Tips: Sizzling Love,Lady Genereuse,             Upset: Free For All,

Race 7: Pride Of The Hills, is tracking very well and will give Rule Forever, something to worry about.Rebecca, will benefit in the long stretch run and will be right there.Scintillating Star, runs best when she is fresh ignore her last run in pune as he will be the horse that will finish on board and can upset on Jockey merit.
Tips: Rule Forever,Rebecca,            Upset: Scintillating Star,

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