Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EID MUBARAK and Happy Ganesha Chatruthi

Dear Friends,

   Wishing you all and your families EID MUBARAK and  Happy Ganesha Chatruthi
hope you all have a prosperous year ahead.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pune 28th August

Due to a family emergency only pointer have a great day

Race 4: Have no Idea why the trainer has opted to run BLACKJACK in this company doesnot make sense maybe the horse is not right best to stay away BULLET BATISTA can beat him
Race 7: ATTILA should win but has to beat PEPE JUNIOR
Race 9: GLOWING MIST Days Best

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pune 27th August

Race 1: Star Burst, is favorite for one reason and one reason only that is the connections well he can win but definitely not an outstanding chance or worthy bet under 3-1 as at least 4 of the 6 horses are in with a very good chance and will definately tried hence its worth a mention. Grant Park, has been in great form but just a bit unlucky is a moral of consistency and will give the favorite a good account of his form,Reinstate, will be running well too and as Lagads horses are always in with a chance can upset as well from the rest Svelte Lady, and Laurus Pride, both have merit as this is VB the second named has been tracking well and with this jockey is likely to hit the front and trouble the rest but the first named is my choice she ran a very fair first up after a break of almost a year she is the only horse in this set that is running not because she is VB but she has fitness issues however watching her last run i do believe if she does not break down again she will win.
Tips:Svelte Lady,

Race 2: This is a very open race and any horse can win specially if horses 5and 7 are tired it makes it worst Antia is back after suspension and will do every thing possible get back to the steward as his horses have been stripped fitter by his puppet trainer and I am sure he would be pulling all the strings from home so be vary of Always Smile, who is placed well on handicap and if money comes his way in the ring u could be smiling.Dictator, has been tracking well also like the previous race has had a good run early this season after a break of almost a year will be the horse to beat from the rest Lago Medio, has a fair chance to upset on jockey merit.

Tips: Dictator,

Race 3: What a joke something needs to be done about this as the poor punter will always be guessing and its best to leave the race as it will be a bigger tragedy if a 3rd horse wins which is possible. On jockeys choice Lake Winnipeg, is my pick and the outsider can be Octopaul

Tips: Lake Winnipeg,

Race 4: I can see Star Warrior, losing at this handicap but stranger things have happened and if that is the case then any horse can win

Tips: Star Warrior,

Race 5: A Very open race and any horse can win San Rafael,has the merit to win as he is tracking well but wont be as easy as horses 1-2-3-4 and 9 will keep him honest Marine Zone, is tracking well and will be in the fray can win and worth a each way punt make note of Walking Tall, who is speedy drawn 1 running amongst similar animals can upset if tried keep an eye on market trend and don't ignore if money comes his way and for minor combos.

Tips: Marine Zone, San Rafael,          Upset: Walking Tall,

Race 6: Lake Paradise, looks a false as she is a filly running in a span of 13 days and running another 400 mts extra plus after a close look at her last run it was evident she did not like being whipped and with this quality field will need a few cracks of the whip hence it will pay not to touch her and if she wins good luck.Saratoga Spring, has much better class and if the odds don't drift out it is evident the connections know that he is better then the favorite the handicap is also good and if he can handle this track he will win.Maddox beat some some decent animals last run and if he stays he will upset.

Tips: Saratoga Spring,             Upset: Maddox,

Race 7: In My opinion Scorch, is a far superior animal then Salt, and the results should prove that Special Fx, should also run a fair race hence its best to stay away from the favorite will be a interesting finish Pesi has 3 runners and are well placed on handicap and can upset or place make note of Hennessy, who is a speedy type and will be right there.
Tip: ScorchSpecial Fx,           Upset : Hennessy,

Race 8 :Mockery of a race best advise is to leave this race as too many fancied horses are inter connected and will leave the punters in grief   Circus Ring, is a definate candidate of a gamble in this race and aptly named to to taunt the Circus RWITC runs I personally never back or bother about Antia horses for Obvious reasons but if he is tried he will win.Both Radical Mackie,  and Aslan, are running handicap race for the first time after running amongst some smart youngsters the first named is tracking very well but once again belongs to a trainer who's horses only win when the right money comes their way if tried can win the second named has no track but should be there at the finish Ocean Touch, is the favorite but his faith will be decided in the ring too Arzaan,  is the horse that will be a genuine trier and should place. make note of Golden Kingdom, who loves this track is a unsound horse but tracking well can upset at good odds don't ignore worth a small EW punt

Tips: Radical Mackie, Arzaan,                 Upset: Golden Kingdom,

Treble:Scorch,Star Warrior,Lake Winnipeg,

Good Win or Eachway chances: Svelte Lady,Dictator,Lake Winnipeg,Star Warrior,Scorch,
Likely Place or upset chances: Hennessy,Golden Kingdom,Marine Zone,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pune 21st Aug

Race 1: Gamble race with horses 1-2-3-5-8 looking like the main contenders on form and jockey talent Auraria, has the credentials but in VB form comes last flow of money is what matters. Make note of the flow of money on horses 2-3-8 as any of these 3 if tried can upset Hickory, is a fast horse and is likly to be tried and Only White, who will find this distance a bit short will be finishing the fastest and can upset only if the intent is there dont ignore her today.

Tips: Auraria,Hickory,                  Upset: Only White,

Race 2: If Light My Way, is fit this field will strugle to match strides if not then its anybodies race Lagad will take full advantage of Zaar,s handicap with a start to finish mission and Ariane, who looks well prepared with this race in mind will be tried and should be the one to beat only is the favorite is not fit.

Tips: Ariane,

Race 3:the race should be between Silver Screen, who was impressive last run and beat a nice type plus has a benifit of a good jockey has a good chance to repeat,the well bred Aristocratic, had a easy run first up running the right distance and looks ready to strike and Ocean Emperor, who is well placed on handicap and looking in good form are the likly winners.

Tips: Aristocratic,Silver Screen,                  Upset: Ocean Emperor,

Race 4: In my opinion is a false favorite Ancient Wonder, is out handicapped against River Blitz, and Rajasthan Royals, plus the fact that he belongs to a gamble owner and this being a cup race where all horses will be tried it will be difficult for the connections to assume it will be easy its likely the odds will drift and the horses form will reflect the odds best to leave him alone and if he wins good luck.This in all fairness is a very open race with horses 1-2-4-5-6-7 being prepared well an upset cant be ruled out. in my opinion Scholar, whos jockey is a ?? will do well in the extended trip and can win if the jockey is upto it, Expect a lot of improvement from Angelo, who has been scrubbed into form after his last run has a interesting choice of jockey aboard and will run a far improved race then last time,Harmonica, was finishing well last time and likes to come late and if the jockey is honest she will be right there both River Blitz, and Rajasthan Royals, have matched strides and the former who is blazing the track looks better then the latter and Finally my first pick Moon Flower, who loves this track was very impressive in the mock race on the 6th of august well placed on handicap and will be very hard to beat if Malcom rides a well judged race dont ignore

Tips:(NOTE) Moon Flower,River Blitz,                  Upset: Angelo,

Race 5: Pronto Star, dint do that bad in bangalore and if he likes the pune track he will be hard to beat, Soneeyo, is looking well prepared and is the danger to the former.Star Mountain, is well placed on handicap and with no CNB today will be a dander to all and is the likely upset.
Tips: Pronto Star,Soneeyo,                 Upset : Star Mountain,

Race 6   :  The Top 4 horses should dominate the finish Oasis Gold, looks a nice type and my choice to beat Vittoria, who hasnt had a lot of track.

Tips: Oasis Gold,   Vittoria,

Race 7: As per trackwork and form  Emerging Star, should win Follow Me, is the danger make note of Oluchi, for an upset

Tips: Emerging Star,              Upset: Oluchi,

Race 8: Many gamble horses and will pay to follow the market the unsound Adventurer, has been stripped fitter and if his legs hold up can win . River Gem, can sprout wings if money comes on him Tag Along Tommy, has been consitant this season Doctor No can place if tried . But my choice for an upset is Macho Uno, who may find this distance a bit sharp but will upset if tried.

Tips:Adventurer,River Gem, Upset: Macho Uno,(note)

Days Best: Moon Flower,
Good win or Ew chances: Moon Flower,Ariane,Aristocratic,Oasis Gold,Emerging Star
Place chances: Hickory,Silver Screen, Star Mountain,Macho Uno,
Upsets:Only White Macho Uno,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pune 20 Aug 2011

Race 1: Gamble race so who dares wins it is likely that atleast 7 horses will be tried they are 1-3-5-6-7-8-9 hence it makes this a very interesting race however Mriggnainee, has come down 2.5 classes in 1 season and is very fit as per mock race and will be very hard to beat if tried Houdini, was given a good run last time and will improve on that and is a definate threath to the former.Lady Genereuse, doesnot look like will be on job but if she is she can upset.

Tips: Mriggnainee,Houdini,           Upset: Lady Genereuse,

Race 2: Atlantic Star, was impressive in first run of the season and has been tracking very well should win only if money comes his way, both Swagger, and Splash, have a huge drop in class running VB for the first time plus the latter has a good handicap and is tried can upset anyone which is very likely
Tips: Atlantic Star,Swagger,                 Upset:  Splash, note

Race 3: Ocean Warrior, in my opinion is a false favorite he can win but is definately not worth a bet as a favorite as there are many contenders in this race and anyone can win even if all the 9 horses competing are not tried he will struggle this horse has been fancied 7 times in 13 starts and managed to win one race with 6 runners and placed only twice just on these figures you cant justify favoritism if he wins good luck.Further more if you compare reletive handicaping in race 175 mumbai Tryst With Destiny, and Money For Nothin, come out atleast 5 lenghts superior then the favorite on current season Etiquette, has finished 11 lenghts ahead and now is better by 4.5 kgs on handicap on the favorite although i dont think she will stay the trip but all logical indicator prove that this favorite cant be backed. Money For Nothin, will be genuinely tried today and should win at this handicap Tryst With Destiny, looks like the likely challenger.

Tips: Money For NothinTryst With Destiny,,Upset Perfect Strength,

Race 4: Star Of Killarney,  should prevail over Emerald Valley,
Tips: Star Of Killarney, Emerald Valley,

Race 5: I think the distance is a bit sharp for Lake Geneva, who will run a good race but is not outstanding Miss Starlight, has good merit and should prevail over the fomer and Home Alone, who has improved a lot since last run and will be right there.

Tips: Miss Starlight,         Upset: Home Alone,

Race 6: Smashing, is tracking well and has had a good mock race but i feel the distance is a bit sharp for him can win but wont be easy.Sugar Loaf, was very impressive in his last race and looks a nice type should be the one to beat will be a interesting finish.

Tips: Sugar Loaf, Royal Honour, Upset :Ashwa Prajot,

Race 7 : Tell Me More, is a favorite because he was unlucky last time today is another day and its best not to take those emotions in this race as he is not suitably handicapped against 3 horses Tzigane,Kite Runner,  and Ibis, and the results should prove it however it is important to keep in mind that this is a very open race and it will pay to study the card without blinker horses. Ibis, is my pick on track/handicap/distance and jockey merit and should be considered as a good eachway bet or an decent place bet Kite Runner, and Tzigane, both have issues at the start the former runs best on his first run and has had some decent spurts will be moving the fastest and can win the latter is a good upset chance.

Tips: Ibis,Kite Runner,         Upset: Tzigane,

Days best: Money For Nothin,
Double: Money For Nothin,Star Of Killarney,
Good Win Prospects: Money For Nothin,Star Of Killarney,Mriggnainee,Sugar Loaf,Ibis,
Place Prospects: Kite Runner,Houdini,Splash,Perfect Strength, Royal Honour,
Bolt from the Blue: Lady Genereuse,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pune 15 Aug 2011 Happy Independence Day

After a 2 shocking falls yesterday it was a very depressing day for me to see these accidents and wonder what is going on in a horses mind when they know their end has come also the respective jockeys who with Gods grace did not become just another statistic. Dashrth's fall was disastrous and as most would agree a miracle saved him and as for B Prakash i feel he is going through a real bad patch right now and needs to take a break.
Anyways the most upsetting moments of the day were overshadowed by the ridding of Jockey Ladjadj Stephane on Native Knight, for those who did not pick up the moment please see the race in particular between the last 800 meters and it was clear that all the jockey was interested in was to not let Cabriolet win by boxing him behind Mr Greedy for at least 250 metres he continued this action including elbowing Dashrath singh and such un acceptable acts could have easily seen a disaster I am surprised that the stewards did not pick this incident and have an inquiry in this race and suspend this pricks licence immediately. There is now room for people like him in our country and he can go back the where he came from. N Lagad who is his trainer and for whom I do have a lot of respect should take action of such dangerous intent I am not sure if it will be done but please watch the race closely and voice your opinion on what anyone will call Intentional Dangerous Ridding.

the link of the race is as follows http://www.mumbairaces.com/video/Pune+Season+2011/5/507/163499

Race 1: With a lot of horses just running for the sake of it without intent makes Wild Imagination, job easier however if any of the following horses are contenders then it will be a different story best to watch the market on 4-5-6-10-11 . Rajdoot, is definitely a live contender along with Bonny Light, the latter may find this distance sharp but can place at worst.

Tips: Wild Imagination,Rajdoot,Upset: Bonny Light,

Race 2: Tora Bora, has a huge task ahead of himself today although the handicap is good he has to beat Go Guzzi Go, who is back amongst friend and has run a far superior company and should win par mishap.Only danger is  Sea Shower

Tips: Go Guzzi Go,               Upset: Sea Shower

Race 3: the winning post should come to the rescue of Bullet,
Tips: Bullet,

Race 4: White Knight, is very well placed on handicap and should prevail however has to beat Belligerent, who has had a decent campaign in bangalore and back on familiar grounds and is fit to upset here,

Tips: White Knight,               Upset: Belligerent,

Race 5:First timers but  Botswana, is the one to beat Arctic Minstrel, and This Ones For You, are likely upsets

Race 6: Open race but Class will bring Heiress, to the post as long as intent is clear.Ocean Girl, is the dark horse make note of her she can upset.

Tips: Heiress,                 Upset: Ocean Girl,

Race 7: Very open race with a few contenders luck and jockeys talent will play a major role in the results 

Tips: Pound Foolish,Ocean Storm,             Upset: Tara, (note loves this course)

Race 8: Unknow quality of horses best to leave the race Star Blessings, is tracking well can upset

Tips: Star Blessings,Mountain Fairy,

Race 9: Gamble race if money comes on Warrior Prince, he will win

Race 10: Zeki, is tracking well and seems to be a speedy animal should win if tried Ocean Trail, is the danger. Make note of Chief Ruler, has enough initial speed to upset.

Tips: Zeki,Ocean Trail,                             Upset: Chief Ruler

Good Winning Chances: Wild Imagination,Go Guzzi Go,    Bullet,White Knight
Good Place Chances: Rajdoot,Pound Foolish,
Bolt from the Blue: Tara

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pune 14Aug 2011

Race 1: Avoidable race but should be an interesting finish as few horses have a fair chance horses 1-4-5-7-8 have a fair chance if tried.Alaska, is the one to beat.

Tips: AlaskaPersian

Race 2: Result looks between 1-2-8-9 Horse of class is Angels Tern, but distance may be a but too much can upset if tried Blue Mellon, and Sunlight Magic, on handicap should fight it out

Tips: Blue Mellon,Sunlight Magic,      Upset: Angels Tern,

Race 3: Harlamoff,  is a good animal and should win however jockeys talent on Living The Dream, and the feather weight on  the big hearted   Icon, will test his class

Tips: Harlamoff,                  Upset: Icon,

Race 4: Royalty,  was given a easy run last time and with no real horse in the fray she should prevail par mishap. Sweaty Betty,  is good on track but has done nothing so far and Fantastic Kingdom, is tracking well but very unlikly to be tried in this company.

Tips: Royalty

Race 5: Keringdingan, was a very nice animal but is running after a year and a half can win if fit but not a betting proposition Hottie, and Creme De La Creme, are tracking very well too the former is better on jockey merit. make not of Midnight Club, who is a speedy animal had a easy mock race and should be tried in this weak company.

Tips: Hottie,                   Upset: Midnight Club,

Race 6: Mile race for 3yos can be tricky and best to avoid Star Of Gibraltar, has had a benifit of a run and should be the one to beat Prince Arius, is the one to note is tracking well and can upset.

Tips: Star Of Gibraltar,    Upset :Prince Arius

Race 7: Cabriolet, and Highland Crown, should fight it out the former should win but the latter can upset.

Race 8 :Our Chieftain, will make Picasso, count every kg difference between them and is a live treat to him. Make note of the well bred Secret Service, he can upset is tracking very well and has a good outside chance.
Tips: Our Chieftain,Picasso,                   Upset: Secret Service

Race 9: El Clasico, has been very impressive on the track should be hard to beat if all goes well Set Afire, is also good on track and should be right there from the rest I wont be surprised if one of Wadhwan's Doosra coes and upset.

Tips: El Clasico,Set Afire,          Upset: Ocean Wish,

Race 10: Riding Onthe Storm, will run a far superior race today and will only lose at the hands of Samiel, who is the danger but her fitness is not the best.

Tips: Riding Onthe Storm,Upset; Samiel

Good Winning chances:Harlamoff,  CabrioletRoyalty El Clasico,Riding Onthe Storm
Good Place Chances:Alaska, Icon,Samiel
Bolt From the Blue: Secret Service,

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