Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pune 30 Sept 2013

Race 1: A very bad race as there looks to be many triers in this race and being VB real form is never known. Veneziano, is the best performed of the lot but being a Antia horse intent is hard to know.Ancient Odyessy, has done absolutely nothing but is a gamble horse in the hands of a good jockey today expect a gamble as tracking well too.

Tips:Ancient Odyessy, Veneziano

Race 2: A wide open race all 7 runners have a fair chance Indication,Only One, and Flash Drive, are my short listed 3. The first two have run in better company and the second named has a slight handicap advantage over the two. Note Flash drive here who seems to be improving with every run has been tracking very well and sits on a good handicap expect a lot of improvement from him today.

Tips: Only One,            Upset: Flash Drive

Race 3: I am not a big fan of first timers specially when they are just two and make their debut in pune at such a tender age best to avoid as anything can happen. If was a betting mend I would back the oldest horse in the field. The following are the oldest of the lot hence may be more mature.

Tips: Admiral GrayPlay Fair

Race 4: Another gamble race best to avoid 

Tips: Argyle Pink,Mambo Magic, Upset: Jaipur Gem

Race 5: A wide open race Invictus, probably has a slight edge over the field on handicap. Okavango, can spring a surprise.

Race 6: Dreamliner,Edwina, and So True, are my top 3 in this very open sprint where anything can happen. the first named has a slight edge.

Race 7: An Acquired Taste, must be a very tired horse 11 races in 11 months most graded races. In his last run ge was really laboring towards the end a sign of a tired animal he beat a 6yr old and today is running among his peers. He does have the class but I doubt he will win today people who still think he will win it will pay to halve your bets. BorsalinoTintinnabulation, and Wind Stream, are left to fight for honors and the third named has an edge today. Borsalino, can not be ignored today he has improved a lot lately the short pune straight is to his advantage and he will fight to the end.

Tips: Wind Stream,Upset: Borsalino

Race 8: Many first timers hence avoidable. BadshahStar BenevolentSong Saaand Victoria Falls, are my short listed 4 by track the first named is the one to watch.

Tips: BadshahStar Benevolent,          Upset: Song Saa,

Race 9: A wide open race there should be a gamble on Shabdeez, here and she should run a good race. Keep your eyes on Mountain Song, whos last run was too sharp to her liking toady 6flg is perfect and she will keep everyone hones if the intent is right.

Tips: Mountain Song,Shabdeez

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pune 28.09.2013

A fairly open race day and a lot of gambles will be on  today SK Sunderji has many well placed horses here and watch the flow of money on them.

Race 1: A race where 6 very average horses are running. IbisGibran,and Adams Prince, are the best of this lot. The first two look well prepared and should dominate the first named has an edge on handicap.

Tips:  IbisGibran,

Race 2: Summer Eclipse, and Natalian Express, have both got a huge drop in class the first named looks well prepared for a gamble today and should win.

Tips: Summer Eclipse

Race 3: A bad race and best to avoid as the bigger the field there are more non triers as horses true form can be hidden. Fancied horses in such races can fail as there are too many pretenders to ruin there chances. Its best to look for good value eachway or place bets or avoid the race. Horses that represent value are Neptune's Ocean, on whom i personally feel there will be a gamble on today but being a H metha horse and rated (27) I could easily be wrong and they could be trying to get her down to VB. Best to decide at race time as a lot of money will come her way today if I am right.Captain Smart, is a speedy animal and tracking well wide draw is the problem but with only 44 kgs on his back he can keep the field honest.

Tips: Neptune's Ocean,            Upset: Captain Smart, (note)

Race 4: Interesting race here all 7 runners have a fair chance actually not sure of Charlotte Ray, who is a brought aboard an running class 2 as per terms in India, She must be a good animal as the breeders have given her to Pesi if she wins on debut which is unlikely we have a champion in the making so don't hold your breath. the pace of the race will be very fast and an interesting finish is in the making.Set To Fly, will benefit from the fast pace but no track work and negative jockey doesn't give confidence. Horses 2 -3 7 all have a fair chance here and considering the jockey and handicap Step Up, has a slight edge however dont Ignore Mighty King, who loves this track is running after a long layoff but loves this track and can upset.

Tips: Step Up,         Upset: Mighty King

Race 5: bad race best to avoid.

Tips: Mahiki,  Sheer Romance         Upset: Tykhe,

Race 6: A wide open race the Terms of this race do favor Star Trainer, and Ancient Wonder, both horses are older but will run good races today on handicap Star Trainer, will be the horse to beat today.

Tips: Star Trainer,Ancient Wonder,

Race 7:This is a wide open race dont be fooled by the odds. Presidential, seems to be a nice animal in fact he looks like the best in the Chinoy Armory. He does look well prepared and the company is weak but keep in mind this is his first run on this track and great horses have failed in their first run on this track so be aware as facts don't lie Oasis star is a classic example. Looking at the rest of the field there are 5 horses that will improve a lot from their first run at this track they are Carlton HouseJust By Chance,Morals,Ghanghorr, and Vanguard, the first and second named are well prepared and are ready to strike, The last run of the 3rd named should be discounted as she was very fractious at the start and lost interest in the race but the run before that the horse showed he has something in it. Ghanghorr, has probably run in the better company than the rest and has a very good chance to cause an upset. The last named  has the best jockey on board his first run was impressive start to finish attempt and he will improve a lot after that and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Carlton HouseJust By Chance,           Upset: Ghanghorr, (note)

Race 8: Archie,Polynesia,  and Nush, are all tracking very well and look well prepared for this race the first named is running after being gelded for the first time but track work suggest he is fit and well, their first named was given a very easy lung opener first up and now stripped fitter is the horse that they have to beat, The last named has a good handicap and jockey but has failed one too many times after overtaking the winner it is a sign that she lazes off once she overtakes the winner which is not a good sign.

Tips ; Archie, Upset: Polynesia, (note)

Race 9: Bad race best to avoid as anything can happen.

Tips: Adams SpiritSun Salutation,          Upset: Glorious Opinion

Race 10: Another open race expect a gamble in this race or an upset best to avoid as anything can happen. Nawazish, is a horse that a gamble from the so called non gambling connections is likely. The horse does have fitness issues and been lightly prepared but was galloping very well in the mock race on the 1st Sept expect a gamble on him here. Winged King, is another horse that a gamble is possible this is a weak set and he can win. Asahi, should runa good race too by default.

Tips: NawazishAsahi,                              Upset: Winged King

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pune 22-09-2013

Race 1: Lack of interested runners gives the well bred Ace Jet, who is tracking well a fair chance.Rubens, is a horse that will create a flutter today can place and upset.

Tips: Ace Jet,               Upset: Rubens

Race 2: A wide open race my shortlisted 3 are Lightening ThunderNeon Light, and Casino Jack, the last named is a gamble horse watch the market on him then decide. The first two named are tracking well and should be in the fray. Always There, is the dark horse keep an eye can be tried at this handicap.

Tips:Casino Jack,  Neon Light,       Upset:Always There

Race 3 : Monza, and Turf Lightning, Toss up the first named is ready to win provided she runs straight.

Tips: Monza

Race 4: Bad race. Kaizer, has a good jockey and run in better company is ready to strike. Danse Debonaire, can upset.

Tips: Kaizer,           Upset: Danse Debonaire

Race 5: Emperor Of France,Ainra, and Bourbon Street, should fight it out. The fast pace will suit the last named who likes to sit behind the pace and has a good turn of foot.

Tips: Bourbon Street

Race 6: Many first timers so hard to say.The Magician, has had some good spurts along with Santa Maria, Make note of    Sultan Of Swing, has a good chance to place can upset if they are serious.

Tips: The MagicianSanta Maria,                   Upset: Sultan Of Swing,

Race 7: This is a very interesting race and all 7 runners have a fair chance to win the two horses that i really like are not even in the odds. Isadoro, whos last run is best ignored as he was very heavy but is tracking very well and is capable of winning here. Bombardier, who is improving with every run and surprising everyone, he is the highest rated animal in this set and will run a good race by default.

Tips: Isadoro, Upset:Bombardier,

Race 8: Best to avoid this race as 8/11 jockeys in this race are not on job jockeys its is ridiculous to believe that we don't have 11 proper jockeys for a race. Says a lot of the magnificent progress horse racing is making in India.." Wake up Stewards and Committee before its too late, Stop fooling yourself". I am going to assume all jockeys are equal and tip here and lets see what happens.

Tips: Brave Fighter,Star Gazing,

Race 9 : Windsor Queen,Champakali, and Cream Of The Crop,  are the best of this lot 

Tips:  Champakali, Cream Of The Crop, Upset: Windsor Queen,( Note)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pune 21 Sept 2013

Race 1: Holy Bull, and Phelps, toss up the first named is better.

Tips: Holy Bull

Race 2: The handicap favors Neath, should be the one to beat.

Tips: Neath,

Race 3: A wide open race which can go any way. Winning DestinyWalk Of Life,and Lorelei, are my short listed 3 however the first named is well rested has a good jockey and is my first pick.

Tips: Winning Destiny

Race 4: Mars, and Ghazal King, Toss up the second named is a nice animal still looks a bit immature and the first named will will tried here as he has not been in his last 2 runs.

Tips: MarsGhazal King,

Race 5: Bad race best to avoid Antia has 5/11 runners here not a race you want to guess I personally feel Winchester, is the one that will be tried.To The Moon, should be the one to beat.

Tips: To The Moon,

Race 6: Okavango, and Hurricane Wind, Toss up the first named will run a improved race today and will be the one to beat.

Tips:Hurricane Wind, Okavango,

Race 7: Deep Diver, and Yellowzone, should fight it out the first named is better.

Tips: Deep Diver

Race 8: Senora Bella, who was hailed as a classic once was laid off and run in pune last start where she ran a good race, I don't think the horse is 100% for Pesi would have been running her in graded races and not in a weak handicap race she should win but proceed with extreme caution or leave the race.Ice Zone, if serious can upset her.

Race 9: Dancing Splendour, and Ace Of Heart, are my top 2 in this Gamble race the second named has a good jockey and has a huge drop in class will be hard to beat.The first named has come up a lot as the track work is good will be right there and can upset at worst will place note.

Tips: Ace Of Heart,            Upset: Dancing Splendour

Days best: Ace Of Heart,
Kaichi or win prospects: Ace Of Heart,Holy Bull,To The Moon, Deep DiverMars,Neath,

Bolt from the Blue: Okavango,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pune 15-09-13

Race 1: Walk Of Life, has come down a lot and well prepared will be the one to beat.Player, is the danger to them all had a very good run last time and is tracking well should be right there can upset note.

Tips : Walk Of Life Upset: Player,

Race 2: Saints N Sinners, and Visionist, toss up jockey skills will matter .

Tips: Saints N Sinners,

Race 3: It is strange that Silver Arrow, is running after a long time, Please note this is his first run after being gelded. He is tracking very well but is short of a run has to be a very good animal to win under such conditions its best to decide at race time after you see his condition. Mint Approach, will improve a lot after last run as he was very heavy on that day will be stripped fitter today and can upset the first named.

Race 4: Al Zamarud, should improve after last run here and should fight it out with Laurus Tikati, who is tracking extremely well.

Tips: Al Zamarud,  Upset: Laurus Tikati

Race 5: Mufasa, has improved a lot since last run so has Hail The King, which makes this race wide open as  QueenBurn,and Run Like The Wind, all have good current form and its best to avoid this race. 

Tips: Queen,Hail The King,

Race 6: Autumn Rush, loves this track and looks fit and ready to strike, If she fails then its anybodies race.

Tips: Autumn Rush,

Race 7: A wide open race with many horses that can improve since last run its best to leave the race of look for value here. My shortlisted 3 value bets are RicochetGovernnor, and Reynolds,the first two have a benefit of a run but the last named has been consistent on the track and don't worry about the jockey the horse has enough class to win today as he is bred very well. The first named is tracking very well after last run and will be in fray today.

Tips: RicochetGovernnor, Upset Reynolds,

Race 8: Annabeth, and Overtime Magic, have had a huge drop in class both have had a good forward run in terms races and are ready for a gamble in VB I personally feel the first named will have a gamble on her today watch the market and decide. Arabian Lord, is the ark horse can finish in the money here.

Tips: Annabeth,                  Upset: Arabian Lord

Race 9: A possible gamble on Mountain Wind, is likely in this race however the race has a open look.Highway Express, is the dark horse that can upset.

Tips: Mountain Wind,                       Upset: Highway Express,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pune 14 Sept 2013

Race 1: A wide open race and many horses are likely to be tried purely due to the terms of the race which is VB for 4yo's only. many horses here have not really been tried but today they will. Horses 1-2-3-6-7-9 are all likey to be tried here, Speed Baby, is one to watch out for a gamble here her last run was impressive and its likely to be tried here watch the flow of money here and decide will win if tried. Vaile Rouge, and  Pezzonovante, are in good form and will be right there.

Tips: Speed Baby,Vaile Rouge

Race 2: Pappillon, has a huge drop in class today and has a very good chance if tried decide at race time as he belongs to a gamble stable. Ashwa Yodhaa, has the right jockey and a good handicap today can make amends. Sydney, deserves a second chance and can upset.

Tips: Pappillon,            Upset: Sydney,

Race 3: A wide open race with many chances Intesar, was a impressive winner last time but with Antia favorites its hard to say as they don't seem to perform when they open favorite and he has a set of jockeys who he tries with so unsure of intent best to avoid. Horses that are in with a good chance are 1-2-4-5-6-7-9-10 which clearly meant to avoid the race. My short listed 4 are Strategy, who had a easy run last run now with a top jockey,The very speedy Invincible, the gamble horse Holiday Dancer on whom I am confident there will be a gamble today and another gamble horse Starsonboard, considering the field which will be a very fast run race it will suit the running of late finisher Holiday Dancer, and Emerald Fortune, the second named i missed earlier as there are too many chance here.

Tips ;Holiday DancerStrategy,      

Race 4: Avoidable race Superlicious,You're The Boss, and Umarkot, are my short listed 3 the second named is bet performed but the other two can match strides with him the last named is a good animal and can upset.

Tips:You're The Boss,  Upset ;Umarkot,

Race 5: Wish Upon A Star, looks very well prepared for this race and should win but being a H Metha horse proceed with extreme caution.Wind Chime, is another gamble horse that will perform well.

Tips: Wish Upon A Star,              Upset: Wind Chime

Race 6: A wide open race and can go any way jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Majestic Reward

Race 7: Dark Knight,Flash Drive,  and Beau Royale, are my top 3 in this race the second named is the one to watch.

Tips: Flash Drive,

Race 8:Affirmation, and  Zaagros, should both run good races today the first named looks better but the second named can upset.

Tips: Affirmation, Upset  Zaagros,

Race 9: Gates Of Heaven, and Ultrasonic, should fight it out here the first named if tried is the one to watch.

Tips: Gates Of Heaven,Ultrasonic,

Race 10: no sure if Archimedes, will run today if she does she should win, Hay Day, and Sheer Romance, should fight for honors if the first named does not run.

Tips: Hay Day, Upset: Sheer Romance

Days best : Wish Upon A Star,    
Kaichi/win Prospects: Wish Upon A Star,Pappillon,Affirmation,Gates Of Heaven,     

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pune 8-9-13

Race 1: A wide open race with many horses in with a chance its best to avoid the race. My shortlisted 3 are horses 1-4-9. But it will pay to stay away from this race.

Tips: Scaramouche,              Upset: Staying Alive,

Race 2: A straight fight between Mars, and Il Moran, jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Mars

Race 3: Insignia, on paper should win here.Star Of Babylon, and Negotiator, are tracking well have improved a lot since last run should keep the first named honest and fight for minor placings.

Tips: Insignia,                            Upset: Star Of Babylon,

Race 4: A wide open sprint and any horse can win my short listed 3 are horses 1-6-8. Mountain Song, belongs to Antia and his gamble connections so its best to decide at race time, I have noticed that the trainer adds pacifiers to his horses at racetime and they dont perform.Festival Night, has had a good easy run and now is stripped fitter the wide draw is a problem but she will be the one to beat here if M Song is not tried. Albuurz, is drawn 1 today and is likely to be tried here as its a prestigious race will keep every one on their toes.

Tips; Festival Night,             Upset: Albuurz,

Race 5: Interesting race but the terms of this race favor Storm Tracker,Star Of Gibraltar,  and Yuville, the last named was not run on merits last run, made a very fast pace and was eased up 300 meters before the post today is stripped fitter and is on a good handicap and should run a far improved race, Star Of Gibraltar, was very heavy last run has a huge drop in handicap and is stripped fitter the choice of jockey is strange but will be there where it matters most, Storm Tracker, had an advantage over the rest of the runners last time as he was fitter from the bangalore campaign today will have to contend with horses who are now stripped fitter.

Tips :Star Of Gibraltar,              Upset: Yuville

Race 6: Bad race, 17 Runners 10 pretenders so interested horses will be hitting the front but being a big field draw is important,  Rewarding Desire,Ice Skater,Windmill LadyNegredo, and She's Sweet, are my short listed 5 horses, The horse that represents value is She's Sweet, who has had two easy runs, good draw and decent jockey is also tracking very well and she will be the one to beat a eachway bet will go a long way.

Tips: She's SweetIce Skater,                    Upset: Windmill Lady,

Race 7: Due to sheer lack of company and un interested horses Fontanelle, who is a very average horse should win. It will pay to have a look at the paddock conditions of the other runners in the fray and if Copperglow, or Reckless, are looking good then it will pay to take chance each way or a place bet on them.

Tips ;Fontanelle,                 Upset: Copperglow

Race 8: 16 runners and a race best to avoid, Looks a toss up between Alecto, and Hunt For Heads, as both have been prepared very well the second named has an edge because of the jockey but keep in mind the connections are gamblers and can decide at any time not to try so watch the market on him. The first named is a better horse. Antia has 5 horses here make note of the one without pacifiers that horse will be tried.  Patriotic,  has a good chance if tried here.

Tips :AlectoPatriotic

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pune 7-9-13

Race 1: Tricky race Osric, and Veena's Star, are running a handicap race for the first time and in VB which is a huge drop in class considering the company they have an edge over the field  but both horses are nothing special the second named is better performed so has a edge over the two. Considering the rest of the field Speeding, (blood vessel & Gamble horse), Viva Capri, and Stella,( Not finished in the Top 3 in her 16 starts)  have some current or past form. The second named likes this track first run today unsure of her fitness as not frequent on the track have some chance. Such raced are best avoided as anything can happen.

Tips: Veena's Star,               Upset: Viva Capri,

Race 2: Interesting race 5 genuine sprinters.Rule Forever, has lost form or hiding it, So True, will be tested here. Dreamliner, is the best in form and up 3 classes in 3 runs this will be tested, Port Blair, is built for speed but running after a long layoff 133 days will be fresh but not sure if she is a worthy favorite. Emerging Star, best performed animal on this track has run in far superior company last run was a eye washer and today if the jockey can handle it she will be hard to beat. Jockey skills will be a key factor in this race.

Tips: Emerging Star,Port Blair,

Race 3: Belvedere, seems to have come up a lot since last run and is a improved horse, Keeping in mind that she is running a VB race indicates the confidence of the trainer. Ashwa Yodhaa, last run was very good beaten by a better horse on the day is at a good handicap and will be right there. Ace Of Diamond, is tracking very well but the connections are more happy with gambles and in this company they may only try a place chance. The horses that is completely over looked is Demonic, who is bred to stay and if you ignore her last run where she was very heavy and consider the her previous runs where she has run un interested in good company and also she has been on track since last run beating Mars and looks to have been stripped fitter, Dont worry about the jockey the horse will drag him to the post and I strongly feel the favorite has to beat her today.

Tips: Demonic,Belvedere,

Race 4 :Rosie Sunshine, is the favorite because of her win in the beginning of the season where it was evident no other horse was interested and all were more interested in just running, The trainers has opted to run her after a long break and she is tracking well but she is nothing special. Cosmic Dancer, and Fontainebleau, can both beat the former the second named was a impressive winner first up and should be followed til beaten.Stiletto, was a good winner in mumbai but has not been on track too much hence ignored but is the best of the lot if fit.

Tips: Fontainebleau,

Race 5: A very open race and the distance will suit all runners and it will come down to the best ride of the race.Blue Ace, in my opinion is the best of the lot for this distance and should be the one to beat.Cent Per Cent, and Clinton, are the danger if the first named fails due to jockey.

Tips :Blue Ace

Race 6: An Acquired Taste, who still has not won over 2000 meters looks a handicap certainty. His last win was mind blowing and he looks in good form if the pace of the race is slow he will be hard to beat and Angel crown is running to do that as no one will try and chance a no hoper hence the pace should be slow. Spearhead, was the winner of this race last year and was a no hoper too in the the minds of many has the right jockey and can upset. I still dont think that the favorite will lose but Spearhead,  and the vastly improved Rodeo, will keep the favorite honest , It will be interesting to watch the race and see who places or upsets here It should be from the above 2.

Tips: An Acquired Taste,  Upset: Rodeo,

Race 7: A wide open race and an upset cant be ruled out here.Horses 1 to 7 all have a fair chance if tried. Its best to avoid the race I personally like Oriental Sapphire, ( if she takes a level start) Monterayand Seekingmagic, ( A gamble horse).

Tips:  Oriental SapphireMonteray,                Upset: Seekingmagic

Race 8: Que Sera Sera,CapriTheologyand Protector Of Paris, should dominate the finish in this race depending on who rides the last name who looks be stripped fitter he show be the main danger on handicap.Capri, should be noted here the step up in distance will suit her and she can upset.

Tips : Protector Of Paris,                    Upset: Capri

Race 9: The top 3 horses will fight for honor s in this race. The manner of victory in the mock race gives Alejor, who is a gamble horse a very good chance.Hot Pepper,  and Su O Moto, will both keep him honest the first named will win when ever he runs straight 

Tips: Alejor,          Upset: Hot Pepper,

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