Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mumbai 18-01-2014

Race 1: St Barts,Su O Moto,          Upset: Winds Of Change,

Race 2: Montezuma Sumo,

Race 3: Al ShamsheerTatiana,

Race 4: Neon Light,Shishya,

Race 5: Emperor Of France,Ainra,      Upset: National Glory,

Race 6:(note) Flying EagleOriental Rocky        Upset: Desert Wings,

Race 7: Minister,Song Saa,                   Upset:  Sydney,(note)

Race 8:Maisha,        Upset:  Strategic Move, (note)

Race 9: Circle Of LifeAmazing Grace,               Upset: Fortune Favours,(note)

Race 10 : (Note) Waves Of Magic,San Rafael,       Upset: Stormy Princess

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mumbai 9-1-14

Race 1: Superlicious, and Fleetwood Mac,  are both gamble horses and its best to watch the market and decide, The latter is a better animal of the two.Queen, has the potential to strike here and can upset. The last run of Archimedes, is best ignored last spurt and change of equipment suggest a start to finish tactic for this one paced animal and she can do it if she hits the front.

Tips: Archimedes,                 Upset: Queen

Race 2: The connections of Wentworth, ( Rated 50) have opted to run her in a race for horses rated  60-86 over 12 flg its obvious its to see her potential before the oaks. On Paper she is receiving weight all round but on Handicap she will have to be a very good horse to beat this set. Mountain Force, and Antonius Maximus, will give here a good fight and keep her honest. The latter has an edge because of the jockey.

Tips: Antonius Maximus

Race 3: Fabulous FlorenceSong Saa,Star Gazing, and Malkia, look the front line contenders in this race the first named needs to be serious and so does the third named watch market trend and decide. the second and last named will definitely be tried and should fight it out. Over all a bad race best to avoid.

Tips: Malkia,Song Saa,                    Upset: Star Gazing,

Race 4: Par mishap Murioi, should win.

Race 5: A wide open race with many chances best to look for value Always ThereJet Stream, and Thunder Star,  represent good value the first two will be tried today and the first named is very well placed on handicap should be in the money if tried.

Tips: Always ThereJet Stream, Upset: Thunder Star

Race 6: Fontanelle,Dreams R Mine, and Intesar, should fight it out.

Tips:  IntesarFontanelle, Upset: Dreams R Mine,

Race 7: First time youngsters so hard to say.

Tips: High ExpectationGreat Expectation

Race 8: Another wide open race and value bets are recommended. Gran Amigo,Africana, and Earth Orbit, represent value. the last named belongs to Antia so hard to say. The first and second named should improve a lot since last run and will be in the fray.

Tips:(note)Africana, Gran Amigo, and Earth Orbit,

Race 9: Pesi has put in a lot of work in the preparation of Adios Amigo, and he will be the one to beat. make note of Capilano, if the first named fails he can pick up the first win for his trainer.

Tips: Adios Amigo Upset: Capilano

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mumbai 5 Jan 2014

Race 1 : VB animal that are not genuine. Considering it is a small field most will be tried. Gold Necklace, is an un tested animal and in this set can win.Prince Arius, is consistent and should be right there. best to avoid the race.

Tips: Gold Necklace Prince Arius

Race 2: The well bred War Machine, is tracking very well and if ready should be the one to beat but make note of Jewel, who is out of the very speedy spica and if she is ready she will upset.

Tips:War Machine, Upset: Jewel,

Race 3: Its is very interesting to see Pesi is avoiding running Jeremiah, against his peers and going for handicap races. Its obvious he is only interested in the derby with him and the derby 4 weeks away he wont be 100% ready and probably 70% and after this run will be trimmed up for the derby. Keeping that in mind it will pay to look for horses who are receiving weight from him because handicap is against him today, I personally don't think he will lose but I am fairy confident that it wont be as easy as the odds suggest and wont be surprised if he loses. Horses 5-6-8-10 all can beat him if tried due to the handicap. Spirit Of Mercy, was a runner up in this race last year is only conceding 3 kgs hence is unlikely to trouble him much but will run a very good race,Okavango, is carrying 49.5 kgs and is conceding 9 kgs however the jockey astride has not won over 6 flg and due to that his judgement in pace will not favor the horse.Caesars Star, carrying 52 is conceding 6.5 kgs from the favorite who has to be 13 lengths better than him which he probably is but considering he is not 100% he can upset here.Angel Crown, carrying 49kgs is a interesting entry here rated 79 is running a race for 80 and above, although he is running after a long layoff his preparation looks good 9.5 kgs over 10 flg is a lot to give and if there is intent he can upset.Keeping in mind the pace of this race will be very fast the favorite will be tested and it wont be as easy as the odds suggest.

Tips: Caesars Star,Jeremiah,                  Upset: Angel Crown,

Race 4: Feisty Lass,Koalaa, and Majestic Opinion, should fight it out the first named can upset today.

Tips: Feisty Lass,

Race 5: Alecto, and Saturday Affair, have done well in better company and should be the ones to beat. Pamushana, will be a fast animal with a late debut not sure of his potential. make note of Chinook, who is running in open handicap for the first time and will be right there can upset.

Tips: Saturday Affair,Alecto,             Upset: Chinook,

Race 6: Forest Vision, and Dreams Of You, should fight it out both are ready to strike and it is a tough call but the first named is better.

Tips: Forest Vision, Dreams Of You,

Race 7: Amadeus, is very well suited by the terms of this race and will have no excuses to lose today.Star Trainer, will run a better race here can upset.

Tips: Amadeus,                            Upset: Star Trainer

Race 8: A wide open race but if Supreme Minstrel, is tried in this set the race is over look for market trends.Il Moran, and One Wish, will keep him honest.

Tips: Supreme MinstrelOne Wish

Race 9: Bad race best to avoid.

Tips: Four Star General,             Upset: Administrate,( Note)

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