Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pune 26 Sept

Very funny card here mixed results should be expected however dont hold back for big surprises... S K Sunderji will be the Flavor of the Day

Race 1: This is a race for unsound donkeys so its best to stay away however Houdini, and Marine Zone, will dominate the finish the latter looks better but can say Blazing Speed, is not likely to be tried but is the dark horse that can upset if tried.

Race 2: Could be a likely Gamble on Brilliant Moon, in this race and flow of money will decide the outcome here horses 1-2-3 are linked with the above horse and is there is a Gamble they wont be in the fight horse 7 is still a maiden and not worth it which leaves only Bemisaal, and Sparkler, the latter is the better of the 2 and will be the one to beat no matter what.
Tips: Sparkler, Bemisaal,

Race 3: Proceed with caution on Star Future, although he won well last time has beaten no one plus on 15/09/2010 Laryngeal Abnormality whic is only 10 days back, has a huge jump in class and also up in distance is definatly not worth a bet. I think it will be a straight fight between Oh Calcutta, and Mighty Crusader, and the former has a decent handicap advantage
Tips: Oh Calcutta,

Race 4: Bad race as none of the horses have done anything so far however make note of Ardent Lover, and Foxtrot, for an upset or minor bets.. I personally would have opted for the latter if the jockey was different would have backed even if C Chowgle was on him but never with this jockey.

Race 5: Will be an interesting fight between Riding Fantasy, and Guns N Roses, the latter is my first pick.
Race 6: River Blitz, has a huge task on his hands and it wont be easy to justify favortisum,,, Zaracha, Forward Charge, and Super King, who is the best of the 3 Lagad horses will make life very difficult for the favorite I personall feel the will will come form the 3 and give Super King, a good chance
Tips:(Good EW) Super King, Zaracha, Upset: Forward Charge,

Race 7: Ocean Admiral, who was given a ridiculous ride last time can turn the tables here provided he can concede wieght to Caribbean Queen, who seems to be a nice type the winner should be between them
Race 8: Ocean Star, has to beat Shodaan, to prevail here as there doesnot seem to be a lot of interested contenders here
Race 9: Looks Like none of the big names are interested to take the trophy from the Income Tax Commisioner hahah Swoosh, is the likely upset here
Race 10: Red Tabasco, and N Lagad will fight it out I think the Latter is better and can beat the Favorite....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pune 25 Sept

ItS very likely the card will be dominated by fancied runners. H Daji has a likely double but N Lagad may dominate the day with some long shots So WATCH OUT

Race 1: horses 1-9can be eliminated due to lack of form and jockey, Horses 3-8 have merit but are gamble horses and don't think they will be tried here so its safe to ignore them unless there is a big plunge in betting which is un likely..Malcolm is the first jockey for both horses 2-7 and has picked 7 after working both animals which takes 2 out. from the rest we have Honey Bee, who I must say has fitness issues has burst a blood vessel last time and has a slight out side chance. between the 2 Lagad horses Chingari, is a better animal in my opinion and considering the prep work.. handicap and last run it is very hard to look past Walk Of Life, who will win but the ring will be the best indicator of Intent.
Tips: Walk Of Life, Chingari, Upset: Honey Bee,

Race 2: Tricky race horses 1-5-6-8 are only once that look serious contenders here the rest are for numbers... Enchanted, has a fair chance but let the flow of money decide her faith. the well bred Suzy Wong, has got better with every run and today has the best credentials to win and should be right there Ijlal, has the best handicap and is running the right distance plus has the decent jockey and will be right there along with Divine Majesty,
Tips:Suzy Wong, Divine Majesty, Upset: Ijlal, ( will place can win note)

Race 3: Horses 2-4-5-6 look to be the only serious contenders Jalsa, looks well prepared and should win provided the connections taste success in the first race so it will pay to decide at the last minute and watch the flow of money on her Grey Phantom, however will keep her honest and should be right there.Swiss Belle, is running amongst her peers today should be involved in the finish
Tips:Jalsa, Swiss Belle, Upset: Grey Phantom,
Race 4: Open race as many contenders here however its important to point out Watch Out, does not belong to this class if she does not play up at the start she will win today the inside draw may prevent her to stop galloping stable mate Wild Imagination, and Hickory, both have merit and if WO fails they will dominate the finish.
Race 5: it will pay to stay away from Talk Of The Town, today as firstly he is subject to a pending enquiry secondly if there is a gamble on Divine, he will be on a holiday if you cant find a winner then leave the race of take a chance on devine only if backed.Arabian Pride, is in very good form and I strongly suggest to take a small eachway chance on him.

Race 6: Beyond Belief, has all the right things in his favor i.e Jockey/handicap/distance /draw and will be hard to beat from the rest of the runners any one can win however it would be foolish to ignore Ikaria, even at this handicap as he is running his pet distance and will be right there and is worth a eachway punt don't Ignore Flaming Arrow, has had a decent rest and will be fresh and should not be ignored for minor bets.
Tips:Beyond Belief, Ikaria, Upset: Flaming Arrow,

Race 7: Rigel, should beat Light My Way, again as I am not too confident on her stamina. Saddlers Rule, is the best of the rest and is the likely upset here.
Tips: Rigel, Upset: Saddlers Rule,

Race 8: Surprised by the standard of jockeys in this race should be named the Work Jockey Trophy... Stormette, is a nice type but may find the trip sharp two horses are worth considering here for minor bets or Combinations Starlight Magic, and Marigold, and either of these horses will be tried they can upset the former is better.

Race 9: Top Action Alohamora,Hammerhead, Young Offender, are all in with a chance if tried as for me it Game Set Match on Alohamora,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Steps

What makes you decide to put your hard earned money on a horse.

1) Odds
2) Jockey
3) Khabar
4) Past performance
5) Trainer
6) Conditions
7) Pattern
8) Handicap
9) Distance
10) Prize money
11) Type of Race

I will be writing on each of these topics once on a weekly basis however for me to give more importance to a particular topic I need you all to vote on what is your deciding factor on backing a horse as this information will help me in the articles.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Response

Normally I don't like to justify my actions as I do believe that I try and give my best in what i do. I accept that I have a different way of looking at a race card and it has nothing to do with which horse is the favorite.

However in response to Mr K V Ramana's AKA Venduku and the various alias's message all I can say is If you don't want to get confused the don't visit the Blog.... Its simple.

Since it is a fresh topic I have decided to write my views on certain myths that if it is a favorite it has to win but before I do that I would like everyone to take there time and read an article written by Mr Sharan Kumar who in the past few months has changed his angle on journalism on racing in racing Pulse which has made me admire his goodwill to share some of the pro's and con's on horse racing and how it is conducted in India below is the link to his article.
His article details many eye openers and facts that many a common punter over look.

Going back to the Myth that I don't Tip Favorites and confuse the followers of favorites will only come into prospective once you understand how I look at a race card and decide on what is worth backing and what is not, I do accept that 7 out of 10 times I am wrong but I only focus on making my money on the right 3.

I have been exposed to horse racing since I was a child, without naming names since I was 12 yrs old I have seen Jockeys, trainers owners in my growing stages many of them are still riding or training and that exposure of listening to all these people has given me a lot of exposure to the ins and outs of racing and I don't call my self a scholar but I do believe I have a lot to offer to an average punter who are not fortunate enough to have my background and knowledge.

There are many factors that affect a race and the horses that run in it, but in Indian racing there are additional factors and the most relevant factor that can decide the outcome is Connections, pattern and credibility if you can understand the above 3 factors half your job is done.... things like track work, fitness, jockey, pedigree are not relevant if above 3 factors are not understood.

many jockey's are interconnected so are trainers and owners, this web is every evolving as time passes by so its very important to be up to date with whats happening in the racing world which is very tough for anyone. the amount of money that changes hands in horse racing is so huge that it fair to say if cricketers are paid to bowl No Bowls can u image what the jockeys can be paid to and cash being a un traceable commodity its practically impossible to prove anything.
Many Years ago in the 90's a particular owner who had 12 horses under him sold all of them overnight and when I asked him why he told me a jockey on one of his horses was paid Rs 1000 not to finish in the top 4...haha. however I wont write more on these topics but will make a commitment to write on different issues in the future and would like your input on what topics you would prefer.

Now back to how I read a card When I see a Race card I first see the card without the jockeys a day before then I study the night odds and go from there.
The first question I ask myself is why is this particular horse at these odds, Normally I start with the favorite and their relevant form then I look at horses that can beat the favorite quoted in the night odds I then study the relevant forms of horses that are running against the favorite and also try and establish relevant jockeys and trainers connections of other horses with the favorite... finally I look for patterns it is one of the most important factor in studying the card which unfortunately many people either don't know or don't understand. When I say pattern is different trainers have different patterns... i.e Training patterns, runs in between races, flow of money,jockey factor, odds and preparation of there horses. If you look at first race of Sunday this is how I came to deciding that 2 horses look the likely candidates.... Since It was distance race over 12 flg I first eliminated horses that were running out of their compass as per breeding i.e ANEMOS bred to go up to a mile or a bit over, TINTORETTO is in a similar radar, WINNING TREAT out of class, STAR INVITATION can stay but first run over 6flg which left with 3 credible horses of which I discounted the winner because I dint think he would beat O Magic... and reason I opted for REINSTATE as my second choice because of last run. Now ORIENTAL MAGIC was my selection due to the trainers Pattern of how he gets his winners... S K Sunderjis horses...Never win in Steele plate, Very Rarely win in there first run, almost away have a positive change of jockey and always brought down in handicap in that particular season... with all those ticks an lack of company she should have won and hence my pick.

The only reason I was not very confident on the horse is because of the Wadhwan Horse in the field S Invitation so I ignored the race.

I don't want favorites to lose or misguide people with some vested interest as assumed by people in the past I don't see the value in backing them if I have the slightest doubt in the race. Some people may find this logic utter rubbish but this info is for the ones who are curious.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pune 19th Sept

Race1: open race but looks a straight fight between Reinstate, and Oriental Magic, I do feel the former should win here or at worst place.
Race 2: Swahili, and Misschevious Trot, should fight for honors however the former is ridden on merit will be hard to beat.
Race 3: This will be a interesting race and Nefyn, will not get it easy and is not a worthy favorite under 2-1 as both River Star, and Semper Eadem, will be right there as a matter of fact i believe both will beat her. Make note of Lago Medio, as an upset here as the pace will be scorching and the fact that he likes to come off the pace and in good racing form he will be finishing on and can upset on the post
Tips:River Star, Semper Eadem, Upset: Lago Medio,
Race 4: hard to judge let the best stayer win Rapide, can upset here Note.
Race 5: Confiserie, is a moody horse but a different class animal she is tracking well enough too and its very difficult to go past her as if she decides to gallop she will win easily Gamba, should finish in the top 3.
Tips: Confiserie, Gamba, Upset: Fish Pilot,
Race 6: Very open race and any one can win my pick by prefrence are Ocean Wish, Angels Pursuit, Viva La Diva, make note of the second named here.

Race 7: Dictator, who won well last time has a change in equipment which is strange ??? so proceed with caution. Blazing Spectacle, is a hore hiding true form and class I am hoping they will try her today as she is well rested and tracking very well and is definately the danger to this field

Tips:( Good Eachway)Blazing Spectacle, Dictator, Upset: Creme De La Creme,
Race 8: Horses 1-2-3-5-7 look the only serious contenders here Aberdovey, has everything in her favor today but I am not very convienced that the odds are justified ??? Gloria, is probably the most under rated horse in the field due to the jockey however if the Green Signal is given which is likely then the Donkey can win on the horse.
Tips: Gloria, Aberdovey, Upset: Solid Rock,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pune 18th Sept

Race 1: Sea Bucaneer, has the merit and should be involved at the important end but is definatly not a outstanding prospect here Enticement, who was a bit unfit first up is now ready to strike as be track and should give the former a lot of grief. in my opinion Prince Of Troy, has the best chance to win today ans definatly wortha good eachway bet. Fantastic, has some fitness issues as evident form lack of trackwork plus i think the distance is a bit too sharp for her.
Tips: Prince Of Troy,Enticement, Upset Fantastic,
Race 2: this is a very open race for unfit horses however it is important to understand that Aristocratical, Thundering Star, are well above this class of horses if either of them are tried that will be hard to beat, the former belongs to a gamble connection and has issues with his blood vessel however with the CNB today he wont be running keen which helps his cause but if money doesnot com his way it wont help your cause. the latter may find the distance a bit long but as the company is weak can cause a upset note.

Race 3: Doi Moi, is on paper better then Cambiasso, however both horses are interlinked by trainers and jockeys so it is hard to know which of the 2 will be tried genuienly I think the former but i could be wrong. Make a note of Go Guzzi Go, who will be making the pace and if it is too slow might just hang on best to leave the race.
Race 4: Nou Camp, has the best credentials at this handicap and should give the field a run for the money make note of Ptolemy, today who is worth a small eachway bet dont ignore
Tips: Ptolemy, Nou Camp, Upset: Major Wager,

Race 5: its very un usual that Angelo, has not been on track since last run which was about 2 months back and being the favorite is a ??? best ignored and good luck if he wins. Aristocratic, who once had a bright future had a setback and looks like he has come to hand again and is the best of the fancied runners. however this is a open race and Solor, Ashwa Puskar, and Red Dragon, are the 3 who can win here the first 2 are tracking very well the second named is running a handicap race for the first tim but I am not very confident on her staying the mile so ignored. The last name is now fit and ready to strike at this handicap and can win here.
Tips:Red Dragon, Aristocratic, Upset: Solor,

Race 6: Ocean Yarrman, is running first time after being gelded although he is tracking ok the weekly gap inbetween track suggest some fitness issues I think he needs the run so proceed with caution Flashing Sword, and choice of jockey is questionable is a speedy horse but 7 flg look a bit long Samiel, is tracking well and looks fit for this race will be in the top 3. watchout for Set Afire, today will only loose if the connections decide on her faith otherwise should win.
Tips:(days best) Set Afire, Samiel, Upset: Lyrical Symphony,
Race 7: Spark Of Gold, has the best credentials however i dont think the pune track will be to her liking......... both Native Knight, and Cabriolet, were ridden to lose last time todays result will prove that as both will finish way ahead of C CAll..... on handicap Native Knight, is far superior of the two but I still believe he will remain a maiden thanks to Maseeha, who ran unfit and under prepared last run today is very fit as evident by track movements and should account for it.
Tips Maseeha, Native Knight,
Race 8: Petra, will be hard to toss if tried should win here from Ocean Power, make note of The Saint, will be right there.
Tips: Petra, Ocean Power, Upset: The Saint,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010


Still not luck with the internet

Race 1: Golden Orra, at this handicap and lack of company should win
Race 2: Brave Gun Secret Talk, look for a Gamble
Race 3: Running Sun, on breeding and track is hard to toss
Race 4: Banana Boy, note for a gamble or it should be Paper King,
Race 5: Saltoro ( Days Best)
Race 6: Svelte Lady,
Race 7: Crystal,Ariane,
Race 8: Dream Talk, Make note of Crowned Princess, today dont worry about the jockey

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Race 1: Expect a big gamble on Equality, who will win if tried Magical Mantra, looks the danger.
Race 2: Star Warrior, has some fitness issues and can lose however Xisca, is the only danger and can beat the former.
Rcae 3 : At this handicap Marine Zone, should win make note Barbara, is the danger
Race 4: Peregrine FalconTitan,
Race 5: Legionnaire, Days best
Race 6: Aristos,
Race 7: Their Lil Sister, Royal Gesture, (note)
Race 8: Visionaire, Prince Cyrus,

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Posting

I am still without internet so just quick guides

Race 1: Tell Me More,
Race 3: Silver Sands,
Race 4: Bemisaal, Upset: Sabanero,(note for a gamble)
Race 5: Cabriolet,(Good Bet)
Race 7: Daughterofdestiny, Upset: Pure Power,
Race 9: Nou Camp (note for a gamble) or Alohamora

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