Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mumbai 26-12-13

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I am out of town for 2 weeks so no Posting till the 5th Jan 2014.

Race 1: Hot As Ice,Traffic Jam,

Race 2: Port Blair,

Race 3: Emperor Of France,Intesar,

Race 4:Showers Of Heaven, Dark William,

Race 5: Snowing,Cactus Cash,

Race 6: Song Of Sparrow,Invincible,

Race 7: Aromatica, Home Factor,

Race 8: MarcosWithout Fear,

Race 9: Rewarding Desire,Mahima

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mumbai 22-12-2013

Race 1: can go any ways as VB over 12 flg so best to avoid the pace will be slow and Zafirah, is likely to make it start to finish and if the field takes her for granted she can upset. Its best to avoid this race.On Paper Scalanaya, does have merit but I don't think she is a stayer.

Race 2: Anahi, and Hawaiian Princess, toss up the latter has a slight edge due to the jockey factor.

Tips: Hawaiian Princess,

Race 3: Invictus, and The Ministerian, toss up. The second named is on a good handicap but if the first named does not break a blood vessel she will win.

Tips: Invictus, The Ministerian,

Race 4: Analeah, is the one to beat, Oriental RockyHail The King, and Quest For Love, should run improved races as they are tracking well and if the first named fails it could be anybodies race.

Tips: Analeah,Quest For Love,                     Upset: Oriental Rocky,

Race 5: First timers so hard to say Solomon, has had a benefit of a run and is tracking well but has had a Respiratory Infection 17/12/2013 which can take a lot out hence best to avoid.Personify,Quasar, and Heart Of The City, have been tracking well and should be involved in the finish. The last named has a benefit of a run hence my first pick.

Tips: Heart Of The City,Personify,

Race 6:The terms of the race favor  Amadeus, and Winston, and they should be the ones to beat. The first named is ready to strike.

Tips:  Amadeus

Race 7: Alaindair, is the one to beat and Silver Arrow, is the danger.

Race 8: Infallible,Glorious Reward,Providence,   and  Pappillon, are my top 4 in this wide open race the first named is on a good handicap and should be the one to beat. Make note of the last named has come up a lot and should be right there can upset.

Tips:  Infallible,                        Upset: Pappillon

Race 9: wide open race Scaramouche,Vanguard,Alecto,Shining Path, and Tempest, are the ones to beat can go either way due to the big field.

Tips :  Shining Path, Upset Tempest

Race 10: Bad race take a eachway chance on Ancient Warrior, or Dancing Splendour,  both will run well can can win.

Tips: Ancient WarriorDancing Splendour

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bangalore 21-12-13

Race 1: First time youngsters so hard to say but watch the market on Secret Launch, who is tracking well.

Race 2: She's Splendid, is tracking well and has come up a lot since last run positive jockey and handicap are all in her favor today and she will be the one to beat.All Clear, and Fruit King, are the danger the last named can upset if tried.

Tips: She's Splendid,All Clear, Upset: Fruit King 

Race 3: MedinahShaft, and Amanda, are tracking well and look to be in a forward condition in this race for 2yo and first timers the second named has a benefit of a run and should be the one to beat.

Tips:  Shaft, Upset Amanda

Race 4: Open race Feet On Fire,Cardigan Bay, and Prazsky, are tracking very well the second named is a gamble horse so best to decide at race time.

Tips: Feet On Fire, Prazsky,

Race 5: A wide open race AmazonasPursuit Of Fame, and Crown Emperor, are my short listed 3 for this open race but they all have to beat Amazonas,

Tips: Amazonas,

Race 6: Chase The SunTalisker, and Jersey Shore, are my top 3 the last named will be the one to beat.

Tips: Jersey Shore,           Upset: Talisker,

Race 7: Stellar AmbitionEthophian

Race *: Angel QueenSpark Of Illusion

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mumbai 15-12-2013

Race 1: Looks a straight fight between St Barts, who is tracking very well,Song Of Africa, who is consistent and ready to strike and lastly Victorious Cause, who is back to his winning mark so far has not been given the go ahead but this run will be tried and can upset here.

Tips: Victorious Cause,Song Of Africa,

Race 2: Electra, who is down in class and running 4yo and over has a good drop in class and running among her peers if she takes a level start she will be the one to beat. Laurus Tikati, is tracking very well and siting on a nice handicap should make the most of it and should be right there if serious.

Tips: Laurus TikatiElectra,

Race 3: Papakura, who's last run is best ignored is very well placed on handicap and should run a good race. Scarlet Pimpernel, is runnig after a long lay off not sure on his fitness. If Monza, run a genuine race then she will win.

Tips: MonzaPapakura,

Race 4: Port Blair, and Way Out, toss up the second named is running on this track for the first time hence is not back-able the first named will improve a lot from the last run and should be the one to beat. Rio, is the dark horse here can upset.

Tips: Port Blair,                  Upset: Rio,

Race 5: A wide open race and can go any way. My top 3 are Que Sera SeraYellowzone, and Ultrasonic, the second named runs best fresh and can win her and the first named is the danger to all today.

Tips: Yellowzone,                          Upset: Que Sera Sera

Race 6: Interesting race Amazing Grace, is a filly running her first run over 10 flg is tracking well but in a field of 12 genuine runners its difficult to say as she lacks experience. Very rarely does Pesi run a filly in a span of 10 days its obvious he believes Dreams Of You,is better than her last run as she lost because of the slow pace today will be a different proposition.Looking at the bigger picture my shortlisted 3 are Dreams Of YouDixie Delight, and Penny Lane, the last two have had a huge drop in class and are very well placed on handicap and will be the ones to beat. The second named will relish the long straight of Mumbai and is the most experienced of the lot hence my first pick.

Tips: Dixie Delight,Penny LaneDreams Of You,


1) Ainra,: Pace maker who will make a scorching pace that will help a few outside draw is the issue.
2) Amelia,: Was very strange for Pesi to pack her up after her classic win its obvious that he wanted to spell her for her mumbai classic campaign. her current preparation and the mock race suggest this is the race she is targeted for because it is her optimum trip she will run a very good race has a tremendous turn of foot and should give S Zervan no excuses.

3) Arch Duchess,: Another pacemaker with a wide draw.

4) Beforememoryfades,: Very impressive winner first up ran a very good race and is the most improved filly in the set her acceleration and the manner of victory was a clear indication of her class and she will be right there to beat them all.

5) Circle Of Life, has had no luck in the race for the last two runs with hughes aboard hope her luck changes and she does not stumble or get in traffic jam once again should run a good race if all goes well.

6) Isn't She Special,: Not here maybe after this run.

7) Keukenhof,: A very genuine and talented animal gives a 100% every time will run a good race again but will need more than that in this field.

8) Mariinsky,: Has done nothing wrong besides travelling all over today she is running among her peers for the first time and will need more to prove what she has, I personally would stay away from her today as she is not outstanding.

9) Mauna Kea,: Was a much talked about horse after her debut and if she wins here the talk will start again, She is a very strong galloper and the fast pace will suit her a lot but class will let her down.

10) Mint Approach, : Has not lost a race on this track but there is always a first . Today the company will be tough on her.

11) Sheer Class,: Here is a horse that can spring a surprise, Sparingly raced due to some issues but has a bright future once she comes right. In her last run she was fractious and was hanging a lot suggesting she was a bit under but that run will do her a lot good keeping in mind she dis run a good second last run and her previous win where she ran after her long lay off she will relish the fast pace of the race and is the one that can upset.

12) Starry Eyes,: Is well prepared but I am not too sure of her class Has won 3 races beating Scenic Warrior rated (53), Janis Jay Rated 48 and Forest vision rated 28. And has been beaten fair and square by Marinsky and Amelia cant see that changing now.

13) Trance,: Will love the long stretch run and the fast pace will be finishing on in the fray although see is a bit down on class she will run a fair race and I wont be surprised if she finishes on board.

Over all a very open race but the top 4 contenders are 2-4-5-11. I am inclined to give Circle of life another chance but wont be surprised if Amelia or Sheer class win.

Tips: Circle Of LifeAmelia,              Upset: Sheer Class,(note)

Race 8: Kazuri, has a benefit of an easy run and will improve a lot should be the one to beat. Royal Sapphire, and War Command, seem to be in a forward condition and should run good races.

Tips: Kazuri,                     Upset:  Royal Sapphire

Race 9: There will be a Gamble on Mambo Magic, today and if I am right he will win.

Tips: Mambo Magic,

Days Best: Mambo Magic,
Double: Mambo Magic,Kazuri,  
Kaichi or win bets:Victorious Cause, Port BlairMambo Magic,Kazuri,   

Eachway or Place bets:  Laurus Tikati Monza,Dixie Delight,Amelia

Bolt from the Blue: Sheer Class

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bangalore 14-12-13

Race 1: Masked Marvel, is tracking well along with Aero Star, and should dominate the finish. The second named is a Grade 3 Bleeder so best to avoid. Make note of Great Secret, who have been gelded recently and is looking good on track can sneak in a place or upset.

Tips:Masked Marvel, Upset: Great Secret,

Race 2: Spanish Fly, and Dance With Me, Toss up the first named is running after a long layoff.

Tips: Dance With Me

Race 3: Nocturnal Hunter, is better placed on handicap then Ethophian, who has been penalized a lot for his win first up. Arun,  is the joker in the pack at this handicap.

Tips: Nocturnal Hunter,                       Upset: Arun

Race 4: Golden Princess, if tried is ready to strike and can beat them all today.King Of The Court, is coming of a long layoff but can be in the picture.

Tips: Golden PrincessKing Of The Court,

Race 5: Camorra, who set a scorching pace last time will be fitter and well after that run trackwork is very good too and Sun Kingdom, who is coming back to form have the class to beat this set the first named has a advantage due to jockey. Nadia, is horse that can upset will run a good race today.

Tips: Camorra,                       Upset: Nadia,

Race 6: Samara Sun,Nessie, and Sans Frontieres, are my top 3 in this wide open race.

Tips: Sans Frontieres,

Race 7: Sovereign Rule, and Turf Striker, should fight it out.Rock With U, is the dark horse that can upset.

Tips: Sovereign Rule,                 Upset: Rock With U

Race 8: Emancipation,     Upset: Dream Runner, (note)

Race 9: Majestic Opinion,    Upset: Gold N Money,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

No Post

I wont be posting Thursday and friday ARZAAN,HIGHRAZ and SOMBRERO should do well today.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mumbai 8-12-13

Race 1: A very interesting race all 8 runners are in with a fair chance if tried and it is likely that at least 6 horses will be tried here.Ace Of Diamond, and Always There, are two horses that have been off the radar brought down in class. Both will be tried  today and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Ace Of DiamondAlways There

Race 2: Historically S Zervan has proven to lack judgement in the pace of the race when there is a small field and Jeremiah, can lose if the jockey is over confident here.

Race 3: Open race Brave Fighter, and Jens Secret, are my top two the first named has an edge due to jockey. An upset cant be ruled out here and if there is one it will be Aravali

Tips: Brave Fighter,                      Upset: Aravali

Race 4: Youngsters so hard to say Rajsamman, is speedy but immature and is too fast for his own good and in the long straight will be caught up.Star Benevolent, has come to hand nicely and will run a very good race today will be a danger to all. Zaagros, and Presence, are two horses here that have a very good chance but the strange choice in jockeys is an issue however keeping in mind that this is a trophy race intent is very likely, Presence is by far a superior animal and if sound will win here. 
Peritomoreno, is running for the first time so hard to say in this experienced set.

Tips: Presence,Star Benevolent,                      Upset: Zaagros,

Race 5: First timers so hard to say.High Expectation, and  Koalaa, will run a good race.The first named will be the one to beat.
Tips: High Expectation,                Upset: Koalaa,

Race 6: Rekindle, is coming up with every run and will be the one to beat in this wide open race. Make note of Polynesia, here if the connections are serious she will upset.

Tips :Rekindle  Upset: Polynesia

Race 7: Dancing Phoenix, manner of victory was very good and in a 5 flg race will be hard to catch. Keeping in mind this is a terms race and the horse that is best suited is the old Weizhou, who still has a bit of fight in him but I am not too sure today. Make note of Emerging Star, here he was not ridden on mert last run was just a lung opener and malesh always tries him in a 5flg.

Tips:Dancing Phoenix, Upset: Emerging Star

Race 8: Wide open race horses 1-2-5-9-14-16 have a fair chance to win. Archimedes, and Shygirl, are definitely the best of the lot but both are awkwardly drawn and that throws the race wide open. the first named looks very well prepared and should be right there no matter what the excuse and is the one to beat.Sailor, and Superlicious, who are tracking well also have a good outside chance but once again awkwardly drawn malesh has opted to suraj when he will be carrying over weight shows intent but sailor is better of the two if tried.Tell Me More, is the joker in the pack he always runs best when he is fresh age is against him but I am fairly confident that he will run a good race and can upset or should place at good odds. Since this race is The ATTILA Trophy a sentimentle bet on her half sister Queen Of Venuscan go a long way.

Tips: Archimedes,Sailor,                  Upset: Tell Me More,

Race 9: Bad race best to avoid Scarlet Of Hope,  is the one to beat at this handicap.Shockalot, can upset is tracking well.

Tips: Scarlet Of Hope,                                          Upset: Shockalot,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bangalore 7-12-2013

Race 1: Horse 2-3-4-6 seem to be the contenders here if money comes on As Good As It Gets, it will win.

Tips: As Good As It GetsDofantasy,

Race 2 : hard to say as first timers Black Areca,  will be the one to beat. Booker Jones, is bred for speed and if fit can upset.

Race 3: Open gamble race many chances and many visible tries best to avoid View From Above, is he takes a level start will be the one to win. Royal Romario, is tracking very well and should be right there along with Mountain Storm, who is sitting on a good handicap.

Tips: View From Above, Upset: Royal Romario

Race 4: Applejack, has a good handicap advantage here but if Apollo King, or Sussex Downs, are asked to gallop they can upset. The last named is definitely a better horse than the favorite who is here stable mate.

Tips:Applejack,          Upset: Sussex Downs,

Race 5: Cullinan,Super Start,

Race 6: Peter Parker,Cadogan

Race 7: Shivalik Star,  Upset: Sovetskaya

Race 8: Super Saloni,Volt

Race 9:Kafka, Wind Surfer

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mumbai 5-12-13

Race 1: Dreams Of You

Race 2: Edge Of Glory,

Race 3: Rosie Sunshine,            Upset: Myla Rose

Race 4: Captain Smart,          Upset: Mahima,

Race 5: TitleistAwesome Smile

Race 6: Song SaaMiracle Of Mercy,

Race 7: Artiste

Race 8: Protector Of Paris,Achieve,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mumbai .1.12.2013

Antia has 29/120 runners today that compromises 34% of the field good luck there will be a few surprises thanks to this clown. Not his horses but because of his not on job runners other horses will be affected and blocked etc.

Race 1: Halle, is sound will test Archie, today the latter is better and should win but it wont be easy.

Tips: Archie,Halle

Race 2: Open race Rein In Spain,San Rafael, and Follow Me, are my short listed 3 the second and third named have a better chance because of the jockey.

Tips: San Rafael, Upset: Follow Me

Race 3: Open race Antia has 6/14 runners so not sure about him it is likely he will go with Ocean Of Faith, but its best to avoid. from the rest 3 horses have a fair chance as they are 3yos in VB and will be tried here. Miss Behave,Argyle Pink, and Traffic Jam, are the ones in question, the second named had a run in higher class and looked heavy in the paddock but class down today and should run a much better race, the last named is tracking well and well placed on handicap should run a good race. The first named is running a handicap race for the first time does have fitness issues but considering the field she will finish in the frame by default.

Tips: Argyle PinkTraffic Jam,        Upset: Miss Behave

Race 4: Cyclops, and Vanguard, have run well in better company and will be the ones to beat, the second named has not been on track but is likely to been prepared on the owners private estates. the first named is sparingly raced and tracking very well will be right there.The Big Bull, is running for the first time always been on track but making a late debut has to be nice type to run favorite in this set. First run over 7 flg in this company is a big ask can win but not a bet i can recommend. Malkia, is the one that is very well prepared and if there is a upset here is one.

Tips: Cyclops, Upset Malkia

Race 5: 2yo first timers best to avoid Grand Gibraltar, is a late foal compared to others and may be a bit immature best to avoid.Your Royal Majesty,  has a benefit of a run and is tracking well she will be the one to beat.Dazzle N Daze, and Blavatsky, are first timers but tracking well can should be in the fray the first named can upset.

Tips: Your Royal Majesty,                   Upset: Dazzle N Daze

Race 6: Open race Horses 1-2-3-4-8-10-11 all have a fair chance if tried. Glorious Reward, runs best when fresh and should be right there, Other Song, is well placed on handicap and will make the most of it,Wish Upon A Star, can win if tried. Make note of Nawazish, who is a very nice animal but very unsound if his legs hold up he will win otherwise any one can win he he fails note.

Tips: NawazishGlorious Reward,               Upset: Sydney

Race 7: A wide open race with many chances my short listed 4 are Indian TouchOriental RockyQuest For Love, and Nush, the second named will relish the long stretch run and will be right there, the third named belongs to Antia and if serious he can win the last named is the joker in the pack can upset. the first named has a big handicap but benefit of a easy run gives him a good chance.

Tips:  Oriental RockyQuest For Love, Upset:  Nush,

Race 8: A wide open race and any horse can win. The terms favor Clinton, and he should run well today. Hachiko, loves this track so does Onassis, and that makes a KND and Shirke competition. make note of Winds Of Fortune, his last spurt suggest he is going to bold and a start to finish tactic will be adopted he will stay and can upset.

Tips: ClintonHachiko,                            Upset: Winds Of Fortune

Race 9: Star Of BabylonHaunting Moments,Doc Holliday, and Zanthos, should dominate the finish here.

Tips: Star Of BabylonDoc Holliday,        Upset: Zanthos

Race 10: RicochetKaldeno, and Dark William, are the ones that should dominate in this open race.

Tips: RicochetKaldeno, Upset: Dark William,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

bangalore 30.11.2013

Race 1 : Gamble race best to avoid. Horses 2-3-6-7-10 have a good chance if tried.  King Of Heroes, and Formula One, are my short listed two and i am going for the better jockey but keep in mind if there is a gamble on the second named he will win.

Tips: King Of Heroes, Upset:  Formula One

Race 2: First time runners so hard but Nesto, is built for speed and should give a good account of it.

Race 3: Bad race Rakshitha, has a good chance to win if tried as most runners don't seem interested. Nation's Glory, is the danger.

Race 4: Silhouette, has had a big drop in class and will be the one to beat.

Race 5: Miss ChingMagnomical, and Sunny Express,  are my top 3 in this wide open race and any horse can win.

Tips: Miss ChingMagnomical, Upset:  Sunny Express

Race 6: Rich Celebration, should give Supreme Regime, a run for the money and can upset.

Race 7: Whispering Gallery, will relish the step up in distance and is a live threat to all the runners if they think she wont stay. Alcazaba, and Mariinsky, will be right there.

Tips: Whispering GalleryAlcazaba,

Race 8: Rebuttal's Hope, and Glycys Bay, should fight it out if tried the first named will win here.

Tips: Rebuttal's Hope, and Glycys Bay,

Race 9: Natural View, and Raaga, should fight it out. 

Tips: Natural View, Raaga

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