Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mumbai 31th Dec Final Post

Dear Friends,

I will be taking a indefinate break from racing as the pressures of work and personal life are taking the toll on me. When I started this blog I had the passion for racing but in the past few months I seem to have lost that and as evident by my post I am tipping.

It is only fair that I take a break and see what happens. I have picked today as my last day because I am coming to mumbai for a few weeks and will not be able have ready access to computers when I am there hence this seems to be the appropriate time to do so.

If I have an info when in mumbai and i like the horse I will post it up or try to that's the best I can do in these circumstance.

Once again Thank you everyone for your Overwhelming support in the past I would Like to take this opportunity to Wish Everyone a Happy and a Very Prosperous New Year and hope 2010 brings better luck to one and all.

Race 1: Benedictus, Nymph,
Race 2: Churchill, Upset: Tsesebe,
Race 3: Golden Memory, Upset: Sea Of Grace,
Race 4: Onassis, Upset: De Nada,
Race 5: Semper Eadem,
Race 7: Torrential, Black Rainbow, Upset: Bolero,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mumbai 27 dec

Race 1:Orada, Ballad Of Glory, Upset: Accurize,(watch the market)
Race 2: Fire Vault, Upset: Nara,
Race 3: River Lass, Upset:Born Destiny,
Race 5: Our Fortune, Upset: Major Roberts,
Race 8: Lone Monarch, Upset: Empress Of India,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mumbai 20 Dec

Make note of B Chinoy and his runners today can have a grand day and can get in the way of P shroff

Race 1:The First Lady, Rising Asset,
Race 2: Fiamma, Monarchos,
Race 3: Hickory, Sea Shower,
Race 4:Ares,
Race 5: Confiserie, Upset: Imperio,
Race 6: Benedictus, Upset: Shodaan,
Race 7:(note)Cairndhu, Safari, Upset: Hugo,
Race 8: Rajasthan Royals, Il Tabarro, Upset: Baskervile,(note)
Race 9: Cabriolet, Sea Ruler, Upset: Scholar, (Can Upset)
Race 11:(note) Triunfo,Oh Calcutta, upset: Eagle Mountain,
Race 12:(note) Tattenhoe,Cloud Cover, Upset: Wild Torronaado,

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