Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bangalore 30 Jun 2012

Looks a day of Gambles can be a mixed card best to go slow.I sait has 3 runners and all will be fancied he is a genuine trainer but it will pay not be over confident on his horses.

Race 1: A race for horses who's future is in VB-VA races when there is a Gamble.Non of them have done any thing so far however some of them have had positive changes in equipment and will run a better race. This is a gamble race and its best to stay away.Horses 2-4-5-6-7 have come up a lot since last run and a gamble on a few of them is likely. Impressive Touch, is bred well but first run so dont know.London Eye, and 
Symbol Of Success, are tracking well the first named is a gamble horse should be in the thick of things if tried. the second named is the dark one and should at worst place today. Towers Of Hanoi,  had an easy run too and positive change of jockey and equipment will see him run a better race.Best to avoid the race or decide at race time.

Tips:6) Towers Of Hanoi, Upset: 5) Symbol Of Success,

Race 2: Good race with some interesting Youngsters.Horses 2-3-7-9 are my shortlisted 4 in a race where there are many chances.Divine Deliverance, should improve after his last run,Entertainer, ran a good forward race after being gelded and track work suggest he will run a much improved race today.Wing Commander, has some fitness issues but can show a lot of improvement too.Sandstorm, is a horse to note this well bred horse is running after a while but is a smart galloper if he is fit he will be the one to beat.Sun Salutation, is a horse of high expectations but all horses from this owner are and are always backed heavily can win but does not represent value in this set.

Tips: 6) Sandstorm, 2) Divine Deliverance,         Upset: 3) Entertainer, (note for a place)

Race 3: Another interesting race with good quality Youngsters. Amitayus, probably has the best credentials but needs a longer strech run as he does warm up late plus the fact that I sait has really thrown out well backed duds so far doesnot help, he is the best of all his runners but I am not sure if his horses are race ready.Most Wanted, will improve a lot after last run was a bit green can place,Nocturnal Hunter, and Firelight, have both run together the second named in  my opinion is better.Sans Frontieres, is well bred and tracking well but first run after a long break plus he seems to have some fitness issues so hard to say. Volcano, is subject to a inquiry so ignored or P S Chauans integrity will be questioned if he wins, Balance Of Nature, is definitely the dark horse here showed a lot of speed first up if the intent is there she can upset or place at good odds. Best to avoid the race or look for value bets. Most Wanted, and Balance Of Nature, represent value. I will have a eachway flutter on the second named but the horse to beat is Amitayus.

Tips: 1)Amitayus      3) Most Wanted,       Upset:7) Balance Of Nature,

Race 4:This race has 4 3yos that carry high hopes from their connections of which three are having their prep race for the up coming derby on the 15th july .Horses 2-3-5-7 are the ones in question. There is a lot of  hype on Ascot Magic, who has a lot of work put into him and the connections have also have a pacemaker here to improve his chances as he like the fast pace but the at the end of the day the horse belongs to Gamble connections he is malesh's best hope in the derby but lets see if there plan for another coup pays off. Tintinnabulation, has shown tremendous improvement after his last run in which he won uninterested and un extended his track work suggest he will stay very well and in my opinion is the horse to beat. Simply Stylish, is a horse that is the most improved in the Ramu Camp and a derby prospect however she won very well last time  but only 2 weeks ago and since then has had 5 spurts which is very strange as she has had no rest hence avoided. Although conceding wieght they all have to beat Tintinnabulation,. 

Tips: 2) Tintinnabulation,

Race 5: Another open race Star Marquess, was not ridden on merit last run is intent is there today he will be right there and finish ahead of all the horses that beat him last time.Casanova, was impressive last time today is running amongst some good horses will need to be at his best to win  here, Midtown Magic, had a easy run first up after being gelded has improved since then should run a brave race probably better then stable mate, Make note of One Life To Love, today had a very easy run first up met with a lot of interference in that race and latest track work suggest she is ready to strike has a strong rider and well rested all ingredients of winner and if I am right cash your tickets.

Tips: 4)   One Life To Love, 3) Star Marquess,

Race 6: Gamble race, Expect a gamble on Yawar, Its best to leave the race as a fe horses in with a chance. Javanica, and Vega, are both in good form the first named is better,Fantastic Strike,  is tracking well but is linked to the aboe horses so hard to say on which horse the right money will come hence best to avoid.

Tips: 6) Fantastic Strike, 2) Javanica

Race 7: Another Gamble race so hard to say,  Make note of Sound,  for a possible coup here she has improved and change in equipment sugest if the connections have a win earlier she may be tried.

Tips:10 )  Smart Edition,1)  Jeyem,          Upset :2) Sound

Race 8: Another Gamble race but has many contenders which makes it a very interesting GAMBLE race.Horses 1-2-4-6-7 have a realistic chance if tried hence it will pay to look for Value each way bet and the horse that does represent Value is Regal Hostess, who seems to have come to hand and has a positive change today, Jockey wont be relevant she is ready to strike and should be right there. Lucky Sam, has improved a lot after being gelded should be in the top 3.

Tips:4)  Regal Hostess,7)Lucky Sam,

Days Best: One Life To Love,
Bolt from the Blue:  Sound

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Few Good Men

Hi Guys,

   I have attached below a chart of Trainers and Jockey to follow for the rest of the season and not to look at any thing else. If any horses that have a combination of both should be short listed and backed with confidence. E.g. If J Dhariwal has a runner and any of the Jockey in the list is on top u should follow. If a race Par classic has more the two Combinations then best to avoid. The key is to avoid all races that dont meet this simple criteria.

Trainer Horses saddled Wins Place2 Place3 UnPlaced Win % Place %

  J S Dhariwal 58 11 6 5 29 19 31

  S Padmanabhan 31 11 1 4 13 35 23

  P Shroff 17 8 1 4 2 47 41

  Neil Darashah 42 6 5 5 24 14 29

  L V R Deshmukh 10 6 3 0 0 60 40

  Karthik G 7 3 0 0 3 43 14

  Darius Byramji 23 2 4 2 13 9 35

  Altamash Ahmed 2 1 1 0 0 50 50

  M K Jadhav 5 1 0 1 3 20 20

Jockey Total Rides Wins Place2 Place3 UnPlaced Win % Place % FavWon FailedFav

Trevor Patel 35 14 6 1 12 40 26 9 3

P S Chouhan 60 13 8 6 25 22 37 7 3

Imran Chisty 47 6 9 6 25 13 34 5 3

F Dasilva 27 6 4 4 11 22 37 3 2

A Sandesh 16 5 2 3 6 31 31 4 1

B Prakash 11 4 3 1 1 36 55 4 3

M Noornabi 21 3 3 4 9 14 43 1 1

S Zervan 19 2 1 4 8 11 47 2 1

A Imran Khan 10 2 1 2 4 20 40 1 0

Ganesh N 5 2 0 0 3 40 0 0 1

D K Ashish 19 1 2 1 12 5 32 0 0

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bangalore 24th June 2012

Very Open card will pay to go Slow and look for value.I Gotala- S Naredu combo is a deadly combination are best to avoid. Jockey M Noornabi has some good mounts today and is worth following.

Race 1: Youngsters but looks set between the 2 fancied runners. Form and trackwork tilts in the favor of Charlemagne, who has a slight edge over Rebuttal's Hope, who has come up a lot since last run.

Tips: 1) Charlemagne,

Race 2: Gamble race best to decide at race time or take a break.North Cape, runs best fresh but intent is unknown.

Tips: 9) Cowboy Cal,         Upset: 2) North Cape,

Race 3: Difficult race to decide among the 3 fancied runners.Cielo Signore, and Sebright, have had a run and should improve from it the first named is my pick from the 3 Fancied horses. Home Advantage, first run best to watch. Make note of Sukhmanee, who is also running for the first time but trackingf very well and looks in a forward condition can place here and is the likely Upset.

Tips: 2)  Cielo Signore,     Upset: 10)  Sukhmanee,

Race 4: Gamble race. 15 Runners 5 Contender and 10 Pretenders, Best to look for a value bet. Horses 1-4-6-7-8 are the contenders and the result should be among them.Blue Mala, and Surprisesucceeding, have been brought down well for a gamble in the last run both ran together and were given easy run the last suggest they are ready for a gamble and the second named has a slight edge.Rusty, has been consistent but is a very small horse and is carrying almost 62 kgs hence avoidable.Sandhurst, had a easy run first up should be in the fray is the jockey can handle him.Royal Music, is the joker in the pack only problem is the wide draw but he can upset.

Tips: 7)Surprisesucceeding, 8) Blue Mala,   Upset: Royal Music

Race 5: Diamonite, belongs to I GOTALA best to ignore carrying Top wieght and conceding wieght all round wont be easy anyway.Smart Star, has had 2 runs this season was not ridden on merit last run however his last spust suggest intent.Knowledge, has a good handicap,jockey. had a easy run first up now the positive change shows intent will be right there and can upset.

Tips: 8) Smart Star,Upset: 10) Knowledge,


1) Borsalino,: Well bred for spped and stamina, tracking well first run but has a good jockey who is the best judge of pace will be in the thick of things if luck is on his side.
2) Cecil,: One of the main contenders who won very well first up in excellent timing, has the inform jockey will be finishing on but track work has been light so not sure if there is something wrong but will be right there.
3) Cirque Du Soleil,: Likely pacemaker who was highly thought of by his connection befor the last run best to avoid here.
4) Hachiko,: Good animal mile may be his optimum trip has the jockey who will give him a fair chance here but keep in mind there have been some equipment changes on him plus he like some galloping room and warms up late which will go against him.
5) Machiavellianism,: wont Stay has class but the wide draw and mile are not in his favor will be a good sprinter.
6) Maths Baby,: Late entry ( Owners have paid 4 lakhs fee) One of the most improved horses after being gelded. Won like a champion problem is the inside draw as the jockey is hesitant to make his move from the inside which will be his down fall. However if luck is on his side do your Maths.
7) Montpelier,: Ran a brave race first up beaten by a better animal today has a immature jockey which wont help and is best to avoid.
8) Plenipotent, : Has improved a lot since last run where he was unlucky to lose to the Moody Maple Star. Today will be the main contenders and will be right there and can give the connections a rare double.
9) Red Baron,: Beat Maximus first up but distance is his optimum and will need a lot of luck to finish in the frame.
10) Shivalik Hero, : Won with a lot of fire, has a big heart and tremendous turn of foot. Has everything in his favor today and if he has that class he will bring Malesh his first classic as a trainer but wont be easy.
11) Silver Birch, : Vastly improved after being gelded, tracking very well and won very well, Drawn 1 wont affect him as he has good initial speed Would have been my Days best if wasn't for the jockey who has recently had a fall and his mindset is a ?? I hope I am wrong and if I am he will win today.
12) Southern Opinion,: Has it in him to win here but seems to have lost interest  today with blinkers may help but hard to recommend on last run if he wins good luck.
13) Stellar Ambition,:Track work suggest he has improved after being gelded, awkwardly drawn but has a good jockey aboard  him will be the one that will bring them home and if they give think he is not a contender then he will surprise them all.
14) Super Storm, Suraj has opted for Maleshs horse which indicates his class, Has shrewd jockey and a strong rider will run a good race and i wont be surprised if he finishes in the thick of things.
15) Wrekin,: Improved animal but this is a tough set.

Finally this race is a Open Book and Luck will decide the outcome. I am not a big fan of horses running first up in classic races hence I am avoiding Borsalino,Hachiko,and Stellar Ambition, however since the last named will represent value i will have a small ew bet on him but wont hold my breath. My final 5 are Cecil,:Maths Baby,:Plenipotent, : Shivalik HeroSilver Birch, : and based on their last run Jockey and preparation my final 3 are as follows. however it is a Open race.

Tips: Cecil,Silver Birch,                      Upset: Maths Baby,

Race 7: Interesting race with the pace likely to be very fast second wind animal will have a better chance. Optimus Prime, and Bullet  have a the very good chance to take advantage of this the first named has a advantage of a run.

Tips:3) Optimus Prime                Upset: 6) Bullet,

Race 8: Tiberius,'s last run is subject to an inquiry and belongs to I GOTALA hence avoidable.No Doubt, had a easy run first up and should improve a lot from it will be the one to beat.Able Associate is one horse you cant ignore today, If there is a upset here he is the one dont Ignore as if the horse is fit he will UPset.

Tips: 9) No Doubt,                  Upset: 2) Able Associate(NOTE)

Race 9: Gamble race to end the day horses 1-3-4-6-10-12 are likely candidates and a winner should come from them. It will pay to watch the market at race time or look for value bets.Brave Cat,War Artist,Inspirator, are all tracking well.Super Star, has a to jockey but belongs to a gamble stable and its best to decide at race time.Spark Of Diablo, is the dark horse here had a easy run first up------ and if the intent is right will win. 

Tips: 10) War Artist,              Upset:3) Spark Of Diablo, (note)

Win or Kaichi Options: Charlemagne,Cielo Signore,Smart Star,Silver Birch,Optimus Prime,

Eachway or Place bets: Sukhmanee,Surprisesucceeding,Knowledge,Cecil,Maths Baby, Bullet,Able Associate(NOTE)Spark Of Diablo, (note)

Bolt from the Blue: Stellar Ambition,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bangalore 23rd June 2012

On Paper looks a favorite card but it will alway pay to go slow.

Race 1: Have no clue as to why Sumitomo, is the favorite here, I think the horses needs more distance. Maybe its because of the jockey but hard to recommend.Bold Nature, definitely looks a good each way bet if u look at the last run where he finished an unextended 5th which was is first run after being gelded, tracking well and positive change of jockey and equipment have been made only ??? is intent which is likely in this company.Mulligan, and Shivalik Beauty, are the jokers in the pack the second named can spring a surprise and the first named is a speedy type too has blinkers on and should be hitting the front.

Tips: 3) Bold Nature,                   Upset: Mulligan,

Race 2: Monreale, was an impressive winner last time and is likely to repeat but Savvy Concept, will keep her honest.

Tips: 1) Monreale,

Race 3: Very tricky gamble race best to leave alone.Zermatt, probably has the best credentials and the best performed of the lot however is a filly running in a span of 6 days hence her condition is a ?? should be the one to beat if fit best to avoid this race.

Tips: 5) Zermatt,

Race 4: If u look at the last run of Thunderbay, its easy to assume its a one horse race but if you look at it very closely his timing is nothing great and its possible that he was so far ahead because no one was interested in that race.the sectional of the last 600 mtrs  was 12.4-12.2-12.5 or 37 seconds hence that run was deceptive. Horses 1-2-3-6-7 are tracking very well and are likely to upset the favorite.Front Runner, and Haute Ecole, are best on track the second named has a benefit of a run and my pick. Green Bay, has come up a lot since he finished an easy 3rd last time with a good jockey will be the likely upset will certainly place and is the first named is a DUD can win too.

Tips:7)  Haute Ecole,        Upset: 2) Green Bay,

Race 5: The top 6 horses should dominate the finish.Smashing, is the one to beat. I was very disappointed with the run of Cardinal, he just dint have that spark and looked rusty however I am fairly confident that he will be the most improved of the lot and being a colt would have benefited a lot from that run, Expect a 5 length improvement from him today and smashing wont get it easy only negative is the distance but he can win.Make note of Swiss Don, who is tracking extremely well, maybe is not in this class but the point to mention that the connections have 1 Lakh 92 thousand as a penalty to run him here as a Final Entry with the 3rd place horse only getting 1.86 lakhs the connections must be fairly confident that the horse has improved a lot and will be in the Top 3 I personally think he can and looks a likely Upset.

Tips: 4) Smashing,1) Cardinal,      Upset: 2) Swiss Don,

Race 6: Hillfiger, if fit should win being a I Gotala Horse it will pay to see if money comes his way and decide I personaly stay away from his horses for that reason but if ridden om merit he will win.If former is not tried many horses can win horses 3-4-10 are the ones in question.Make note of Superb Style, is a Gamble horse and will pay to see the market trend on him and decide since this race is not a 5yo and over field its Unlikely hence watch the market and decide,

Tips: 1) Hillfiger,              Upset:10) Superb Style,

Race 7: Looks a straight fight between Lad Star, and Ashwa Shakti, once again the former is a Gamble horse and best to decide at race time the second named is a genuine animal and tracking very well will be the one to beat.

Tips:8)  Ashwa Shakti

Race 8: Ice Stone, ran in a good company but was struggling to finish on clearly dint stay the trip just about beat Trillion wind in that run so hard pick special with this jockey the only positive is that the field has more pretenders then contenders.All Clear, and Fantastic Star, are horses on the up and should run good races. Its best to leave the race but on jockey merit the first named should do well, the second named is a better animal and is intent is there will win.

Tips:8) All Clear,6) Fantastic Star,

Days Best:  Haute Ecole,All Clear,
Double:  Haute Ecole, Ashwa Shakti,All Clear,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Haute Ecole, Ashwa ShaktiMonreale,HillfigerZermatt,All Clear,
Eachway or Place Prospects: Bold Nature,Green Bay,
Bolt from the Blue: Swiss Don,

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