Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mumbai 29-11-2012

Race 1: Gamble race Winds Of Change, is looking good and should be the one to beat.Macho Uno, and Absolute Star, are the danger the second named should be tried here.

Tips: Winds Of Change,              Upset: Absolute Star,

Race 2: O'princess, will prefer the mumbai track and should be the one to beat.Cavalryman, is the danger.

Tips: O'princess,                Upset: Cavalryman,

Race 3: Martinique, should win here.

Race 4: Walk Of Life, should repeat Reinstate, will keep her honest.

Race 5: Bad race but MahikiTwilight, and Stormyday, have a big drop in class the first named will do well on this track and should be the one to beat.The last named can upset only if he is tried.

Tips:  Mahiki,Upset: Stormyday,

Race 6:Jockey skills will matter but Caesars Star, is the one to beat.

Race 7: Tricky race horses 1-3-4-8 are all inter linked watch the market on them for a doosra. Danse Debonaire, has been disappointing but is not a VB animal in this set will come good.

Tips: Danse Debonaire,

Race 8: Antia holds the key to this race so watch the market on his horses. Best to leave this race alone.

Tips: Lucky Red, Upset: Springbank,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mumbai 25-11-12

Looks a favorite card as most fancied runners have a fair chance. Followers of Pesi should not be disappointed.

Race 1: Tricky race all runners can beat each other and intent is the key here.Sweaty Betty, and Rio Del Ray,  are very well placed on handicap and can win here if tried.It will pay to avoid this race.

Race 2: The pace of the race will dictate the results and jockey skills will make the difference Hachiko, has a clear advantage over the field due to this factor.

Tips: Hachiko,

Race 3: With a benefit of a run and some good work Modus Vivendi, should win par mishap.

Tips: Modus Vivendi,

Race 4: Songlark, should make amends to day. Bongani, is the dark horse worth considering her in place.

Tips: Songlark,

Race 5: Will be a interesting race horses 3-5-7-8 should fight it out but they all have to beat Scarlet Pimpernel, Make note of Saints N Sinners, who will also relish the fast pace and can upset.

Tips: Scarlet Pimpernel,

Race 6: Montezuma, and Amazing Desire, will extend each other the second named is more experienced and should get the better of the two. Make note of Lake Paradise, here and don't get fooled by her pune record she loves this track and her track work suggest she is fit to fight. She does not like being whipped but with her work jockey who knows her best you cant ignore her she will run a very good race and yes she can win.

Tips:Lake Paradise, Amazing Desire,

Race 7: Franklin, should win based on his preparation. Novak, should run close.

Tips: Franklin

Race 8: An Open race but the Jodha's hold the key.both Adams Prince, and Sacre Coeur, can win if tried the second named is better on handicap. Make note of Blush, who like the long straight will be in the fighting line and can upset don't ignore.

Tips:Blush, Sacre Coeur,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bangalore 24-11-2012

Race 1: Gamble race and pest to decide at race time. Jeyem, is the most consistent of the lot and should do well if tried. Right On Time, is definitely the horse to beat but is bad at the gate so be vary.

Tips: Right On TimeJeyem,

Race 2: Tough race bur the horse to beat will be Dancing Emeralds, Make note of A Move To Remember, here has the potential to upset as she is sitting on the right handicap.

Tips: Dancing Emeralds,               Upset: A Move To Remember,

Race 3: Tricky race but Super Gold, will be the one to beat.War Artist, can upset if tried.

Tips: Super Gold,              Upset: War Artist,

Race 4: Show Twister, and Ballantoy, toss up first named has a benefit of a run and should win I Ghotala permit.Make note of Black Blossom, will win when tried today's set is weak and it is a good chance.

Tips: Show Twister,          Upset: Black Blossom,

Race 5: Tough race Carducci, has improved a lot and will give Sun Divine, a run for the money.Red Bolt, loves these conditions too and will be right there can upset.

Tips: Carducci,Red Bolt,

Race 6: Open race but Bessie, is the one to beat.Wild Nexus, has come down a lot in class and will be right there.

Tips: BessieWild Nexus,

Race 7: Equine Lover, has too much initial speed and will be the one to beat however 2 horses have improved a lot since last season Ratham, and Thunderbay, they will run the winner very close and can upset.

Tips: Ratham,Equine Lover,                Upset: Thunderbay

Race 8: Expect an upset here. Signifies, is the one who will do it dont ignore.Loyal King, should not be ignored for minor combination.

Tips: Signifies,                 Upset: Loyal King,

Race 9: 14 horses with 6 in with a good chance. Smokehead, has improved a lot and should be the one to beat. Dont ignore  Balance Of Nature, as a minor bet as she can upset here.

Tips:Smokehead Upset: Balance Of Nature,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bangalore 23-11-2012

A Very interesting race day at bangalore today looks a day for outsiders or gambles at good odds watch the market and decide.

Race 1: First timers so hard to say Perfect Soul, is tracking extremely well but the well bred Prince Academy, is the one to watch.

Tips: Prince Academy,Perfect Soul,

Race 2: Rich Celebration, is overdue for a win and should be the one to beat in this race however being a sprint it can go anyways between horses 2-3-5-6-7-8. Make note as there are many fast horses here the pace will be very fast which will suit Red Bishop, who requires more distance is fresh and has enough class to fly towards the end to upset note he can upset worth as eachway bet as odds will be good.

Tips: Rich Celebration,              Upset: Red Bishop,(note)

Race 3: Gamble race best to follow race time trends.Blue Mala, and Formality, are the ones to watch out for.The first named  can win here if tried. The second named will be tried today.

Tips: Blue Mala,Formality

Race 4: If ridden on merit Assurance, should win.Resurgent, has come to hand and is the danger.

Tips: Assurance,           Upset: Resurgent,

Race 5: Open race have no Idea why Cocktail Circuit, is at such short odds Formula One, and Zermatt, has good form and have been tracking well to which wont make it easy for the favorite. Arun, and Sussex Downs, ran good races first up am not sure of the last named carrying the weight. Best to leave the race.

Tips: Formula OneZermatt,

Race 6: There will be a likely gamble on Hillfiger, and if I am right he will win dont worry about the jockey.If I am wrong the race is wide open Ice Mint, can Upset.

Tips: Hillfiger,                      Upset: Ice Mint,

Race 7: Star Marquess,Midtown Magic, and Celebrity, are likely to fight for honors here the first named will be very hard to beat if the jockey gives him a fair ride.

Tips: Star Marquess,     Upset: Celebrity,

Race 8: Excellent Design, has not done anything wrong so far bit unlucky should be the one to beat. Little Maestro, and Igah Igah Igah, are the ones that can cause a upset here both horses have real potential and should be in the fray. The first named will be finishing on well.

Tips: Excellent DesignLittle Maestro                        Upset: Igah Igah Igah,

Race 9:A very tricky race Zultanite, is a good horse but a 4yo in only his 4th start and the break of 10 months is not encouraging its best to avoid him as this is class 2 and has some nice horses running and I wont be surprised if there is a doosra from I Ghotala connections. The horse in question is Drop Of Honey, dont ignore her today good money will come on her and if I am right she will win. Saganaki, is tracking very well and Arrabian Gold, who has good initial speed is fresh and will be the one they have to catch.

Tips: Arrabian Gold,Saganaki,       UpsetDrop Of Honey,: (note for a gamble)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mumbai 22-11-2012

Race 1: Bad race as intent is the key here and no good jockeys makes it difficult.Sherlock Holmes, has run close in far superior company and in this set can upset worth small eachway bet.Otherwise it is a open race

Tips: Sherlock Holmes,Fairy Queen,

Race 2: Kalinga Star, has the potential to win here being a mile for VB he has the experience and has proven to be a contender when he takes a level start.Daredevil, is the joker in the set.

Tips: Kalinga Star,Daredevil,

Race 3: Open race Endless Horizon, and Bathsheba, are the ones to beat ignore the former's runs in pune she doesn't like that track today will be a live force.the second named is a under rated animal will be in the fray.

Tips;  Endless Horizon Bathsheba,

Race 4: I do think very highly of An Acquired Taste, however after the accident in the derby it will pay to watch this run. Sumo, is a semi classic and 9kg advantage can make a difference here.Living The Dream, is carrying 44kgs is better on handicap the Sumo will be the horse that can upset here.

Tips: Sumo,                   Upset: Living The Dream,

Race 5: For some strange reason H Metha has 4 runners here which is not a good sign watch the market on his horses as they can upset here if tried.Eskimo, and Sharaarat, should be the main contenders and there will be a toss up here the first named is a better animal and long straight will suit him.

Tips: Eskimo,                          Upset: Foxtrot

Race 6: Open race but Angels Tern, and Miracle Of Mercy, are the ones to beat.The first named will be right there and is worth a ew bet as the odds will be good.

Tips: Angels Tern, Miracle Of Mercy,        Upset: Purple Patch

Race 7: Bullseye, has been tracking extremely well and this is a average set of horses can win. Eveready, and the well bred Speeding, can spring a surprise.

Tips: Bullseye,               Upset: Speeding,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mumbai 20-11-12

Race 1: Milano Green, looks a cut above in this set with the jockey intent is visible should be the one to beat.By The Way, is the horse that can upset here as the handicap is very good.

Tips; Milano Green,               Upset: By The Way,

Race 2: Open race Princess Khatoum, and Unknown Rebel, are the strong contenders and should be the ones  to beat the former has a edge .

Tips: Princess Khatoum,

Race 3: The terms of the race are in favor of Maple Star, however the pace of the race and jockey skills will matter at the post but they still have to beat her.

Race 4: Silver Birch, and Cent Per Cent, tossup the first named is better.

Race 5: First timers so hard to say.Expect a lot of speed from Gerome,

Race 6: Deja Vu, and Rosalind, toss up jockey skills will matter

Tips: Deja Vu

Race 7: On paper Gold Glamour, should win but is a moody animal best to avoid.Step Up, is second best but can win.

Tips: Step Up,

Race 8: Tricky race and anybody can win.New Wings, is on a decent handicap and should be the one to beat.

Tips: New Wings,  Home Factor,

Race 9: Set Ablaze, should win the Gateway of India Plate.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bangalore 17-11-12

Race 1: This is a 2yo race and it will always pay to stay away as anything can happen. Trackwork is very deceptive as they are immature and will be running a real race for the first time.Best to avoid. Cheval D'or, is the favorite and tracking well but the youngest of the lot that will be his downfall.

Tips: Golden Princess,Sweet N Smart,

Race 2: A race where most horses are only in for a run Sukhmanee, is best performed horse but nothing special should be the one to beat but is not outstanding. Vistabella, is a first timer who is well bred and best on track can beat the first named if intent is right. Sareeta, is the one to note has a lot of potential and seems to have come to hand if she takes interest in the race she will upset.

Tips: Sukhmanee, Upset: Sareeta,

Race 3: Fantastic Strike, has a fair chance to win but intent is unknown.

Tips: Fantastic Strike,

Race 4: Open race but horses 2-8-10-11 have a fair chance if tried. Badri, is best on track but has a problem at the gates should be the one to beat but with a bad habit at the gates its always best to avoid or halve your bets. Surprisesucceeding, is ready to strike runs best fresh intent is obvious but has a wide draw.Make note of Stately Dance, dont worry about the jockey the horse is good enough to win here if the intent is there.

Tips: Surprisesucceeding,              Upset: Stately Dance

Race 5: Open race but Starista, should be the one to beat. Arun, is the joker in the pack.

Race 6: Rebuttal's Hope, is ready to strike now should be the one to beat. Raaga, is the joker in the pack should easily place can upset.

Tips: Rebuttal's Hope,              Upset: Raaga,

Race 7: A very open race my top 2 picks are Spark Of Silver, and Atlas Power, the first named is in good form and the second named looks a handicap certainty if the jockey can handle him and the intent is right he will win.

Tips: Atlas Power, Spark Of Silver

Race 8: Smart Star, is very well placed on handicap and should win if the intent is right,Volcano, is the danger.

Tips: Smart Star,Volcano,

Race 9: Grand Success, runs best first up should be the one to beat. Saratoga Spring, is the joker in the pack will be finishing the fastest can upset if tried.

Tips: Grand Success,                  Upset: Saratoga Spring,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali

Diwali greetings and wishing all your family and friends a
    Very Happy and joyous New Year

Sunday, November 11, 2012

RWITC official resigns again

Publication: Mumbai Mirror ;Date: Nov 11, 2012;Section: Sport;Page: 36

RWITC official resigns again

Usman Rangeela IN PUNE 

In a surprising move, Wayne Wood, the Chief Integrity Officer cum Racing Advisor of the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC), resigned earlier this week.Wood,who had earlier resigned towards the end of the Mumbai season, had resumed his duties just last month at the turf club after being recalled by the committee.

    Wood in his resignation letter sent to the committee has cited that he has quit his post only on personal grounds but according to informed sources the Aussie professional’s reasons for his quitting his job abruptly are different.

    It is reliably learnt that Wood had submitted a proposal to the stewards’ body towards the end of Pune season seeking additional powers for himself and the team of stipendiary stewards working under him. The stewards, it is learnt, had agreed to give the stipendiary stewards powers to fine professionals up to Rs 50,000 from the earlier Rs 5,000 limit, however, they shot down Wood’s proposal to allow the stipes the right to hand out suspensions to guilty professionals.

    Irked by the stewards’ decision, Wood, who was to return to Mumbai after a short holiday in Australia, decided not to continue his service with RWITC and submitted his resignation letter. 

Wayne Wood 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bangalore 10-11-2012

I Gotala has some good runners here but intent is unknown should have a good day if his horses are tried.Its early days for bangalore so will pay to go slow.

Race 1: On Paper Sebright, should win Tina's Touch, is placed at a good handicap and can sneak in a place at good odds.

Tips: Sebright,            Upset: Tina's Touch,

Race 2: Ice Stone, is a superior animal in this set and if the intent is there should win.Knowledge, will prefer the step up in distance and will be right there.

Tips: Ice Stone,Knowledge,

Race 3: 15 Horse field and only 4 look too be on job.Our Love, should be the one to beat.Make note of Cheque Discounter, i dont think will be tried today but can sneak in a place.

Tips: Our Love,                  Upset: Cheque Discounter,

Race 4: If intent is right Icelander, should win here if not then its a open race.Horses 3-4-8 are the dark horses here with the right intent can upset or place at worst.Final Countdown, is speedy and tracking well make note should place and can upset.

Tips: Icelander,              Upset: Final Countdown,

Race 5: Open race but horses 3-8 are the ones to beat.Show Time, and Smooth Glider, both run best when fresh the first named is better but the jockey will have to be alert and the second named will be right there.Cape Ferrat, will keep them honest.

Tips:Smooth Glider,Show Time, Upset: Cape Ferrat,

Race 6: Open race but Wrekin, and Meghalaya, should be the ones to beat the first named is better on handicap but the second named is a better horse who can improve a lot.

Tips: MeghalayaWrekin,

Race 7: Bad race Scenic Blast, and Catamaran, should be the ones to beat the first named has a slight advantage.An upset is not ruled out here Hillstone, is the one horse if tried will run through this field.

Tips: Scenic Blast,              Upset: Hillstone,

Race 8: Open race but Words Of Wisdom, is the one to beat.Claara, is the joker in the pack at this handicap should place at worst.

Tips: Words Of Wisdom,           Upset: Claara,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bangalore 9.11.12

Bad card today go slow

Race 1: Smart Edition,         Upset: Turf Fame

Race 2: Cecil

Race 3: My Law,          Upset: Abbas Dreams,

Race 4: Alpine Shine,Red Hot

Race 5: Oceanic Wind,Amar Prem,

Race 6: Atlas PowerMidtown Magic,

Race 7: Brabus SpeedShuddering,

Race 8: Jeyem's PrideFirelight,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bangalore 6-11-2012

First day so best to go slow.

Race 1: The Muse, and Bella Pinky, should fight for honors the first named is better.

Race 2: Indian Pride,      Upset: Ace Golfer,

Race 3: Volcano,               Upset: Prince Of Darkness,

Race 4: Royal Spirit,Abracadabra,          Upset: North Cape

Race 5: Supreme,             Upset: Rich Radiant,

Race 6: Real Steel,Nocturnal Hunter,

Race 7: Southern Bay,         Upset: Immense

Race 8: Showin'off,        Upset: Aztec Gold,

Race 9: No Doubt,

Anyone following the Melbourne cup today I like the following.


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