Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pune 30th Sept 2012

Race 1: A very bad race to start the day with Stuntacular, is the best horse in this set but with 5 horses belonging to lagad its hard to say.Best bet is to leave the race alone.Double Diamond, is the joker in the pack.

Race 2: A toss up between Jewels Of The Hill, and Chiquita, the first named is better.

Tips: Jewels Of The Hill,

Race 3: Although Sugar Loaf, stands tall in this set on last run mile is his optimum distance and carrying 61kgs wont help as there are some good milers here and at a decent handicap.Horses 4-7-9 are the ones in question.Capital Attraction, is the horse they have to worry about today if she has travelled well she will be very hard to beat.Octopaul, has come up a lot too and at this handicap is the joker in the pack.

Tips:Capital Attraction Upset: Octopaul,

Race 4: Big field but horses 2-4-5-10 should dominate the finish.Fireback, is a H Metha horse so best to avoid plus both Glowing Star, and Miracle Of Mercy, are better. The first named has a good chance if tried and the second named is in great form and should be the one to beat. Make note of Eye Of The Storm, who can upset if serious.

Tips: Miracle Of Mercy,                 Upset: Eye Of The Storm,

Race 5: Maiden under performed 3yo horses best to avoid based on her last run Zoom Zoom, should be the one to beat however make note on Hot Pepper, second run after gelding and if he has come to hand he will upset here.

Race 6:Based on the distance and being a maiden this race is wide open but Scarlatti, is the most experienced and better performed of the lot but I do have my reservations on her staying the trip.Attribute, is sparingly raced but will get the trip well. However I do feel the horse they all have to worry about is the well bred Caesars Star, I have been wrong on him before but do believe if he has come good he will win.

Tips: Caesars Star

Race 7: It would be foolish to say Astapi, will beat In The Spotlight, but it will pay to see her condition in the paddock as she has won in HYD 3 weeks back and now running 2800 mts in pune being a filly traveling takes a lot out of them and the fact that the first named is in great form too and both In The Spotlight, and her jockey have never raced on the tricky pune track can cause a upset.Watch her weight in the ring if its under 450 kgs take a chance on the first named.

Race 8: Set Ablaze, needed a run last time and will improve a lot to win in this poor set.Expect improvement from Il Moran, should run a good race today and should place at good odds.

Tips: Set Ablaze

Race 9: Open race Astromia, who has been fancied for many runs is in VB today running amongst his peers and will be the one to beat.Domain Anna,Itsmyway,Quando Quando,Ashwa Prahar, and Wild Imagination, are all in with a good chance if the intent is there. The second named and last named are in good form too.

Tips: Astromia,                Upset: Ashwa Prahar,

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pune 29 Sept 2012

Race 1: VB race for 5yo and over can always be dangerous best to avoid. If tried Mischevious Z, is the horse to beat.

Tips: Mischevious Z,Foxtrot,

Race 2: Another VB race but O'princess, will relish the step up in distance and is the one to beat.

Tips: O'princess,       Upset: Only White,

Race 3: Another death trap for punters here as all 10 horses can match strides with each other and best to stay away or look for a value eachway bet.The SaintMacho Uno,and Guernica, represent value. The second and third named belong to the same trainer so difficult to see intent however the last named is better on track there is positive equipment change on the second named..

Tips: The Saint,Macho Uno,

Race 4: On the Basis on last run 2nd to Commander  Set To Fly, looks out standing. However if you look at the timing of the race 1.29 for a 7 flg race means the pace was very slow which gave her a chance as none of the runners besides the winner were interested in that race 1000 meters was run in 1.6 which is very slow by any standards hence I dont believe the favorite is outstanding  but if you still like his chances halve your bets.Justice, looks very well prepared so does Antonius Maximus, who is blazing the track and both of them should finish ahead  of the favorite.

Tips:Justice, Upset: Antonius Maximus,

Race 5: Interesting race where all 5 horses have a fair chance. Su Chaliyo,  and Volterra, are better class animals and should prove the same.Limitless Hills, is the most improved horse Rated 78 now and the connections have accepted him a race that is for horses rated 80 and above says a lot and need attention.

Tips: Limitless Hills,          Upset: Su Chaliyo,

Race 6:Over this trip  Cardinal, needs another chance and is the one to beat. Without blinkers  Dear Henry, will give them a run for their money.

Tips: Cardinal

Race 7:In a wide open race Word Of Honour, is placed at a very good handicap here and will be the one to beat.Sophisticated, is the joker in the pack and can upset if tried.

Tips: Word Of Honour,                Upset: Sophisticated,

Race 8: Autumn Rush, has been winning too well and should be followed till beaten and on current form Shabdeez, is the joker in the pack.

Tips: Autumn Rush,              Upset: Shabdeez,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pune 23 Sept 2012

Race 1: Bad race best to avoid as none of the horses are genuine on current form Alejandra, looks good in this set but distance is a problem.Sound Of River, at this handicap is the joker in the pack and can upset.

Race 2: Sprint for older horses can go anyway jockey talent will matter.Starlight Magic,Sea Treasure, both can win the second named is better but has blood vessel problems.National Glory, is the joker in the pack can upset if the jockey can handle him.

Tips; Sea Treasure,        Upset: National Glory,

Race 3: Horses 2-8-9 should dominate the finish here.Staffan, had a easy run first up and should be the one to beat however keep in mind belongs to gamble connections so it will pay to decide at race time.Dancing Jenny, had a easy run too now switch in positive jockey improves her chances should easily place can upset too.

Tips: StaffanUpset: Dancing Jenny,

Race 4: Antia holds the key to this race Fortuner, is the one likely to be tried.

Race 5: Hidden Goodness, and Mountain Song, should fight it out here if the second named is tried which is very likely he will be hard to beat.

Tips: Mountain Song,Hidden Goodness,

Race 6: First timers to hard to say but Bunga Bunga,Indiscrete, and Oriental Masti, are tracking extremly well and should be the ones to beat. The First named is tracking the best and the second named cant be ignored.

Tips: Bunga Bunga,                      Upset: Indiscrete,

Race 7: Neona, was a very impressive winner and should repeat.Anahi, is better on handicap and should run closer then last time.Sergeant Major, Is the Joker in the pack and should be right there.

Tips: Neona,Anahi,               Upset: Sergeant Major,

Race 8: Dont understand why Pesi is running Ambrosia, in a class 4 race however its hard to go against her preparation should win if sound if not her owner mate should.

Tips: Ambrosia,        Upset: Serena,

Race 9: Mateus Rose, has run in a far superior company and if intent is there should win here.Wind Craft, is the joker in the pack and if tried can upset.

Tips: Mateus Rose,           Upset: Wind Craft

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pune 22 Sept 2012

Race 1: Open race horses 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-10 all have a fair chance to win if tried.Secretive, is very well bred and can win Blitzing, hasn't done much but has the potential the last spurt and today's handicap does give her a good chance,Your Lordship, is the joker in the pack.Blitzing, represents value and is worth a place or small ew bet.

Race 2: Grand Design, is carrying weight but has not been extended so far will improve further should win again.

Race 3: will be a close call here but Spirit Of Mercy, has that slight advantage because of the handicap.

Race 4: Good Looking, manner of victory was very good but historically SK Sunderji horses don't win and justify form again hence best to avoid.Bathsheba, is better then Helen.Royal Honour, is the Joker in the pack today and will be the one they all have to lookout for.

Tips: Royal Honour,Bathsheba,

Race 5: Windsor Queen, is tracking well but nothing special needs more distance.Angel's Kiss, is a better performed animal and is she is right she will win.

Tips; Angel's Kiss,

Race 6: A very open race best to avoid as all 8 horses have a fair chance if tried.Remniscing, and Savage Garden, should be the ones to beat.

Race 7: Rosalind, has a huge task in front of her today best to avoid or halve your bets.Knighton, is a different class animal that seems to have lost his way current trackwork suggest he is back and at this handicap will be hard to beat if he is right.Horses 4-5-6-8 are all in with a chance Faramarz, if tried will be right there keep an eye on his odds will be backed down if tried.

Tips: Knighton,

Race 8: Best bet is to stay away from this race Horses 1-2-4-5-6-8-9 are all inter connected which makes it a 3 horse race Dashing Indian,Eveready, and (1-2-4-5-6-8-9) and if you dont give the first two named a chance then walk away.Eveready, can place at best.

Race 9: There is a very good chance that there will be a Gamble on Taj E Shahi, today and if I am right she will win.Queen,is the danger and can upset.

Tips: Taj E Shahi,          Upset: Queen,

Days Best: Knighton,
Win or Kaichi Prospects:Grand Design,Spirit Of Mercy, Knighton,Taj E Shahi,
EW or Place prospects: Blitzing,Royal Honour,Angel's Kiss,Savage Garden,Queen,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pune 16th Sept 2012

Race 1: Chemin De Fer, has run in a far superior company and should win today.

Race 2: Horses 3-4-6 should fight it out but Encore's manner of victory was very impressive and should repeat.

Tips: Encore

Race 3: Dash for the post here and will be a fast pace horses 1-2-4 should be in the main fight.Caribbean Queen, is running a handicap race after a very long time and fast pace suits her running should win if the jockey can handle it.Pure Elation, is the danger.

Tips: Caribbean Queen,

Race 4: Wide open race with many chances, Horses 1-3-4-7-8-9-10 all have a fair chance if tried.Adams PrinceLolaand Free For All, are my top 3 choices.Intent is unknown but if the last named is tried he will be the one to beat. Best to avoid the race.

Race 5: Another open race Invictus,Augustus, and Intequam, look the main contenders here on form and track movements but they all have to beat Flying Kiss, today who is drawn awkwardly but if that can be handled she will win.

Tips: Flying Kiss,

Race 6: Sun Salutation, will be very hard  to beat here.Danse Debonaire, is the joker in the pack can upset of place at good odds.

Tips: Sun Salutation,                    Upset: Danse Debonaire,

Race 7: Ice Zone, was a very impressive winner first up and should be the one to beat here from Rising Power,. However an upset can be ruled out Barringo, who has a clear handicap advantage and Woven Dreams, who has a strange choice of jockey but is best on track can upset don't ignore for minor combinations and jackpot.

Tips: Ice Zone,Barringo,                        Upset: Woven Dreams,

Race 8: Bad race but Ice Empire, is the one to beat.

Race 9 : Avoidable race as its wide open and many gamble horses Zanthos, and Voyager, look like the main contenders however intent is unknown.Make note of Jens Secret, and Grand March, for minor combos.

Tips: Zanthos,                                  Upset: Grand March,

Days Best: Sun Salutation

Double:Chemin De Fer, Sun Salutation,  
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Chemin De Fer, Encore,Ice Zone,Sun Salutation,
Eachway or Place bets:   Flying Kiss,Danse Debonaire,Barringo
Bolt from the Blue:  Grand March,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pune 15 Sept 2012

Race 1: Wide Open race and any horse can win.

Tips: Twittillator,Cuba,

Race 2: Walk Of Life,     Upset:  Gatravat,

Race 3: Salt,

Race 4: Sumo,        Upset: Carlyle Hills

Race 5: Zaracha,Smooth Operator,

Race 6: Word Of HonourAdmirals Stride,

Race 7: Herzeliyah,Itsmyway,

Race 8: Ocean And Beyond,

Race 9: Banana Boy,

Race 10: Auraria,Hawaiian Princess,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pune 9th Sept 2012

Race 1:  A very Open race and any of the 9 runners can win here.Snow Mountain, and Nigella, are runing in handicap races and will be the main contenders.Smart Hunter, and Jen's Glory, are the dark horses but both belong to Gamble connections and Intent is unknown the second named can beat them all if the intent is there.

Tips: Snow Mountain,                 Upset: Jen's Glory,

Race 2: Bad race best to avoid.

Tips:Strategy, Expelliarmus,

Race 3: Many first timers and best to avoid but they all have to beat Emerald Fortune,

Tips: Emerald Fortune,Xaliess,

Race 4: Coccinella,

Race 5: A straight fight between Cardinal,Su Chaliyo, and Star Trainer, the last named has not won a mile yet but will be right there.The second named is running first up but runs best when fresh and can upset the first named who is back to his old form.

Tips: Cardinal,    Upset: Su Chaliyo, 

Race 6: A wide open race and best to avoid.Holiday Dancer, if tried will be the one to beat best to decide at race time.Charlie Cool,  is the most consistent of the lot and should run well today as the company is not that speedy.

Tips: Holiday DancerCharlie Cool

Race 7: Alecto, was very impressive in his mock race after being gelded and is a nice type should be the one to beat here also Keep in mind he is a full brother to JUVENTUS and is running in a race dedicated to him.Mesmeric, is tracking very well and can shatter their dreams.

Tips: Alecto,               Upset: Mesmeric

Race 8: This a tricky race Zakynthos, has been fancied 3 times and failed to deliver,Soneeyo, is in the same boat,Yuville, was a bleeder last time and carrying top weight can repeat.Snow Blaze, is speedy but has not really done much lately,Defining Moment, was a impressive winner but connections have made a equipment change for some reason tongue strap for the first time.It is very Likely that an upset here is possible 3 horses that can Upset if Tried are Icon, who is down in class but the jockey change is a ??Glowing Star, is very well placed on handicap had a easy run first up now well rested and can strike is the intent is right and lastly Talk Of The Town, its only a matter of time till he will be the Talk Of The Town, once again not sure of Intent as he belongs to a gambling connection and is a 7yo maybe tried in a 5yo and over race but one thing is certain if he is tried here he will win.

Tips:Glowing Star, Upset: Talk Of The Town,

Days Best: Coccinella,
Double: Coccinella,Alecto
Win or Kaichi Prospects:Emerald Fortune, Coccinella,Cardinal,Alecto,
Eachway or Place Bets: Jen's Glory,Expelliarmus,Su Chaliyo,Charlie Cool,Glowing Star,

Bolt from the Blue: Talk Of The Town,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pune 8th Sept 2012

Race 1: If Jacqueline Smile, is tried today which is very likely she will win.Snow Flake, has a huge drop in class and is the danger.

Race 2: On current form Brunello, should win.

Race 3: Toss up between Enlightenment, and Lyrical Symphony, the former is far superior but bad at the gates the latter is improving and has a better jockey.However if the first named jumps out well he will win.

Race 4: King Julien, was a impressive winner first up and should be the one to beat.Destined To Glory, is the joker in the pack and should be right there.

Race 5: VB over 10 flgs with 2 youngsters who can stay. Expect a Gamble on Enlightening, today positive change in jockey,Blinkers on, two good spurts and a huge drop in class from Terms to VB likely to go start to finish should win if I am right.Danger is Krypton, because of jockey factor.

Race 6: Dear Henry, is looking very good to win here but has never performed well in pune so I have my doubts.Vittoria, is ready to strike and should be the horse to beat.

Race 7: Amadeus, should maintain his winning ways.

Race 8: Very Open race but Song Dynasty, and Supreme Minstrel, are the ones to beat the first named is very well prepared and should run well the second named is a better animal but not sure of Intent.Run Like The Wind, is the joker in the pack and can sneak in a place at this handicap.

Race 9: If ridden on merit Queen Of Venus, should win but with H Metha you never know.Pound Foolish, and New Wings, should be in the fight if the first named is not tried..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pune 2nd sept 2012

Malesh can make or break you day today his horses are in a forward condition and very well placed.

Race 1: Jacques, should prevail today.

Race 2: Autumn Rush,  was a very impressive winner and should repeat.

Race 3: Angel Crown, and Equinox, toss up the first named is better.

Race 4: Bad race:Splash, with this handicap can upset.  Prize Fighter, should run a improved race.

Race 5: Daffodils, and Greatness, toss up.Second named is better placed on handicap.

Race 6:the well bred Lightening Thunder, has had a huge drop in class and can spring a surprise her.Miracle Of Mercy,  was unlucky last time should be the one to beat today.

Race 7: Bizarro, has been prepared very well to win this event.Mzima, is the joker in the pack.

Race 8: Barringo, is the most experienced of the lot but many unkown horses here including (August Sunshine, ) hence bet to avoid or halve your bets on the favorite.

Race 9: There will be a gamble on Samburu, today and If I am right she will win.

Race 10: Prince, can win if the connections are serious.Dancing Dolly, with blinkers today will be hitting the front can be a speed customer and a likely Upset.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pune 1 Sept 2012

Race 1: Vb horses 1-3-5-6 have a fair chance if the intent is there. Xenia, and Sizzling Love, are the top two contenders the first named is H Metha so decide at race time the second named is best on track distance is sharp but can win should easily place.

Tips: Sizzling Love,Xenia,

Race 2: Toss up between Walk Of Life, and Blue Mellon, the first named has won a class 4 when tried beating tell me more today in this set and distance I don't think he will lose.the second named has a fair chance but has to beat the first named.

Tips: Walk Of Life,

Race 3: Mumbai King, and Reckless Romeo, Toss up Jockey skills will matter.

Tips;Mumbai King, Upset: Reckless Romeo,

Race 4: A very open race. Horses 1-2-4-7-10-11-12 all have a fair chance if the intent is right.Hurricane Bird, was a impressive winner last time and can repeat if he has come up well.Conztanza,Cloud Cover, and Seen It All, are the danger  the first two love this track and are ready to strike the last named can win but intent is a ?? the first named also runs best fresh but being a H Metha horse is difficult to know intent. The second named is ready to strike its only a matter of time can do it today.

Tips:Conztanza, Hurricane Bird,                     Upset: Cloud Cover, 

Race 5: Blue Ace, should fight it out with Winston, who will improve a lot after last run and is a better stayer, jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Blue Ace,

Race 6: Victorious March, and Eskimo, should fight it out the first named is too speedy and a good sprinter first run on this track but with Sandesh he is the one to beat. Make note of Viva La Diva, who is too speed and was very heavy last time will be fit now and down a class if there is a upset here it is.

Tips: Victorious March,              Upset: Viva La Diva,

Race 7: Avoidable race as many horses are inter connected.Wings Of Glory, should win if the intent is right if not Guns N Roses, is the one to beat.Make not of Snow Cannon, who is the joker in the pack and at this handicap can upset.

Tips: Wings Of Glory,                  Upset: Snow Cannon,

Race 8:First timers but Songlark, should win this one.Coquette, should place.

Race 9: Serena, should improve a lot today and will be the one to beat in this open set.Quid Pro Quo, is the danger.

Tips: Serena,Quid Pro Quo,

Days Best: Walk Of Life,
Double: Walk Of Life,Victorious March,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Walk Of Life,Mumbai King,Blue Ace,Victorious March,Songlark,

Eachway or Place prospects: Sizzling Love,Conztanza,Snow Cannon,Serena,
Bolt from the Blue:Cloud Cover,  

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