Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pune 22 oct

Race 1 : Open race but Free For All, looks prepared for a gamble will run well but not sure if 1600 is in compass. CougarLast Tango, both can upset note the first named for a gamble. 

Tips: Free For AllCougar,            Upset: Last Tango

Race 2: Lake Leader,Wild Imagination,    Upset: Purple Moon,  

Race 3: Chingari,Solar Angel    Upset: Thriller,

Race 4: Follow The Dream,

Race 5: Cape Ferrat,     Upset: Mighty Crusader,

Race 6: Dovers Hill,         Upset: Emerald Valley,

Race 7: Cielo Rey,

Race 8: Soneeyo,Dancing Glances,             Upset: Hammerhead,

Race 9: Sprauncy, is a hidden animal and with the last 2 spurts it is clear she will be tried and am fairly confident she will win take a chance for a good eachway bet on her today.Hym Path, is the only danger.

Tips: Sprauncy,Hym Path,

Race 10: Ocean Tern, should fight it out with Shabdeez,

Eachway bets: Ocean Tern,Sprauncy,Cielo Rey,Chingari,Soneeyo,
Kaichi Prospects: Dovers Hill,  Free For All,Lake Leader,Follow The Dream,Cape Ferrat,
Bolt from the Blue: Purple Moon,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pune 21 Oct

Race 1: Insite Soul, has merit but the Owner doesnot watch the market and decide. I strongly feel the race is between horses 2-5-7. True Elegance, and Inner Harmony, have hidden true form all season both are being run in the right distance the first named is a far superior animal and if the intent is there he will win. Inner Harmony, is the danger and is geting ready for her mumbai campange.Hermann,

Tips: True Elegance, Inner Harmony,             Upset: Hermann,

Race 2: Avoidable race as intent is hard to see here best to follow the market.
Tips: Emerging Star,            Upset: Surprise Gift,

Race 3: Moon Flower, will win The Classical Act Plate.

Rcae 4: Jen's Glory, should be rewarded for her consistancy but Thunder Strike, can upset her applecart.

Tips:Jen's Glory, Upset: Thunder Strike,

Race 5: Open race and depending on who is tried form the following horses should win. 1-3-5-6-8-9-13-14. however make note of Lady Black Star, as she is ready to strike and can upset them all

Tips:Scintillo, Daredevil,Upset: Lady Black Star,

Race 6: Bad race
Tips: Blush,Blau Himmel,              Upset: Bonny Light,

Race 7: Many First timers.Song Of Praise,  Upset: Ashwa Sakira,

Race 8: Suryaveer,

Race 9:Great WhiteAriane,

Race 10: Brave Vision, should give Ishpingo, a run for her money.

Race 11: Star Builder,Crowned Princess, are the horses to beat the first named can win

Race 12: Laurus Tikati, and Fairy Queen, in a tossup the former is tracking very well and the latter is hiding true form.

Days Best: Moon Flower,
Double: Moon Flower,Jen's Glory,
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Moon Flower,Jen's Glory,Emerging Star,Suryaveer,Great White,
Eachway Prospects: True Elegance, Blush,Great White,Star Builder,Brave Vision,Laurus Tikati,

Bolt from the Blue: Thunder Strike,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pune 16 Oct

Mixed day of racing Good Luck

Race 1: Bad race Captain Smart, is blazing the track but has negetive shoe so ignored.Arabian Star, is always fancied but never delivered.  Uproar, has some form but intent is unknown.Sherman Flail, has no form and no track since last run can place.Mypethoney, i running in a week intent is apparent lets see what happens.

Tips:Uproar, Mypethoney,                         Upset: Captain Smart,

Race 2: Open race the winner should come from 1-2-3-6-7. Company is weak but the distance looks a bit sharp for Blush, . Peregrine Falcon, has merit but has dissapointed all season hence avoidable.Savage Garden, has run in far superior company so far todays set is very very average and is the intent is there expect a surprise.Arabian Empire, likes to come off the pace and was finishing very well but there are a few horses here that will be finishing on so it wont be easy. Expect a Gamble on  Beemer, today should finish in the top 3.

Tips: Beemer,Arabian Empire,              Upset: Savage Garden,

Race 3: Will be a interesting finish here however Enlightenment, is best on handicap and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Enlightenment,

Race 4: Vittoria, in my opinion has a huge task ahead of her and looks a fals favorite. Shis is a nice animal but the fact that the trainer has not exposed her in her class of animals indicate lack of confidence. Running Sun, is a horse that will definately test her mettle today as he has beaten Hallo of fame by 8lgths conceeding 1 kg how yesterday finished 2.5 lenghts behind B Star recieving 2.5kgs and Beyond stars just lost to Vittoria recieving 4kgs and in the following run R Sun finished 4.5 lenghts behind Hills and Stars 6.5 kgs and going by that the favorite will have to improve a lot since last run to justify favoritisum.Living The Dream, is a likely uset here.

Tips: Running Sun,                  Upset: Living The Dream,

Race 5: Although this is a open race they all have to beat Zaracha, horse 1-2 dont have a draw in their favor and that will affect their result. Make note of Divine, as there will be a gamble on him in this set and can win or upset.

Tips: Zaracha,             Upset: Divine,

Race 6:First timers so not interested  Afrojack, is in a forward condition so is Amazing Desire, make note of the latter who can upset.

Race 7:Best to leave this race.  On Paper Rule Forever, should win but I have no faith in the connections so its best to avoid.Cypress Point, is tracking very well so is King Julien, and Be Cool, who is connected to the favorite hence best to leave the race or take a small eachway chance on King Julien,

Tips: King Julien,

Race 8: Bad race but make note of High Society, looks to have come to hand and was given a very easy run first up was moving well now in this field is very likely to be tried and can win. from the rest Wild Imagination, and  Call To Arms, are looking good too the second named looks well prepared can upset.

Tips: High Society,   Wild Imagination,            Upset:Call To Arms,

Race 9: Horse 4-7-12 are tracking very well and look like the main contenders. cant reccomend a bet on Young Offender,( H Metha) for obvious reason as flow of money will reflect form. Looks like Altaf has left his best for last on Rose Heaven, who is tracking very well should be the one to beat. Laurus Pride, is also good and can be third time lucky. From the rest a likly upset can come from the Grand Dad in the field Born Destiny, whos last spurt suggest he will give them a run for the money make note.

Tips: Rose Heaven, Laurus Pride,                Upset: Born Destiny, (note)

Days Best: Running Sun,
Double: Running Sun, Zaracha,
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Running Sun, Zaracha,Enlightenment, Rose Heaven,Uproar,
Eachway or Good Place prospects: Born Destiny,High Society,King Julien,Zaracha, Beemer,
Bolt from the Blue: Amazing Desire,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pune 15 oct

Mixed card today. It will pay to be Brave Gypsy or a dare devil but dont be Pound Foolish.Good Luck

Race 1: Daffodils, is in very good form and has run in superior company all season today will be hard to toss however it is important to make note of Amberogio, who is a better animal but not very sound if she doesnot burst her blood vessels again she will win from the lagad brigade Silver Screen, has the best credentials.

Tips: Daffodils,      Upset: Amberogio,

Race 2: This is a very open race horses 4-5-6-7 are closly matched on handicap, of which Aslan, and Prince Brijendra, are better on jockey merit the former is a better stayer and gets the best shot of the top 7 horses. However I do believe the race will be between the bottom 4 horses in particular Brave Gypsy, and Final Attack, the first named has run 2000mtrs in mumbai and clocked timings of 2.06 and beating horses like Apache Indian,Azul and Daughterofdestiny  who have beated all the fancied runners in this set which make him a very strong betting proposition as he has the right handicap,jockey and is running 5yo and over for the first time dont ignore I am confident a Gamble is definate on the horse dont Ignore take a chance.Final Attack, is a Gamble horse the betting ring will indicate intent and is your likely upset .

Tips:  Brave Gypsy,   Aslan,            Upset:Final Attack,


Race 4: Flying Jewel, has beaten Octopaul, on 2 occasions in race 41 and 87 and I dont see why the order of placings will change today.Pound Foolish, can upset anyones apple cart.

Tips: Flying Jewel,                Upset: Pound Foolish,

Race 5: This is a very closly matched race with all 7 runners very closely matched and jockeys talent will decide the faith of the race.Snow Queen, is one horse if tried will win and with C Rajendra I am fairly confident of the intent.  Cloud Cover, is the jocker in the pack loves this track and can upset.

Tips: Snow Queen,             Upset: Cloud Cover,

Race 6: Most 3yos in this race are of Classic or semi classic potential and this race looks like a Per Cursor to the future classics in mumbai.It would be foolish to say that Knighton, cant win but it foolish to assume that horses 1-2-3-6-7 who are also blazing the track wont give the former a run for the money.Carlyle Hills, who has run in the same race as the former looks to have improved a lot and will be running closer then last run as the distance is better suited.Make note of Hym Path, the step up in distance and some decent spurts suggest she is a good type and is worth a place bet or a small eachway punt.

Tips: Knighton,Carlyle Hills,                   Upset:Hym Path,(note for place)

Race 7: this is a very interesting race it is for horses that have been thaught to lose all season to win one at the end of it so the winner will be hard to pick as I am a strong believer that horses are not machines and in such a case cant switch on and off on the will of the owners the horses in question are 1-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 and leaving guesswork aside any horse can win here and it will pay to look for value in a eachway punt at longer odds rather the a win bet at shorter odds. the horses that have value are 7-9-10-11. I cant reccomend a bet on Insite Soul, due to the owner however if he is backed or the owner has a winner earlier he will be right there watch the flow of money in the ring.Twittillator, looks a definate tryer and R Dmello will stam his authority please note the same connections have a gamble horse earlier (final attack) and if that gamble is a sucess this will be right in the money.Hermann, has changed stables and has come to who i believe is a talanted trainer drawn 1 has a very good chance however the horse I strongly believe will be a danger to all is Daredevil, dont ignore him today will be finishing late and should be the horse/trainer they all have to worry about.

Tips: Daredevil,Twittillator,                     Upset: Hermann,

Race 8: In a distance race and a small field where pace is the deciding factor it always pays to go with a better rider.Clarion Call, has won this race last year and i dont see why history cant repeat itself.

Days Best: Ocean Wish,
Double: Ocean Wish,Flying Jewel,
Kaichi or win prospects: Ocean Wish,Flying Jewel, Knighton,Daffodils,Clarion Call,
Eachway or Place Prospects: Amberogio, Brave Gypsy, Snow Queen, Hym Path,Daredevil,
Bolt from the Blue: Pound Foolish,


Monday, October 10, 2011

Rest in Peace Jagjit Singh

I am very sad to pass on the news that one of our great Gazal singers Jagjit Singh has passed away today. He was a great and humble man who was never the same after the loss of his son Vivek with whom I had the privilege of spending the best days of my life.

May his Soul rest in peace as he will be in a better place.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pune 9 oct

Race 1: River Blitz, should win today.
Race 2: Rising Asset, should win here dont ignore.
Race 3: Yuville, looks a very nice animal should win.
Race 4: Sharaarat, is bred for speed
Race 5: Smashing,
Race 6: Mighty Crusader,Beautiful Stranger, Open race
Race 7:Tara, Cogito Ergo Sum,
Race 8: Cardinal,              Upset: Suryaveer, (note can place)
Race 9: Storming Heart,       Upset: Spirit Of Mercy,
Race 10:Aliyana, Lakhadema,
Race 11: Circus Ring,  Upset: Kite Runner (note)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pune 8 Oct

Looks like a day of upsets M P Jodha and A Sandesh and D Singh are worth following ..

Race 1:Bad race for punters. This a race of unsound and gamble animals, my shortlisted few are 1-2-7-9-10. If there is a gamble on Mcqueen, which is very likely he will be hard to beat as he has the best handicap chance.Mypethoney, is the one that can upset as her first run is her best run and she will be the one horse they all will have to catchup.

Tips: Mcqueen, (Note for a Gamble) Upset: Mypethoney,

Race 2: Another race that can hurt the punters as many chances here horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10-11 all can win if tried so best avoid the race or look for a value bet.Horses 1-2-5 belong to gamble owners so best to decide in the ring.I personaly think 6-7-10 are horses of value as they have good tracks to their merit and on jockey merit the well bred Adventurer, is the one to beat Arabian Empire, is good on track and well placed. the oldest horse of the day Master Craft, has been given a few mock races and has done well there can upset or place at good odds.

Tips: Adventurer, Arabian Empire, Upset: Master Craft,

Race 3: This race will be very interesting Imperial Star, if favorite is definatly not worth a bet as she is carrying top weight and hates being whipped as evident in her last run with Shrinath astride who whips the skin off the horses it is not a good move leave her alone.I can also see a upset looming in this race and there are many possiblities.Ocean Girl, does have a good chance but i am not sure where this jockey has come from and what he rides like so ignored. Grant Park, deserves to be rewarded for his consistancy and would be nice if the small owner and trainer win here. Cheponski, who is well placed on handicap but one spurt in 54 days suggest the horse has fitness issues. horses tha can upset are 4-5-8-9.Flying Star, who is blazing the track has the best merit to win if tried and would have been my first pick but as he is a gamble horse I have opted for Fairy Queen, who looks a good eachway bet as she is running amongs her peers for the first time and she will be the one to beat.Enchanted, is the likely upset back to her distance and has every chance of winning note.

Tips;Fairy Queen, Flying Star, Upset: Enchanted,

Race 4: Another death trap for punters with the top 4 fancied animal being failed favorites on gambles on their previous runs this season Royalty, is ignored for her repeated failures and fitness,Secret Magic, is ignored as she is sunning in a span of 7 days being a filly its a bit hard.Etiquette, has some merit due to jockey but nothing great about her.Mischevious Z, cant say as her faith belongs in the hands of the owner. Outside them horses 7-10-11-12 have some merit to win. Make note of True Elegance, who has been systamaticly brought down in class will stay the trip and has a talented jockey she can win if tried which is likely note.

Tips: True Elegance,Musical Rhapsody, Upset: Golden Kingdom,

Race 5: Super Hero, was fancied by me last time and i have no clue what happened however in this company is a very speedy animal and worth watching the market on her.Ishpingo, and Borderline, also have merit and will be right there.
Tips:Super Hero, Borderline, Ishpingo,

Race 6: Demonstrator, is not a horse to ignore here if you closely work his handicap on comman horse Desert Rule, he is better keeping in mind that 7flg is in his radar he can upset only danger is Rajasthan Royals,

Tips: Demonstrator,Rajasthan Royals,

Race 7 : Going by track movements Rain Forest, should win Suki Suki, is the danger if the wide draw is not a problem. Likely upset can come from Celtic Manor, note.

Tips: Rain Forest,Suki Suki, Upset: Celtic Manor,

Race 8: Change of negetive equipment on Royal Honour, who looks outstanding here has confused me watch the market on her and decide.Silver Lining, is the horse to note is very speedy and was given a easy run first up should be right there. Dont ignore Hills And Dales, for an upset the Wadhwans will try today dont worry about the jockey as the horse has potential.

Tips: Silver Lining,Royal Honour, Upset: Hills And Dales,

Race 9: Awesomeness, has merit but 14 draw in a 1000 meter race wont help he chances best to ever this a wide open race and luck will play a major factor on the result as the pace will be very fast horses who like to come off the pace will relish the trip there are not many in that situation. however horses 3-6-9-10-11 have enough merit to win

Tips: Hammerhead,Greatness, Upset: Walking Tall,

Race 10 : Silk Cut, will win the Ashwameda Trophy from Esmeraldo,

Race 11: Soneeyo, is running amongst her peer here should win. Danger is either Al Zamarud, or Reinstate, i think the first named will run a good race today.

Tips: Soneeyo, Upset: Al Zamarud,

Days Best: Silk Cut,
Double: Silk Cut,Soneeyo,

Kaichi or win prospects: Silk Cut,Soneeyo,Adventurer,Rain Forest,Demonstrator,
Eachway or place prospects: Al Zamarud, Hammerhead,Silver Lining,True Elegance,Mypethoney,Fairy Queen

Bolt from the Blue: Hills And Dales,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pune 2 oct followed by Hydrebad Derby selections.

Today's card is good for value bets and form seekers will be mixed results.

Race1: Kathelynn, is a better performed animal and has enough experience to beat Ambrosia, who is a favorite just because of the trainer and the jockey can win but not outstanding at all best to halve your bets on her or stay away as it wont be a cakewalk as the odds suggest.

Tips: Kathelynn,

Race 2: Open race horses 1-2-3-4-5-10 all have a fair chance if tried Conztanza, has good credentials but is a gamble horse so best to decide in the ring,Scintillating Star, wa a impressive winner last time and can repeat C'est La Vie, has been consistent but failed a few times has to beat the above two today.Chiquita, is the dark horse will improve from her last run and can upset.

Tips: Scintillating Star,C'est La Vie,                 Upset: Chiquita,

Race 3: Bling, manner of victory was very impressive last time and can repeat however make note of
  Cloud Cover, who loves this track distance is a ?? however he can upset.

Tips: Bling,                      Upset: Cloud Cover,

Race 4:Tricky race if you take the jockey factor out Ocean Admiral, is outstanding on handicap however not sure about the intent both Flying Jewel, and Star Builder, have merit but belong to gamble trainers so intent will be decided in the ring. From the rest horses from the rest horses 2-3-4-7-10 will be triers however i have shortlisted Sledgehammer, who has been recently gelded and Glowing Star, both have merit on the basis of performance and sporting owners hence my choices.

Tips: Sledgehammer,Glowing Star,             Upset: Ocean Admiral,

Race 5: Once again a open race horses 1-2-3-5-7-8-9 all have  a fair chance Foxtrot, has merit but ignored due to connections, Keringdingan, is not the fittest of animals and has failed one too many times to justify my support as a favorite. the last 2 spurts of Divine Splendor, have been very good and can win here but distance is a worry. Arctic Minstrel, was very impressive last time and will be right there if she is not tired,Midnight Club, and Marine Zone, have both got good form but age is a worry the second named will win if tried, Lastly the horse that I feel can upset here is Bartimaeus, who needs more distance but if tired can upset make note my money is on him

Tips:Divine Splendor,Arctic Minstrel,                        Upset: Bartimaeus,(note take a chance)

Race 6: Will be mockery of our rating system is horses 5-6-7 win here as they are 27 rating points behind the top 4 which equates to 13.5 kgs or one class hence on paper if you work out the weight difference they have to improve by 11 plus lenghts to beat any of the top 4 in a normal racing world these horses dont stand a chance so lets see what happens here.

Tips: Star TrainerNative Knight,

Race 7: On Paper Scorch, cant lose here if the intent is there. from the rest Celsius, and Etesian, will trouble the best note the last last named for an upset.

Tips: ScorchCelsius,             Upset: Etesian,

Race 8: Guns N Roses, has been tracking very well can win but once again belongs to a gamble owner so best to decide in the ring.Golden Heart, is going for a hattrick if but has a big job ahead.Star Vision, is also blazing the track and should be in the thick of things can win but wont be easy Emerald Valley, is my choice last run was ridiculous if given a fair ride today will be hard to beat.Make note of Great White, who last run was a eyewash will be finishing  the fastest and can upset dont ignore for minor bets.

Tips: Emerald Valley,Star Vision,                Upset: Great White,

Race 9: Secret Magic, looks well prepared but the jockey may struggle to judge the pace of the race i believe one of the old timers is likely to win here.Magical Mantra,Taanush,Sacred Relic, and King's Troop,  are the horses in question the third named fate is in the hands of the owner. the first named has been consistent without luck the second named is the the best on jockey merit however I do believe King's Troop, is the danger to all and if luck and intent is there will provide good dividends.

Tips: King's Troop, (note)        Magical Mantra,Taanush,

Days Best: Scorch,
Double: Scorch,Emerald Valley,
Kaichi or win prospects: Scorch,Emerald Valley,Kathelynn, Bling
Eachway or place prospects:  Bartimaeus Etesian,Great White,King's Troop,
Bolt from the Blue: Ocean Admiral,

Hydrabad Derby Selections:

A very open race but I feel the fillies will be the ones to dominate the finish the horses in question are 7-8-9-10 from the colts the only one that can dominate is Castle Town,
Magnitude, is well rested and prepared with better assistance will be right there however my pick is Surya Lakshmi, who lost a certain race last time due to a shocking ride today will be a different story I rate this horse very highly and hope she has the luck in the race.

Tips: Surya Lakshmi, Magnitude,             Upset: ,

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