Friday, August 31, 2007

Pointer for Pune 1 sept 07 ammended

I will be away for the weekend but will try my best to cover sundays card however no promises.

Race 1: 5 horses will be on job in this race all from gambeling stables i.e 3-4-5-6-8 in my opinion the race will be between 3-4-5-8. 3. SPARROW HAWK is the best performed of the lot and provided the blood vessel doesnot break he should win next best is the bottom wieght grand dad who is carrying nothing on his back 8. COLOUR OF JOY will make a bold show Antia' 5. LIGHTNING BOLT does not belong in this class but with trainer like Antia the horses are taught more to lose then to win but the pattern suggest that you will notice vast improvement in this horse and the steward wont be able to ask him any questions as the horse is running after 21 days but I strongly believe there will be alot of money on him today.4. STUBBS has been tracking extremely well and will prefer the extra distance to upset this set.
S Hawk is still the one to beat if all goes well from C of Joy who looks a certainty in place.

Race 2: wieght will not stop 1. TOTALITARIAN who is well above this class only intentions will. Only danger will come from 5. SULEMAN PASHA is next best and can be the thorn if asked to.

Race 3: At the end of the day sprata has lost a class 5 race which mean he is an average horse. my choice has gone towards a horse that is tracking well 2. KING OF THE RING who in my opinion is a better and a good type horse. the joker in the pack is 7. ROYAL HOST I think Ramus horse is a trier looking at the track moments.

Race 4: Bad race but the winner will be between 4. LEGAL EYE and 7. SEPIA TONE

Race 5: I believe 8. PORTRUSH is the better of the two 10. ROCOCO will be right there but the distance wis a bit suspect hence after some advise and consideration I will go for 6. DESERT CONQUEROR who has a good chance to beat this set.I will make asmall sentimentel bet on 1. VELVET ROPE as a eachway bet. wieght will not stop this horse only the jockey will.

Race 6: 5. PERPETUITY should handle thsi set but wether he will be able to handle this course is another thing.3. HEIFITZ is blazing the track and can upset the former if he stays 7. NITROUS is the dark un.

Race 7: 8. SHARP SWORD should open the account for the pestonjis if not 7. COCAINE is the treat if backed in the ring dont miss out on some pocketmoney.

Race 8: ONLY if 3. ELUSIVE TRUST dose not stay which is hard to imagine 5. BENFICA can win but I doubt it the former is far improved filly and should be backed till she is beaten.

All the best please not in every race there seem to be on horse that can win at higher odds so please be careful.



Good luck



Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mysore quick tips

Hi All,

I havent dont a lot of researh on mysore today but would like to point out a few things.

Best of ramus horses are SENSUOUS TOUCH and Smart falcon but the former is a bleeder hence be carful.
If you are looking for an outsider today dont go beyond 5 GLITTER AS GOLD in the last race I believe today there will be a gamble on him today and is definately worth a good eachway bet.



Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick tips

due to commitments only quick tips today

Race 1: ELEMENTTO ANGEL will wn if there is money on him

Race 2: 7. FULL THROTTLE can spring a surprise in this average set Keep your eyes on 5. MAVERICK connections might try for a place slot

Race 3: bad race

Race 4: Bad race 9. RED DAWN should run well from Amberley

Race 5: 3. DIEGO RIVERA will run a waiting race to and will run well has to be Seastorm if on job.

Race 6: Ask your self a question " Is 1. SECRET MEMORY 15 lenghs superior then the bottom 4 horses" if the answer is yes the back him if No then eat him. Remember Elusive Pimpernal lost the Identical race on the same terms and wieght.

Race 7: 1. HOLIDAY DATE should win well and is a good each way prospect the only danger is 2. CONVENIENCE rest can be discounted.

Race 8: 1. FESTIVE LIGHT should win in this very weak set if he stops again then UPROAR has a chance. There might be a flutter on 7. HOT TALENT watch the market if backed in place can place a high odds.

Days best: Holiday Date

Good luck

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pointer for Pune 25 Aug 07

Race 1: Wieght is a major factor to discount the top 3 horses as they are maiden and up in wieght and distance will be a big ask.My pick is 4. CRIMSON RED who ran a forward race after being gelded in the Aug Handicap has the handicap advantage and should win from 5. PURSUIT OF POWER with a decent jockey on his back today the race should be between the two.

Race 2: Very open race where a gamble cant be ruled out in my opinion on form TEASER should win well here however the danger will be from 7. RAINBOW SHINE or 8. SHARAPOVA on whom I believe there will be a gamble today. On track 1. HITZ is out standing and even with oza can surprise this set but whoever win will have to beat Teaser.

Race 3: From a punting point of view this race is best left alone,At best 6. MEMORABLE DAY will place.The winner can come from first timers on this track 10. BLOOM is a nice horse and has been prepared well on this track hence can spring a surprise. but it will be a hard race to pick a winner as about 6 horses are in with a fair chance .They are 3/5/7/8/9/10 good luck if you can pick a winner I will place a small eachway bet on 7. PRINCE LOCHINVA

Race 4: On handicap and with a befit of a run 6. STRAWBERRY FIELDS is better then 2. GRUEZI . But the horse that stands an out standing chance in this set is 7. ROYAL FLASH who belongs to a gambeling stable but at this handicap are sure to try their luck and can suceed if all goes well Hence I tip 7. ROYAL FLASH to win from 10. ZEPHYRELLA and 6. STRAWBERRY FIELDS .

Race 5: If THE HURRICANE wants to win here he will have to work hard to beat 3. ROYAL HUNT who is my choice to beat the favorite.

Race 6: 5. REGAL REFORM should win well in this set 4. SHARP MEMORY looks a good bet in place.

Race 7 : Bad race 1. TE QUIERO if on job should beat 8. MAGIC WORDS if not the latter should win well.

Days Best: R Reform
Treble: R Reform,R Flash and R Hunt
Upsets: Hitz and Bloom

All the best


Friday, August 24, 2007

Mysore quick tips

Deomides and Florican should win
Splend1d surprise is not worth a bet at these odds Imperial view is better the her and Blink can upset.

All the best



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dehli Pointers

Hi Guys,

I have been contacted by a person in dehli who would like to share his views on Dehli races. Please note this site is run to help people with feedback just take it as a guide and make your own judgement.

Always follow market trend in the ring in the last 5 minutes

Race 1: 7. LAILA eachway


Race 3: 4. DEGAS good bet

Race 4: 7. BASRA

Race 5: 6. EXALTED, 4. FRAUD


Days best : Degas

Good luck Tiger

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pune Pointer 20 Aug

Race 1: 3. INCROYABLE should open his account today from 1. TOUCH THE SKY . Best on track is 5. LOVELY FEELINGS who can upsent in this set.

Race 2: 2. ELUSIVE STUDY should win in this set on class but Pesi's stable seems to be having a lean patch and somethings gone a miss on this horse best left alone and clap if he wins today 3. JEWEL STAR is second best and will run well.

Race 3: 4. SPICA SURELY deserves another shot as in the last run she deresved to win but I believe 1. MANTOVANI is better on handicap and will deprive him again.3. GATRAVAT if running with blinker will put up a bold show.

Race 4: 7. PERFECT PROMISE is my pick to beat 2. COVENANT . Also make anote of 11. VIJAYI BHAVA has been tracking extremly well and has a benift of a good mock race.

Race 5: Toss up between 5. ANNOT and 8. THE RISING with the former in with a upper hand.
Upsets can come from 1. FLAMES OF FIRE or the 9. THE DOMINATOR

Race 6: 3. APPRECIATE ,2. STEEL BUTTERFLY and 10. RED AMYTHEIST pick one I think the former has a slight edge. Top wieghted 1. THUNDERING STAR should be considered for jackpot.

Race 7: 7. OPEN SEASON all the way from the moody 8. GANADOR

Good luck
Days best 7. OPEN SEASON


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pune Pointer 19 Aug

Before you go any further please make note Sundays are never good for me although with the right intent I seem to have bad days on sunday hence keep it in mind but I will do my best.

Race 1: this is not a race for punters to bet big the reasons are as follows out of the 9 Horses 3 belong to lagad, On principle all his horses are on job hence it is not nessecary his horse at the lowest odds will finish ahead in my Opinion 3. FLEETING MOMENT is the better of the 3 horses. See if on job the race will be between 2. CINDERELLA MAN ,6. OPERA ROYALE and F Moment. Once again a race best left alone I ma going to have a small eachway punt on 7. SPARROW HAWK as he is my follow horse and in a very good condition.

Race2: A Fillie running within a week after a hard race is not my cup of tea hence 5. GAEA cant be backed with confidence in this set hence 1. SOMETHINGABOUTHER who loves the pune track and is one of pesi,s better horses that was targeted towards classics too early in her career shuld tackle this set well,2. WORLD WAR THREE will give her something to run for but will have to settle for second.

Race 3: Very nice race with a open look 6. PORTRUSH will relish the short pune straight and should fight for honors with the speedy 4. BRAHMAPUTRA . 9. ROCOCO is running the right distance today but will need to change gears to tune his mindset to sprints if he can do that he can upset.

Race 4: Many first timers on the pune track in this race will make 8. STAR GESTURE who did not relish the track last time a favorite by default but I dont think he will win unless everyone else fall asleep or left standing in the gates Ha Ha anything is possible where ramu is concerned. I believe the winner will come for a first timer 6. SECRET PILGRIM is my pick as he is a nice horse and has been tracking well. The Dark Un here is 3. PURE DEVOTION .

Race 5: Will be touch and go between 9. MODESTY and 4. QUEEN OF HEARTS with the former in with a slight advantage. The joker in the pack is the far improved 1. HOLIDAY DATE who needs serious consideration.

Race 6: Very open race where an upset can be ruled out 3. ENCELADUS is short of a run but seems to be perpared with this race in mind and is worth a punt .4. STAR ALWAYS is running the right distance today and will be a force to recon with and 10. CANTON CAPER manner of victory cant be Ignored.

Race 7: Bad race market trend is the key 4. THE RIGHT MAN will enjoy the extra distance and will fight it out with 6. MAGIC SPELL and 7. RING BEARER .

Race 8: 7. FLASHING FLAME is definately a better horse then 3. MEJESTICAL whose only advantage is a benifit of a run but the former should get the better of him. If F Flame fails 9. CRESPO should pick it up. See the market trend on 1. SMARTY PANT he will run the winner close.

Good luck and all the best and I hope I break the sunday Jinx
Days best: Something about her.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tips for Hydrebad 18 Aug

Race 1: 5. TEN DOWNING STREET should win from 1. AL JAMEEL

Race 2: 1. SIR ONSLAUGHT should win from 3. BEAUTY ON DUTY

Race 3: A race with a open look but the winner should come from 1. MONEY CARE ,4. MADHO and 7. DREAM PAL with latter in with a slight edge due to a benifit of an easy run.

Race 4: On Paper 4. HARI HAR PRIYA looks a good bet but 9. ELITE PRINCE manner of victory suggest that he wont give in without a fight The Horse everyone will have to beat here is 8. DIESEL who definately has the class to win and hence my first pick to win from E Prince and HH Priya.

Race 5: 3. TRUE VALUE has the best chance to win here from 4. ONE IN ALL

Race 6: the race looks limited between 6. CROCODILE HUNTER and 3. FLASHY TREND with the former in with a very good chance to avenge his loss.1. ALL ROUND is the joker in the pack.

Race 7: Very open race but 9. CHALUKYA is worth a punt from 1. KEEP IN TOUCH

Race 8: SE will be a tired horse by now he should win but 5. LOMBARDIA at this handicap will give him the run for his money.

Race 9: Bad race 7. AL JOUF can do the trick.

All the best

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pune 15 Aug

Race 1: this is a gift race for 3. CROWN JEWEL IF ON JOB should win in this set just on class from 6. JOHNNY BRAVO and 2. FREDERICIA .

Race 2: Bad race 8. SEPIA TONE is tracking extremely well
Race 3 : best left alone 2. INDIAN QUEST is best on track along with 4. MILES AND MORE .
5. THUNDERING TAN is also good but too many spurts in a 11 day gap might take its toll make note.

Race 4: Conditions and class will suit 8. CONSUELA who hant been on track but if on job should handle this set well if she fails 13. ART OF WAR will wrap it up from the beaten brigade 11. SIMPLY PERFECT who is from a gambeling stable can do it if asked to.

Race 5: 9. PEORIA is my pick to win here from 7. WIN FOR ME . 8. SPIRITUAL HYMN is best on track and will relish the underfoof conditions hence should be closely watched.

Race 6: 4. AQUA GLOW is not a sound horse hence left alone if he wins good luck. a few horses have been targeted for this event which makes it a very hard race to pick a winner. I will go for the master/deciple combination hence mt tip is .3. GRANTOWN /6. SALAZAAR but bad race good to watch. 9 SEA GULL has been tracking extremly well and should be considered.

Race 7: bad race 8. RAUDO should win from 2. OPRAH and 4. DON GAMA lookout for 6. RIVAAZ who is a lve threat to this field and cant be ignored.

Race 8: 2. HOOFBEATS is a serious treat to 1. FESTIVE LIGHT and can be a thorn in the sucess of the favorite who is from lagads stable and has only run 4 times in 8 months which is strange.

good luck:

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pointers for Pune 12 Aug 07

Race 1:Very tricky ELUSIVE TRUST has run in superior company but is a one paced horse running a mile first up can take its toll. 5. PEBBLE BEACH will relish the distance and the pace has a slight edge over the former.if you factor in wieght then 8. BREZHNEV comes on the scene with 47.5 kgs, a benifit of an easy run and a change to a stronger rider can do the trick but in my opinion this race is a punters graveyard and should be left alone as there are a lot of horses with unknown potential and the 2 favorites are very average horses.Just for the sake of it I am going to make a small punt on 4. BINEE i think MK jadav has something up his sleeve with this horse and should not be ignored.
Choice: P Beach, Binee and Brezhnev

Race 2: the pune course will not suit the running of 1. LIVORNO who always plays catchup because he doesnot have initial speed and 2. GOBELIN who seems to change his strides at the bend and then takes a while to warm up the small straight will not these to horses justice hence my pick is 5. IVANKA to win from 1. LIVORNO and 4. BONNY LIGHT

Race 3: 4. SILVER GIRL was a impressive winner early on and and is my choice to win from 7. STERNE ROYALE
Choice: Silvergirl, Stern Royale

Race 4: 3. CHEVRON is best left alone has let people down on mant occasions and it alwys pays to leave such horses alone.6. MONTALVO is a very nice type but is a big horse,todays with a strong jockey on top he will run a far improved race. but there are a few horses that are of an un known quality and tracking well a surprises from them is possible make a note of 2. ASCLEPIEION and 12. YANA .
Choice : Montalvo,Chevron and Asclepieon.

Race 5: the pace of this race will decide the fate of many horses.which makes it a very open affair R star wont de able to dictate the terms due to the fast pace and will struggle. I have decided to give prefrence to 5. ADAM`S STAR who has benifit of a forward run and will relish the fast pace along with a stronger jockey on board to win from 1. DEMOCRATICUS and 12. TORQUE who will run a far improved race today.

Race 6: another race for maidens looks a straight fight between 4. CASUAL LOOK and 7. SPARTA withe former if he can handle the track should win .5. HYMN STAR is the dark horse has been blazing the track.

Rcae 7: 2. NUCLEUS and 6. COLOUR OF JOY will fight it out with the latter holding a slight advantage and is worth a good eachway bet.

Race 8:Only market trend will detirmine the fate of this race 2. FANTASTIC FURY belongs to a gambeling stable only if there is money on him in the ring will he win if he is not on job 1. WILD TEMPER should be considered of the rest of the runners 5. OOJAH can spring a surprise.

Over all another day where the punters will have to be careful.
Horses that are worth an eachway punt are
Silver girl,Adams Star and Colour of joy.
Days best: MONTALVO


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pointers for Pune 11 Aug 07

Very interesting and competitive card today still many horses running after a long layoff so please let the season settle down and it will pay to halve your bets.

Race 1: On paper 3. CORNELIA SUPRA looks a good bet to win from 1. BIONIC ANGEL , 4. GAME OF POWER belongs to a gambeling stable hence the market will be a indicator if he is on job or not however i dont think he will beat C Supra.6. PREMIER IMAGE is best on track but is an unsound horse if he holds up he will be right there but from a punting point of view is very difficult to say. Make a note of 2. GOLDEN KEY i know the distance will be sharp but this horse has won once and placed 6 times in a sprint. When horses are fresh and its there first run they alway sprint well in this field of 6 where there are 2 no hopers leaves only 3 horses for him to beat which puts him right in the pitcure if he is fit and the owners want to make a high priced gamble on him Today is the DAY. his equipment is Steel plate but SS Shah is a shrewd trainer and I believe he will try this horse today. hence my tip is 3. CORNELIA SUPRA for 2. GOLDEN KEY on who i will be having a small eachway bet.

Race 2: In my opinion the race will be between 2-4 and 6.2. DESERT DUST has a benefit of a good run will be in striking position however drawn 2 today he will have to be brushed to the front today and could be his downfall as with a no whip jockey acceleration the final stages of the race is required and without a whip it can be hard.4. BRIGHT SIDE is blazing the track and also loves the pune track however he is running after 7 months which leads to believe that he had some problems and if he has got over the problems he will win.Lastly 6. ALAMSHAARA who cant be overlooked here he is definately the horse to look out for as he relishes the fast pace which will be set and if handeled properly can cause a upset
my picks 6. ALAMSHAARA 4. BRIGHT SIDE ,2. DESERT DUST but it will be a close call.

Race 3: this a very open race and at best is to watch as an outsider cant be ruled out here.
2. PAMPERED PRINCESS will relish these conditions and hence is my first pick from 4. OYSTER PEARL

race 4: Very hard to pick form here hence it would be wise to follow market trend horses 1,3,4 and 5 the top contenders 1. QUO IBOE seems to have come to hand and if he is sound should win it easily here from 4. HERE COMES THE DON bad race 5. MEDTIAS PRIDE is best on track.

Race 5: this race is also a tricky one 7. OASIS STAR who was an expensive failure last time needs blinkers if not then hard to back 4. REGAL REFORM is a nice horse who is running after a while but is fit as per track moments and odds in the ring will detirmine his faith if he is on job he should do well in this set. Hovever make a note of 10. SPIRITUAL FLAME has run in far superios company, changed camps and is the best on track 1200 will not be a problem for him and hence is the one to watch and looks a certain place.
My Choice is O Star only if he has blinkers today from S Flame

Race 6: Tricky 5. THE HURRICANE is a nice horse but I believe its his first run after being gelded and he his pitted against some decent runners which is a problem today 4. STRATHENDRICK will bother his pace he could be in trouble if he win good luck.1. ROCKEFELLER who has come to hand and ran a good race first up belongs to a gambeling stable and if there is money on him he will Win.Make a note of 2. SNOW BLOSSOM the extra distance and change in Jockey will suit him and he will be right there and hs a good outside chance.
See I am not saying the The Hurricane cant win but he definately dosenot tower over this opposion hence my picks are 1. ROCKEFELLER from 2. SNOW BLOSSOM

Race 7: Bad race 8. TRY YOUR LUCK and 3. INCROYABLE will run a good race and should be considered for Jackpot.

Aother Day where racing will go either way.
Horses that are worth an eachway punt are, Golden Key, Alamshara, P Princess,S Flame and Snow blossom.
Good Luck and go slow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bangalore Quick Pointers with details

Hi guys ,

Normally I dont like to change my selections as I alway belive that your first decision is your best hence I will keep my previous post as a comparion.
Since I have had time to review the card following are my selections and I hope I am right.

Race 1: I think the race is limited between 2 horses 6. HAKUNA MATATA and 12. HIMA`S PRIDE in my opinion the latter has a slight edge and should win if permited, The Reason I have not picked 2. ALPHA STAR is because in the past 12 months this horse has raced only 5 times and hasnt been frequented on the track which is a clear indicator that he has some problems or is unfit hence it is best to avoid such horses if they win the goodluck to the connections.
12. HIMA`S PRIDE ,6. HAKUNA MATATA 5. GREAT CHIEFTAN (good place prospect).

Race 2: If 3. GOOD COMPANION is on job today he will will make winning hard for 1. FIRED UP the former has run good races in better company and has been tracking well to merit attntion hence is my choice to win from the well bred 1. FIRED UP . Make a note of 6. DESERT HERO he is best on track and should be right there.

Race 3: Very open race 11. FANTABULOUS HERO has the best chance here to win form 7. HURRY HOME and 4. ANOOSHEEK who looks a good place prospect.

Race 4: 9. ROCAMORA is best on track and form to suggest he should handle this set well however 10. FREE GLIDER can give him the run for the money.

Race 5: Another close race with horses 7,6,5,2,8 and 12 in with a very good chance my pick is 7. DAMGOOD to win but the change in equipment means that he wont be on job today hence I am going for 2. SIERRA as a good each way bet to win from 6. KIOKO but any thing can happen here.

Race 6: Looks like a straight fight between 9. ORO NEIRO and 4. CIAMPINO with the former in with a slight edge.

Race 7: I will stick to my original selection 3. STAR LUMINARY from 2. GUEST CONNECTIONS .

Race 8: This is a bad race 8 horses in with a chance 12. MYSTIC FORCE needs some attention and if on job can win from either 1. HAWAIIAN SUNRISE or 5. EASY but it would be wise to leave this race.

Race 9: 9. REGAL CONNECTION has a definate advantage in front of 3. DANCING HIGHNESS and should get the measure of the latter which leaves 7. OUR EXCELLENCEE who was not disgraced in his lost first up as if you watch the race closely in the early stages he was fighting for his head which means the initial pace was too slow for him and he lost any chance to perform as he was not allowed to run on his terms. I know there is a change in equipment today to steel plate but if he is on job he will run the winner close. Finally the horse every one has to look out for is 2. MY TURN who cannot be Ignored should be considered as a good outside chance.
Finally my order of prefrence is Our Excelencee to R onnection and My Turn.

Race 10: If my info is correct 7. QUANTICO wont run as he has had a minor setback if he runs he will win3. CRACKERJACK who looks a certain place comes in the pitcure and is my choice to win from 1. MANGALYA PRARAMBH and 5. GAME OF LIFE .

Race 11: 4. RUBY ROCKET if on JOB should win well here only danger can come from 5. ALINSKI but it will not be easy 11. RIO BRAVO and 1. AMAZING FOREST should run well.

Honestly It is a very tricky card and it will pay to halve your bets today
there are a few horse that can be backed as a small each way bet
Himas Pride,Good Companion,Rocamora, Sieara and Oro Nero
If on Job both Star Luminaryand Ruby Rocket will win well follow market trend.


Same situation here very busy with family and work commitments hence only quick pointers

Race 1: Bad race 5. GREAT CHIEFTAN ,12. HIMA`S PRIDE




Race 5: 2. SIERRA ,7. DAMGOOD ,6. KIOKO



Race 8: 5. EASY ,12. MYSTIC FORCE



Race 11: 4. RUBY ROCKET , 5. ALINSKI

Bad Card for punters today
Days best : Ruby Rocket
Treble : Star Luminary, Quantico and Ruby Rocket

Good luck play safe

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pointers For Pune Aug 5

Race 1: TIGRESSE NOIRE is a well bred horse but is an average race horse she will do well in this set wont get it easy ART OF WAR win was too good to be true and if he runs true to form will win again from BOSS ELEMENTS . See this is a very tricky race and should be left alone as upto 6 horses can win I personally am going to back SPARROW HAWK as a small eachway bet only because of the jockey this horse can lose otherwise this horse stands tall in this set wether he is on job today is another thing.

Race 2: STAR ALWAYS ,DONT BE SILLY and AMBEROGIO are all nice horses and will race in the highest class in due course. however today STAR ALWAYS should win from AMBEROGIO who looks to have improved a lot as per track moments and DONT BE SILLY

Race 3:Very tricky race STUD OF GOLD stands tall in this set but looks like the connections are not on job in my opinion he will still run a very good race and betting trends on him should be watched very closely in the ring.ESPRIT DE LIBERTE is second best but might fin the distance a bit sharp hence my first pick is KINNARI who is in forward condition and loves the pune track.JEWEL STAR is also in contention but I believe is running for the first time after being gelded.

Race 4: Open race GIACOSA has the best credentials to win her but will have to ward of the challange of SHYBOY who is in great heart SOVEREIGN POWER will be right there.

Race 5: KEMPINSKI has an handicap advantage and should win here from STAR GESTURE and NITROUS

Race 6: WILD VEGAS has slight edge over MAJOR WAGER in this very open race

Race 7: VANILLA SKY at this handicap should win her from CINCINNATI . Make a note of CHARLIE PARKER I thing today chowgule will try and earn some pocket money on him don be surprised.

all the best go slow



Friday, August 3, 2007

Pointers For Pune

Race 1: I cant understand the of running 2. VICTORICA within a span of 10 days which is not good for fillies who tend to shed wieght after every race and take a while to put it back on there is no doubt in my mind that she is a good horse but since the horse is up in class, distance and running again within 10 days I dont believe she is worth a bet specially at such low odds. Which brings 5. MASEEHA on the pitcure who seems to be of the similar class as the favorite but will be recieving 11kg and it is very difficult for one baby to give another one 10kg plus over a mile trip.hence I tip Maseeha to beat Victorica 3. PONTE ROMANO can be looked as an outside chance but doesnot like the Pune track.

Race 2: The Odds on 2. MOUNTAIN BEAR are wrong he is running pune for the first time, He is also a very big horse and likes to come from the outside the monsson track in pune has never favored Big built horses keeping all these factors in mind if you still think he is worth a bet at 5/10 on then good luck.Hence I am picking1. BRAVISSIMA to win just on class from




Race 6: Very close race 8. REJUVENITE is my choice to win from 5. STAR CONQUEST an upset cant be ruled out here

Race 7: Unless one of the first timers springs a surprise 3. COVENANT should have a easy win make a note of 10. SOLSKJAER

Race 8: Looks like a gamble might be in the airing on 6. MERCEDES and the connection have a very good strike rate however my choices are 10. COLOUR OF JOY or 9. ARABIAN GUEST cant pick between the two.

Please go slow today early stages on the pune course and it would pay to halve your bets and wait for the season to settle.



Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bangalore Quick Pointers

Hi Guys,

Due to work and family commitments I wont be able to give details following are my selections for Today .

Race 1: 3. ORIENTATION ,5. PLUM PUDDING can upset

Race 2: 3. DARKTAN ,11. BUMBLE BEE




Race 6: 2. FANAA ,3. SUPER WOMAN






Good luck all
Good win bets today are orientation , chagall and retrbution
Good each way bets are Power punch, lighting Blues, Olivia Valiere and Colonel duff
Upset of the day FLORICAN

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