Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mumbai 29 Mar 2009

Very Weak card most Favorites likely to oblige Good luck but follow the flow of money.

Race 1: VB race with a very tricky outlook however Wings Of Angels, at this handicap should win keeping in mind the owners are more interested in place hence watch the market.N Lagad is controlong 30% of the field as such I feel he will go with Beacon Light, as suggested by track work and if he does can upset.

Race 2: Many untested animals so hard to say but Anastasia, seems a nice type and should be the one to beat 


Race 3: Star O'war, is probaly best placed on handicap but intent is nessecary to win from Red Dawn,

Race 4: Arts, should win if the intent is there

Race 5: Salve Regina, should make ammends from Chios,

Race 6: Flying Rock, and Any Time Money, should fight it out the latter has a very slight edge due to the jockey factor

Race 7: Shanghai Gal,  has shown vast improvement on the track and will be well suited by this distance and my first pick to win from Grand Warrior, who should make the finish interesting

Race 8: Icebreaker, should win from  Originality, and a upset is hihghly unlikely.Riyasat, can place at long odds

Race 9: been a while since I have seen 18 horses in a race but Daffodils, and Sophie, are the 2 horses worth following the former has a slight edge

Race 10: Silver Tern,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bangalore 28 Mar 2009

Tricky card with 50% favorites witha good chance and the rest are false favorites will pay to pick the right ones.

Race1:Acridian, should make ammends and pick up the first race is fit however make note of Stormy River, for minor bets.

Race 2: Both Caspian Sea, and Diamond Shower, have been prepared very well since their last run but the former is a unsound horse who is carrying 62 kgs and the choice of jockey is strange too as this horse is a big horse and requires a stronger rider hence avoidable if he wins the good luck but halve your bets. The latter is probably the better of the tow as far a trackwork is concerned is running after 4 month break but has been on the track every month since last run and hence my first Choice to win of the rest only 5-6-8 seem to be the ones that are on job, Today I do fancy the chances of Sun Device, make not can surprise and is definately worth a eachway bet of a hedge bet.Xel, should be considered for minor bets

Tips:Diamond Shower,Sun Device,                            Upset: Xel,

Race 3: Dante's Peak, is a favorite only because of the jockey/trainer combo and has a big job ahead of him. I think the race is between 1-2-6. My first choice is Live It Up, who should win again from Buck Passer Junior, or Brothers In Arms, The latter is my fancy and can upset worth a eachway punt or hedge bet.

Race 4: Crackerjack, was definately not ridden on his merits last time and since there is a pending inquiry on the horse its not worth  the risk.Telemacchus, is a Ghatala horse and I have no faith in his consistancy hence avoided. Hall Mark, was given an easy run last time and looks like he will be tried today and should win Make not of Caprioska, who was a very talented horse that had a setback and is running after 9 months if he is half fit he will place and is fully fit will leave them standing decide after paddock conditions.

Tips:Hall MarkCrackerjack,             Upset:Caprioska

Race 5: Noble Sacrifice,  deserves a win and should do so but has to beat Cielo Rey, who is tracking very very well.

Race 6: I am surperised to see the top 2 fancied runners are horses who have come up 2 classes this season  today they are running in genuine class 1 company and looks difficult to me. Two horses that are pure class 1 Milers should decide the finish Mother's Pride, and Royal Ambassador, are the ones in question my first choice is the former due to handicap but I wont be surprised if the latter wins.Make note of Soberano, has the right type of rider can upset or place at long odds.

Tips:Mother's PrideRoyal Ambassador,                 Upset: Soberano,                   

Race 7: D'artagnan,Cruising, Sprint Star,and  Aboline,     are the top 4 contenders in the race     D'artagnan, is a horse with a very bright future did look a bit underprepared in the first run if he does not drift ot will win but has to beat Cruising, who was more impressive then the former at debut would have been my first choice if he was not running in a span of  8 days will certainly place and can beat the favorite.     Sprint Star, is the dark horse who has improved a lot after first run and has improved further as per track can upset if he can stay and should place at worst. 
Tips:D'artagnan,Cruising,                                           Upset:Sprint Star,

Race 8: Royal Amber, is over due for a win and if the jockey can handle her she will win from Superyacht, . Make note of  Spicy Star, here she can upset today as this is a much weaker company and should easily place,

Tips:Royal Amber,Superyacht,                         Upset:Spicy Star,

Race 9: Very Bad race but Voodoo Moon, is the horse to beat from Count This,

Race 10: Corleone, has the best cerdentials to win from Enduring Speed,

Days best:Hall Mark,
Double:Hall Mark,/MOTHER`S PRIDE



Friday, March 27, 2009

Bangalore 27 mar

Today is not a good day for favorites look for value to suceed.

Race 1: Let The River Run, is very well placed on handicap and should make ammends today from Sensational Bay, who can upset and should easily place. Make note of Awesome Fighter, who won very well last time can repeat.

Tips:Let The River RunSensational Bay,                Upset:Awesome Fighter,

Race 2: Trillion Win, is well suited by this distance and will be hard to catch is tried from Isinbayeva, who can upset

Race 3: Very Very open race and any of the 8 horses can win Raptor Force, is my first pick to win from Enduring Star, who can spring a surprise

Race 4: avoidable due 2 first timers

Race 5: Aristos, is running a class 1 sprint against some very classy horses and has a big job ahead of him today.
Mercurial, is my first choice from Logans Run

Race 6: Afea, should win this one from Van De Star

Race 7:Easy, is my follow horse that has hidden true form for a long time and is my first choice today and should be considered a Days best eachway bet. to win from  Enforcer,

Tips: Easy, /Enforcer,

Race 8: Chilly Wind, is my first pick to win from Madam Rich, will be a close call

Race 9: Chilli Chocolate has the right assistance today and and hold off this field if not then Monarchial, should do it.

Days Best:Easy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mumbai 26th March Race 7 Ammended

Once agian first 5 races dominated by H Metha and Katrak but keep in mind that if you dont know on which horse the right money is leave the race. Weizhou,G Spurs, D Delete look like a good Kaichi

Race 1: Fire Vault has a big task ahead of her today although she finished a good second last time it is important to note that most of the horses she beat were of no value and were not ridden on merit. She can win but not wortha bet under 1 1/2 keeping in mind the owner and his record. In my opinion Chieftain does not beling in this class, In the previous run he was not comfortable with the whip and today with a talented jockey who has been working him since the last run should run well and can win hence my first pick and is definately better Value as a Place bet then the Favorite in win.Es Sider, has come to hand and will be a force reckon with.
Elementto Code, is the dark horse here can upset dont ignore for minor combinations

Tips:Chieftain /Es Sider, Upset: Elementto Code,

Race 2: Divine, has had a class to Class penalty and the distance has gone up too plus the fact that he is running in a span of 5 days, good luck if he wins. Blue Vision, is my first choice and should easily win today however make note the jockey declared on the horse is carrying 2.5 kg over and that might just tilt the scales agains her. Arkhos, is the only danger is the former fails.

Tips:Blue Vision, Upset: Arkhos,

Race 3: Weizhou, should repeat par mishap from Young Offender,. Make note of Red Cloud, can upset if tried and should place.

Tips:Weizhou,/Young Offender, Upset: Red Cloud,

Race 4: Bad race follow the flow of the right money or leave the race .War Of Attrition, will relish the mumbai straight but is a difficult horse to handle has not been ridden on his merits for 1 year and will be interesting to see what he does when he is asked to do the job.Shold be there if tried. Walking Tall is the dark horse that should place and can upset if the former is not up to it.

Tips: War Of Attrition, Upset: Walking Tall

Race 5: First timers hence hard to say but Creme De La Creme, will be the horse beat.Mariposa, is the one for the notebook can upset.

Tips:Creme De La Creme, Upset:Mariposa,

Race 6: Spirituall,was very impressive last time and should be a force to recon with again but 1000 mts looks too shark when a few class 1 sprinters are around you hence is avoidable but will be in the top 3. I think Horse 2-6-7-9 should be the top contenders here I am going for the bottom wieght Englehart, who has been hiding true form as most lagad horses do and if the pace is very hot which it should be will swoop this field and is worth a eachway bet.Escravos, has the right jockey today to handle his fortunes and can upset.

Tips; Englehart,/Escravos, /Spirituall

Race 7:GOLDEN SPURS IS ON JOB TODAY AND WILL WIN PAR MISHAP. Premier Queen, and Crespo, are both in tremendous form and my first two picks the latter is on a very decent Handicap and my first choice Cosmic Flower, is the dark horse can win if tried.

Tips: GOLDEN SPURS Crespo,Premier Queen, Upset:Cosmic Flower,

Race 8: A VB race with a few horses that are not VB and much higher class animals and the if they are tried the race will be amongst them.teh horses that are better then this class are 2-4-9. Double Delite, probably has the best chance as he does have a benifit of a runa nd is tracking well and should make ammends if money comes her way from Dangerous Belle, who is tracking well enough. I am personally having a small eachway bet on Statjford, who is a nice horse and today for the first time not running in a terms race hence has a drop in 2 classes can win if tried as she will prefer the mumbai straight.

Tips: Double Delite, Dangerous Belle, Tips:Statjford,

Weizhou,G Spurs, D Delete look like a good Kaichi

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