Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mumbai 24 Jan

Race 1: On Paper CALLING THE SHOTS cant lose but the Jinx of Lagads favorites not winning has made me look at possiblities and only one horse stands a practical chance PUERTO CABELLO who has run in superior company... has been on track and is being prepared by a work jockey has drawn my attention hence is worth a eachway bet and is my pick to beat the favorite if you like the favorite he is certainly worth a bet but it will pay to halve your bets or hedge against the latter.

Race 2: This race is a very tricky one with a lot of gamble horses and a few of them have been prepared well 7. BLACK HUSSAR should tackle 5. TRUE ELEGANCE and 1. SOLID BLACK with ease but the 2 dark horses that need attention are 10. NORTHERN PRINCE who in my opinion if the stables money comes his way will win and 8. DESERT BLUE who I believe has a very realistic chance too provided he is asked to do so.
the winner should come from theses 3 you pick after watching the betting market I am going to make a small eachway bet on D Blue

Race 3: Firstimers hence no comment but SECRET ADMIRER will run a improved race today and is worth watching but it is good timing to run 12. ROHANS GLORY a day before Rohan's Birthday Good Luck.

Race 4: 1. STAR GESTURE has a chance but drop in distance and drawn 3 are not going to make it easy for her to get into a striking position early hence is best left alone. The hroses I think will be involved in the finish from the word go are 5. NASEEBDAR and 3. GATRAVAT with the latter havein a slight edge.

Race 5:First Timer

Race 6: 1. ROCKEFELLER has been prepared for this race and will win 5. FIDDLERS FERRY and 9. NOTABLE RUNNER might create a flutter but will be highly unlikely

Race 7: Only the pace of the race will be the difference between winning and losing for 1. STAR LUMINARY the slower the pace the worst off he will be as he will have to give the 10kgs to the field for that much longer the jockey is ecperienced enough to make his own pace if not 2. SILVER TERN will win.

Race 8: 11. PHI is long over due for a win and should win here from 2. SIMPLY PERFECT how doesnot belong in this set and 6. RAGE OF ANGELS .

Over all a day of many gambles that can go eitherway so hold all bets till the last 5 mts.

Days Best: R Fella
Double: R Fella/N Prince
Treble: R Fella/N Prince/Phi

Upset of the Day:DESERT BLUE

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Very tough card today and luck will play a major role between winning and losing.Take care and look for value bets.

Race 1: 5. IKARIA deserves merit but is a one paced horse hence can be beaten so it will pay to make a conservative bet.8. WESTERN CHALLENGE and 2. AGIOS NIKOLAOS are tracking well and are of unknown quantity who can upset here.

Race 2: Open race PREMIER QUEEN who will be in a different light today with blinkers drawn on the inside and no False rails and the drop in wieght are all in her favor hence is my pick to win from MAZAN who has been prepared with this race in sight and will be right there along with 4. QUEENS COURT .

Race 3: CHARDIN is running at wrong odds and is definately not worth a bet up in distance carrying 60 kgs and giving P beach 6 kgs is not looking good her trackwork is the only positive if she wins goodluck but I will go for 4. PEBBLE BEACH on handicap to win from 1. CHARDIN or 2. FLASHING FLAME

Race 4:Bad race This is a dash for cash sprint and anyone can win 7. TANTRIK deserves a small eachway bet to win from 10. STAR GIRL who is a dark horse.

Race 5: Too many first timers hence no comment

Race 6: 2. EVATINA has been prepared with this race in mind and will be right there however she has to beat 3. ADAM`S STAR who is alway a danger today with the right jockey can raise a few eyebrows.

Race 7: The Oaks this year is one of the toughest Oaks I have seen in at least 20 years the reason is simple women are never pridictable and the quality of this field is equally matched at the end of the day any of the 14 horses can win so If pick a winner here Good luck.

1. ALVARITA : alway been a contender has finished 3 lght behind B King in the bangalore derby.her staying the trip is always a question mark and along with her health problems hence it is tough to pick her but I know if she is sound she will win and if she does Good luck.

2. CITY TAMER : ran a 10 flg race start to finish and won well has improved a lot is well rested will be one of the main contenders today but I am not to sure if she is upto this best can finish on board.

3. DOMINATRIX : is the contreversial horse in this set ran a brave race behind C Tamer today with the right assistance should get the better of the former and can creat a flutter

4. GOBELIN : Won the Pune dery well ran a good race in the 1000 gunise without a benifit of a run will stay all day and has a big heart will surely be involved in the finish and is my pick to be in the top 4.

5. IVANKA interesting entrant and good luck if she win but looks well held by the others

6. LIVORNO won well last time but dont think she will stay the trip prefer others

7. MATHEMATICA has been prepared with this race in mind but the distance looks beyound the compass. will be one of the main contenders but at best can fill the frame.

8. OBELINNA pacemaker

9. PENINSULA is one of the main contenders and will be right there the ouside draw is not in her favor. but will be right there make note.

10. RECOLLECTION pace maker

11. SEILLANS : will make the pace well and lead them into the straight at best but can she stay is a big ??

12. SPIRITUAL FLAME will run well but not uptothis class

13. SWEEPING SUCCESS has beaten one of the best horses in western india (Astrea) will have no problem in staying the distance and is drawn well and has one of the best jockeys going around the only negetive one of the major factors for he win the 1000g was she was the most experince horse in the field today the horses that ran behind her have 800 meteres morse to travel and have to improve by approx 6 lenghts to beat her and the way some of them have been prepared she will not have it easy today but should be in the top 4 at worst.

14. YANA : did not have the luck of the race last time was move well enough to catch the eye has been well prepared and should stay.If all goes well for her today she will be right there at the wire and is my first pick to win the Fillies Derby.

Tips: 1Yana,2 Goblin,3 S Sucess, 4 Peninsula Upset: Dominatrix

Race 8: 3. OASIS STAR and 7. AVEC PLAISIR will fight till the end and it will be a toss up I am giving 7. AVEC PLAISIR a slight edge over the favorite as I believe the distance will suit her better and the draw is ni her favor too but it will be a close call... PREMIER PERCEPTION is the dark horse who can swoop on this set

Race 9: this race has many unsound horses 1. ORIENTAL JEWEL who seems to have a problem with his legs is the favorite on his first run and its hard to back such horses and are best left alone.I am going to take a small punt on 8. VARUN who can strike anytime to win from 7. HABIT and 6. QUAOAR

Days best: Yana
Treble:Yana/P Beach/A Pasier
Horses worth a eachway bet: Mazan/Tantrick/A Star/Yana/varun

Upset of the Day: ELEMENTTO ANGEL

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bangalore 19 Jan

Race 1: 2 VALIANT BAY should win

Race 2: 2 ROCAMORA should fight it out with 6 SOUTH PARADE

Race 3: too many first timers

Race 4: 4 FEELFREE has everything in his favor today and should win hands down provided the connections give a green light... worth a good eachway bet from 1 CLASSICAL DANCER who seem to be the only danger.

Race 5: 2 PASTICHE should win expect some resistance from 7 LAGUNA BLUE

Race 6: 1. EASY is not a sound horse and the wieght can be the undoing best not to back 2. FACTION LEADER is the dark horse here and is worth a small eachway punt

Race 7: 4. ADORABELLA should tackle this set.6. LATINO MAGIC has no current form but with Ramu you never know watch the marrket

Race 8: 5. REBORN is my first pick to beat 1. STAR NEWS who can repeat.2. PACIFIC PRIDE at best can place.

Days best:V Bay.
Treble; V Bay,Pastiche,Adorabella
Horses worth a eachway punt: F Free/S News/F Leader

Good Luck all

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mumbai 17 Jan

Race 1: bad race full of unsound and unpredictable horses best left alone but if 3. DESTINED PRINCE behaves himself at the gates he will win from 6. MUBARRAS .

Tips: 1) D Prince 2) Mubarras

Race 2: 6. DREAMING will win in this set from 3. TAANUSH the pace of this race can see an upset from FIERY FORTUNE

Race3: Bad race a sprint for VB horses and antone can win my pick 6. ARABIAN SPEED to win from 3. SIROCO who might find it sharp anyone can surprise here best left alone watch the market for 10. MUSTANG SALLY who is overdue for a win

Race 4: first timers hence no comments but 1. ANGELS GLORY is an average horse and is not woth the odds....make note of 5. LA JOIE DE VIE whos trackwork and breeding suggest she will be rightthere at the finish.

Race 5: This is the toughest race of the day 7. PARTY CELEBRATION is long overdue for a win belongs to a gambling stable watch the market closely and decide 10. MYSTERIOUS STAR will be right there at the finish and 11. MEJESTICAL who is a far improved horse his run in the 2000 gunies was amazing his track workouts also suggest he is ready to strike now its upto the connections to give him a green signal.
Tips: Mejestical , P Celebration ,M Star Upset:3 WILD TEMPER

Race 6:6. PRINCE LOCHINVA has been trusted to the stable jockey if he holds his nerve he will be hard to beat....3. KA CHING is a dark horse that belongs to a gambling stable if given the rein today can surprise keep a close eye in the ring ....2. MICKEY MANTLE has had a class to class penalty which will be his downfall.
Tips: P Lochinva Upset :: Ka Ching

Race 7: should be a straight fight between 2. JAZZEGO and 3. PURE DEVOTION latter has a slight edge 5. MULTICULTURAL has the potential but has not been on the track or has got no recorded trackwork which puts his fitness as a ??? if he wins the good luck but is not worth the risk. 1. ENCOURAGEMENT is the dark horse.

Days Best: Dreaming
Double: Dreaming/P Lochinva
Treble: Dreaming/P Lochinva/Mejestical

Todays card has a lot of gamble owners and horses that are ready to strike it will pay to closely watch the betting trend in the last 5 mts and make a choice. It will pay to halve your bets on M Mantle and A Glory and Multicultural if you consider them a winning chance.

Upset of the Day: TIGRESSE NOIRE

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nitco Million

Race 1: bad race with a lot of unsound horses running 7. LATEST NEWS can upset this set from 8. HYMN`S ANGEL and 3. RAVE ON

Race 2: 3. MONTALVO is traveling the distance of 2400 for the first time although the company is weak there are proven stayers in this set and 1. DREAMING is certainly the one that can stay all day hence is my pick to win here .....

Race 3: The fact that the connections of 5. ALVIDA have decided to take no chances of the handicap and opted for a low wieght jockey instead of malesh who has been working the horse means that they are not confident for the horse and want to take full advantage of the scales so there are no more failures on her today the favorite will be right there but it will pay to halve your bet on him as 1. TOTALITARIAN can beat him even at this handicap.

Race 4: Bad race 1. ESOTERIC will relish the mumbai straight in this sprint but the distance is a bit short..7. GREEN VALLEY has good chance too if the jockey can handle the race... leave this race anyone can win

Race 5: First timers

Race 6: 7. INSPIRING TRUST manner of victory was amazing and is my pick to win here from 1. AUTONOMY

Race 7: 5. SURAJ is my first pick to beat 9. COUNCILOFTHEGODS .... 3. FLAMES OF FIRE is the dark one but with Antia you never know.

Race 8: This a race for a gamble and best bet will be to watch the market I personelly will have asmall eachway bet on 11. VANILLA SKY

Days best: I Trust

Horses worth an eachway punt: L News/Totalitarian/I Trust/Suraj/V Sky

Outsider: TE QUIERO/Red Mesa

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mumbai 9 Jan 08

Race 1: 1. ADALLIA who had a easy run first up was finishing on very well and should win today from 4. SOCARORO and 6. HAWKEYE who has been prepared very well and expect a lot of improvement from her today.

Race 2: This is a very bad race but make note of 4. BLACK BRILLIANCE he has been prepared on track and at this handicap will be right there and is wortha each way bet.9. PHI ran a good forward race and an spring a surprise too.

Race 3: Its best to watch this race 1. SILVER TERN and 3. FIERY FORTUNE shuld fight it out

Race 4: 7. PATEK PHILIPPE has been tracking well but first run so its hard to say ..but will be involved at the finish as the set is weak.5. VICTOR IVANOV and 1. SIROCO will keep the favorite honest.

Race 5: First timers note 8. QUAND MEME

Race 6: Very open race where an upset cant be ruled out 6. CONVENIENCE is my first pick to win from 3. SPIRITUAL HYMN 2. THUNDERING STAR ...the first named is worth a good eachway bet

Race 7: 2. THUNDERING HOOVES is a 3yo running in a span of 5 days after have a hard run it is big negetive considering the odds of the horse it will pay not to back him today. 3. ZEN and 7. OH SO ROMANTIC have been tracking very well and can beat the favorite.

Race 8: 9. SEE THE TRUTH and 7. CRESPO should fight it out dark horse is 4. BEAU MONDE

Race 9: 5. SOMETHINGABOUTHER ran well first up and if she is sound will win from 3. COSMOPOLITAN who is looking very dangerous in this set.

Race 10: 2. STAR LEGEND will be the horse to beat here but 6. SEA GULL will keep him honest and is worth a good place bet. next best is 5. MAYBACH who is ready to strike.

Days Best: ADALLIA



Good Luck All

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Race 1: This is a very tricky race from a punting point of view....... W Bandit who has run in better company seems to have some problems as evident by lack of trackwork and should be left alone if he wins then good luck to the connections....4. FLASHING FLAME is my pick here has also run in superior company and is a better horse the what its performance shows from 5. PUERTO CABELLO who has a nice handicap advantage.

Race 2: This a very tricky race my first pick is 4. CLASSIC SPIRIT to win from 1. ALMARINA who is a first timer but tracking very well.. bad race

Race 3: Another bad race in the make with 6 horses in with a chance it will pay to watch the market before making a bet as 3 of the 6 horses belong to gamblong stables...My pick is 11. CABINDA to win from 9. MEDTIAS PRIDE who looks a good place bet and 1. OYSTER GEM

Race 4: First timers....8. ALGORITHMS is tracking very well along with 3. INDIAN SUMMER both will be right there.

Race 5: 5. ENCELADUS is my first pick to win from 2. ESCRAVOS in a race where any of the 6 horses can win.

Race 6: 1. BLAZING SPEED if on job today should tackle this set watch market and decide 6. STAR GIRL is second best and looks a safe place bet BAD RACE

Race 7: 2. BINEE is bad at the gates and such horses can never be backed with confidence... so leave her alone. My pick to win is 7. OPERA ROYALE who should win today provided he is on job from 8. SPARROW HAWK who is nicely placed on handicap and will be right there and also can surprise.

Today is not a good day to back big look for value in your picks and it will pay to follow the market/

Days best: O Royale

Treble: O Royal/Enceladeus/B Speed

Horses worth eachway bets: B Speed/Cabinda/C Sprit
Outsider: UBER ALLES

Friday, January 4, 2008

Race 1: 8. STAR ROYALTY if on job should win but will have to lookout for 1. BLISS who will be right there




Race 5: 7. ALEJANDROS {Good eachway}8. WOMAN IN CHARGE

Race 6: 8. SUGAR BROWN , 11. REFRESH


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Race 1: 4 KISS AWAY should win again but the much improved GATRAVAT should keep him honest and make the finish interesting.

Race 2: The flow of mone will decided the outcome of this race it will pay to closely watch the market here...1. TAKE ON is my pick to win from 2. DANCING BRIDE who is the horse of class and if she takes a level jump it will be an interesting finish but best is to decide in the ring or leave this race.

Rcae 3: Another gamble race which has a very open look best is to leave...5. KNIGHT if in the money will run well and be there at the finish from .10. SIMPLY PERFECT ...make a note of 2. CHARLIE PARKER who is running the right distance today and will be right there is definately worth a small eachway punt today.

Race 4: 2yrs olds best left alone but make note of 1. EXOTIC STAR has a benifit of a good run and has improved a lot since.

Race 5: 6. SIBERIAN SIREN is my pick to win here from 10. NOBLE REPLICA and 5. PINE CREST watch market

Race 6: 2yo left alone but make note of 2. CLASSIC RULER who has been tracking extremly well and will be the one to beat.

1. BOURBON KING : Running in the same field he has beaten well only negitive is todays field and there connections know that he is only about 4 lenghts superior to there horses namely C Alex and Hotstepper who were finishing on him if either of the two get his measure he can lose.
2. CZAR ALEXANDER : will relish the extra 2 flngs and the benifit of a good run will be right there at the finish will place at best.
3. HOTSTEPPER finished very well in the 2k guienise and if he stays today he will look the king in the eye and cause a upset.
4. PERPETUITY : needs time
5. REGAL REFORM will struggle to even be the pacemaker
6. SOUTHERN CHARGE first run on the course will find it tough...... maybe the derby
7. OBELINNA has been entered as a pacemaker but trackwork suggest she has improved a lot since her last run if she is suited by the pace she will create a flutter.
Tips: H Stepper, B King , C Alexander UPSET : Obelinna

Race 8: judging by the preparation 4. MICKEY MANTLE should win in this set with ease and is my best bet for the day.... if for some reason she fails then 1. BLACK DAHLIA will pick it up.

Race 9: 1. CATALYST merits attention here and should tackle this weak set... but the horse to beat is the good old 10. HABIT

Days Best: Mickey Mantle

Double: M Mantle/Kissaway

Treble: M Mantle/Kissaway/Catalyst

Good eachway bets:C Parker/S Siren/Hot Stepper


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