Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bangalore 28-7-2013

Race 1: Zagato, and Royal Rein, should fight it out here however there are many gamble horses in this race and if any of the following horses 3-5-6 are tried then it will be different I doubt  they will be tried. Going back to the first two named Zagato, looks better prepared and has a better jockey to justify a bet.

Tips: Zagato

Race 2: Boudicca, and Isle Of Fire, are both consistent and in good form so will be a toss up. Jockey skills will matter. Race is not limited to the two but not sure of intent on other horses. Indian Pride, is a horse not ignore make note as he has the class all he needs is a heads up.

Tips: Boudicca,                                 Upset: Indian Pride, (note)

Race 3: Seven Of Hearts, was finishing on very well but the track conditions on that day was heavy and suited him today its a different scenario so proceed with caution as he is nothing special or he would not have run at 20-1 in his first run. Ademaro, who also ran in the same race blew up as the pace was very fast and the going was heavy so it dint favor him will run a better race today and should finish ahead of the first named.Arabian Warrior, needs more distance but should run a good race. Sur La Tete, was not ridden the way she likes to by making her own pace with Appu expect her to hit the front and stay there for a long time dont be surprised if she Upsets here. Lastly Mickey Mouse, is the best prepared horse in the set was an easy un extended 3rd first up and toady well prepared to win here.

Tips:Mickey Mouse Upset: Sur La Tete

Race 4: A very interesting race my short listed 3 are AlcazabaArrogant Approach, and My Lakshmi, the second and last named are sitting well on handicap the last named is bottom weight and in my opinion is a very good galloper and the best 3yo in Padmanabhans stable she will be finishing on and will be the one to beat. The second named is the danger as she has beaten some decent animals.

Tips: My Lakshmi,Arrogant Approach,

Race 5: A very open and interesting race here wont be surprised if a upset happens.All 7 runners have a fair chance.Sandstorm, is the best performed and has a good handicap should run a good race keeping in mind 9 flg is a distance he has yet to win. Arrabian Gold,Apollo King, and Sussex Downs, has run together the first named is better on handicap and his last run was easy should improve a lot and will be right there.Art Of Enchantment, is running for the first time in 6 months not sure of her fitness but has the class to win.Magnitude Star, won last july over 9 flg beating hills and stars is back amongst peers if the intent is there she will kick on. Raphire, has won and run some good races should run well. Its best to avoid the race or small bet on the following can go a long way.

Tips: Arrabian Gold,                        Upset: Magnitude Star

Race 6: A gamble race with many chances its best to avoid or decide at racetime or look for value bets. Horses 1-3-5-6-8 are value bets. Steel King, has beaten a very nice horse Scuffle last time is the intent is there she can win again. Loyal King, is a gamble horse and the jockey choice shows intent. Shoot Out, is a failed favorite along with Abbas Dreams, both can upset if the intent is there.

Tips:  Loyal King,               Upset: Steel King

Race 7: Bad race look for value eachway bets or leave it. The bottom 3 horses represent value.

Tips; Autumn Red, Upset: Presidents Rule,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bangalore 27-07-2013

Race 1: Open race Star Of Desire,Caraway, and Big Copper Penny, have merit the second named is my pick on handicap.Make note of last named is a speedy animal and can upset if tried.

Tips:Caraway Star Of Desire,             Upset:Big Copper Penny,

Race 2: Interesting race as many 3yos running in Vb some for the first time and true potential will be exposed here for many of them have been running without a goal or intent. Best to avoid the race.

Tips: Maracana,Mister Grey,

Race 3: Azetic Star, has not been on track for a while best to avoid has the class but difficult to back. Horses 5-6-7-10-11 are all tracking well and can win here.

Tips: Guts And Glory,                       Upset: Par Excellence

Race 4: Radical Attraction, should win here

Race 5: Sheer lack of company gives Ambitious Reward, a good chance.Oriental Star, is the danger.

Tips: Ambitious Reward,

Race 6:Par mishap Shivalik Fire, will win the Pronto Pronto plate.

Race 7 : Zizzi, and Shinnecock Hills, should be the top contenders here the first named is better by track and a benefit of a run.

Tips: Zizzi,

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday, July 14 , 2013 Bangalore Derby

Race 1: Deep Blue Sky,Chronicle

Race 2: Star Kingdom,Impressive Mode

Race 3: CalligraphyAbsolute Red,

Race 4: Alcazaar,Thoughts N Actions

Race 5: Sun Kingdom,                        Upset: Auburn Beauty,(note) place

Race 6: Klipspringer,                            Upset: Indian Bolt,( Note)

Race 7: Ace Bucephalus,Turf StrikerAlaindair                       

Race 8: Light Of Success,

Race 9: Vijays Triumph,                   Upset: Sherman Oaks

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bangalore 13-7-2013

Race 1: Horses 1-2-6-8-9 all have a fair chance if tried. Its best to avoid as many can show improvement today.

Tips :Wind Surfer,            Upset: Accuracy, (note for a gamble)

Race 2: 12.5 kgs of 7 flg is a lot to give which gives Supreme, a very good chance if the intent is right. Will be a touch and go finish.

Tips ;SupremeSpiritual Star

Race 3: Glycys Bay, and Rebuttal's Hope, are my top two in this race the second named has had many issues so best to avoid but is tracking well. Greyconnection, is one to note if tried will upset.

Tips: Glycys Bay,                                    Upset :Greyconnection, (note)

Race 4: VeritasRacing Ahead, and Capitalize, are my top 3 here they should all improve after their last run the fisrt named if handled properly will win today.

Tips: (note) VeritasRacing Ahead

Race 5: Keukenhof, was a impressive winner last run should be the one to beat. Ace Badraan, is tracking well will improve and can upset here,

Tips: Keukenhof,             Upset: Ace Badraan,

Race 6 : The Guardian,

Race 7: Shivalik Fire,

Race 8: Astonishing,                      Upset: Oceanic Wind,

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bangalore 7-7-2013

Race 1: There is nothing special about Icecream, here is favorite by default but horses 1-2-5-9 all look serious contenders and will keep the favorite honest. With a minimium of 5 contenders it will pay to look for a value bet Delilah, belongs to a gamble stable but has a good handicap all round should represent a good value and intent looks very likely.

Tips: Delilah,Brigade's Supreme

Race 2: Strombolite, and Scorching Vulcan, toss up the first named is a nice animal but the second named has a benefit of a run and was moving well un extended will be touch and go between the two jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Scorching Vulcan,Strombolite,

Race 3: Bad gamble race best to decide at racetime.Cool Baby, was not ridden on merit last time but has the credentials if tried, Summer Sensation, is also in the same boat as above and can win if tried.Balance Of Nature, has a good chance here so does Royal Romario, who has the best jockey in the set. Best to avoid the race.

Tips:Summer Sensation, Balance Of Nature

Race 4: Scarlet O'hara, and Valerian, are very well placed on handicap and should fight for honors. the second named is tracking extremly well and is the one to beat.

Tips: Valerian,

Race 5: The terms of this race favor two horses and the result should reflect the same is all goes well. Ocean And Beyond, and Hemisphere, both ran together last time but the second named was badly hampered for a run and was eased out of the race today with some very good trackwork and a lot of improvement that all have to beat her.Drop Of Honey, comes in as a late entry carries a lot of weight as she is also tracking well and will improve a lot is a likely upset here.

Tips: Hemisphere,                     Upset: Drop Of Honey,

Race 6: Prince Academy, and Sue Nevell,  are both inter connected and only one will be tried the first named is better if they try.

Tips: Prince Academy,             

Race 7: Alianz, won very well last time and should be the one to beat in this otherwise open race. Stellar Ambition, was a very classy horse if she has come good and the her trackwork suggest she has she will win here.

Tips:Stellar Ambition,        Upset:  Alianz,

Race 8: Open race but horses 3-4-10 are the ones to beat Abbas Dreams, is my first choice to win here.

Tips: Abbas Dreams,Better Than Ever,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bangalore 6-7-13

Due to lack of time just quick tips.

Race 1: Aashikaara,Ezee Go Lucky,

Race 2: Simra,Immaculate,

Race 3: Deep Diver,Madame Bovary,

Race 4: Beautiful LifeWell Known,

Race 5: Quick Enough,Sprint Star

Race 6:Final Countdown Neron

Race 7: Saltoftheearth

race 8:Gustavo, Lucky Sam

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