Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mumbai 31-03-2013

Race 1:If all is well Roswald, will repeat.

Race 2: With most of the horses being ridden by not on job jockeys or gamble jockeys its hard to see who will be tried here to challenge  
Capri, Horses 6-12-13 have a fair chance to upset if tried. Asahi, has beaten horses that have come on to win races later this season but a long lay off and no track so hard to say. Lucky Red, is a horse to note, not sure if there is intent but will run a good race no matter what.

Tips ;Capri, Asahi,Upset: Lucky Red,

Race 3: Pesi has opted to run Winston, in a span of 3 days to avoid a wining penalty which is a rare occurrence in his case its obvious he feels the horse will win. Jimbo, is now well rested and is fresh can upset.

Tips: Winston

Race 4: This is a race for prestige and all horses will be tried the well bred first timers  Beforememoryfades,and Mint Approach, are tracking well but first run so hard to say the first named is better.Horses 2-3-9 have had a run and are prepared well with this race in mind. Intesar, in particular looks ready to run them off their feet and should be the one to beat. You can never rule Pesi horses out in big races Badshah, does have a outside chance.

Tips ;(note)IntesarBeforememoryfades,          Upset: Badshah

Race 5: Star Fire LadyEquinox, and Striking Girl, have a good chance if tried in this very open race for un genuine horses.Best to avoid.

Tips: Striking GirlStar Fire Lady, Upset: Equinox

Race 6: A very bad race best to avoid Star Builder, should make the most of his handicap provided the intent is there.Reinstate, and Brunello, should be in the fray.

Tips: Star Builder,Brunello,

Race 7: The term of the race favor Hemisphere,Manyatta, and Montezuma, the last named is a filly running in a span of 3 days hence avoided. the first two are well rested and ready for a battle jockey skills will matter but i give the second named a slight edge.

Tips:(note) Manyatta,Hemisphere,

Race 8: Acclaimed,Blazing Fire, and Summer Eclipse, are tracking very well and should be the ones to beat.the choice of jockey on the first named is strange but going by track will be the one to beat. the second and last named are also good and look speedy not sure about last named but the second named will definitely be tried.

Tips ;  Acclaimed,          Upset: Blazing Fire,(note)

Race 9: A gamble race and any horse can win with the right intent SariskaThree Roses,Follow Me, and Macho Uno, are my short listed horses.

Tips :(note) Follow Me,Sariska, Upset: Three Roses,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mumbai 28-3-13

Race 1: Be Positive,

Race 2: AmistadGrand Duke, (note)

Race 3: (note) Star Of Manhattan,Amazing Smile,

Race 4: Winston,Appalachia,

Race 5: MartiniqueShabdeez, (note)

Race 6: Halle,

Race 7: ZaagrosCarlton House, (note)

Race 8:(note)Zeki Athos,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bangalore 23-3-13

Race 1: Rumour Has It,       Upset: Rock With U,

Race 2: Jeyem,                              Upset: Smart Edition

Race 3: Dofantasy,Love Is Life

Race 4: Nocturnal Hunter,    Upset: Sukhmanee,

Race 5:Lad King,                         Upset:  Valahak,

Race 6: Ace BucephalusAmazonas,    Upset: Agostini

Race 7: Spark Of Beauty,Lads Ability,       Upset: Hackett,

Race 8:Virtuoso, Spiritual Star,            Upset: Forest Spirit

Race 9: Triple Victory,              Upset: Fire Storm, (note)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mumbai 21-3-13

Race 1: Gararo,           Upset: Captain Smart,

Race 2: Pumba,            Upset: Money For Nothin,

Race 3: Mon Ami,Soli Deo Gloria

Race 4: Angel Child,

Race 5: Adams Prince,Brave Fighter,

Race 6:(note) Small Treasure,Celsius

Race 7:(note)Sultan Of Swing, Minister,            Upset: Ticker Tape Parade

Race 8:Hay Day Suzonia,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mumbai 17-3-13

Interesting card today A Sandesh has very good mounts today and it will be a good day to follow him.

Race 1: not a lot of horses with any form most have fitness issues on paper Midnight Lady, has some form but has blood vessel issues and belongs to H Metha so proceed with caution. From the rest there isnt much to go by but Mcqueen, who has finished within 10l or less in all her 6 starts has come down a lot and in this company even if not tried will at worst place I have a feeling he will be tried and is worth a small eachway bet.

Tips: Midnight Lady,           Upset: Mcqueen,(note)

Race 2: A similar race to the first one Windmill Lady, has the best performance of the set and should be the one to beat, horses 1-4-5-8-9 all can run well provided they are tried There is a likely gamble on Casino Jack, and if money comes his way he will win.

Tips: Casino Jack,

Race 3: A very interesting race which can go anyway and jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Blue Ace

Race 4 : Toss up between Mountain Force, and Honest Pleasure, Jockey and handicap favor the latter.

Tips: Honest Pleasure,

Race 5: Sea Pearl, and Amara, should fight for honors here the second named is better but it will pay to watch the flow of money on him as he belongs to H Metha. The first named will be right there and can upset>

Tips: Amara,       Upset: Sea Pearl,

Race 6: Fond Memories, and One Wish, toss up can go any way. The sparingly raced Lavender Brown, is well bred and tracking well to mile wont be a issue if his paddock condition is good he can upset here.

Tips :One Wish Upset: Lavender Brown,

Race 7: InvincibleCosmic Dancer, and The Ministerian,  the first two have shown a lot of improvement in there track work and both look to be the ones to beat. The last named has a good outside chance and can run close as he has run in far superior company and should run a good race.

Tips: InvincibleCosmic Dancer,          Upset: The Ministerian

Race 8: Starry Eyes, is a very good animal but 4 runs in 60 days for a filly is not a ideal scenario plus the fact that she is going over a mile and conceding weight doesn't help her cause best o avoid or halve your bets. saying that there are not a lot of horses of her caliber running here which can work in her favor but still avoidable. 3 Horses that have a very good chance of beating her here are   
Circle Of Life, who finished a impressive second over a mile first up and now is stripped fitter should improve and take advantage of the handicap.Janis Jay, who was impressive in her debut too and will improve a lot after that run has a very good turn of foot and should be the one that can upset and Lastly Southern Sky, who ran a very impressive race first up dint look ready at all now she has been stripped fitter and will be the one they have to beat.

Tips:Southern Sky, Circle Of Life,          Upset: Janis Jay,

Race 9: Mars, is my first choice in this wide open race should run a good race and is the one to beat. Make note of Presence, he is one under rated animal who will run a very good race here and will make his presence felt should be in the top 3 winning is very likely.

Tips: MarsPresence, (note)

Race 10: A Bad race best to avoid many chances 

Tips: Song Of Sparrow,Ice Skates,     Upset: Rubens

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mumbai 14-3-13

Race 1: Basic LifeToptrick,

Race 2: Smooth Operator,

Race 3 : NovakHawaiian Princess, (note)

Race 4: Song Of Praise,

Race 5:Wings Of Glory,

Race 6: Rein In Spain,Mable

Race 7: Wolfgang,

Race 8: Insignia

Race 9: Astromia

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mumbai 10-3-13

Race 1: Tricky race for donkeys my shortlisted 3 are the well prepared  Money Strike, the inconstant  Adams Prince, and the hidden horse Hot As Ice, who should be tried here and if I ma right should be the one to beat.

Tips : Money Strike,Upset: Hot As Ice,

Race 2: Storm Tracker

Race 3:A Bad race This Ones For You, has been consistant but the jockey is a problem should be the one to beat. San Rafael, will definetly prefer the step up in distance and will be right there,In The Limelight, has the potential but running after a long lay off one spurt but that cant be right as the choice of jockey shows intent and it is very likely that he has been prepared in pune or in the dark the horse has it in him to win and can win if fit.Horses 5-6-7 are gamble horses Mountain Mynah, is the one for the notebook in this company he can be tried and can win if the right intent is there.

Tips: San RafaelIn The Limelight,        Upset: Mountain Mynah,

Race 4: Interesting race and jockey skills will matter a lot of work has gone into Scarlet Pimpernel, and he looks ready to strike should be a touch and go between him and Neona, but the long mumbai straight will suit the first named.

Tips: Scarlet Pimpernel,

Race 5: Amistad, and Ghanghorr, seem to be in a forward condition then the rest and should finish in that order.

Race 6: Tricky race Nadia, looks a handicap certainty,Bling, is the most consistant and has the right jockey on top,Caesars Star, who ran a good race in the derby well rested and has a good rider and looks very well prepared for today. Lastly you can never discount Spearhead,.

Tips: Caesars Star,Bling,

Race 7: Starring, and Roswald, toss up 6 kgs over 10 flg  is a lot to give and the latter has the edge.Make note of Eclipsed, who is a stablemate to the first named but also has a good handicap can upset if he stays,

Tips: Roswald,            Upset: Eclipsed

Race 8: First timers so hard to say but keep an eye on Mambo Magic, and Ace Christaleni they can spring a surprise in this very mediocre set of horses.

Race 9: Theology, and King Julien, should fight for honors here.

Tips :King JulienTheology

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bangalore 9-3-13

Race 1: Turf FameIndependence Day

Race 2: Hot StuffAnother Voice,

Race 3: Noble Path,Peter Parker, (note)

Race 4: BoudiccaDeep Blue Sea, (note)

Race 5: Atlantus,Bryant Park, (note)

Race 6: Miss Ching,Grand Success,(note)

Race 7: TrumanLoyal King,

Race 8: Adalwin,Jeraleine,

Friday, March 8, 2013

--Bangalore 8-3-13

Race 1: Bad race, Novel ApproachInspirator,

Race 2: SupremeMy Law,

Race 3: Sun Glow,Wind Surfer,

Race 4: Bad race, Angel QueenAmar Prem,(note)

Race 5:Bad race, Saganaki,Spark Of Beauty

Race 6: Sweet N Smart,Tiger Eyes,

Race 7: Absolute Joy,Talita's Girl,

Race 8: Sareeta,Symbol Of Success(note)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mumbai 7-3-13

Race 1:Star Zone, Spirit Of Ecstasy,

Race 2: Cogito Ergo Sum,

Race 3: Polar Zone,Fajr,

Race 4: Aleutian Zone,Arabian Glory,

Race 5: By The Way, Turkana,(note for a gamble)

Race 6: Banana Boy, Oriental Sapphire,

Race 7: Ancient Warrior,

Race 8: Set To Fly, Purple Patch,

Race 9: Octopaul,

Race 10: Star Blessings,Prince,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kolkata 3 mar 2013

Race 6 : Super mile small field can go any way but Berlusconi, and Star Of Gibraltar, will be the ones to beat the first named is better on jockey merit.

Tips: Berlusconi,

Race 7: A wide open race My short listed horses from the different centers are Local Challenger and winner of this race from last year
  Bold Police, From Mumbai Rajasthan Royals, from Bangalore Nickel Chrome, both lone contenders from Hyderabad and Delhi Plenipotent, and Master Bullet. I have picked these runners on the basis of their initial speed as that will matter on the course all have initial speed and will be in the front bunch and have a good advantage. Rajasthan Royals,  Bold PoliceNickel Chrome,and Master Bullet. are my shortlisted 3 the first named has beaten some good horses in mumbai and has the potential of running them of their feet today the second named has a home ground advantage and if ridden on the pace will keep them wanting Master Bullet. ran a easy 6th 3 lengths behind Nefyn yesterday without being extended 7 flg is a good trip for him and if he has recovered from that run he will he right there.Nickel Chrome, comes in the equation because of his initial speed and the fact that he runs well first up can place here.

Tips:  Bold Police,Rajasthan Royals Upset Master Bullet.

Race 8: Toroloco, is the best of the older generation and probably better then the current 4 yrs olds but 4kgs and drawn 1 will really test him as luck will be crucial for him to win.An Acquired TasteBorsalino,Supreme Star, and Wind Streamare the youngster that have a handicap advantage and the top 4 dint have the best runs in the derby and deserve another chance.An Acquired Taste,and  Borsalino, were very badly hampered in the derby and there runs are best ignored The first named is the one to beat the second named will run a far improved race and with pacemakers will be able to settle early and should make the most of it dont ignore him today Supreme Star, had no luck too but for some reason i feel this track will suit him and a little bit of luck with the name change and Wind Stream, who finished on very well but need a longer straight as he gallops late.

Tips: BorsalinoToroloco,              Upset:    An Acquired Taste,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kolkata Day 1 Invitation

Race 6: The Stayers Cup My shortlisted from all 4 centers are Astapi, who has had some easy runs so far and seems to be prepared for this day,Camorra, from bangalore with his front running style and the short Kolkata straight gives him a advantage over others from bangalore,Local contender Unleashed, and the Lone challenger from Hydrebad Vijays Champ,.
Being short straight in this center these horses who sit up with the pace have the best chance and jockey skills will matter at the post Vijays Champ, is conceding 5kgs and 3.5 kgs because of his age and that will make a huge difference over 3000 meters whhich means the other horses have to be atleast 8-12 lengths superior then her which I find very hard to swallow hence he is my pick to win here over any of the others named. Astapi, will come very close and can upset.

Tips: Vijays Champ,Astapi,

Race 7: Sur La Tete,              Upset: Giocrat, ( Note Can Upset)

Race 8: A sprint in Kolkata will favor the speedy horses and the short straight will come to their rescue only a select few have the initial speedy and they should be the ones to beat in this very open race as it can go any way. My short listed horses with initial speed are Crown Rule River Star,Successor,KlipspringerMaster Bulletand Shivalik Star, In my opinion Successor, and  Klipspringer, will dominate the finish the first named almost ranaway with the race last Sprinters cup will try the smae tactics today and if the others are caught napping he will win here the second named is one of the fastest horses here and should be right there.Master Bullet, the dehli challenger is a joker in the set and can upset.

Tips: Successor, Klipspringer,            Upset: Master Bullet,

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