Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sparks is ready to win the THE CHIEF MINISTER`S CUP  take a chance


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pune 25 Sept

Mixed Day of Racing today Good luck.

Race 1 : If the Intent is there Flashing Sword, who has run amongst some very good company should win if not then its anybodies race make note of 3 horses here for a Gamble Star Of Zoltan,Evangilist, and Lady Black Star,  the last named can place note her.

Tips:Flashing Sword, Upset: Lady Black Star,

Race 2: Lake Michigan, has a huge task ahead of him today horses 1-5-6 are good enough to beat him Snow Queen, has merit but due to her fitness its hard to be confident on her Celestial Call, had a good win last time and if you take Skyway as a comman horse she is better then the favorite lastly Combined Operation, who I believe is well ahead of this class was given a easy run last time today the handicap and jockey gives her the best chance to win and he should do so provided the intent is there.

Tips: Combined Operation,                        Upset: Celestial Call,

Race 3: Irresistible Hunk, is not the fittest of horses but going by track is the one to beat, Horses 2-8-9-11 can trouble him if tried. Lazor Razor, is the horse that can upset as he is very well place on handicap note him.

Tips: Irresistible Hunk,               Upset: Lazor Razor,

Race 4: Red Passion, is speedy and has merit but is a gamble horse best to decide in the ring.horses 2-3-6-11-12 all have a chance if tried Equiano, is the dark horse and can upset if tried note. But its best to leave this race or look for a value EW bet Hottie,Golden Creek,Fahrenheit, and Equiano, are the ones.

Tips: Equiano,

Race 5: Velocita,Mountain Prince, and Mishri, look the top three here the first named can win today the second named is better but has not been on track for 4 weeks which is questionable if fit he will be right there

Tips: Velocita,Mountain Prince,                 Upset: Fairy Queen,

Race 6: Ocean And Beyond,

Race 7: Very Open race with many chances best to stay away but Celebrations, is one horse if tried will stop everyone in their tracks naote.Musical Rhapsody, has the best jockey in the set and will be right there

Tips:Musical Rhapsody, Celebrations,          Upset :Insite Soul,

Race 8: Track work suggest Octopaul, is the one to beat as rest of the field has gamble horses it is difficult to see who will be tried.

Tips: Octopaul,             Upset : Adams Vision,

Days Best: Ocean And Beyond,
Double: Ocean And Beyond,Octopaul,  
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Ocean And Beyond,Octopaul,   Flashing Sword,Combined Operation,  Irresistible Hunk,  Velocita,
Eachway or Place prospects:  Lady Black Star,Lazor Razor,Equiano,Musical Rhapsody,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pune 24 Sept 2011

Can be a shocking day for punters I personally will be staying away from punting or might have very small each way bets on 3 rank Outsiders they are Highland Music, Rajasthan Royals, and Romantic Beauty, My day maily will be laying on horses

Race 1: Best to stay out of this race both fancied runners are subject to a gamble Mountain Ruler, has merit but is subject to an inquiry has been given 6 spurts in 6 days which is very unusual for CD Katrak to do to the horse best to leave him he can win but your money is not important to these people so be vary.Fantastic Kingdom, is also very well prepared and should win if tried however as mentioned earlier best to leave the race.Westerlie, can upset if both fancied runners take a day off.

Tips: Fantastic Kingdom, Upset: Westerlie,

Race 2: A lot can happen in 2000 meter race I personally like Gossip, is tracking very well and has come a lot,Zaar, is very well placed on handicap and Sam Bahadur, last run was very impressive but the problem is all these 3 animals are Ex Black Cash who is not known to deliver stayers hence I am staying away from the race.Western Challenge, is the only proven animal here and can upset.

Tips: Western Challenge,

Race 3: Will be a very fast run race as all animals are genuine sprinters however if Scenic Silver, is asked to do his job he will floor this company and if not tried its anybodies race.I don't back H metha animals but if there is money on this horse consider it as a good bet.

Tips: Scenic Silver, Upset: Ocean Fairy,

Race 4: Another tricky race I personally have no confidence here but Swift Memories, has been well prepared and has enough experience to prevail but does have some fitness issues. King Arthur, will stay all day and keeping that in mind this Pesi reject can upset.

Tips: Swift Memories, Upset: King Arthur,

Race 5: Another tricky race but the choice of jockeys on the Wadhwan horses is interesting being a trophy race the intent is there but which one I am not sure.If the race is run on merit then the result is between Highland Music, and Star Of Roses, the first named is better

Tips:Highland Music, Star Of Roses,

Race 6 : Dear Henry, is a very strong headed animal and such animals are best left alone he does have merit but difficult to recommend the connection of Rajasthan Royals, have opted to accept him in a 80 and above race when he is rated at a 79 it is a indicator or intent the horse won very well last time and if ridden well can upset note.Su Chaliyo, is definitely the horse to beat.

Tips: Rajasthan Royals, Upset: Su Chaliyo,

Race 7: Draw 15 won help the chances of Besame Mucho, who has merit but will need a lot of luck.Capriole, has come up a lot and her last spurt suggest she will be the one to beat Royal Honour, who has done nothing wrong so far is the likely upset in this otherwise open race Hot Prospect, is the bolt from the blue.Be aware Oluchi (05/09/2011 Respiratory Infection) not worth a bet.

Tips:Capriole, Royal Honour, Upset: Hot Prospect,

Race 8: Zorba, and Charlie Cool, r est performed horse of the lot but is not genuine animals but this is a set of donkeys and I have a good feeling a Donkey may win this race I don't mean the horse but a jockey Romantic Beauty, is the one in question note
Tips: Charlie Cool, Upset: R Shelar

Race 9: Classic Ruler, has merit and H Mehta banker for a double or treble if he has a winner early on this horse will be tried and if he does not then he wont so make a call at race time.Chingari, is the danger to all and worth a each way bet.
Tips; Chingari,Classic Ruler,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just some pointer out of interest keeping in mind I dont follow Hydrebad just take this as a guide. Good Luck

Race 1: Pace will decide the faith of the race Guiding Light, looks to have a slight edge over the field.
Tips: Guiding Light,

Race 2: Vijayshaurya, should improve from his last run looks well prepared and well placed on handicap to win here.

Tips :Vijayshaurya,              Upset: River Side,

Race 3: Lake Blossom,        Upset: Zero Tolerance,

Race 4 : Spearhead, wont relish the underfoot conditions in hyd likes a softer surface his stablemate is better Arabian Prince, should make the running and will stay all day should put up a good show and should win.

Tips: Arabian Prince,

Race 6: Will be a straight fight between Aristos, and Cielo Rey, the former has a edge because of jockey.
Tips: Aristos,

Race 7: Aloisia,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pune 17th Sept 2011

After a disapointing friday hope today gets better looks mainly a favorite card where fancied runners should win.

Race 1: Zeki, is better of the two fancied runners and should win provided Catalyst, and Exuberance, sprout wings the latter is the likely upset.

Tips: Zeki,

Race 2: Ocean Princess,

Race 3: Will be a straight fight between Ancient Wonder, and Amouresque,  the first named has the stronger rider but the secnd named can upset if the jockey can handle him

Tips: Amouresque,Ancient Wonder,

Race 4: Vittoria, looks a nice type and should win however make note of Beyond Stars, who runs very well when fresh and will be right there to trouble the best Note.

Tips: Vittoria,                              Upset: Beyond Stars,

Race 5: Will be a Whadwhan 1-2

Tips: Star Future,Star Trainer,

Race 6: First Timers hence avoidable Cypress Point, is my choice on track to win from Calm Down Dear,

Race 7: Arzaan,  is tracking well enough to win here the danger is Taanush,  who can upset dont Ignore.

Tips: Arzaan,                 Upset : Taanush,

Race 8 : A Very Open race to end the day Visionist,  is the one to beat.

Tips: Visionist, Lake Geneva,          Upset: Sunlight Magic,

Days Best: Arzaan,  
Kaichi or Win Prospects: Arzaan,   Zeki,Ocean Princess, Vittoria,   Star Future,
Eachway or Place bets: Amouresque,Beyond Stars, Star Trainer,Taanush, Visionist,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pune 16th Sept

Todays card has small fields as upsets are likely, Good Luck everyone

Race 1: Vb with a field of unsound, Gamble and un genuine animals but is the race is run on merit then the result should be between 1-6-7. Dancing Jenny, is running amongst her peers has been tracking well and look ready to strike, Golden Kingdom,  was once rated as a good animal but had a setback and is not the fittest however being given 4 runs in 44 days suggest he is fit and best placed on handicap however has been a bleeder in the past, and Kimaya, who is the most consistant animal in this set has the best jockey and looks fit as per track. I personally dont back in such races but if Golden Kingdom, is on job today the market will indicate that then he will win and if not the other 2 will pick it up.

Tips: Golden Kingdom,Kimaya,                Upset: Dancing Jenny,(note for Upset)

Race 2: Cant understand the odds on Circus Ring, who was given a very easy run last time and would have won if he was tried can win today but as the rune goes with all Antia horses watch the flow of money as if his money is not on the horse yours wont matter be vary. In say all this I do believe 2 horses can beat the favorite if tried Queens Kiss, who has run 7 lengths behind Pronto Pronto and 3 behind Incognito with a easy run first up has a very good chance to beat the favorite here and Applaud, who was termed as a classic animal can upset them all if his legs hold up.

Tips:Circus Ring, Applaud,Upset: Queens Kiss,

Race 3: Clarion Call, will win here

Race 4: Will be a very competitive race and jockey merit will decide the faith of the race. Forward Charge, is my pick to beat Takestwototango, however this is a open race and being a small field anyone can win make note of Great White, for an upset.

Tips: Forward Charge,Takestwototango, Upset: Great White,

Race 5: Arctic Minstrel, on paper is outstanding however being a filly who is running her third race in 30 days is not to her advantage and it will pay to watch her condition in the paddock before you decide i personally feel sho wont run to her full potential and dont reccomend a bet on her if she wins good luck but not today. As there are many first timers its difficult to say what will be tried hoever the horse that can win here and I am positive he will be tried is Word Of Honour, who is a fast animal ran 2.3 lenghts behind Amedeus was given a easy run first up where he stumbled and was eased up will definately be tried today and if the favorite has lost condition he will win.

Tips: Word Of Honour,

Race 6: It is very interesting to see the connections of Golden Grace, have opted to run her in a higher class as she is a small animal and also ran a brave race last time but I dont reccomend a bet of H metha horses but do believe that if tried she will be hard to beat. This is a interesting race as all the animals here can win if the intent is there My money is on Ariane, today who is ready to strike dont ignore

Tips: Ariane,                    Upset: Solar Angel,

Race 7: Avoidable race as too many horses of unknow quality the favorite is not the fittest of animals and not a worth bet.

Tips: Aflame,

Race 8: The Top 5 horses should dominate the finish Orito, is tracking very well and is the one to beat, Awesomeness, is un sound but will trouble the best is tried. Make note of Always Smile,  as Antia always goes for a double so she has a very good chance if he has a winner earlier.

Tips: Orito,Awesomeness,                 Upset: Always Smile,

Race 9 : Winchester, will have his work cut out as Peregrine Falcon, Hickory, and Tag Along Tommy, will be there to reck the pace.

Tips: Peregrine Falcon,Hickory,     Upset : Teodor,

Days Best: Clarion Call,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Clarion Call, ArianeGolden Kingdom,
Eachway or Place bets: Dancing Jenny,Word Of Honour, Always Smile, Peregrine Falcon,
Bolt from the blue: Sterling Silver,

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Since I have some time and today some good cup races in Mysore hence my selections please note i don't follow Mysore at all so use your own judgement and have a ART full day.

Race 5: Horses 1-3-5-7-9 have merit to win if tried here, with negative or inconsistent jockeys over 5-9 leave the race to the 3.Caspian Sea, is tracking very well and competing against Six Gun Smith, who won well last time but is on promotion and Portatone, how is not the fittest animal and 7 flg may take the toll on him hence am fairly confident that if Caspian Sea, is tried today he will win or at worst place.

Tips: Caspian Sea,

Race 6: Loveatfirstsight, is a good animal that was a bit immature, looking at the track work she has come to hand and should prevail if the intent is there if not then
Matias, who will be right there can Upset.

Tips: Loveatfirstsight,

Race 7: Solmaz, was a impressive winner last time and should repeat, however make note of Chamcha In Chief, who is very impressive on the track and will be in the fray and is a likely upset.

Tips: Solmaz,

Race 8: This will be a very interesting race horses 1-2-3-4-5-8 are all in with a fair chance Siachen, runs best fresh and also likes soft underfoot conditions, however mile with 60kgs can be his undoing she will run a good race and should finish ahead of Sprint Star, who is in great form. One Life To Love, who was finishing well in her last run could have got the better of the above to but the current jockey does not give me the confidence Spark Of Gold, is a genuine miler at a decent handicap with the right jockey and is the one to beat from the rest Arts,  and Polish Patriot, are the likely upsets the second named can place if the jockey can handle the pressure however make note of Arts, today it is evident from his last run he is being prepared to come from off the pace did not have any luck in his last race but today with the wider draw will be the one that will be travelling the fastest and has a very good chance to upset Make note don't ignore

Tips: Spark Of Gold,          Upset: Arts,

Race 9: Open race but Flaming Lamborgini, is running the right distance and can beat the well prepared Camorra, if there is a upset here its likely to come from Able Associate,

Tips: Flaming Lamborgini,

Race 10: Sunny Express, should prevail if the intent is there if not then its anybodies race Cationic, and Scarlette,  are tracking well enough to keep him honest the first named should place and is worth noting.

Tips: Sunny Express,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pune 11 sept

Race 1: On Paper and current track Sweaty Betty, looks a good bet but has to beat the unsound Scintillo, and Katrina, whos las spurt was very good keep an eye on her in the ring

Tips: Sweaty Betty,

Race 2: This race looks to be between the 2 fancied runners Sugar Loaf, was given a shocking ride last time and lost interest today with the stable jockey who know the horse better he will run in better light however it will be a close call with  Spirit Of Mercy,Make note of Flashforward, who can sneak in a place.
Tips: Sugar Loaf,

Race 3: This is a very open race and any of the following horses can win 1-2-4-6-7-9-11 are all in with a fair chance look for value my first pick is Ashwa Prerna, who was given a easy run first up only negetive today is the wide draw but she will be the one to beat and worth a ew punt.C'est La Vie, has failed one too many times and today cant be backed with confidence in this open race make note of That's My Master, who can upset at long odds

Tips; Ashwa Prerna,   Titleist,                 Upset: That's My Master,

Race 4: Will be a very interesting finish here horses 1-2-3-7-8-9 all in with a fair chance Golden Heart, doesnot have much track since last run but like yesterdays results it is evident they they are being prepared either elswhere or in the dark which seems to be a trend of the big neamed owners.Tamarai,  who is well bred survived a nasty fall last time and hope the horse doesnot have issues due to that can win but hard to recommend.Royal Companion, has good merit and should be right there. Make note of Combined Operation, who ran a G2 race last time finished 9lenghts behind piccaso and Seceret service and the connections have decided to run him in a handicap race which is strange but if he is on job he can upset note.

Tips: Golden Heart,Royal Companion,          Upset: Combined Operation,

Race 5: Glowing Star, has been prepared well with this race in mind and par mishap should lift THE YOGENDER SINGH CUP. there are a few contenders but they all have to beat him,Frost Fairy, cant be ignored and should be right there.

Tips: Glowing Star,Frost Fairy,                  Upset: Cogito Ergo Sum,

Race 6: It is difficult to look past Pesis first timers however i dont reccomend a bet on any horse first run I have to admit Zakynthos, is tracking extremly well and should run a good race Storming Heart, Zorba, and Prince Arius, will keep him honest.

Tips: Zakynthos,                Upset: Prince Arius,

Race 7:Strelitzia, Macchupicchu,

Race 8: Open sprint with horses 2-8 haveing a fair chance Salt,  Dovers Hill, and the vastly improved Emerald Valley, are all in with a fair winning chance however it is imprtant not ignore Ashwa Paarth, who is running for the first time today but has run amongst far superior animals and if fit he will cause an upset should sneak in a place.

Tips: Emerald Valley,Dovers Hill, Upset: Ashwa Paarth,

Race 9: Avoidable race going by track and good draw my choices are as follows

Tips:Capitano, Good Looking,      Upset: Ocean Girl,

Race 10: Ibis, is my first choice to beat Arabian Rock, and Bonny Light,

Days Best: Glowing Star,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Glowing Star, Sweaty Betty,Sugar Loaf,Zakynthos,Emerald Valley,

Eachway or Place prospects: Ashwa Prerna,Frost Fairy,   Prince Arius, Strelitzia,Ashwa Paarth,Bonny Light,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pune 10 Sept

Race 1: Difficult race as a few tries the result should be confined to 2-4-5-6-7-8-10 so best to leave the race Royalty, has fitness issues so best to leave her good luck if she wins,True Elegance, is likely to be tried in a 5yo and over race but watch the market on her,Sizzling Love, has been tracking very well has the best jockey in the fray so worth a punt Daredevil, is running a handicap race in VB for the first time his true potential will be tested today and can upset.Flying Tackle, and Firemiss, can win too the second named is worth a look in the betting ring. Best to come late or leave this race.

Tips: Sizzling Love, Daredevil,

Race 2: Camacho,

Race 3: Lot of unsound horses with potential running here 1-3-5-8-9-11 have a fair chance how ever if Flashing Sword, is tried and does not breakdown she will win make note of her today Adams Vision, and Machala, will keep her honest Adams Vision, is a likely upset and worth considering for minor bets.

Tips: Flashing Sword,Machala,                Upset: Adams Vision,

Race 4: Legends Order, has merit but i don't believe he is worth a bet as a mile with 61 kgs on his back against some decent opposition wont go in his favor plus H metha factor where the flow of money will decide his faith are not good indicators for punter best to leave him alone. Horses 4-8 can beat him and the results will do the talking. Etiquette, on jockey/trainer combo merit has the best chance to win from Ocean Touch, who will be right there. Make note of Star Of Zoltan, in this set for a upset looks like he is now fit and can upset if his unsound body gives way.
Tips: Etiquette, Ocean Touch,            Upset: Star Of Zoltan,

Race 5: In my opinion Class Apart, is a false favorite, She is running after 50 days with one spurt to her name is a indicator that she had some issues after her last win in which she beat nothing of importance and most of that class 4 field had pretenders her run was very sluggish and I find it very difficult to see her match strides with some of the best Class 2 sprinters in the country good luck if she wins but halve your bets if you feel she is outstanding.Bullet,National Glory, and Highland Music, are the ones who will make her life miserable.the first named has age and jockey in favor the second named is fit and ready to strike and the last named who i believe has the best credentials will only fail if not tried. I feel the race is between the top 2 on handicap

Tips: National Glory,                                  Upset:  Highland Music,

Race 6: If fit Hills And Stars, should win Running Sun, is the obvious danger.

Race 7: Ashwa Prabir, is tracking very well after her last run and is the main contender the sprint will see her improve as she looks a very fast animal however my first pick is Super Hero, make note of him today being a Cup Race this horse will be tried regardless of the flow of money he is a very fast animal and was given a good forward run Unlike most Antia horses there is evidence of track work on the animal after the run and a half decent jockey indicates intent Since this company is an average quality I do consider his my days best bet.

Tips: Super Hero,

Race 8: There is no doubt that Cardinal, is a nice type but this set is a pre cursor for the Pune Derby with a very talented bunch of animals and the favorite wont have it easy Soneeyo, who had no luck last time will give the favorite a lot of trouble along with Astapi, Haunting Fantasy, and Saratoga Spring, its best to leave this race or take a Eachway chance on Soneeyo, who i do belive will win today

Tips: Soneeyo,Cardinal,                 Upset: Saratoga Spring,

Race 9": A few Gamble horses placed here and any of them are tried today it will make task of Red Tabasco, who was very impressive last win very difficult. Going by trackwork Shabdeez, and Fantastic, are the likely gamble horses

Tips:Shabdeez, Fantastic,                           Upset: Classic Ruler,

Race 10: Open race best to leave alone
Tips: Blue Mellon,Star Prince,         Upset: Arabian Fighter,

Days Best: Super Hero,

Likely Win and Kaichi prospects: Super Hero,Camacho,Hills And StarsEtiquette,
Eachway or Place bets: Shabdeez,Soneeyo,National Glory,Flashing Sword,Blue Mellon,
Bolt from the Blue: Highland Music,

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