Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year.

Hi Everyone.

  Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and may 2012 bring the best out of all of us.

Have a Wonderful Life



Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Hi guys have a great day and Happy New Year in advace.

AMEDUES will win Today make the most of it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mumbai 25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone some brief pointers due to time constraints. Have a great Festive season.

Race 1: Banana Boy,                     Upset: Star Blessings,

Race 2: Dancing Dame,

Race 3: Saints N Sinners,Bullet,

Race 4: Airplay,

Race 5: Octopaul, Celestial Call,       Upset: Vibgyor,

Race 6: Sorrento,                      Upset: Mausambahar,

Race 7: Winds Of Fortune,Angels Quest,

Race 8: Blue Flash, Kaskazi,                  Upset: Mountain Flora,

Days Best: Banana Boy,
Double: Banana BoySorrento,
Eachway or Place bets: Dancing Dame,Saints N Sinners,Octopaul, Winds Of Fortune,Blue Flash,

Bolt from the Blue: Mausambahar,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mumbai 18 Dec 2011

Today does look like a day of favorites or fancied runners. H Metha as usual has well placed runners however the intent of those horses will be evident at race time. I Wish Mr Mallya a very happy birthday and for the sake of the punters I hope he has a good day.

Race 1: On paper Flashforward, should win but being a H Metha horse its best to decide in the ring. If the former is not tried then the following horses have merit.horses 1-7-9-10-11 have some merit and it better to look for a value bet here if the favorite loses favor in the betting ring.Rio Del Ray, is tracking well and like the mumbai stretch and is definitely a horse that will keep the favorite honest.Stylish Strokes, has been consistent but off the track for a while.Alaska, ran a good forward mock race the distance is sharp but should be right there.Athos, is tracking well too and will be right there.

Tips: Flashforward,  Rio Del Ray,(note)       Upset : Alaska,

Race 2: First timers so hard to say plus all the horses here are well bred and in a forward condition so it will be a interesting finish.Asahi,Wings Of Glory, and Lavender Brown, my top 3 picks the first named will be the one to beat and the last named can surprise.

Tips :Asahi,Wings Of Glory,                         Upset: Lavender Brown,

Race 3: Awesome Smile,  will be tried for the first time is a nice animal and if all goes well should prevail in this set, horses to beat are 4-6-8-15.Jacques, showed a tremendous turn of foot in a mock race is the one to note and should be right there.El Wonder, has a bad draw but is tracking well has good initial speed and is the likely upset.

Tips: Awesome Smile, Jacques,                    Upset: El Wonder,

Race 4 : Be Cool, is a favorite by default but there are a few hidden horses here who can beat her. Horses 1-2-3-7-8-11 are the ones in question. Wild Imagination, probably has the best resume of the lot and will be fighting every inch of the way.Diamondzip, has merit but hard to recommend as the trainers intent is unknow.Grey Phantom, has some fitness issues but has now come to a very talented trainer with a bright future he can upset if he has come good.Super Swallow, and Herzeliyah, are closely matched you can never discount a Ramu horse in a cup race hence the first named can do it was seen finishing on along with the second named in the last run the second named was moving the better and if tried he will be right there.

Tips: Herzeliyah,Wild Imagination,         Upset: Super Swallow,

Race 5: First Timers hence avoidable but Alecto, has a very good Resume  as follows you do the maths.Dear Henry,Flying Glory,Hotstepper,Juventus,Czarina,Their Lil Sister,

Tips: Alecto,Ice Pick,      Upset: Patcha,

Race 6:Sergeant Pepper, is coming back after a long holiday has been on the track for a while without a race is a clear indication of the trainers lack of confidence on the horse plus carrying top weight and over a mile will make this a very Interesting race I do believe he will run a fair race and likely win it but I dont believe it will be easy hence its best to avoid or halve your bets. Neath, is a ordinary horse is receiving weight but no my cup of tea. King Julien, last run was good but nothing special.Smart Hunter, beat no one is a smart horse and will be in the fray of things.Sound Of River, is a one paced animal and its difficult to recommend her.Cypress Point, is a average horse but will run a fair race.However the horse that has caught my attention is Exuberance, who was given a very easy run last time came from nowhere to finish in the ruck and was moving very very well at the finish the fact that the trainer has opted for a good apprentice and claimed allowance shows intent carrying only 46.5 kgs and getting an average weigth of 9.5 kgs from all fancied runners over a mile will make a difference if the horse is tried which is likely and is worth a eachway or place bet.

Tips: Sergeant Pepper,Upset: Exuberance,

Race 7: Amadeus, has merit but lack of track work is a problem if he is fit he will win.Batista, is the only danger if any.

Tips: Amadeus,         Upset: Batista,

Race 8: This is a funny race as besides Star Alliance, the rest of the runners are running outside their pet distance. Camacho, is not outstanding but has a fair chance on jockey skills.Rajasthan Royals, is the danger and should be right there can upset note.

Tips : Camacho, Upset: Rajasthan Royals,


1) Astapi,: has come to hand ran a good race first up is just short of class here will the one bringing them in the straight will stay the trip and can finish on board, winning would be a great achievement for the upcoming trainer but is unlikely.

2) Cardinal, : Beautiful animal and a great galloper will get the mile but this Great Grand Uncle of Speed Six has a short burst plus the fact that he has only beaten horses like H Fantasy dims his chances will run a brave race can win but will have be at his best to do so.

3) El Clasico, : survived near death along with the jockey in pune. This is the horse that has improved by miles since being gelded his mock race was outstanding and his gallop was good enough for me to say that if there is a Upset he is the one. will have no problems staying the mile and will probably stay further should place and can win dont Ignore.

4) Knighton, : has done nothing wrong so far in this company the trip may be a bit sharp for him however he is a long striding horse and will relish the mumbai straight will be finishing on and will be right there.

5 ) Picasso,: He is the better of the Psi horses stamina is a ?? but in mile should not have any trouble been tracking well and loves the mumbai straight the jockeys talent is great and with some luck will finish in the top 3.

6) Pronto Pronto,: coming back after a long lay off has a great heart but will need a great run and effort to beat this set should run abrave race but I think he needs time.

7) Pronto Star, : If he wins here Y S Shrinath will be going for a very long holiday.

8) Sheriff,: 200-1

9) Speed Six,: This Great Gand Nephew of Cardinal has always had a lot of hype and support is a very nice animal with a very bad temprament. I have noticed over time that bangalore horses dont perform well first up on the mumbai track which is a negative too. Positive is the jockey which will be the deciding factor It would be a wonderful Birthday gift for Vijay Mallya if he win I dont like his chances but I do hope he wins for the sake of the Owners.

10) Indomitable, 200-1

This is a beautiful race to watch, Class,temperament and stamina will decide the winner along with a bit of luck. Although I do believe Picasso, is the best of the fancied runners and will run a brave race along with Speed Six, and Cardinal, my gut feeling is that there will be a upset and as mentioned before El Clasico,  and Knighton, are good candidates to do that hope Dallas Todiwalla comes to pick up the prize in a Mexican Suit.

Tips : Picasso,El Clasico,                 Upset: Knighton,

Race 10 : Mountain Prince, is a better animal then Coccinella, and should reflect that in the results however the large field will do no favors to the fancied runners who are drawn wide. Horses that can upset here are 1-3-11-12-16 and should be considered for minor bets or combinations.Celsius, has a good draw and can make it a start to finish affair,Golden Memory, was seen finishing on well in her last run and as most M Shah horses has a good chance to repeat and can upset.Hammerhead, gets a chance due to jockey factor but the horse that can win here is Royal Honour, if the jockey can take a good start he will be right there.

Tips: Mountain Prince,Royal Honour,         Upset: Celsius,

Days best: Awesome Smile,
Double: Awesome Smile,Amadeus,
Treble: Awesome Smile,Amadeus,Mountain Prince,
Win or Kaichi Bets: Awesome Smile,Amadeus,Mountain Prince,Sergeant Pepper,Camacho,Flashforward,
Eachway or Place bets: Royal Honour,El Clasico, Knighton,Exuberance,Herzeliyah,Super Swallow, El Wonder,Rio Del Ray,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bangalore 17 Dec 2011

After a disaster on expected grounds yesterday hope it gets better today balanced card but can go either way.

Race 1: VB div 2 race with Sharat Kumar and B Puttanna having 5/11 runners is a minefield for punters best to avoid.

Tips: Royal Music, Powergrid,               Upset: Big Secret,

Race 2: First timers hence avoidable.Magical, will run a good race can win note. from the rest Meghalaya, Dominator, and Aubern Beauty, are also in a forward condition.

Race 3: Magic Wave, is tracking well and looks to have improved after being gelded should win if the intent is right however make note of horses 2-6-7-9 as if any of these are tried they can upset. Bonanza, is tracking well too.

Tips: Magic Wave, Bonanza,              Upset: Turf Fame,

Race 4: Looks a straight fight between Formidable, and Savvy Concept, the second named is better on handicap but the first named should improve after last run.

Tips: Formidable, Upset: Savvy Concept,

Race 5: Horses 2-3-5-6-11 should fight out for honors.Hamsafar, always runs best when fresh being a small horse and carrying 60 kgs is the only worry however he will be the one to beat.Blue Origin, will there unless the intent is not there.Sun Gold,  is the likely upset .

Tips: Hamsafar,Blue Origin,            Upset: Sun Gold,

Race 6: Class should prevail here horses 1-4 have that.Missoni, is probably better placed on handicap and tracking well too should be the one to beat but Atlantus, and Rare And Precious, have the heart to win the first named is carrying a back breaking weight but with S John, the fast pace and the wide draw will help him save the best for last will be moving the fastest along with Rare And Precious, and may the best horse win.

Tips:  Atlantus, Missoni,Upset: Rare And Precious,

Race 7: Cant recommend a bet on Zultanite, who is nice animal but running after setback and a long layoff there are some smart gallopers in this set and the wide draw adds doubts can win but not for me.
Horses 2-3-7-8-9 have some merit to fight for honors.Shivalik Prince, is a good animal but also coming back after a layoff. Sudden Magic, lost to a good animal and should improve from that run.Shoot Out, ran a fair race after a long lay off the extra 200mts will help and should be right there.Grand Success, ran a good forward race last time well placed on handicap and would improve from last run can place win is unlikely.Summer Sun, is the dark horse here positive change of rider and equipment shows intent keeping in mind that he has beat horses like Sovetskaya and Chul Bul Pandy when tried says a lot and they are smart horses and if you are looking for a upset he is the one note.

Tips :Sudden Magic,Shoot Out,              Upset: Summer Sun,

Race 8: Eagle Claws, whos first run is the best is coming back from a setback and long layoff hence avoided.Ultimate Fantasy, after winning by a distance has a negative equipment change and the speedy Current Ray, is ignored because of the jockey. which leave only 4 horses with merit.Deep Blue Sky, who has won 7 flgs in the past has good initial speed to keep up with the pace and if the intent is there he will upset here note.Win Again, won very well last time but today will have to match strides with Romance In The Air, who has very good speed can win but on handicap and past records the latter is better.The Spartan, comes in the equation on jockey merit win is unlikely but place is a possibility.

Tips ; Romance In The Air, Win Again,          Upset: Deep Blue Sky, (note)

Eachway or place bets: Deep Blue Sky,Summer Sun,Atlantus,Hamsafar,Bonanza,Magical,

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bangalore 16th Dec

A very confusing card today best to go slow as it clearly looks like a day of surprises. The Bheramji Clan have good runners and if they are serious it will be worth following.

Race 1: Very very open race first up with as many 3 gamble horses and 8 likely contenders hence its best to halve your bets or leave the race.the 3 horses on which a likely gamble is possible are Jeyem, Cute Angel, and Atomic Queen, the first named is down in class after 2 easy runs the second named is fit and well and ready to strike and the last named has spurted well recently and if money comes their way they can match swords of the above 3 the last named is better provided he takes a level jump. from the rest horses 3-5-6-8-11 are also likely contender,Star League, is down in class had a easy run first up and looks fit and ready can win if tried, Smart Edition, has been stripped fitter since last run can win but has blood vessel issues hence cant recommend,Everglades, is the horse that has merit his last run was good considering the fact that he has had Lamintis and was running after a 4 month break the jockey indicates intent and he will be right there Amber Star, needs to improve at the gates is one of the horses who can win if he runs but hard to suggest,Neel Gagan, could not pace with the speedy S Blast but ran a fair race 6 flg is to his advantage and he will be in the top 3 today can win. If all horses are run on merit the following are my picks.

Tips :Star League, Neel Gagan,               Upset: Everglades,

Race 2: Hard To Pin Down, has disappointed twice this season is going down in distance and is a favorite due to jockey factor, however I cant justify supporting a horse who has finish 16lths behind the winner on the 2 occasions he was fancied best to avoid.Enduring Speed, and Star Of Desire, are closely matched the first named has failed too many times to suggest a bet but the second named is improving with every run and should be the one to beat but keep in mind the jockey on him comes from S dominics stable hence market trend will be worth watching.From the rest horses 1-2-7 have a lot of merit and I wont be surprised if a winner comes from them.Endurance, finished an un interested 6th last time positive change of jockey and equipment suggest intent and if I am right he will be the one to beat.Kripa, has changed ownership and ran a very good race last time when he beat some good horses the handicap and last spurt suggest she will be right there should easily place can win too.A Move To Remember, is the joker in the pack will run a much better race then last time look ready to strike the wide draw is a problem but will run a fair race.

Tips :(note) Endurance,Kripa,                   Upset: A Move To Remember,

Race 3: No Doubt, won with authority and should repeat as the company does look weak.Hillarious, has come up a lot since last run if there is intent he will be right there.Abbys Baby, is the dark horse can place at good odds.

Tips ;No Doubt, Hillarious,                          Upset: Abbys Baby,

Race 4:Can be a tricky race  Shuddering, is better then Scarlet Knight, due to jockey factor,Sweet Timer, and Nectar Crown, are very well placed on handicap, the second named likes to come off the pace wide draw and jockey who has a very good seat will see him flying should finish in the top 3 note. The Senator,Methodical, and Six Shooter, are good horses gone wrong I have a feeling there will be a gamble on the last named and It will pay to watch the market and decide.

Tips :Shuddering, Note Nectar Crown,            Upset: Sweet Timer,

Race 5 :I hope luck favors Trainer JS Pillay who has a bright future and has done wonders to Spark Of Silver, who is better then Nessie, and should finish in that order.Sky Train, is tracking well has come up a lot but a horse that has been fancied in all his runs but only won 3 races does not give confidence plus the fact that he is carrying 61.5 kgs after a long break of 4 months wont do ant favors. This race being a combined race for horses in class 1 and 2 I am inclined to go for class. Horses 1-2-10 represent class.Soberano, can win or place but the S K Sunderji of Bangalore gives me no confidence because of the in and out running of his horses. Mighty Heart, ran a brave race his name says it all, the jockey is a talented rider only when he wants to also knows the horses he rides and being a Cup race he is not there for a picnic will be one of the main contenders. Able Associate, last run was very very good seen finishing on and moving the best at the end the trainer has managed to bring him down a lot in weights and today with the positive change of equipment and Jockey I can see him finishing the fastest should win.

Tips: Able Associate,Spark Of Silver,         Upset: Mighty Heart,

Race 6: Best to avoid TorolocoChauhan has opted for ownermates Bourne Supreme, after giving the former a mock race ??? Colour Of Money, has the right jockey today and will trouble the best.

Tips ; Bourne Supreme,  Upset :Colour Of Money,

Race 7: At The Helm, and Mountain Of Joy, should fight it out jockeys talent will prevail.Miss Ching, has improved a lot and will relish the step up in distance can upset.

Tips:  At The Helm,                  Upset: Miss Ching,

Race 8: Bad race to end the day Lucky Sam, is not so lucky when he has such a hopeless trainer Thejaguar, just failed last time and Inquisition, who is tracking well coming back after a set back.

Tips: Thejaguar,Inquisition,                      Upset: Lucky Sam,

Days Best: No Doubt,
Double: No Doubt,At The Helm,
Kaichi or Win Prospects: No Doubt,At The Helm,Shuddering,Thejaguar,
Eachway or Place prospects: Miss Ching,Able Associate,Mighty Heart,Nectar Crown,Hillarious,Endurance,Star League,Everglades,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mumbai 15 Dec 2011

Today is a day for gambles Antia and H Metha horses hold the key how dont be afraid to look for horses of value who have from and or are tracking well.

Race 1: This race could be a death trap for punters as there are many conridicting horses in this race.Kaskazi, and Kalinga Star, are inter connected if one is tried the other wont. As ber the mock race and form Kalinga Star, will be tried and if I am right he will be hard to beat. Radical Mackie, should have won last time but was not ridden to win best to see the flow of money on her see can place but winn looks unliky. Glowing Mist,Sparkler, and Cavalryman, are also inter connected by trainers and jockies. Cavalryman, has the best chance as has the best credentials on handicap if tried will be the one to beat. Emerald Romance, is a dark horse here has been given 2 oppisite runs this season i.e one for the back and one from the front. I dont think she will be tried today but keep an eye on her as her trainer definatly never knows when his horses are ready.

Tips:Kalinga Star, Cavalryman,                    Upset :Emerald Romance,

Race 2:Tricky race Lake Michigan, on handicap has a good chance but his fitness is a ?? as he has been on track twice in 3 months and the track has been easy too which indicates a lack of fitness best to leav him alone as he is not out standing.Lyrical Symphony, and Living The Dream, are closely matched on handicap but the former was given a easy run first up and the lack of track is decieving as most of us know Shirke and Dhunjuboy horses are prepared on there farms hence she will be ready to strike as she seems to be targated for this race make note.Scholar, has a stiff penalty but class is there keeping in mind all 3 runners will be sprinting in the last 2 flgs he has a great edge as he is the fastest of the lot.

Tips: Lyrical Symphony,                Upset: Scholar,

Race 3: Interesting race and a good finish is expected.the winner should come from 3-6-7. Great White, and Stardom Bound, are closely matched the former is a better animal but not the fittest, the latter belongs to a gamble trainer who is consistantly inconsistant and the market will decide her faith. However make not of Zaracha, here the connections have opted to run her in a higher class which is a clear incater of intent as he can take full advantage of the bottom wieght and he will be running well make note can win.

Tips:Great White, Upset: Zaracha, (note)

Race 4: Equiano, has a lot of merit but the owners intent is the problem should be right there if tried.Desert Eagle, is well bred but intent is a ??.Sprauncy, is one horse that can beat them all today with blinkers will be hitting the front has been tracking very well and should run in a different light here make note if she is tried which is likely she will win.Red Sensation, has been given too many chances now new ownership so may run a indifferent race can place if tried which is unlikely.Savage Garden, is not the best on handicap.By The Way,( R.Hughes).. Owners (local gangster son Hamid Sabooni & ex comitee member and steward  P. M. Rungta...  The prize money in the race to win is Rs 97000.. R hughes charges more then that to ride per race do your maths as form is not relevant.

Tips:Equiano,  Upset: Sprauncy, (note)

Race 5: Star Lady, seem to have come to hand and if trackwork reflects form she won have trouble winning here as the rest of the feild isvery average.Wells Fargo, and Fairy Queen, can place.

Tips: Star Lady,

Race 6: Looks a straight fight between 2-3-5-7 Mystic Temple, has the best chance on jockey merit.Saba,  is the joker in the pack if fit can upset.

Tips ;  Mystic Temple, Upset: Saba,

Race 7: Horses 1-2-3-11 should dominate the finish here Gossip, is better on handicap then Mountain Warrior, who has a benifit of a easy run both are closely matched as both have decent jockies the first named is better.Distant Promise, is tracking well but belongs to a gamble owner so racetime odds will indicate intent i dont think he will be tried here. Make note of Spook, who has been recently gelded has had a benifit of a good mock race and looks racing fit and if he keeps his mind on the job today he will win.

Tips ; Gossip, Mountain Warrior,Upset :Spook, (note)

Race 8: Very interesting race jockeys talent will decide the winner. Viva La Diva, last run was very impressive if she is tried she will win.Ocean Emperor, and Matilda, have a good chance because of the jockey if the last named has improverd her gate manner she will be the one to beat.

Tips: Viva La Diva, Upset: Matilda,

Race 9: A Very bad race Electra, is probably the contender because of the declared jockey hence given a fair chance. From the rest any of the following horses if tried can win horses 4-5-6-7-8-9-12 are the ones in question.Firemiss, has merit but the owners intent is a ?? Mcqueen, may be tried in a 4yo and over race. Star Of Zoltan, has form and benifit of a run and inside draw should be tried and should place at worst. River Tern, has some merit but prakash,s choice of the other horse dims his chances,Quick Returns,Hills And Dales, and Dancing Jenny, are dark horses who can be tried at any time the second named is tracking very well can upset if tried.

Tips: Electra,Star Of Zoltan,              Upset: Hills And Dales,

Race 10: Sugar Loaf, is a good animal but coming back from a setback at training can win here but its better watch his performance as he will need time good luck if he wins but not recomended.Pablo Neruda, has been really scrubbed in racing form should be right there and looks like the one to beat.Star Builder, and Classic Ruler, both have the better jockies the first named has a gamble trainer and the second named has a gamble owner both connections always go for a double or treble and both have relevant horses in previous races that can win hence these banker however if their horses dont do will in earlier races they wont be tried hence its best to watch the market at racetime and decide.if both were run on merit the second named is better.Persian,  and Stuntacular, are dark horses here and can cause a upset. The first named had no luck in his last run and should not be over looked today.Stuntacular, is a full brother to star prince and is tracking well and looks well prepared will upset the lot if tried note.

Tips: Sugar Loaf,Pablo Neruda, Upset: Stuntacular,(note)

Days Best: Star Lady,
Double: Star Lady,Lyrical Symphony,
Win or Kaichi bets: Star Lady,Lyrical Symphony, Mystic Temple,Viva La Diva, Electra,
Eachway or Place bets: Kalinga Star,StuntacularSpook,Sprauncy, Zaracha,Cavalryman,
Bolt from the Blue: Hills And Dales,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mumbai 11-12-2011

Race 1: I am a bit surprised to see Rancho, at theses odds. The first run the horse dint have a clue what he had to do is one paced and looked very immature, has been given a lot of work outs to get hem ready for this race can win but is not outstanding not worth a bet Under even money. Horses 1-5-6-9-10 have a fair chance of beating the favorite here.Carlyle Hills, is fit and well placed on handicap,Light My Way, and Vincero, are different class animals both coming back after a setback the first named was wieghing abt 50kgs more then his normal racing wieght will be stripped fitter and the second named ran a good race after making come back after a year last spurt was good and its up to the trainer on which horse he will try as he holds the key to a upset here.Cogito Ergo Sum, is nothing special but has been tracking very well should be right there.

Tips: Cogito Ergo Sum,Carlyle Hills,  Rancho,     Upset: Vincero,

Race 2: If Stromboli, has come to hand she should win but Snow Blaze, will keep her honest runs well when there are no false rails and should be right there today.

Tips:Stromboli,                                Upset: Snow Blaze,

Race 3:First timers so hard to say  Angels Quest, has a benifit of a good run and some nice track work to follow will be the one to beat, from the first timers horses 2-4-7-9 are tracking very well Secret Weapon, looks a smart animal but a late foal will be right there. Victorious March,  is an early foal and been tracking well will be right there can win.Make note of Mighty Splendor, who is well bred and best on track dont worry about the jockey if there is intent which is likely he will win.

Tips:Angels QuestVictorious March,                  Upset: Mighty Splendor,

Race 4: A Very open and interesting race but horses 3-5-6-8-9-10-11 will dominate the finish. Brave Gypsy, Visionaire, and Last Tango, are gamble horses and if money comes on them they will perform the first named has a good jockey but not a genuine gamble horse, the second named has merit but the flow of money will be the deciding factor is tracking well but has not won a race since feb 2010.the last named is well placed on handicap but track work suggest fitness issues.Sizzling Love, won well and has a good jockey but the terms dont favor him, Divine, is a H Metha reject now the trainer has to pay for his upkeep and as evident with other reject horses of the same owner its evident he is trying then to win some stakes money his last spurt suggest he will be hitting the front which best suits him and if tried he will be right thereBonny Light, has merit but the wide draw wont help her chances as she like the rails.Ibis, is a horse that can win here today and if trackwork reflects form young trevor will do the rest is worth a good eachway bet.

Tips:(note) Ibis,Visionaire,                Upset: Divine,

Race 5: Blackjack, is a nice animal but not the fittest plus I have lost faith in the trainers ability hence I cant see a lot of improvement in her can win but not out standing.Royal Highness, and Venus Rosewater, are out handicapped.Star Warrior, is a horse who can redeem himself today has been well prepared by Antia who as we all know will send his horse out in the best condition when he wants them to win,Moon Flower, ran a very good race last time was beaten by some classy animals and is the danger to all.Scarface, does not need a introduction but the jockey who is not the best judge of pace will do the horse no favors.

Tips: Star Warrior,               Upset: Moon Flower,

Race 6: Very Open race and the best horse on the day will win lukc will aslo play a major role. Star Future, first run is his best run and placed well on handicap he will be the horse to beat. Attila, is tracking very well is the best performed horse on this track and has a fair chance with the jockey. Star Trainer, can not be discounted as an upset will be right there.

Tips: Star Future,Attila,                     Upset :Star Trainer,


1) Alma Mater, Have to admit that I dint have a big opinion on the filly but when she won her second race in a good company my opinion has totally changed as she is horse that has a lot of accelaration and has still got room to improve. Prakash in my opinion would konw all the fancied runners as he has worked them all and has been handed a very good animal with a very good chance.The with draw is the only negetive but for a horse that has a good temprament it can overcome it.

2) Black Magic Woman,: She won well first up and will stay a mile is a nice type who will run a great race but Ladjadj Stephane who knows her well has opted for her stablemate tell a lot but she will be right there.

3 )  Botswana, Just could not catch up the tiring St Catz. Ha come up a lot since then, is the owners fist choice as per the jockey declared but there are better horses here will be in the fray can place but win is a bit difficult to see.

4) Capriole, lacks class but will run a fair race.

5) Class Apart,: Lacks class

6) Haunting Fantasy, : Ran a good race first up but the slow pace suited her today with a fast pace her chances of staying the trip are limited.

7 ) Hills And Stars,: Best of the Whadwans is a very talanted animal. No problems with distance and fitness won the derby because she was the best stayer of the lot will be in the fighting line but being a mile will have to be a very good horse to win.

8) Indomitable, 200-1

9) Lake Paradise, I do think very highly of the horse but her dislike of the whip doesnot do her any favors however it is important to understand she will be coming off the pace and if she has the class will be in the fray may place her.

10) Queens Kiss, : If she wins in this set Lagad will be suspended for a long time.

11) Rebecca, : was very impressive and looking at the manner of victory she will stay the mile negetive is she is running in a span of 7 days but if there is a upset at big odds she will be the one.

12) Romantique, She is one of the more interesting horses in the race but her mock race indicated he lacks the initial speed to be up with the pack hence loses her chances current track suggest she has been given some good speed tracks and she can run a good race but she needs more distance will run the oaks in a different light in similar company.

13) Smashing,: without doubt the most talked about horse since Set Alight. has a decent jockey aboard but this will be her test of stamina not class.She won well beating a tiring Esmeraldo with the last flg run in 12.8 secs whis is very average. she won the race on class and not on stamina I just dont think the class vs stamina performance will do her favor against some classy horses Pesi has raced her away from good horses and tracked her for the mile but she will have to be at her best in this set which i doubt Great horse but does not have the full package. I would like her to win but I am not holding my hopes.

14) St Catz,: Talanted horse, will stay but the jockey and the wide draw will not do her any favors and as I have said earlier ownermates horse is better in that terms. but if the jockey can settle her early shae will be right there.

15 ) Vittoria, : Systamaticly Prepared, Un beaten, Good jockey, no problems staying average draw but out of form trainer. Over all she will be the to 3 has a great heart and a fantastic temprement which are important factors to win big races.

In big races I look for things like Class, temprament, potential and Jockey and a little bit of luck on that basis Alma Mater, is my first pick to beat Vittoria, and Black Magic Woman, with Rebecca, thrown in for a good surprise.

Tips: Alma Mater,Vittoria,Black Magic Woman,               Upset :Rebecca,

Race 8: Scarlet Pimpernel, should win from Prince Of Troy,

Days best: Alma Mater,
Double: Alma Mater, Scarlet Pimpernel,
Kaichi or win bets: Alma Mater, Scarlet Pimpernel,Star Warrior,Stromboli,
Eachway or place bets: Cogito Ergo Sum,Snow Blaze,Ibis,Star Future,Rebecca, Prince Of Troy, Victorious March,

Bolt from the blue: Mighty Splendor,

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