Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bangalore 31 May 2009

Race 1: Let The River Run, is the one to beat in this set Stormy River, will be the one to beat.  Attaturk, can run a place

Tips: Let The River Run,Stormy River,                         Upset: Attaturk,

Race 2: Siph Salar, has a slight edge due to some experience to win over Son Of The Soil, who is running first up. Make note of   Grand Topaz, in this set is tracking well is a decent horse that has never been extended and dont be fooled by the Jockey can upset is worth a small eachway punt.

Tips:Siph SalarSon Of The Soil,                                               Upset:Grand Topaz,

Race 3: very bad race follow the flow of money Commandperformance, is my first pick to win from  Draupadi, or Sun Device

Race 4: Special Charm,  should make ammends today to win from Mighty Monarch, or Alacrity

Race 5: On Paper One, should not have any trouble winning here but its hard to predict if she is fit condition as her trackwork is average. Enduring Star, ran a very good race first up and today will be the danger to all and my first pick to beat Acridian, or One, . Make note of Phoenix Reach, who will be in the top 3 and can upset is worth a small eachway bet.

Tips: Enduring Star,One,                                               Upset: Phoenix Reach

Race 6: Icebreaker, has a big task ahead of her specially when she is coming down in distance and drawn 1 in a 12 horse field with jockey who either likes to hit the front or come from the extreme outside not my cup of tea. Hence the race is wide open my top 3  are Diego Rivera, who looked very good in the mock race but has to beat Southern Empire, who is one horse that cant be over looked today dint have the luck last time when he was checked and eased up at the 150. I think he is back in form and will be the Joker in the pack. Aristos,  will be in the top 3 I personally believe he was better moving then D Revira in the M R

Tips:Southern Empire,Aristos,  Diego Rivera,                            

Race 7:Kajuraho,if tried will be hard to beat from   Join The Party

Tips: Kajuraho,  Join The Party,              Upset: Win Prettybaby,

Race 8: Smart N Special, is my first pick to win from Powerfuldreams, or Orientation
Tips: Smart N Special,Powerfuldreams,                    Upset: Orientation

Days Best:Special Charm,  

Reasons Why We Indians Cannot be Terrorist

1. We are always late; we would have missed all 4 flights.

2. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves.

3. With free food & drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're There

4. We talk with our hands;therefore we would have to put our weapons down.

5. We would ALL want to fly the plane.

6. We would argue and start a fight in the plane.

7. We can't keep a secret; we would have told everyone a week before doing it.

8. We would have put our country's flag on the windshield.

9. We would have postponed the mission because a cricket match was going on that day

10. We would all have fallen over each other to be in the photograph being taken with one of the hostages.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bangalore 30 may

Good luck all 

Race 1: This is a funny race to start the day with Gurujosh, is tracking ok but first run so hard to judge. Mr Ambassador, is tracking well and has a benifit of a run is running with a negetive Jockey and Shoe (S). Coorg Honey, who also has a benifit of a run and tracking well does have a  good jockey but Negetive shoe (S)  and lastly Spark Of Salerno, who has  positive Run/Shoe change (A) / Track work / Draw and a average Jockey hence it will pay to decide in the ring or leave the race. I personally will be taking a small EW punt on  Spark Of Salerno,

Tips:Spark Of SalernoMr Ambassador,  Coorg Honey,                

Race 2: Leonardo, who has a benifit of a easy mock race and is tracking well enough to win here from Flower Alley, who has run in better company but is tracking average.

Race 3: Too many First times hence hard to judge best to leave the race alone Hide And Seek,  is my first pick to beat Six Shooter

Tips: Hide And SeekSix Shooter,                                  Upset: Spark Of Joy,

Race 4: Corbett, should easily make ammends Par Mishap Spark Of Jewel, should follow Regal Glory, fitness is a question mark 

Tips: Corbett,  Spark Of Jewel,                             Upset: Regal Glory,

Race 5: Chintz, is a filly that is running first up with 62 kgs and Drawn (11) in a sprint that is a lot to do hence is avoidable as a betting proposition today.which only leaves 3 horses 1-3-6. Rashida, whi running after a break of 4 months is tracking ok and has a slight edge over ChintzRoyal Bank, who had a decent record in winter is running in steel plate however its important to know that th only time he has won is in steel plate hence my first pick to beat Rashida, but it will be a very close toss up betwen the two. Make note of Pinaakini, in this set as she runs well fresh and as there are not a lot of contenders she can spring a surprise at long odds or atleast place.

Tips:Royal Bank,Rashida,                                             Upset:Pinaakini,

Race 6: Classerville, is a much improved horse and fit enough to give Aboline, a run for the money specially with a recipt of 5 kgs the finish will be interesting. Own Voice,  should place


Race 7: Salsera, is very nicely placed on handicap and is the one to beat however my first pick is Milford, to beat the former. Make a note of Dare Don, in this set he can upset or atleast place as he is in very good form and with 55kgs he can spring a surprise

Tips;   Milford,Salsera,                                               Upset:Dare Don,

Race 8: Social Climber, has beaten nothing great to date hence can be beaten as 62 kgs is a lot to carry first up however not a lot of horses Seem interested and most seem to out for a run. My First Pick is Gara Fluid, who ran a very good race first up and has a positive change of jockey to beat Zamalek, who at 47.5 kgs can sprout wings make note

Days best:  Corbett
Eachway bets: Spark Of Salerno,Pinaakini,(small),Dare Don,(small)Zamalek,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bangalore Day 4

Race 1: Gloriosa, has not beaten any horse of value so far hence avoided . Tanzanite, was finishing on well and has run in far superior company hence my first choice to win over Hatsuhaana, who is tracking extremely well and is the danger to all.Poetic, is the joker in the pack

Tips:TanzaniteHatsuhaana,                              Upset: Poetic,

Race 2: first timers but Mega Joy, can be the one to beat should easilky place from Brunetta, make note of Sandalwood Star, he can upset toady a good odds as the company is weak

Tips: Mega Joy,Brunetta,                          Upset: Sandalwood Star,

Race 4: Mystic Quest, is tracking well enough to merit attention Snow Peaks, is the danger along with Russian Dancer,  who will be in top 3.

Tips: Mystic Quest,Russian Dancer,                      Upset" Snow Peaks,

Race 5: Very open race but Cielo Rey, is my first pick to beat Star Of MarmaladeCruising, who looks a good place bet can upset dont ignore

Race 6: The Pearl, should pick up THE MINISTERIAL TROPHY from Savvy Concept, who is tracking very well Natouchka, is the dark horse

Tips:The Pearl,Savvy Concept,                            Upset:Natouchka,

Race 7: Daring Instinct, is my first pick to win from Track Wonder, .

Tips: Daring Instinct,Track Wonder,                     Upset:Evening Rhapsody,

Days best:The Pearl,

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