Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mumbai 23-02-2014

Race 1:A wide open race and tactics will dominate the finish. Highraz, who is a very small framed horse is sitting on a good handicap and has the best jockey to guide her fortunes should be the one to beat,Knight Of Ke, is a genuine galloper but burst her blood vessel last run if its hot it will be hard to back her she will run a good race if all goes well. Belmont, is a late galloper and like a very fast pace with only one horse that is likely to dominate the pace it is hard judge him, Haunting Moments, although carrying top weight has the potential but it wont be easy. Hawker, should go on a start to finish mission today but no track work is a mystery.

Tips: Highraz,

Race 2: Song Saa, should make amends today but has to beat Sheer Romance, and the in form Heatwave,

Tips: Song Saa

Race 3: A wide open race and looks like many horses have been prepared with this race in mine most of them belong to KND and Shirke connections.Winston,Demonstrator ( winner of this race in 2012), Picasso, and Set To Fly,  are the ones that will be in contention for a win. The last named although has a work jockey is the one on a good handicap and has been working very well has beaten the First named twice and can do it again if you set Winston as par who is a fancied runner then he cant be ignored make note if the connection are serious he will win. the third named had a easy run first up as he was running after a long spell today is the day he will be tried and can win.Demonstrator has a fair chance her has to hit the front age is against him but will run a good race.

Tips: Set To FlyPicasso,               Upset: Demonstrator 

Race 4: Will be a very fast run race and it will suit second win animals Emperor Of France, and
 Rio, are the ones that will be suited the most.

Tips: Emperor Of France, Upset: Rio, (note)

Race 5: A wide open race being a 12flg race Danse DebonaireIce Cool,  and Razeenaa, are my top 3 but any one can win this race.

Tips: Danse Debonaire,  Upset:  Ice Cool,  

Race 6: Always a open race Be Safe, has done nothing wrong so far but will be tested today in particular by SolomonWar Command, and Tatiana, the first two named need a mention as both will improve a lot from their last run and will give the favorite a very tough time. I strongly believe War Command, is a better animal then his stablemate was a bit immature earlier but with his current preparation he will be the one to beat Solomon won well last time and will be even better today.

Tips: War Command,Solomon

Race 7: First timers hard to say.Marcos, and Divine Spark, are tracking well and have a fair chance if tried.

Tips: Marcos, Upset: Divine Spark,

Race 8: VB best to avoid.

Tips: Diamondzip,Rashun,              Upset: Dhishkyaon,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mumbai 16 Feb 2014

Race 1: Track work and form suggest Top Commander, should win here however make note of Striking Story, don't worry about the jockey the horses is good enough to upset over this distance.

Tips: Top CommanderUpset: Striking Story,

Race 2: A wide open race Antia has a few runners here and its hard to say which one will be tried.My Freedom, and Sunshine Heart, are well placed on handicap and tracking well enough to suggest they will be tried. Best to avoid the race of take a chance on My Freedom, today.

Tips: My Freedom, Sunshine Heart,            Upset: Earth Orbit,

Race 3: AeacusStar Forceand Queen's Camp, should improve a lot after their last runs and they should dominate the finish. However as the field is big any thing can happen best to avoid the race of halve your bets.

Tips: AeacusStar ForceUpset Queen's Camp,

Race 4 : Dynamo,Jimbo, and Brindaban, are my short Listed 3 in this open race the first named has the best credentials. Make note of the last named she is on a good handicap and will run a very good race can upset if the jockey is up for it.

Tips:  Dynamo,Jimbo, Upset: Brindaban,

Race 5: Tricky race Double Or Quits, has a edge over Penny Lane, but keep in mind he belongs to a gamble connection so watch the market on him.From the rest Aromatica,Jen's GloryAdams Prince, and Aurnia, all have a fair chance if tried the last named is the one to note the step up in distance will suit her and she can upset.

Tips: Double Or Quits,  Penny Lane,               Upset: Aurnia

Race 6: Wide open race horses 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-12 all have a fair chance if tried my shortlisted 3 are Achieve,Star Of Babylon,  and Oriental Masti, the first named has a strong rider today and is tracking very well should run a very good race, the last named has the potential to upset.

Tips: Achieve,Star Of Babylon, Upset Oriental Masti,

Race 7: Interesting race and all contenders have a fair chance, Zenofic, who won well on debut should improve a lot and is the one to beat. Joleene, who ran wrong footed on debut should improve too handicap is in favor and she will make the most of it. The horse that will improve a lot today is Simply Sweet, who was given an easy run first up and now is ready to strike note.

Tips: Zenofic,Joleene,  Upset: Simply Sweet,(note)

Race 8: Wide open race best to avoid.

Tips: Starsonboard,Nicanora,      

Race 9 and 10 are worth avoiding or take a chance on National PrideSherlock Holmes, and Dhishkyaon, the first and last named are definitely ready to strike,

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mumbai 9 Feb 2014

Race 1: Interesting race, horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-11 all have a fair chance if tried. Handicap and intent will play a major role in the result. Fleetwood Mac, was a bit rusty last run as he was coming back after a break should improve a lot and will be the one to beat, Ucheshrawa, ran on well last time is ready to strike today with the right jockey. The horse to look out for Winning Destiny, not sure on intent but handicap suggest he will be tried and can upset here at worst will place.

Tips: Ucheshrawa,Fleetwood Mac,                Upset: Winning Destiny,

Race 2: First timers so hard to say, From the horses that have had a run Zurich, looks to have improved and should run a good race. From the first timers Grenadine, is tracking very well and should be in the fray.

Tips: Zurich,Grenadine,

Race 3: Trance, and Invictus, are both at an advantage in this race the first named is running a handicap race for the first time after competing in 6 graded races has a handy handicap and should make most of it, stablemate Invictus, is now down in class and should show improvement here and will keep the stablemate honest. The unbeaten Montreal, will be tested in this set. Hidden Goodness, is the danger but not sure if he will stay the trip.

Tips: Trance, Upset: Invictus

Race 4: First timers again but Locarno, and Simply Divine, have both a benefit of an easy run and should improve a lot will be touch and go between the two.

Tips: Locarno, Simply Divine

Race 5: A wide open race but Feast Of Love, and Indispensable, are running a handicap race for their first time and being a VB race will run a very good race. the first named has done well as the youngster on this course has a benefit of a run and now ready to strike. The second named seems have come to hand and last mock race suggest he is ready and these two will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Feast Of Love,  Indispensable,

Race 6: A wide open race with most runners are in with a chance.Quest For Love, is very well placed on handicap and will run a very good race if tried.TrisaraMars,and Hawker, have a lot of merit too the last named is running a handicap for the first time but is running after a long lay off, the first named lacks initial speed but has been prepared well and should be right there, the second named will be running on merit for the first time today and can upset.

Tips: Quest For Love,Trisara, Upset: Mars,

Race 7: Open race Flanker, and Lancelot, are both running for the first time but are tracking very well and can upset the lot.

Tips: Flanker, Upset Lancelot,

Race 8: Amelia,Mariinsky,  tossup the first named is better.

Race 9: Toroloco,Caesars Star, and Montezuma, are my shortlisted 3 in this wide open race the first and last named will improve a lot after their last run and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Toroloco,Caesars Star,  Upset:  Montezuma,

Race 10: A wide open race in a memory of a wonderful person may the best horse win.

Tips:(note) Adams Spirit,Angel In The Sky,             Upset: Adios Amigo

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mumbai 2-2-14

Race 1: Hidden Asset,Traffic JamRambutan, and Ashwa Yodhaa, are my shortlisted 4 in the wide open race the first named is running a handicap race for the first time with a positive jockey change his track work and from in terms races has been good and if tried will be the one to beat.

Tips: Hidden Asset,Traffic Jam,                  Upset: Ashwa Yodhaa,

Race 2: Youngster over a mile can be tricky High Expectation,Legend Of The Seas,  and Incandescent, seem to have improved a lot since their last runs and should tackle the distance the last named is the one to watch out for.

Tips: Incandescent,Legend Of The Seas

Race 3: With a wide draw and so many fast horses on the inside wont help Way Out,s chances as he wont be able to dictate the terms which he likes to it best to avoid him or halve you bets. Second wind horses can upset here. Emerging Star, has run in good company and not been extended for a while should be tried here and can upset. Hawk Of The WindWings Of Glory,  and Catharsis, will relish the fast pace and will be right there at the finish the last named is to note today.

Tips: CatharsisHawk Of The Wind,            Upset: Emerging Star,

Race 4: Storm Tracker, on terms looks the best in the set but 8 flg is his optimum distance and he will be tested here Hachiko, who had a very goo lung opener earlier will be ready to strike and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Hachiko,Storm Tracker,

Race 5: Star Of Babylon, is sitting on a very good handicap and is the horse that can beat Sheer Class, and Presidential, the second named has improved a lot.

Tips: Star Of Babylon,Sheer Class

Race 6: 12 flg race so will be interesting ReynoldsZlatoHot Pepper, and Cliffs Of Moore, are my short listed 4 however Reynolds, manner of victory was very good and he should defy the handicap.the last named has been working well and should sat well here. Hot Pepper, is very well placed on handicap and will run a improved race here can upset should place.

Tips: Reynolds,Cliffs Of Moore,                            Upset: Hot Pepper,

Race 7: Merchantofvenice, who had a very easy run and is tracking very well and Purple Moonlight, who had a good lung opener and looks well prepared are my top two in this wide open race for youngsters.

Tips: Merchantofvenice, Purple Moonlight,.


1) Ace Bucephalus,: I have always believed in this horse but for some reason or the other he seems to fail. I do believe he needs more running ground and the long stretch run in mumbai and change of trainer will work in his favor. Keeping in mind this is the toughest set he will face he can place at best.

2) Agostini,: Impressive winner of the bangalore derby in a very slow run race and a shade weaker company will run a good race but winning just looks out of reach today.

3) Alaindair, : Did not have that spark in his last run was beaten fair and square cant see that change considering the field will run a good race with Srinath who can get the best out of him but not sure winning is likely.

4) Archie, : will run a good race here but just does not have the class to beat this set.Start to finis tactics may favor him as he can stay all day.

5) Falcon,: Sluggish horse with no current form hard to recommend if the pace is fast he will run a fair race.

6) Jeremiah,: Has done everything right and Pesi has prepared him well for the day only issue is the draw and the tendency of Zervan to come through the shortest way which will hinder his chances here as many horses will try and snatch the lead in the straight and he can easily get blocked and cost him the race. He will be right there and is definitely in with a great chance but i wont be surprised with a hard luck story.

7) Murioi, : No doubt that he is currently the best 4yo in the country and they all have to beat him on current form there are a few horses who will test him today and if he play up at the gates or unlucky he can lose.

8) Southern Emperor, : was ridden in a very strange manner in Hyderabad and keeping in mind that he has beaten Charltanen by 7 lengths over 2000 meters gives him a very good chance he does like a the hard ground and there is a obvious reason the connections have skipped the bangalore derby and brought him here he will run a very good race and is one of the horses that can upset.

9) Wentworth, : Impressive winner last time who will stay all day has come to hand late but will improve a lot since last run will run a good race but winning looks unlikely.

10) Amazing Grace,: Did not run a bad race in the Oaks considering the fact that it was only her second run and the pace of the race was very slow she will improve a lot today and will run a very good race.

11) Circle Of Life, : Richard hughes will have a third shot at the classics with her. Third time lucky is not out of sight she just needs that extra luck and she will show her true class dont ignore her she will be right there.

12) Highraz,: not here.

13) Isn't She Special, : Won the oaks on sheer tactics and caught everyone napping will be a different proposition today. Is a good stayer but today most of the runners are so hard to repeat.

14) Keukenhof,: Finished off very nicely in the oaks but not sure will do the same in this company.

15) Starry Eyes,: has let her followers down one too many times to consider today.

Tips: Murioi,Circle Of Life,                Upset: Amazing Grace

Race 9: Backstreet Bay, looks well prepared for the race and should be the one to beat if tried.Annabeth,Bella Figura, and Mt Tianmen, have fair chance to upset if he fails.

Tips: Backstreet Bay,Annabeth,             Upset: Bella Figura

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