Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pune 23 Oct

Race 1: Open race Rhythm Divine, and Sparkler, should be the top contenders the former is linked to horses 2-6-10 so its better to take a chance on the latter make note of Nurai, wont miss the frame and can upset.
Tips: Sparkler, Upset: Nurai, (note)

Race 2: Glowing Star,
Race 3: Aliyana, Aflatoon, Upset: Blessings, (note)
Race 4: Forever Young,
Race 5: Camacho, Stunning Thunder,
Race 6: Tell Me More, Upset: Swept Away,
Race 7:(note) Ariane, Upset: Femenist,
Race 8: Cabriolet, Sans Pareil,
Race 9: Illustrious, Moon Farer, Upset: Blazing Spectacle,
Race 10: Tuscan Sun, Upset: Hurricane Bird,(note)
Race 11:(note) Solar Angel, Saffron, Upset: Glorious Miss,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pune 22 oct

Hi sorry was not aware of races today so quick tips.
Race 1: Blue Mellon , Telstar Place

Race 2: Cosmopolitan
Race 3: Highland Warrior
Race 4: Halo of Fame place or small ew
Race 5: Star Blaze EW Orion Star place
Race 6: Tromos, Sea Shower
Race 7: young offender good bet
race 8: tatten hoe
race 9: orazio, venus rose
race 10: celtic manor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pune 17th Oct

Race 1: Bad race to start the day Enchanted, Double Delite,Auraria, are decent contenders but not outstanding

Race 2: Swoosh, should win today from Ocean Fairy,

Race 3: Starry Ocean, has a hugh task on his hands and not a worthy favorite.Avon Creek, is tracking extremly well and can beat the favorite along with Honey Bee, both these horses can win. There are 2 gamble horses here who if tried can upset.Arzaan, and Stud Of Gold, the former is a decent animal but has blood vessel issues however it wil pay to take a chance on him today as a eachway bet.

Tips: Arzaan, Avon Creek, Upset: Stud Of Gold,

Race 4: Petra, has run in better company and today amongst some medicore horses can win Crowned Princess, is the obvious danger but the distance looks sharp for her. River Gem, is the better of the 2 wadhwan horses and can upset if tried.

Tips: Petra, Crowned Princess, Upset: River Gem,

Race 5: Cape Ferrat, has the experience on his side and that is the only advantage against the first timers however it is important to note that he is not a great animal and is not worth a bet under 2/1 High Society, has been tracking extremly well and seems a nice type along with Matilda, and Cheponski, so it is huge task for the favorite to win from here. make note of the speedy Marigold, who has had a few forward runs and well rested now looks ready to upset.

Tips: Marigold, High Society, Upset: Cheponski,

Race 6: Maria Teresa, should fight it out with Emerald Valley, who will find the distance sharp.Make note of Ocean Snow, in this race trackwork suggest the horse is in very good nick and I suggest you dont worry on who is ridding him today because he will be the horse that will upset the favorite dont ignore.

Tips: Ocean Snow, Maria Teresa,

Race 7: best to watch the race

Race 8: Sunset Boulevard, has the class and is getting a run before her classic campainge same as hillary has been taken out of cotton wool and just to trackwork and pitted against some smart horses Malcolm is the right jockey for her and if half fit she will win. Steely Dan, has been putting some good trackwork lately make note for an upset.

Race 9: Jalsa, was lucky to stay on his feet last time today should run a fair race however has to beat Scintillating Star, and Tintisa, both of these horses can spring a surprise the former is my choice to beat the favorite.

Race 10: Maseeha, or Clarion Call, the latter should prevail.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pune 16th Oct

Mixed card and mixed results can be expected. Adams Prince,Paris Hilton, Bonny Light, Estevez, Moon Star, Smokin Aces, Major Wager, are horse that should at worst place today some of them can win too dont ignore them for minor bets.

Race 1: Open race to start the day horses 1-5 are both gamble horses so its hard to comment if there is a gamble on the latter he should prevail but wont be easy. Suzy Wong, will relish the step up in distance and should be the one to beat, Adams Prince, is running a handicap race for the first time it is a huge drop in class for him and he can win in this weak set. Winning Treat, is at a tidy handicap and was seen moving well in his last run can upset will place.
Tips: Adams Prince, Suzy Wong, Upset: Winning Treat,

Race 2: Samiel, if fit will win here only danger is Azul,
Race 3: Paris Hilton, is the speediest of the lot and hiding true form note her today as she will be tried in this weak set.Secret Talk, is the danger
Tips: Paris Hilton, Secret Talk,

Race 4: Ocean Sensation, has a huge drop in class can prevail if tried Manitou Splendour, has a fair chance too but both horses are connected and only one will be tried. Make note of Bonny Light, dint have the luck last time in a far superior company today will tell a different story and is worth a small ew punt of a good place bet.
Tips: Ocean Sensation, Manitou Splendour, Upset: Bonny Light, (note)

Race 5: Nefyn, was very impressive last time should repeat Highland Music, is the likely threat.
Make note of Estevez, today is tracking very very well and should easily place can upset too.
Race 6: Flying Jewel, and Running Sun, should fight it out here the former is a better animal but the latter has a better jockey.Shodaan, is the dark horse
Race 7: Scarlette, looks like a better animal has to beat Blackjack, and should do so. Make note of the well rested Moon Star, who is a far superior animal and well rested plus experienced wont give in without a fight and can upset dont ignore.
Race 8: If Smokin Aces, is given a fair ride he will be hard to toss note her in this set. Star Empire, has a decent handicap and chance but has to beat the former and Divine, who is a gamble horse.

Race 9: Although Hillary, is having a run before the mumbai campange I cant understand why is she running after such a long break and just 3 recoeded trackworks ??? yes she is well above this class and should win but the odds are a bit cramped.Native Lady, will definately keep the former honest. However it is important to make note of Major Wager, today who is a worthy contender for place as good odds since horses 1-5-6-7-9-10-11 are only running for numbers he only has to beat 2 horses to finish in the top 3 which is highly likely and is definately worth a good place bet note.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pune Derbyday 2010

Good luck everyone

Race 1: This is a very open race with many contenders so it will pay to look for value here.horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-9-10-12-13 all look to be triers. Looking for a value bet I have come down to 2 horses Reinstate, who ran a good second to mia stella and now to a mile which will suit this tiny filly and Daughterofdestiny, who is running a VB race after running in terms the latter will definately keep everyone honest.

Tips: Daughterofdestiny, (worth ew punt) Upset: Reinstate,

Race 2: Superior Quest, has to beat Sea Value, and the very well prepared Dear Liza, I personally think the second named will prevail.

Race 3: This is an interesting race Mighty Crusader, is on a low handicap but has a huge task on his hands best to stay away. Weizhou, does have a lot of merit and running the right distance but is a bit over raced will be right there and can win but will be hard. Moon Flower, who doesnot have recent form but can be ignored as he is best placed on handicap and can win here but looking at the prep work gone on Recardo, I believe the connections would be trying her today and is my first choice to beat her stablemate and the improved filly Harmonica,

Tips: Recardo, Harmonica, Upset: Moon Flower,

Race 4: after watching the mock race I am a bit worried about Granados, who was struggling to keep pace however it was sprint so I could be wrong but I would not be very confident on him. Frost Fairy, and Mia Stella, are both in rousing form however I dont think the latter will stay. What has surprised me the most is everyone has ignored Blue Mellon, this horse has run amongst some very good animals and today is pitted against a class 4 field make no mistake he will be right there.from the rest only 2 horses can upset Lightning Cavalry, and Oriental Magic, the latter has a nonsense jockey. I still think Frost Fairy will win today but I would just watch and learn in this race or take a small ew punt on the Nonsense jockey I.Parde

Tips: Blue Mellon, Frost Fairy, Upset: Lightning Cavalry

Race 5: Elizabeth, should win but Ashwa Prerna, will keep her Very Very Honest I will be taking a small chance on the latter ew.

Race 6: Very open race only if Red Passion, is on job today he will repeat... best to leave this race or take a small ew chance on Perpetuation,

Race 7: THE NANOLI STUD PUNE DERBY (GR.1)TERMS - 3 years old only

1) Berlusconi, 3y, chg : Beaten no one so far, has a lot of room for improvement but I think the derby has come a bit too soon for him will run a good race but at best can place.

2) Bold Dancer, 3y, dkbg : Still a maiden wont break any records here.

3) Icon, 3y, chc : Tiny Horse with a Big heart but distance is out of Radar.

4) Light My Way, 3y, bg : One of the most impressive winners over the same trip I personally feel this horse will improve further and has the right jockey to guide his faith. If you are looking for an upset in the derby then dont look beyond him he will be right there NOTE.

5) Ocean And Beyond, 3y, bg : There is no question in the ability of the horse but I do question the ability of the trainer how is so used to preparing horses for a gamble by bringing them down in handicap that he has forgotten to TRAIN a horse who is a Terms animal. In his last run wieght dint stop the horse it was just not interested to win. See to be honest if he was with any of the top trainers this horse would be un stoppable but I have my reservation today plus the fact that the animal is too onepaced it will be hard for him to win. should be in the top 4 but win I am no convienced.

6) Ocean Emperor, : too wide a draw to qualify as a pacemaker.

7 ) Star Warrior, 3y, bc : Any 3yr old that conceds 5+ kgs to a field of Grade 2 horses and finishes in the fray is a horse that can never be ignored. if you go back to that run and consider the facts that he was coming back after a setback and a layoff of almost 7 months it is fair to say he is the horse to beat. in his last run he was beaten on the post by Xisca who would be running a favorite if she was entered today indicates the class of this animal. I do have my reservations on his staying ability which could be the only reason he loses today but with Malesh astride who is the best judge of pace in distance races is also to his advantage. Honestly after his performance in his firstrun of pune I had told myself that he will win the Pune derby and my opinion still stands.

8) Su Chaliyo, 3y, bg : Lucky winner but will need more then that to win again today however it would be nice to see him earn his hard working trainer a reward. Good luck.

9) Tintoretto, 3y, dkbg : Pace maker from a wide draw goodluck

10) Eloise, 3y, dkbf : will beat Ocean and beyond again but I am not confident on her staying the trip very well has the right draw to settle early and with a bit of luck should be in the top 4.

11) Scionic, 3y, bf : Impressive winner in Hyd, belongs to a very talented up coming trainer has the form but staying the trip is the ?? can surprise us all but highly unlikely for a win maybe place.

12) Sun Elegance, 3y, bf : something wrong with this animal

13) Sunlight, 3y, chf : Good horse but unlikely to make it here.

14) Zafayona, 3y, bf : Best prepared and well rested animal in the field has a lot to offer but i think just lacks that class maybe place.

Finally it is up to you what you back I personally wont be backing Ocean And Beyond, only for the reasons mentioned abt the trainer yes he can win but he is not outstanding under the circumstances. My shortlisted 4 are Light My Way, Star Warrior, Eloise, Su Chaliyo, although like I have mentioned S Warrior as my prefered bet I am still tossing up with L My way. Su Chalio is just for good luck. i will definately have a good ew bet on my top 2 picks

Tips:Star Warrior,Light My Way, Eloise, Upset: Su Chaliyo,

Race 8: Forest Flair, in my opinion is the best sprinter in the country well rested and tracking well now will have a big say today has to beat Arts, who will be right there. Make note of Sea Ruler, was impressive in the mock race and if fit is certain to cause an upset as the very fast pace will suit him. however this race is wide open.

Tips: Forest Flair, Arts, Upset: Sea Ruler,

Race 9: Very open race with many horses tracking very well... looks like a lot of owners want to get in the good books of the Police Commisioner of Pune by winning the race. I personally am going have a eachway punt on Rose Bowl, and hope his Annonomyous owner fronts up.

Tips: Sea Shower, Showstopper, Upset: Rose Bowl,

Race 10: very open race.

Tips: Siooux Chief, Fish Pilot,(note today) Upset: Glorious Miss,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pune 9th Oct

Sorry Guys but have been very sick this week so just quick pointers.... The Theme for this weekend is " Malesh Narredu". Good luck

Race 1: Anybodys race but if Fascination, is tried today which is likely he will be the one to beat.Arabian Empire, is my first pick going by trackwork.

Tips: Arabian Empire, (Good ew)

Race 2: Looks a 2 horse affair however Carousel, is my first pick

Race 3: Go Guzzi Go, will be the thorn in the favorites way and now fit can win well here Note. The Giant, can upset.

Race 4: sheer lack of company should see Enchanted, prevail Watch Out, is the better of the 2 lagad horses and should be in the frame.

Race 5: Very open race horses 3-4-6-7-9-10 are all in with a good chance Prince Cyrus, is my first pick.Star Goddess, can upset.

Race 6: Feona, Blazing Spectacle, are my top 2 picks however the latter will win if tried but I have given up on him and her connections.
Race 7: Angels Pursuit, Days Best
Race 9: Gatravat, Good ew, Tyumen,
Race 10: Set Afire,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pune 3 Oct

Doesnot look like a punter friendly card today

Race 1: Star Invitation, is the favorite here only because of who the owner is and what she did in her last run and if these two factor justify her odds then you can take the risk. if would be surprised if horses 5-7-8 would win which is ver un likely... Monk's Ferrari, beat the favorite last run and today is a bit higher in handicap but has 400 mts less to travel which indicates she will run very close to the former.the top 3 horses are the ones I am more worried about as they are all gamble horses plus all 3 are gamble horses Malesh knows the potential of all 3 and opted to ride Equality, who belongs to a gamble owner hence if she is backed she will be the one to beat however if all horses ran on merit Pound Foolish, will win and is my first pick and i do believe the winner will come from the first 3.
Tips: Pound Foolish, Upset: Equality,

Race 2: Open race between the 3 fancied runners Ocean Princess, has run amongst better horses however the the trainers ridiculous performance its hard to say.Awesomeness, was impressive in her mock race and hence my first choice I think Endless Horizon, needs more time. keep your eyes on Fantastic Kingdom, who can sneak in a place or even upset.
Tips: Awesomeness, Upset: Fantastic Kingdom,

Race 3: there is something wrong with Sun Elegance, as every run is worst then the other one best to leave her alone and good luck if she wins...... which throws the race wide open however I do believe Fire Vault, will be the one to beat and hence my first pick. Dallas has 2 runners here Living The Dream, is the better of the two on form however i do believe Apache Indian, is a better stayer and much fitter after his two runs and can upset dont Ignore. Snow Queen, will only perform if she is backed.
Tips: Fire Vault, Snow Queen, Upset: Apache Indian,

Race 4: This race has 2yos born in 2008.... it is important to understand that the older the horse more mature it is i.e if the horse is born in Jan he is 2 months oler then the one born in march and 2 months is a lot as far as horses are concerned... the other factor to consider is the jockey i.e work jockeys, or jockeys who understand the horses and nurses them to the winning post as it is important these babies are not mishandled in there first educational run. SN Chavan,Rawal, Merchant, Malcolm and Dsrath are good jockeys for babies... Rajendra on the other hand is a win at any cost jockey and in my opinion not the best choice for first timers.... so if you are going to back any thing here then I would recomend u look at Jockey first-age second and track work third. My choices based on that are.
Tips: Mountain Glory, Scarlet Pimpernel, Upset: Agni Baan,

Race 5: Icebreaker, is a different class animal and will prove her class here par mishap.
Tips: Icebreaker, Upset: Sans Pareil,
Race 6: Supreme Force, and Aliyana, should be the top contenders here on experience the former should prevail.
Race 7 : Open Race Bonny Light, and The Right Man, both can upset dont ignore.

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