Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mumbai 27.04.2014

Race 1: Highway Express,Plan B, and Katniss, are my top 3 in this otherwise open race make note of the last named  today.

Tips: Highway Express,Plan B, Upset:  Katniss

Race 2: Myla Rose, is in good form but over raced, Demonstrator, has run in superior company and should be the one to beat. Monza, can spring a surprise if tried.

Tips: Demonstrator,          Upset: Monza,

Race 3: Seacaucus, has the best credentials here and its up to the jockey to do the rest with Victorian withdrawn his chances are better good luck but the horse is not worth a bet a short odds. Stormyday,Laurus Pride, and Winds Of Change, can trouble the first named if tried.

Tips: Seacaucus,Stormyday, Upset:  Laurus Pride,

Race 4: Godspeed, seems to be a very nice animal and should win unless on of the first timers are better.

Tips: Godspeed

Race 5: Double Diamond,Rewarding Desire, and Nirbhaya, are my top 3 in this race. The second named has been hiding form and should be tried today. The last named is a gamble horse and should be tried. Make note of the first named who is in the best form of his life and dont worry about the jockey he will be right there.

Tips: Rewarding Desire, Nirbhaya,              Upset: Double Diamond,

Race 6: Pepito, and Spider Man, should be fighting for honors here unless one of the first timers spring a surprise the first named is better. Helping Hand, is tracking very well and can upset.

Tips: Pepito, Spider Man,       Upset: Helping Hand,

Race 7: Pepe Senior, with this handicap will be the one to beat here. Jimbo, can upset.

Tips: Pepe Senior,

Race 8: Open OfferAn Jolie,  and Fast Lady,  are my short listed 3 in this open race. The first named has come to hand and should run a far improved race.

Tips: Open OfferAn Jolie,

Race 9: Open race best to avoid but dont leave Captain SmartDiamondzip, and Exactly, out of the equations for minor bets any of the 3 can upset the last named in particular.

Tips: ExactlyDiamondzip,

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mumbai 26-4-2014

Race 1: Chasing DreamsBlue Swallow  and Zafirah, should fight for honors the first named was given an easy run last time and should improve here will be the one to beat.

Tips: Chasing Dreams,

Race 2: Peppercorn, is the best preformed of the lot and should be the one to beat.Midnight Dancer, will keep him honest.

Tips: PeppercornMidnight Dancer,

Race 3: Scent Of A Woman, who seems a nice type should win here before her campaign in bangalore. Make note of Red Fort, who is tracking very well and will run a good race.

Tips: Scent Of A Woman,

Race 4: Dancing Splendour,Lightening Thunder, and Snow Angel, are my top 3 in this wide open race the first two named have been prepared well and should be the ones to beat. The last named is an upset chance its not likely to be tried here but if he hits the front expect a fight.

Tips: Dancing Splendour,Lightening Thunder,

Race 5: Autumn Love, is running after a long layoff but is well bred and running a handicap race for the first time. The last mock race was a good run and she is ready to win and its upto young Yash a win today.To The Moon, has been consistent but over raced. Tanusha, failed as a favorite a few times interesting jockey choice can surprise with work jockey. Star Benevolent, and By The Way, are improving with every run and should be in the fray the last named is the one to watch.

Tips: By The Way,Autumn Love,

Race 6: Hawker,Glorious Opinion, and Cactus Cash, should fight for honors the last named has a very good chance today and should prevail.

Tips: Cactus Cash,Glorious Opinion,

Race 7: Adam, is a good animal with some fitness issues if he is sound he will win. Quest For Love,  will keep him honest.Vixen, will easily place can upset>

Tips: Adam,             Upset : Vixen

Race 8: La Femme Fleur, was a impressive winner last time but her timing was very average today she runs amongst some very experienced milers and it wont be easy best to avoid her.Dixie Delight,Shaughnessy,OsricPappillonAromatica, and Copperglow, can all beat her my money is on 

Tips: Aromatica,Dixie Delight,

Race 9: Bad race My money is on the demoted Awesome Smile

Tips: Awesome Smile

Race 10: Bad race but they have to beat the improved Small Treasure

Tips: Small Treasure

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mumbai 20-04-2014

Happy Easter Everyone.

Race 1: Open VB race Essence Of Love, had an impressive lung opener last time with sandesh today will improve and should be the one to beat. Ancient World, has been prepared well and should keep the former honest keep in mind if money comes on him most horses including the favorite wont perform. Ceasarina, has come down nicely and is ready for her campaign for pune can place in this set.

Tips: Essence Of Love,Ancient World,        Upset: Ceasarina,

Race 2: Ladybird, has the best credentials to win on handicap and form unless one of the first timers are of a better class.

Tips: Ladybird,

Race 3: Knight Of Ke, manner of victory was too good last time and although he is conceding weight all round he will be right there the danger without any doubt is Barringo, carrying 49.5 kgs had no luck last run should be right there.

Tips:Knight Of Ke, Upset: Barringo

Race 4: Shining Path,Rubens, and Protector Of Paris, should fight it out here the first and last named should have a good battle today the last named is better.

Tips: Protector Of ParisShining Path,

Race 5: Arrivederci, has been tracking very well and will show a lot of speed should be the one to beat.Blend Of Elegance, should get the better of Sweet As Honey, today.

Tips: Arrivederci,Blend Of Elegance,

Race 6: Samba Warrior,Feast Of Love, and Zaan, are my top three in this open race make note of Zaan, he will win if money flows his way.

Tips: ZaanSamba Warrior,                Upset: Feast Of Love,

Race 7: Something Special,Spades, and Aquamarine, are tracking well should fight it out. Make note of Clouds Of Glory, who can surprise the lot will pay to include in minor combinations.

Tips: Something Special,Spades,              Upset: Clouds Of Glory

Race 8: A wide open race and best to avoid. There are too many fast horses here and most of them are fancied runners which can help the back runners and there will be a few that will be flying at the end expect a surprise here, Grand March, and Miracle Of Mercy, are the two that can upset and should be considered in any combinations.Bethlehem, has been tracking very well and should be the best of the fancied runners.

Tips: Grand MarchBethlehemUpset: Miracle Of Mercy,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mumbai 19-4-2014

Race 1: Run Like The Wind, is better placed on handicap against Adams Prince, and should be the one to beat. Make note of Viva Zapata, in this set today I am fairly confident he will be tried and can upset.

Tips:Run Like The Wind Upset: Viva Zapata,

Race 2: Belvedere, won very well last time and should repeat.One Wish, and Invictus, are the danger and have positive jockey changes too both will run good races and if Invictus, doesn't burst her blood vessels she will upset.

Tips: Belvedere,        Upset: Invictus

Race 3: A wide open race with many chances and many horses will be tried here best to avoid or look for a value eachway or place bet. Horses 1-2-4-8-9-10-11-12 all have a fair chance. Oasis Light, is tracking well and should be the best of the fancied runners. Targetmaster, and Midnight Run, are both value bets. The first named had a very easy first run in good timing and is tracking well enough to strike. The second named ran a good race last time and the step up in distance will suit him and he should run close. Victoire, is the joker in the pack and can upset.

Tips; Targetmaster,Oasis Light,                 Upset: Midnight Run

Race 4: Mountbatten, is improving with every run but will have to fight it out with Caesars Star, and Rodeo, who are not well rested and fresh.

Tips: Caesars Star,

Race 5: Open race Vixen,Pepe Senior, and Wild Waves, are my to 3.

Tips: Pepe Senior, Wild Waves,     Upset: Vixen,

Race 6: Grand Duke,      Upset: Stiletto,

Race 7: Star Of BabylonPhelps,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mumbai 13.04.2014

Race 1: Brindaban

Race 2: Royal Passion,

Race 3: Hawker,

Race 4: Traffic JamBeyond Horizons,

Race 5: Rio,

Race 6: Supreme Star,Ocean And Beyond,

Race 7: Awesome Smile,Achieve

Race 8: Hot Pepper,Brave Fighter

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mumbai 12-4-14

Race 1: Umarkot, and should fight it out with Winds Of Change, best to avoid the race. Watch the market trend on Holiday Dancer, can upset or place if tried.

Tips: Umarkot,                  Upset: Holiday Dancer

Race 2: Horses 2-3-4-7 should fight it out jockey skill will matter.

Tips: Wiki Wiki,Crowned Princess,

Race 3: Zafirah,Ghanghorr

Race 4: Mauna KeaWind Craft,

Race 5: BombardierJanis Jay,

Race 6:Flash Drive, Aurnia

Race 7: Beyond Intensity,Starry Moment

Race 8: WestphaliaCha Cha Cha,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mumbai 05-04-2014

Race 1 : 5yr over race over a mile all 6 have a fair chance if the intent is right.

Tips: Adams Prince,                         Upset: Guns N Roses, (note)

Race 2: Ashrafie,Delightful Lady, and Sanam, should fight for honors here. The last named had no luck in her last run but should improve a lot from that the other two will improve a lot and are tracking very well.

Tips: Sanam,    Upset: Delightful Lady

Race 3: Open race  Brynhill, is sitting on a good handicap and will run a good race.Zoom Zoom, is in the form of his life and should be right there. Jimbo, is finding his legs and is better placed on handicap then most of the runners. The horse that is completely under the Radar is Monza, who is running in the lower class for the first time in 7 runs, has finished an average of 5 lengths from the winners in the higher class in those 7 runs, He is running in a 5yo and over race for the first time and his last run is best ignored as the pace was too slow to his liking, Today with so many fast horses and running in the lower class for 5yos over he has the best chance to win as the pace will suit him.

Tips: Monza,

Race 4: Interesting race with a few likely contenders and it is best to look for a value eachway bet here.Oriental Masti, is the one horse that will be tried today right distance and tracking very well. Dont worry about the jockey the horse is good enough to win.Rewarding Desire, and Hunt For Heads, will keep him honest.

Tips: Oriental Masti,Rewarding Desire,

Race 5: Open race best to avoid.TanushaGood Memory,Princess Love, and Diamondzip, are my top 4 here luck will play a major role but the last two named horses will run good races today. Dont ignore the last named in minor combinations or take a small eachway chance on her.

Tips: Princess Love, Upset Diamondzip,(note)

Race 6: Youngsters over 9 furlong is best to avoid.Zumi Zumi, and Open Offer, will be the ones to beat.

Race 7: La Tonnarella, seems a nice animal and should be the one to beat. Make note of Victoire, here will be right there and can upset if the former fails.

Tips:La Tonnarella,  Upset: Victoire,

Race 8: SailorPolynesia, and Malkia, should fight it out the last named is very well placed on handicap and should run a good race. Note the second named can upset and should finish in the frame.

Tips: Malkia Sailor,Upset:  Polynesia, ( Upset)

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