Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Republic day

I like Authentic and Havelock Prince for the derby dont ignore the second named he has a very good chance.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mumbai 18-1-15

Race 1: Secret Mission, and Innocent Affair, are my short listed 2 in this tricky race but the first named is ready to strike and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Secret Mission,

Race 2 : Satellite, is running in a 4yo race only its clear she has a few issues but should win here or she does not have a bright future. Paurus, will be in the money for place.

Tips: Satellite,

Race 3: Zander, and Full Moon, toss up both have been stripped fitter and jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Full Moon,

Race 4: Zazou, who has run in far superior company and if fit can win here but only one track since pune and swimming suggest some fitness issues best to avoid or halve your bets.GraciousAllegiance,Romantic Beauty, and Sabercat,  all have a very good chance to challenge anyone if tried. the last named is prepared well and has a good handicap.the first named is carrying top weight but will be right there and the third named has improved will improve further with distance and is my first pick to win here.

Tips: Romantic Beauty,Gracious,             Upset: Sabercat

Race 5: Youngster and many first timers so hard to say. Make note of the well bred Zahab, for an upset>

Tips: Colombiana,                  Upset: Zahab

Race 6 : Speed King,Moussaeif, and Ephialties, should be the main contenders here second named is better. Make note of Born To Win, who is on a decent handicap and has the jockey to guide his fortunes he will be the one to beat.

Tips: Born To Win,Moussaeif,

Race 7: A wide open race make note of Kind Deed, and Pearl Secret, both will run a improved race today.

Race 8: Tiger Tops, doesn't matter how good she is running a 12 flg race in 7 days which will be her downfall if you still fancy her halve your bets. She has a big job ahead of her . Make note of Classic Moment, and Tatiana, both have been systematically prepared with only one race in mind. I have my doubts over Godspeed, staying the trip. Aquamarine, will stay but has to compete against some stayers.Pure Allure, will relish the long mumbai stretch run but not a lot of horses from bangalore win first up in mumbai.

Tips: Classic MomentPure AllureUpset: Tatiana,

Race 9: Ghalib, has been hiding true form today in this set he will be tried.Saporelli, will keep him honest. Make note of Sword Of Honour, here he needs a fast pace and a strong rider today has that advantage and can upset.

Tips; Ghalib,               Upset: Sword Of Honour,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mumbai 14-1-2015

Race 1: Siddhi,

Race 2: Tap It Rich

Race 3: Highlander,

Race 4: Commander

Race 5: Stridon,Dia,

Race 6: Made To Measure

Race 7: StilettoAbderus

Race 8: War Machine,Samurai,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mumbai 4-1-15

Race 1 : Oceana, is running in the lowest class for the first time is tracking well and should run a good race but keep in mind she has fitness issues run 2 races so far and is a 4yo plus running over a mile first time and Top weight too. There are too many negatives and since she is giving weight all round it will pay to avoid her or halve your bets. There a few genuine VB horses here and some of them are very well prepared and most of them will be tried,Sir SongNational Star, and Ibis, are my short listed 3 the first named probably is the better of the lot but considering the fact that he is conceding 7.5 kgs to the second named I am inclined to favor the second named. Ibis, is on a very good handicap and is prepared well not sure if he will be tried but will be right there. Best to avoid the race or look for a value eachway bet.

Tips: National StarSir Song,          Upset: Ibis,

Race 2: Ultimate Glory, is better then the favorite and should win unless Double Or Quits, or Striking Story,  have other plans.

Tips: Ultimate Glory,               Upset: Striking Story

Race 3:Par mishap Senorita Evita, should win here.

Race 4: Caesars Star, will be the one to beat here.

Tips: Caesars Star,

Race 5: Staristocrat, is very well prepared to win this race and is the one to beat.

Tips ; StaristocratTap Dance

Race 6: Be Safe, should win but will be tested at this distance Congressional, will be the one to do so.

Race 7: First timers so hard to say Arakawah,Ageless,Christmas EveSpring Loaded, and Sweep Aside, are all in a forward condition and the race can go anyway.

Tips: Sweep AsideSpring Loaded,             Upset:      Arakawah,

Race 8: Amelia,Dancing Phoenix,  and Rosie Sunshine,  are my to 3 in this very wide open race best to watch.

Tips: Amelia, Dancing Phoenix,  Upset: Rosie Sunshine,

Race 9: Bad race.

Tips: Star Prince,In My Life,            Upset: Chasing Dreams,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mumbai 1.1.2015 Happy and Prosperous 2015 to everyone.

Race 1 : A very tricky race and many horses will be tried. Two horses who have no form at all but have been very well prepared are the well bred Gold Streak, and Diamond In The Sky,  both in VB for the first time if tried which is very likely will be the ones to beat. Mahima, has a strong rider today and will be in the fray should place can upset. 

Tips: Gold Streak, Diamond In The Sky,             Upset: Mahima,

Race 2: Wings Of GloryDeep Diver, and Celsius, will all stretch Solomon, today who I believe in running in a very short span and he can loose here. Go slow on the favorite or halve your bets.

Tips: Wings Of Glory,Solomon

Race 3: Youngsters so hard to say but Gold Bag, ran a good race first up and will improve a lot from there. Hoshiyaar,Soul Speak, and Belgian Blue, are tracking well and should be in the fray. Make note of Cool Runnings, in this race he is the joker in the pack if tried he will upset.

Tips: Gold Bag,                    Upset: Cool Runnings,

Race 4: Youngsters so hard to say but Spirited Touch, and Ireland, have run some good races and will improve with distance should be the ones to beat.

Tips: IrelandSpirited Touch,

Race 5: Rashun, and Cold Play, are my choices in this tricky race the first named is carrying weight but can win the last named will be right there dont worry about the jockey.

Tips:Rashun,              Upset: Cold Play, 

Race 6: La Femme Fleur, should be the one to beat here she is unbeaten on this track and is tracking very well the danger will be Quest For Love, and Lorelei, note the last named she will be right there and should be considered as a good eachway bet.

Tips:  La Femme Fleur,   Upset: Lorelei

Race 7: A wide open race my short listed 3 are Minister,The Other Song, and Izarra, the first two are well prepared and sitting on a good handicap should be right there. Make note of the last named dont ignore him today he will run a very good race and can place or upset at good odds.

Tips:The Other Song, Minister, Upset Izarra,(note)

Race 8: I think Goldilocks, is a false favorite and it will pay to avoid her or halve your bets.

Tips: Spanish SagaAlderley Edge,             Upset: Miss Senorita,(note)

Race 9: Penny Lane,Highraz, and Glorious Reward, are different class horses and should dominate the finish. Make note of Dancing Splendour, for minor combinations he can upset or place at good odds.

Tips:Glorious Reward, Penny Lane,                   Upset: Highraz,

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