Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bangalore 29 June

Todays card on paper looks very easy but it will pay to look outside the square today followers of favorites be careful.

Race 1: ARTISTIC EMPEROR is the favorite because of positive change in jockey and equipment should run a bold race keeping all those factors in mind however in my opinion JUST GREAT is a superior animal then the favorite if tried will beat him.Make note of THE ROLLS is short of a run but his last spurt sugessts fitness and can upset is worth a small eachway punt or a hedge bet.

Tips: Artistic Emperor/Just Great Upset: THE ROLLS (small E/W)

Race 2: Lack of contenders will be the only reason for LOTUS LEAF to win but I feel the horse will require a wipe to keep going hence either COSTA MESA or SHES BIG can trouble her and make winning tough the latter has been stripped fit enough and has had good spurts to attract attention.Hence it will pay to halve your bets on the favorite.

Tips: SHES BIG /Lotus Leaf Upset: Costa Mesa

Race 3: INSPIRING TRUST has placed well enough on handicap to beat SOUTHERN SUMMIT howeevr keep in mind both horses are running after a long layoff.
IAEPETUS is a nice type has had a forward run with good spurts suggest can upset this set and should place by default.

Tips: Inspiring trust/Southern summit Upset: IAEPETUS

Race 4: cant uderstand the change in shoe for RUNNING MAN besides that the horse should win but I am staying awaying from this race LAND OF SMILES can upset.

Race 5: Both the fancied runners are first starter hence it is very difficult to judge their potential hence it will pay just to watch these 2 horses perform as they are running against some very smart experienced horses.My first pick is FIRE OF JOY who is tracking well enough to suggest he will be the one to beat from SIMPLE who seems to be a smart type.

Tips: Fire Of Joy/Simple

Race 6: This is the toughest race of the day with many horses in with a good chance but I think the winner win come between 1-8-9. I am giving OLIVIA VALERE a slight chance to win from IN THE ZONE and Afea.

Tips: Olivia Valere/In the Zone/Afea

Race 7: Watching the mock races I have to say DIABOLICAL is in the form of his life if he can give 9 1/2 kgs to VANQUISH and MOTHERS PRIDE he will win stable mate SWEEPING SUCCESS at best can place and the result should come from the above horses. NOBLE PRINCE is avoidable as the draw and distance is not in his favor if he still wins the goodluck.

Tips:Mothers Pride/Diabolical Upset: Vanquish

Race 8: STAR PRESENTATION is facing his toughest test today is running againts some very classy horses is definatly running at wrong odds and is avoidable or halve your bets. VAN DE STAR has to redeem him self today but because of the inconsistant Ghatala hence I am going to take my chances on GOLDEN SHADOW make note can trouble the best here.

Tips: GOLDEN SHADOW (Good Eachway)/Van de Star Upset: ECHOES OF LIGHT

Race 9: Bad race follw the trend but I do like the chances of REFRESH who is worth a eachway punt from SUN ZONE .the speedy MARIANELLA can give them a run for the money.


All the best


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bangalore 28 June

Todays card can go any way every favorite has a 50% chance of losing hance halve your bets on them if you fancy them.I Ghatala has a lot to offer today but will he try is anotherthing look for value today i will.all the best.

Race 1: Avery tricky race to start the day,7 horses have a good chance to win hence halve your bets and look for value.I personally believe the race is between 3-4-8-9. 8. ILLUSIVE GIRL has the best credentials but has been playing up at the gates today has an outside draw which cant help either however if a level jump is taken she will win worth a very small punt or a hedge bet.9. MISS MARVELOUS was very impressive first up her last run is best forgotten as the luck of the race dint favor her but today is in a very strong position and will be the one to bet from 3. ANOOSHEEK who had an very easy run last time and is tracking extremly well.


Race 2: Interesting race where most runners are given their prep up towards the bangalore derby. I have to admit I was very impressed with the victory of 2. UNDUE first up after a long lay off has a good gallop and a bright future ahead however we have to keep in mind that he has beaten nobody and today his true class will be tested against some talented horses who are well rested and well prepared he will have no problems staying the trip but I believe he can be beaten today if you still fancy him halve your bets and if he does win then goodluck.there are only 3 horses that can beat him v.i.z. 3-6-7.3. NOBLE VIEW will relish the step up in distance and has been tracking well enough to beat the favorite from 7. CAPRIOSKA who has the best chance to win today at this handicap if the jockey can handle the pressure.Make not of 6. DOUBLE ELITE has been the best on track doesnot have the class but can upset.

Tips: Noble View/Caprioska/Undue(avoidable) Upset: 6. DOUBLE ELITE

Race 3: Par mishap or wrong intentions 4. TIMELESS TREASURE who seems to be a very good horse should have not trouble to win in this set only 2 horses will give him the run for the money are 3. SPARK OF GOLD and 9. SUNNY COLOURS both should fill the frame.

Tips: Timeless treasure(Good bet) Spark of Gold(place)/Sunny Colours.

Race 4: I am going to leave this race alone 1. SUCCEEDING STAR who is a nice type needs more distance but lack of oposition can be the only reason to sucess here but avoidable.Trackwork suggest 10. CHELSY DANCER will be right there.

Race 5:Another Open race here but 10. LIGHTNIN BLUES has the best credentials on handicap and should break his maiden status hence will be the one to beat from 3. FREEMASON who is tracking well if tried will be right there.Make note of both 6. SAMRAT ASHOK and 7. SUPREME QUEST who are both under performers I am not too sure on the jockey on the latter but the former has had a few good spurts and can sprout wing is worth a small eachway punt at long odds.

Tips:Lightnin Blues/Freemason Upset:6. SAMRAT ASHOK (small eachway)

Race 6:6. WONDER SMILE today is running in a far superior company that what she has raced with so far dont be surprised if she loses again today she does have the class and will be right there but winning looks very tough will pay to halve your bets on her.In my opinion 3. JET FIRE has the best credentials to win and if tried should tackle this set from 5. ARTURO who will run in a better lite today and will not be far off.11. STONE OF DESTINY can upset.

Tips: Jetfire/Arturo(eachway)/Wondersmile Upset:11. STONE OF DESTINY

Race 7:I do fancy the chances of 7. THE LAST SAMURAI to win in this set should have no trouble in tackeling the distance but the jockey is my only worry,if he fails then 3. COPERTINA is good enough to pick up the race along with 8. THUNDERS ROAR who is placed well on handicap.2. READY TO MINGLE is the favorite only on the merits of the jockey but has a big task ahead of him today.

Tips:The Last Samurai(eachway),Copertina,Thunder roar

Race 8: If money comes her way YOU BEAUTY will have no problems to win from ANNA FLEETWOOD Note CABOCHON for an upset here can win if tried should be considered for jackpot atlest.

Tips: You Beauty(good bet)/Anna Fleetwood Upset: CABOCHON


Eachway bets: ILLUSIVE GIRL (small)/ SAMRAT ASHOK (small)or FREEMASON / ARTURO / THE LAST SAMURAI (small)/ CABOCHON (small)

Upset of the Day: DOUBLE ELITE

Monday, June 23, 2008

Proof that Men Have Better Friends.

Friendship among Women:
A woman didn't come home one night. The next morningshe told her husband that she had slept over at afriend's house. The man called his wife's 10 bestfriends. None of them knew anything about it.

Friendship among Men:
A man didn't come home one night. The next morning hetold his wife that he had slept over at a friend'shouse. The woman called her husband's 10 best friends.Eight confirmed that he had slept over, and two said he was still there.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bangalore 22 June/Ammended

Today is a balanced card Ramu should havea treble races 1-3-6, of the Jockeys Appu is the one to follow Good luck all have a win. In my honest opinion W smiths mounts are outstanding but I am not confident on his riding hence have ignored him but all his horses can win.

Race 1: This is an avoidable race as there are a few first timers/under performers who are good types hence anything can happen.6. AVELINE is well bred and is tracking above average but not as good as others hence is avoidable.2. LEOPARDINO has a benifit of a run but looks an average horse if she wins good luck.I personally think the race is between 8. FOX HAVEN who has improved a lot since his last run has been tracking well enough to merit attention from 7. TERN ME ON who is best on track in this set and has a realistic chance to win but being first run its hard to say.

Tips: Fox Haven,Tern ME On.

Race 2: 1. REFLECTION OF GOLD should win this one from 3. RAVILEENA who looks the only danger and place prospects look certain.2. GLORIOUS PRINCESS must be a tired horse and wieght can be her undoing.

Tips: Reflection of Gold/Ravileena

Race 3: 2. ORIGINALITY is a very good horse and should account for a easy win here, however the fitness of this filly is a big ?? and no recoeded trackwork since her last run is a bit of a worry but I still think she will win.Only danger is 7. SUNNY BABA who has been blazing the track since his last run and with a strong rider can turn the tables should place by default.


Race 4: One of the toughest race of the day where anyone can win my top 3 are 1-8-10-11. 11. SUNNY CONNEXION is very well placed on handicap and has tracked well enough to be my first pick to win from 10. STAR NEWS who will be right there along with 8. SENNA . Make a note of 1. SERIOUS WARRIOR who has come down in class and is placed well in this set if the jockey can handle his nerve he will beat this field.

Tips: Sunny Connection(eachway)/Star News/Senna Upset: 1. SERIOUS WARRIOR (small E/W)

Race 5: In my opinion 7. ICEBREAKER is a very talented horse but with Mr smith talent doesnot matter avoidable good luck if he wins.the horses that will give Mr smith a run for his money are 6. IMPERIAL DREAM and 5. IVORY SNOW make note of the latter has been stripped fit since her last run benn tracking very well has big heart for a small horse.I am personally gong to go very slow in this race but will have a small bet on her.

Tip:5. IVORY SNOW (smallE/W), Imperial Dream UPSET: WAYNE SMITH

Race 6: This race should is a very tough race hence the jodi can lose here My top two picks however ridiculous can do the trick my first choice is the dickey legged 2. ATTAIN who is definately a classy horse had a very good run first up has been tracking very well and if the jockey can handle him should win from either 7. LOGANS RUN who has been prepared well enough to merit attention and 4. FLAMING LAMBORGINI who is back in form.

Tips:Attain(eachway)/Flaming Lamborgini Upset: Logans Run (small eachway)


1. FLEETING ARROW : Top contender great horse but today is his toughest test will run a great race but winning might be tough.
2. ARCHIPENKO : was beaten by the former last time how ever this horse has a big future I am of a strong opinion that he is better then the former being a big horse is being trained to run off the pace as remarked by the trainer and as evident by track movements has a tremondus turn of foot to leave them standing make note.
3. GENTLE KNIGHT : has potential but needs more distance will be used as a pacemaker that can upset.
4. MARK OF GIBRALTAR has improved a lot since last season is the best in the Ramu brigade and will be right there to trouble the best.
5. STAR OF WASHINGTON: Unbeaten in the set has a bright future and will finish in the frame but winning look a tough call.
7. KICKINGKING : will run
8. ARKTOUROS : failed last time second run after being gelded should show improvement but difficult to see it win but will be right there has clocked the best time in the set and has an upset chance .
9. SUGAR RAY : is improving with every run has the shrewdest jockey in the set but winning looks difficult.
10. PALAZZIOS SUN this horse definately has the potential but jockey ?? if mr smith wins in his earlier races then he has a slight place chance.
11. LYCIA FALCON : Good luck to the connections if he wins.


Race 8: 8. MARCEGALIA in my opinion is a very talented horse par mishap should win this race from either 5. SOUND OF NATURE or 6. CELESTIAL SON . Make not of 2. ADAMANT APPROACH who can upset here.

Tips: Margegalia/Sound of nature/Celestial son Upset:2. ADAMANT APPROACH

Race 9: Very open and tricky race where the fancied runners could finish off board if on top beat to go home.I personally think the winner should come from 1- 7-4..4. ALEJANDROS always seems to dissapoint but if trackwork is a tru indicator he will be the one to beat from either 7. CIMARRON who has all the right combinations today or 1. WELCOME BACK .

Tips: Cimarron/Welcome Back Upset: 4. ALEJANDROS (small each way)

Treble: Reflection of Gold/Originality/Marcigallia


Good Luck all.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bangalore 22 June

Todays card looks to be favoring the favorites but it will pay to back the right one, Ramu should easily account for a double in the 1st and 7th race and a treble with one of his outsiders cant be over looked.

Race 1: Not much to read in this race as most horses look like they are out for a stroll in my opinion 6. OPPRIMO needs more time and distance and is a very average horse. 7. MUSICAL PARADISE who is definately better of the two should get the better of him however like i mentioned before this is a very weak set of horses and an upset cant be ruled our. the one that has been tracking very well in this set is 4. TWO TO TANGO and dont be surprised if he wins.

Tips: Musical Paradise/Two to Tango Upset:2. ROYAL BANK

Race 2: Not a lot can be said about 4. CALMING INFLUENCE who is running for the first time track is average but not worth a bet at cramped odds. I do fancy the chances of 5. PINAAKINI in this race from 6. SHEER GOLD if the favorite fails. Personally I will leave this race and watch the outcome as anything can happen here make Note Ramu has 2 well bred horses in here keep an eye.

Tips: Pinaakine(good Place)/Sheer Gold Upset: RESPLENDENT ALPHA

Race 3: This is an very interesting VB race where there are genuine horses which can win put the problem is that today all of them are pitted agains each other hence an outsider can win here from the top two fancies 9. LIVE IT UP if definately better then 7. KING OF GOOD TIMES and should finish in that order.The 2 horses that I believe will give this pair a run for their money are 8. FIREY BUSINESS a.d 4. BADDA RUPAIYYA both have had good and easy runs but the Former I nicely placed on handicap and has had a good spurt to juggest his fitness hence is my firt pick to win and is wortha each way bet.

Tips:Firey Business(eachway),Live It Up Upset:4. BADDA RUPAIYYA

Rcae 4: 1. LEAGUES APART has no business running in this class but with this jockey anything is possible should win but halve your bets or leave the race.2 horses are ready to strike 3. ALLEGRO and 4. BENNYTHEBULL the former should place by default and can win if Mr Smith loses his nerve and the latter is definately in with a chance and can upest.

Tips:Leagues Apart/Allegro Upset: 4. BENNYTHEBULL

Race 5:Very open race but i think the winner should come between 1-8-9.My first pick to win here is 1. EASY who is down to the right class and track work suggest he is fit to fight is definately worth a small eachway bet to win from 9. APERTINI who ran a great race first up and should be involved at the post along with 8. MILFORD

Tips: Easy(eachway),Apertini, Milford

Race 6: too many unknow quality horses here hence no comments however make note of 9. SPIRITED ANGEL has been tracking extremely well can win here dont ignore.

Race 7: The lack of and real contenders suggest that REGAL RANSOM should win from VIJAYSAMRAT

Race 8: Open race but the winner should come from 5-6-7-8-12. 5. CRACKERJACK has come up a lot since his last run and been tracking well enough to merit attention to win from 12. JERSEY POWER who is very well placed on handicap .7. CIBONEY is short of a run but tracking well.
Tips: CrackerJack/Jersey Power/Cioney Upset:Mac

Treble:Regal Ransom/Musical Paradise/Firey Business

Eachway bets:Firey Business/Crackerjack/Spirited angel(small)/Easy/Allegro/Jerseypower(small)

Good luck all

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bangalore 15 June

In my view today is a tough card but most of the winners should come from fancied runners so it would pay to watch the market and choose wisely.

Race 1: This race should be between 1-2-7-8. Looking at trach work and jockey 7. ROAD TO ROMANCE looks good but I like to stay away from horses with steel shoe(S) for Dominic.Both 1. WHISPER VALLEY and TRAFALGAR SQUARE have had good runs the former is my fancy if the Jockey can handle it to win. ASPIRING SEVEN can upset but over all a very bad race worth following flow of money here or leave it.
Tips: Wispr Valley/Road to Romance/T Squase Upset: ASPIRING SEVEN

Race 2: This is another tricky one where both the fancied runners dont have a benifit of a run hence an outsider can show improvement but the race should be within 1-2-4-6. I am inclined to fancy ROYAL CHIEF who had a very good forward run in a superior company his last spurt was very good too hence make note. KYLES OF BUTE seems to be a smart type has been tracking well enough and should be right there along with ANOTHER DESTINY. There is not much to say about the well bred FOREVER MARK who might struggle here. this another race I would prefer to stay away from watch the market.

Tips: Royal Chief(small eachway)/Kyles of Bute Upset: Another Destiny

Race 3: Another tough one UNDUE is tracking better the average has the deadly combination of Appu/S Babu who have a good strike rate but the horse is running after 5 month lay off which is the only negetive he is best left alone if he wins then Good Luck in saying that he is definately better then 6. CELESTIAL TREASURE who has beaten noone so far hence avoidable. of the others only 2 horses have a realistic chance to beat the fancied runners 5. FLY FREE how has a benifit of an easy run and since then has been conditioned very well is and can put his beat foot forward along with 7. AHIRA who ran in much better set of horses and was a unextended 6th has been stripped fit to command some respect.

Tips: 7. AHIRA (smalleachway)/Undue Upset: Fly Free

Race 4: 10. PERFECT ANALYSIS has a clear handicap advantage here has a benifit of a easy run has been tracking well and should win provided the money comes its way hovever make note of SMART N SPECIAL who was very impressive first up and can streach this set is definately worth a small eachway punt LUMINOUS GOLD should place by default.

Tips: Perfect Analysis/Smart N Special(eachway) Upset: LUMINOUS GOLD

1. STIRRING : Not here
2. CART WHEEL good horse but this set is not her Forte
3. DORABELLA same as above
4. RIMPUCHE Outclassed
5. SHOOT A RAINBOW will have to prove her class today has the best track movements of the lot and should fight every inch of ground but at best can place.
6. ATTRACTRESS not here
8. ALL MY COLOURS has the best rider on board but class is questionable should make the finish interesting.
9. DESERT REALM :Blocker
10. ROYAL CONFIDENCE no confidence
11. STAR WAVE will be on of the main contenders t0 be involved in the finish has improved a lot and can pounce if the favorite slips.
12. VIOLET HONEY Blocker
13. KIARA will be a true test for a filly with the most experience will run a brave race but winning is not likely
14. SET ALIGHT she is without a doubt above this set I cant see her lose but keep this in mind she will win more races from here but today her Draw 1 is her biggest drawback. Ramu,s horses cant beat her but they will do everything to block her out at the start and if they suceed Malesh will have to work his way out of the mess at this odds the risk is too high for a punt but she should win.
15. BLOOD STREAM not here
16. SALSERA ifyou are looking for a horse that can cause a big upset then look no further she has won very well and beaten some smart horses well rested and if her stable mate fails to get up she will be right there.

Tips: Set Alight/Star Wave/Shoot A Rainbow(small eachway) Upset 16. SALSERA (small eachway)

Race 6: 9. ON A ROLL showed tremendous accleration to command respect in this race but today is running in a very classy field will have to ward off the challange on some late finishers but only 2 horses can upset her v.i.z 3. STYLISH BAY and 4. LAVA . I will be making a small eachway bet on bot.

Tips: On A Roll/Stylish Bay Upset: 4. LAVA

Rcae 7: 5. BULLISH LUCK is my first pick to beat READY TO MINGLE and 9. VOICE OF INDIA .

Todays card is not upto my liking and I am not very confident hence will have a rest day will make small eachway punts on the following.


UPSET: SIR ALMAS HAS BEEN TRACKING VERY WELL doesnot have the class but if trackwork is a indcator worth a small each way or place at long Odds.

Good Luck

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bangalor June 14

Interesting card where Ramu and his connections hold the key in the first 4 races however follow the flow of money on his horses.

Race 1: comes to me as a big surprise to see that 2. MIGHTY FINE is preferred by the connections over 3. SNOW PRINCE the latter is of a better calibre and both have been tracking well enough hence I will leave them to mercy of the connections to decide which one to try watch the ring and decide.of the other runners 4-5-8 are the ones that attract attention however I have to say 5. SEE YOU THERE was been tracking the best in the set I do think that the distance is a bit sharp for him but 4 horses that are likely to make the pace fast he has a realistic chance hence is my pick for a small each way punt over 4. LIGHT BRIGADE who has run in better company.

Tips: See You There (each way), Light Brigade. Upset:Snow Prince

Race 2: This another race where I feel Ramus second horse is better then the fancied runner hence watch the flow of money.2. FLY FOR SURE did run a good second last time but hasn't been on track since which is a bit of a surprise this favorite is best left alone and is not worth a bet under 2-1 because there are some smart runners in this set v.i.z. 1-3-4-7. 1. CHINAB has improved a lot and looks to have a slight edge over this set first run but should be involved in the finish another front runner is 3. BELLA COOLA who has had a benefit of an easy run been stripped fit as suggested by track work and looks a certain place bet.Both 4. SUGRIV and 7. LUCKY MASCOT might find the distance sharp but do have the potential to upset.

Tips: Chinab/Bella Coola(E/W or Place good) Upset: Sugriv Avoid: Fly for Sure

Race 3: 1. PHOENIX REACH was an impressive winner first up but has beaten no one today with a full class penalty is the true test of potential for him as he has give weight to some underperformed horse the ones that need attention are 6 and 8 how have an handicap advantage.6. BAKERSFIELD has had a benefit of a good forward run since then has been stripped fit also has a positive change of jockey/distance and equipment hence if the jockeys intentions are right he will beat the favorite. 8. FLYING FLAME is the dark horse who is tracking very well and can trouble this set.

Tips: Bakersfield(Good each way)/Phoenix reach Upset: 8. FLYING FLAME

Race 4: Cant see 2. OWN VOICE losing 3. LUNAR LUST can place at long odds has been tracking very well.

Race 5: One of the toughest race of the day with many classy horses picking winner here is suicide however weight will not decided the winner it will be luck so look for value.I personally believe the winner should come from 2-3-4-8. 8. OUR LITTLE SAVAGE has been stripped fit since the last run has a weight advantage but the drawn 2 will need some luck,3. LIONHEART is in the form of his life drawn 1 with no initial speed can be the only difference between winning and loosing but will finish on board,2. BADGE OF GOLD has the right jockey and draw but is running in far superior company then last time hence at best can place and lastly 4. ROMANTIC GETAWAY who is defiantly the dark horse has the class to win if the jockey can hold his nerve a small each way punt will go a long way.

Tips: Our little Savage/Lion heart(each way)/Badge of gold Upset: 4. ROMANTIC GETAWAY

Race 6: Very open race but the top contenders are 2-3-5-6-7. My first pick is 5. STARRY VIEW who ran bold race first up to win from 3. ROYAL HERO who has the best Jockey in the set and a good run. The horse that has been tracking very well and is looking very good on handicap is 6. GIVE ME THE MONEY I don't understand the choice of jockey but if C Chetenna can win 2 races this season anything is possible.

Tips:Starry View/Royal Hero Upset: 6. GIVE ME THE MONEY (small each way)

Race 7: This is another race where there are many contenders the pretenders if you are ahead for the day then just watch the race my personal fancy is 9. JEDI KNIGHT who is tracking very well does have a strange jockey choice but I still think he is the one to beat from the inform 10. SANGINI or 4. EVER SO CLEVER .Make note of 6. CIAMPINO who has come to hand as track movements are good and can cause a upset.

Tips: Jedi Knight(each way)/Sangani/Ever So Clever Upset: 6. CIAMPINO




All the best:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes

Hi Everyone,

I have just comeback from china and have made the attached guide for the ones who wish to lean chineses in 5 minutes.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bangalore 8 June

Today is one of the toughest race card i have see in bangalore for a long time there will be a lot of surprises I personally cant see a single outstanding winner and wont be surprised if I draw a blank Hope not but it is Possible.

Race 1: Very open race in which luck and timing will decide the winner however 10. ILLUSIVE GIRL has the best credentials to win here and will be the one to beat from 1. SHISHAM who has been tracking well enough to merit attention but has to beat the former.Make note of 2. SUPREME QUEST today has the class and the distance will suit him fine with an outside draw has the best chance to swoop the field at long odds.

Tips: Illusive Girs(eachway),Sisham Upset: 2. SUPREME QUEST

Race 2: This race maybe for maidens but there are some very smart horses running which gives it an very open look.there are 2 horses in particular i believe will upset the fanfied trio v.i.z. 7. STUNNING GREY and 11. SIMPLE the former looks a smart type with alot of potential and the latter has been meticulously prepared my problem is i cant decide between the two at the moment but i am more inclined towards the former. From the fancied runners 4. REGAL RANSOM is the better who was beaten by a very smart horse.

Tips:Stunning Grey, Regal Ransom Upset: 11. SIMPLE Avoid: Hallmark

Race 3: bad race number 3 once again very open but if 2. PROOF OF TREASURE takes a level jump the race is over has the right jockey but i have my doubts and is not worth a risk if he win good luck to the connections.8. RUNNING MAN seems to have come to hand but i have my reservations on how the jockey is going to handle the horse from such a wide draw if he can he will win.6. EVENT HORIZON is ready to strike and has the potential to upset this set along with 12. ORANGE ORCHARD .

Tips: Running Man,Event Horizon(eachway) Upset: 12. ORANGE ORCHARD

Race 4: Its very unlikely that the race is beyond the top 2 horses. ORIGINALITY is running after a six month break has had a light spurt and in order to advance towards its classic targets but will have to fight it out with TOMSK who is a smart horse hence the jockeys talent with decide the winner. CHAR CHAND should place is asked to.

Tips: Orignality/Thoms Upset: CHAR CHAND

Race 5: I believe 6. SUGAR RAY has improved a lot and is better then stablemate 3. ARKTOUROS who is also anice type. the former should get the better of this set but has to beat 7. WAR CHILD who has been tracking very well along with 9. MUDEER POWER . this race is very open and it will pay to have small bet.

Tips:7. WAR CHILD (eachway),Sugar Ray; Upset: Mudeer Power

Race 6: BLUSHING BEAM should make ammends today but has to beat GLORIOUS PRINCESS .

Tips: Blushing Beam, Glorious Princess Upset: XEL

Race 7: 5. MOTHERS PRIDE is my first pick to win from 7. VAN DE STAR the race looks between the two.

Tips: Mothers Pride/Van De Star

Race 8: 7. LADY ONE has the best chance here but drawn 11 with Mr smith aboard is not a good sign specially in sprint for class 1 hence its difficult to tip her or back her Good luck if she wins.I can see any clear chance here there are many possiblities but the winner should come from 3-4-5-7. My first pick is HESPERUS (eachway)to win from WOMAN ON TOP . Make note of PASTICHE the draw is in her favor today and is definately worth a small eachway bet at long odds.

Tips: Herperus/Women on top Upset: PASTICHE Avoid : Lady One

Race 9: Open race but my the horse to beat is A RUN TO REMEMBER if on job should win make note of GIFT A DIAMOND has been tracking very well and has run in superior company has a definate fighting chance and is worth a small eachway bet at long odds.

Tips: A Run to Remember , GIFT A DIAMOND (eachway) Upset: FREEMASON

Race 10: SOUTHERNER has been tracking well enough to win in this set but once again a very open race TINAS TRIUMPH , ZAFAR and BILLY BLACKJACK wont be giving in without a fight make not of the latter who dint have the luck of the race last time can spring wings.

Tips: Southner/Tinas Triumph Upset: BILLY BLACKJACK (small eachway)

Eachway Bets: Illusive Girl/ STUNNING GREY or Simple/Event Horizon/ WAR CHILD / PASTICHE / GIFT A DIAMOND / BILLY BLACKJACK



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bangalore 7 June

Tough card today

Race 1: This is a very average set of horses and lack of genuine company highlights the chances of 3. POWER TO FIGHT who has been tracking well however I believe that the diastance might be a bit sharp for him which gives a fair chance to two horses who are equally bad but have been tracking better then the favorite.6. BORN TO SHINE and 10. RED RIVER REBEL both have the capacity to beat the favorite but the jockeys astride are the question mark.It will pay to halve your bets on the favorite.


Race 2: 1. GLEAMING SKY is a very sluggish horse and the Bangalore straight can be to short for her liking plus carrying 62.5 kgs over 9flg is a big task hence her chances are very slim if any the only positive is the jockey and his strong riding but still hard to see her justify the odds. 7. ATTATURK who is in receipt of 12.5 kgs and a benefit of a run has a clear advantage to win in this set hence is my first pick to win from 4. STRATEGIC PARTNER who seems to have improved a lot. the dark horse is 2. ORIENTATION who has a lot of experience in this set looks a bit underdone but can put up a bold fight.

Tips: Attaturk(each way)Strategic partner Upset: 2. ORIENTATION Avoid: G sky

Race 3: Only 4 horses look Good enough to be involved in the finish here. The top 2 in the fight will be 1. ANDRONICUS and 4. PIED HARRIER I believe the former has a slight edge but the intentions of the chacha/bhanja combination will be indicated in the ring.3. SURPRISE PACKAGE is the horse that has been tracking extremely well and it wont surprise me if he upsets this set and is worth a good place bet. Avoid Dock of Bay who is out handicapped and needs 7lgs.

Tips: Andronicus/Pied Harrier. Upset:3. SURPRISE PACKAGE (Good Place) Avoid: Dock of Bay.

Race 4: In my opinion the jodi of 2. MUSIC FOREVER and 8. PLEASURING is a wrong jodi the former no doubt is a good horse and can win but the problem of changing strides at the bend and drifting will cost precious ground in a sprint he can only win if he maintains a straight course which looks difficult.8. PLEASURING showed no accleration in the last race and ploded in a very weak set.the horse that can ad should beat this pair are 7-9-10-11. My first pick from them is 11. SPIRITOFEXCELLENCE who is tracking well enough to win from 10. DIFFERENT OPINION and 9. SHEER GOLD . Make note of 7. STANDING OVATION who seems tohave the potiantial for an Upset:

Tips: 11. SPIRITOFEXCELLENCE , Sheer Gold, Different Opinion (Good Place)Upset: 7. STANDING OVATION

Race5: 1. ABLE ASSOCIATE is a smart type and should be hard to beat in this set, 6. CLOUSEAU is the dark horse and can match strides with the former but at best should place(Good Place).
Tips:Abel associate (Good Bet),6. CLOUSEAU (good place). Upset: SUPER SHA

Race 6: This is a very open race where anyone can win but a chance eachway bet on 3. AFEA will go a long way.

Tips: 3. AFEA (eachway) MOVIE QUEEN Upset: EL GORDO

Race 7: WONDER SMILE is good enough to win here. FRIENDLY FIRE is one to note as a upset is worth a small place bet at long odds.
Tips: Wonder smile(Good Bet) FRIENDLY FIRE (small place)Upset: ROYAL AMBASSADOR

Race 8: FIGHTING STAR has come back to form and as such has the potential to win here the only danger will come from SUPERIOR SURPRISE who has agood wieght advantage and has been tracking well the dark horse that can never be over looked is REFRESH who can upset here and is worth a small eachway bet.

Tips: Fighting Star, Superior Surprise Upset: REFRESH

Race 9: Worst race of theday if you are up go home. IN THE ZONE has the best chance if money comes her way but being first run be careful. MANGALYA PRARAMBH is tracking very well and can win if asked to.

Tips: In the Zone/ MANGALYA PRARAMBH (eachway) Upset: BUDDY BROTHERS

Good luck all

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bangalore 6 Dec

Due to personal commitments I have just managed some quick pointers . I am away for six weeks and wont be back till the 26th Jan 09 hence not post till then Good luck everyone.

Race 1: 2yos once again avoidable

Race 2: 3. ROYAL CONFIDENCE should win from VOICE OF INDIA


Race 4: 5. ZAFAR / 6. MAC





Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bangalore 1 June

Ramu will make or break you today most of his fancied runners should win however keep the Black Sunday in mind.

Race 1: UN genuine horses here best leave REPLENISH has tracked well and can win from ROYAL FLYNN or WORD TO WORD

Tips: Replenish/Royal Flynn(Good Place or small each way)/Word to Word

Race 2: ALL MY COLOURS should win on default... STAR NEWS looks a place prospect.

Race 3: SEVEN STAR is tracking very well his previous runs have not been impressive however if the horse races true to track form he will be hard to beat if he fails GENTLE KNIGHT should not have any trouble.

Tips: Seven Star/ GENTLE KNIGHT

Race 4: The terms of the race suit only 2 horses and its highly unlikely that the result will go beyond BOURBON KING and SOUTHERN EMPIRE the better rider will win and the fact that prakash is on SOUTHERN EMPIRE there is a slight chance that he can out run the king but the race is not beyond them.

Tips:B King/S Empire(place certain)

Race 5: Another race that should go in favor of Ramu BLUSHING BEAM should make amend today only danger is MUSIC FOREVER .Make note of TWO TO TANGO has been tracking very well.

Tips; Blushing Beam(win)/Music forever(place) Upset: TWO TO TANGO

Race 6: Very open race but MILAGRO and FIGHTING STAR both seem to have come to hand and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Milargo/Fighting Star Upset: Mac

Race 7: TINAS TRIUMPH should pick this up from SOUTHERNER . make not of AFGHAN who has tracked well enough and if the intentions are there he should run a brave race.

Tisp: Tina Triumph/Southner Upset: AFGHAN

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