Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bangalore 31 Mar 2012

Race 1: Maiden and first timers hence best to avoid the race.

Race 2: Maiden and first timers hence best to avoid the race.(6)  Nocturnal Hunter, can sneak in a place.

Race 3:  Turf Fame, and Jigri Dost, look the top two contenders here however best to watch the flow of money here.Harini, is the joker in the pack can upset if tried.

Tips:(9)  Turf Fame,(12)  Jigri Dost,  Upset:(11) Harini,

Race 4:  Simply Stylish, does look well prepared however Firelight, will keep her honest.

Tips:(11)  Simply Stylish  Upset:(9) Firelight,

Race 5:  Tomsk, should win this one.

Tips: 2) Tomsk,         Upset: (5) Sweet Surrender

Race 6: Probably the best race of the day with many contenders and luck will play a role here but looking at the preparation and last 2 runs of Game Dancer, i am fairly confident if he is on job he will win. from the rest Wild Nexus, and Shuddering, look good.

Tips:  (5) Game Dancer,(note) 

Race 7:  Fantabulous Star, has a lot of merit here provided he is tried.Independence Day, will be right there. make note of Yawar, if he takes a level jump he will upset as he doesn't belong in this class.

Tips:(5)Fantabulous Star, (7)  Independence Day,           Upset: (6) Yawar,(note)

Race 8:  Last race of the season can go anyway my top 3 are LadzoneCorleone, and Gustavo, the secon named if sound will be very hard to beat but has to beat the other 2 who are very well placed on handicap. I am giving Gustavo, a second chance today last time was given a very easy run today with a break of 5 kgs in handicap can upset if ridden on merit.

Tips:  12 )  Ladzone, 7) Corleone,              Upset : 2) Gustavo,

Days Best: Game Dancer,

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bangalore 30 March 2012

Hopeless racing once again S Naredu and Dk Ashish combo have very well placed runners can have a good day today.

Race 1: Interesting race here all 6 are contenders and riding skills will matter, Frame Partner, is probably the most disadvantaged horse her being penalised 3.5 kgs for finishing a average 2nd twice.Enchanted Forest, obviously is not a very fit horse hence avoidable can win but nothing special.Horses 1-2-6 are best placed on handicap and the results should be between them. Hillton, who finished a very easy 4th last run can surprise if tried, Strive And Serve, is carrying a lot of wieght but can win today is definately the one to beat.

Tips:(1)  Strive And Serve,                       Upset:(6)  Hillton,

Race 2:  Gamble race best to avoid. Inspirator, is the one to beat.

Race 3:  Not a lot of contenders here horses 1-4-6-8-10 are the likely ones best to leave the race.

Tips: (10)Blue Star, 8)  Hillstone,           

Race 4:  Gun Salute,Sun Control, and Lad King, should dominate the finish

Tips:  5) Lad King,10) Gun Salute,             Upset:  1) Sun Control

Race 5:  Gamble race, horses 1-6-7-8 have a good chance if tried. I was very confident on Rising Sun, last time but the connections had different ideas if that is not the same today he will win. Make note of The First Bullet, today if there is a Upset here it is.

Tips:(6) Rising Sun,                   Upset:(7) The First Bullet,(note)

Race 6:  Open race with many contenders if Southern Gladiator, is tried he is ready to strike and can upset here note.

Tips;(6)  Southern Gladiator,               Upset: (3) Super Spectacle,

Race 7:  Gamble race watch the market.Divine Touch, is the one to beat.

Tips:  5) Divine Touch,                Upset:(11) Formality,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mumbai 29 Mar 2012

Race 1: A very open race and many tries out here.Kalinga Star, is well prepared but the handicap is not in his favor.Brunello, is a unsound horse of unknown quality, is very well bred but fitness is a issue can win if fit best to leave such horses.Cougar, is not well place on handicap but with antia horses handicap is a myth. Honey Bee, is the form horse equipment change today but not sure about intent as stablemate is better and can be fancied over her. Horses 2-6-7-9 are best suited by handicap jockey and have the best chance to win.Last Tango,Adams Prince, are likely winners here. the first named if tried will be very hard to beat.Make note of Arabian Fighter, who is running amongst his peers will stay the mile and the jockey and do the trick.

Tips: (7) Last Tango, (9) Adams Prince,            Upset:(2) Arabian Fighter,

Race 2:  Best to leave a race where a owner has 2 fancied runners.

Tips: (8) Aleutian Zone,(6) Lake Ontario,            Upset: (3) Sweaty Betty,(note)

Race 3: Best to leave the race Hills And Heights, is a good animal but an unsound horse too the odds of 3/10 are wrong in this set of consistent animals,Secret Service, is a better class animal the favorite is interlinked to the horse so best to see market trends as only one will be tried.Arctic Minstrel, is well rested now and can upset as she is fresh but lagad has accepted 4 horses here and this can upset the applecart on all runners. on handicap Silver Screen, is his best horse.

Tips:(3) Secret Service,   Upset:(4) Silver Screen,

Race 4:  Bad race Sleuth, looks very well prepared here and can win if her blood vessels dont give way.Oriental Sapphire, met with a lot interference last time and that run is avoidable can win.Towering High, is the most consistant of horses with a donkey riding him can upset if the jockey is upto it.

Tips:(6) Oriental Sapphire,(2)Sleuth,               Upset:(1) Towering High

Race 5:  Straight fight between Encore, and Adams Vision, jockey skills will matter at the finish. If there is a upset here it will be That's My Master,

Tips:(3)Encore, (2)  Adams Vision,                   Upset:(8)  That's My Master,

Race 6: (3) Lake Paradise, should win here.

Race 7:  If trackwork reflects form then its a straight fight between Kismat, and Fajr, the second named is very likely to upset here.Ascot Magic, is the dark horse can place.

Tips: (6) Kismat,(2) Fajr,                Upset:(1)  Ascot Magic

Race 8:  This is a interesting race and the sharp distance will see many fancied runners cutting a fast pace which will benifit horses that like to come off the pace.Bold Dancer, and Prince Of Troy, would love that the first named is in form won unfancied when the pace was fast today after two good spurts is definately a horse they all have to look out for take a chance on him today and good luck as I will.

Tips:(4)  Bold Dancer,

Race 9:  A Straight fight between Moonscape, and Mountain Prince, the second named is very badly placed by the wide draw which gives the first named a very good chance. Being a big field the fancied runners may have some traffic problems and if that the case Pablo Neruda, and Lucky Misba, can upset. both these horses unfortunatly have problems in fitness and if all goes theire way they will be right there.

Tips:(10) Moonscape,(2) Pablo Neruda,                   Upset:(6)  Lucky Misba,

Days Best:  Lake Paradise
Eachway or place bets: Bold Dancer,Pablo Neruda,  Fajr,   

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mumbai 25 Mar 2012

Race 1: Tara, at this handicap should win.

Race 2: Deja Vu, was very impressive last time can repeat. They all have to beat Angels Quest, who has run in better company has had a long rest after a nice gallop looks good here.Make note of Holiday Dancer, seems to be in forward condition and this set is nothing special can upset if he is a trier.

Tips:  Angels Quest,                 Upset: Holiday Dancer,

Race 3: Eskimo, and Anahi, should fight it out here jockey skill will matter. Make note of Victorious Cause, here has a very good chance of upsetting has had 2 easy runs and now looks ready to strike.

Tips:  Eskimo, Anahi,   Upset:Victorious Cause,

Race 4: Capriole, ran a very nice race last time the huge drop in distance was why she fell short today will run a better race but keep in mind sunderji horses are gamble ones so see the market trend should win if tried.Tolstoy, will keep him honest. Make note of Running Sun, whos second run is always his best track work suggest good fitness and he can upset should at worst place note.

Tips: Capriole,Tolstoy,                      Upset: Running Sun,

Race 5:  Pesi controls and trains 4 of the 6 horses and their respective jockies and the market will decide his intent. I personally think Berlusconi, is on a excellent handicap and is the one to beat  provided he doesnot play up at the gates.Onassis, will be right there.

Race 6: This is a wide open race and the result can go anyway. Bullet, is the only horse that has been well rested and the last 3 runs have been off the pace a clear indication of coming off the pace I personally feel he is the only horse that has been prepared with this race to mind the jockey is worry but if he can handle the pressure and with some luck can win here note.Vittoria,Rajasthan Royals, and Pepe Junior, will be right there too the last named has age against him but jockey and weight in his favor.

Tips:Bullet,Rajasthan Royals,                                     Upset:Pepe Junior

Race 7: Gamble race but many horses are likely to be tried. Horses 1-3-5-6-7-8-9-10-12. Fantastic Kingdom,  and Calypso Queen, are inter linked and only one will be tried. In my opinionHurricane Bird,  Fantastic Kingdom,Sizzling Love,Cuba,and Wells Fargo, the last named has had good forward races and should be right there, the first named is a good animal but has dissapointed too many times, the second named will run well today, Both Sizzling Love,Cuba, in my opinion are the ones that will dominate the finish. The second named is running amongst his peers for the first time with a positive change in equipment and jockey and on that merit expect a huge gamble on him today..

Tips:  CubaFantastic Kingdom,               Upset:  Sizzling Love,

Race 8: Another race with a few gamble horses. Desert Eagle, is down in class and if tried will win.Lagad has 2 horses who have had their runs and are ready for gambles or wins in pune normally at the end of mumbai such horses are given a forward run and many place or win so keep in mind. There are 2 horses that are gamble horses besides Desert Eagle,. They are Viva Zapata, who is very likely to be tried but the jockey is a worry, Royal Fantasy, looks like a definate trier and if the connections have a win earlier then double your bets.

Tips: Desert Eagle,                          Upset: Royal Fantasy,

Days Best:  Desert Eagle,  

Bolt From the blue: Sizzling Love,

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