Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mumbai 26 feb

Race 1;BLACK HUSSAR should win from 2. GREEN VALLEY ...............3. SUPREME ORATOR is a dark horse and can spring a surprise.

Race 2: Introduction of blinkers will do a world of good for 8. HOUSE PREFECT who is my first pick to win from 7. CINDERELLA MAN and 4. DOUBLE EASE who has had some suggestive track work is definately worth a good place bet. Open Race

Race 3: 3yr olds

Race 4: 3 yr olds first timers

Race 5: 1. ENGLEHART is a far improved animal and is my pick to win well from 4. KINGS DESIRE and 2. HAZELHEAD who is moody horse

Race 6: 9. RED DAWN shoul win today from 8. GENERALISSIMO

Race 7: 4. STELLAR AFFAIR won very well but beat no one can win today but has to beat 1. RECOLLECTION who is far superior then this class and will win only if he gets the goahead. the dark horse 3. HIDDEN DRAGON who can cause a stunning upset...... worth a small each way punt.

Days best: Red Dawn
Treble: R Dawn/Englehart/B Hussar
each way propositions: H Draggon,E Hart house prefect

All the best.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Race1: This is a 2400 mtrs race and the horse that stays the best will win. On first glance 2. DOMINATRIX looked a good bet but after assesing all horses and handicaping them for this grueling trip......one horse that comes alleast a lenght better on handicap over this field is ADRENALINE RUSH ... sk sunderji is a smart handicapper has prepared this horse well and if on job today which I believe he will be can beat this set.... only negetive is blood vessel but the good wether is also in his favor and a punt on A rush will go a long way.

Tips :: A Rush,Dominatrix

Race 2: 3. OWN VOICE will run a much improved race today and will get the better of 2. KIARA who is one of the most over raced youngsrets in the circut.... horse to beat is POCKET ROCKET

Tips: Own Voice, P Rocket

Race 3: 1. TOTALITARIAN who is out handicapped in this set has to improve by atleast 5lnths to justify being a favorite here is certainly a false favorite. 4. ROYAL FLASH has abest handicap advantage but is recovering froma blood vessel problem if all goes well will be right there.3. BALTHAZAAR has been tracking very well and is my first pick to win.5. ROCOCO is the horse of class and at this handicap can toy with this field. I honestly cant decide between the 3 but hence I am going for class but it will be a close call.
Tips: 5. ROCOCO , Balthazar,R Flash

Race 4: This is a very bad race look for value I think the race is between 7. BINEE and 3. SOCARORO but a major upset also cant be ruled out from 8. FIREY FUTURE who is now running in the lowest class and is running the right distance along with 4. BORZU AGAIN who is owned by the same owner as Binee watch market trend but Socaroro looks certain to be on borad.out of the fancied runners 1. JAZZEGO has the best credentials

Race 5: 2. SEA STORM has been well tuned to win this race and if no hanky panky is involved will be right there but the horse to beat is 8. WILD TEMPER who is in reciept of 9kgs with no false rails today has a strong chance to make it a double and is worth a good eachway bet.SILENT PRESENCE is the dark horse

Tips: W Temper, Seastorm Upset S presence


1. AGIOS NIKOLAOS improving horse has a very slight outside chance but the draw voids any hope
2. AUTONOMY : Is one of the strongest challengers here once again the darw is very ackward hence he will find it hard to settle early and will be the difference between winning and losing at best can place will need a lot of luck
3. DIVINE negetive jockey but is a good horse maby later
4. FLEETING ARROW first run in mumbai good horse but others are prefered
6. JUVENTUS not here
7. MARK OF GIBRALTAR very well prepared horse but the draw is a not in his favor but will be right there
8. PALAZZIOS SUN ran a very good race first up will improve a lot since that run and is one of the main chances to win here
9. RED ROMEO is the publics choice and has done nothing wrong so far but in a 19 horse race I dont fancy his chances at these odd will be in the top 5 but winning it will be a hard fought battle with the best 3yos in the land
10. SOUTHERN SUMMIT not here
11. STAR PRESENTATION is the improving type and will be involved in the finish but winning looks out of the radar
12. SUCCESSOR he is the one horse today that can raise a few eyebrows evrything is in favor, No false rails,drawn 2 tracking well there is know doubt in my mind about him staying the distance too make note he is one to catch and worth a eachway bet
13. SUGAR RAY not here
14. AURORA AUREALIS outclassed
15. BARBARA no chance
16. CONGRATS needs time
17. DAFFODILS not here
18. INSPIRING TRUST I think very highly of this horse has had a run on the track and is being very well prepared with this race in mind has improved a lot since her last run and is the best of the fillies in this set and is worth a punt as I strongly believe she can win today
19. STAR WAVE needs more distance and time but can upset.

Top 5: I Trust,Successor,P Sun,M of Gibralter R Romeo

Race 7: 2. CARLOS has the best credentials but is not a genuine horse with the trainer changing equipments every time he run is best left alone if he wins goodluck.1. MASTER CRAFT ran a very improved race last time didnot have the luck and if all goes well today sould account for it from 6. HERE COMES THE DON who looks a good place proposition and always runs well when there are no false rails.. This is a very tricky race look for value I and going to back 2 horses as a each way: M Planner and DONT BE SILLYwho can make mincmeat of this set if on job

Race *: 1. MICKEY MANTLE cant lose in this set only danger looks like will come from the moody gamble horse 4. KA CHING the former looks a good betting proposion fer the day.

Days best: Mickey Mantle
Double:M Mantle/O Voice
Treble: M Manle/O Voice/W Temper
Horses worth a eachwaybet: M Mantle/M Craft/Itrust/Succesor/W Temper/F fortune/A Rush



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mumbai 21 Feb 2008

Can be another bad day for punters, chose wisely and look for value.

Race 1: Interesting race with one unsound horse i.e Alctus and 5 horses running within a span of 7 days of which 3 have run togeather its going to be very hard to pick from them but 3. GOLD BISCUIT is better of the 3. I personally will leave this race but fra the sake of fancy will have a small eachway bet on 4. FARFALLAH who has improved his behavior at the gates and if on job today should win from 5. NOTABLE RUNNER who is running in a span of 7 days and has stepped up to her prefered distance will give a good show if she has recovered from her last run.N Lalwanis horses get wings in their second run hence FLO NIGHTINGALE can also win Very bad race.

Forget about 6. WELLS FARGO false favorite other horses are far superior then him.

Race2: Firstimers best left alone but this is a very weak set of horses WHITE HART LANE is one horse I have been watching on track for a while he can win here dont worry about the jockey if tried the race is over worth a punt.

Race 3: Very bad race again MAZAN has the best credentials to win here but will have to beat ARABIAN SPEED and THE RIGHT MAN both of theses horses are ready and my money is on THE RIGHT MAN

Race 4: Another bad race 5 EXPENSIVE AFFAIR is the dark horse in this set so is HITZ will be a nice mama/bhanja gamble

Race 5: First timers bad race but make note of SUPREME FALCON who is best on track

Race 6: 5. PAMPERED PRINCESS is best suited by the terms of this race but bloodvessel is a worry hence if she wins Good luck. My pick is 1. ELMWOOD who ran a very good race and was not extended in his last run as he dint have the luck in the straight today the false rails will suit him and should be considered a Good eachway bet here from 4. HAWKE BAY who is in a forward condition.

Race 7 : Another race with a very open look and a upset here looks almost certain 11. COSMIC FLOWER and1. PONYTA both these horses deserve a small eachway wager the latter will relish the positioning of the false rails and draw and deserve some faith to win here. 9. ATHENA is the best of the 3 fancied runners and will be right there.

Race 8:3. COUNCILOFTHEGODS has come to hand nicely and is my firt pick to beat 5. STRATHENDRICK who is the dark horse in this dash for cash sprint

Race 9: 7. TEMPTATION is ready for a win and is my firt pick to win from 13. BREZHNEV ...
8. HAWKEYE has a nice place chance

Race 10:2. MARCO POLO is one horse I cant believe is still a maiden has the best credentials but I have lst faith in him but if you like him back him should win.......... 4. HYMN STAR and 12. PHI are my first 2 picks the latter is on the right mark and should win if M Polo goes around the world again. The dark horse is 13. VANILLA SKY

Days Best: Elmwood
Double: Temptation/Elmwood
Treble: Temptation/Elmwood/Ponyta
Horses: Worth a eachway be: Elmwood,W Hart Line,T Right Man, Hitz,S Falcon,Ponyata,Phi and Coincil to the Gods.

All the best watch the market

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tips for Mumbai 17 Feb 2008

Interesting card today with a lot of value bets in store if chosen wisely.

Race 1: Tricky race but the winner should come between 12. SOCARORO and 7. REFUSE TO BEND the former does have a a edge on wiegths but it would be wise to be careful in this race as an outsider cant be ruled out. 2. CLASSIC STAR is one to keep an eye on and a small bet in place will go a long way on him.

Race 2: Too many contenders here and anyone cn win a race best left alone 1. BRIDGE TOO FAR 11. DISCOVER and 13. ATTIA IN SUNLIGHT will be involved in the finish with the second named having a slight advantage but bad race.

Race 3: If all goes well 4. GENERALISSIMO should easily tackle this set for a well overdue win he will have to fightit out with 7. RED DAWN and 11. CRESPO

Race 4: 5. WESTERN CHALLENGE is a smart horse and will run a bold race to win make note of 4. THEODOROS who is good type and has been well prepared and cant upset here keep an eye on this horse.

Race 5: too many first timers hence no comments

Race 6: 6. PERSONIFIED is running at wrong odds here as he has reached his class.Todays contender will not make it easy for him and at best can place.7. ALMANDINE is very nicly placed on handicap the fact that the connections hve opted to run her in a higher class means that she is not a wieght carier and is my pick to win from 5. COSMOPOLITAN who is over due for a win and 4. LIVORNO very open race take a risk here.

Race 7: Only 6. SPINOZA can topple 3. SOUTHERN EMPIRE on the balance of wieght ..... unless the the connections deide to go the other way.

Race 8: Bad race watch the betting here the race will be between 5. ROMAN BEAUTY and 6. NOBLE REPLICA ..............8. ARABIAN PRIDE is the dark horse and can upset this pair

Race 9; A Race for donkeys should be between the two laga horses 4. CHIEF WARRIOR is the better of the 2 but with him you never know 12. LOVE FORTY is the dark horse and can spring a surprise.

Days best: S empire
Treble;S Empire/almandine/Generalnesimo
Horses worth a eachway bet: Generalnesimmo,Almandine,Spinoza(place better),C Warrior, Theodoros

Good luck all look for value in your bets today and take a few risks if you can.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mumbai 14 Feb 2008

Todays card is a make or break for many punters, many horses that are favorites are placed well and then there are some horse that deserve merit but are ignored because of placement of well bred horses or well known trainers. It wwill pay to hold all bets till the last possible minutes and watch the market very closely Good Luck all.

Race 1: STELLAR AFFAIR is a well bred horse who is running for the first time today looks to be well prepared but looking at the track moments I have noticed that every single track work for the horse has been a starting gate practice which suggests she is not a good starter or is a nervous horse watch her paddock behavior and make your choice.. I personally dont back horses till i see them run hence I will leave her alone but this horse is very well placed in a weak set. My money is on 7. TE QUIERO who is well over due for a win is placed on the right handicap today and will be a nice valentine days gift fro R Khan to his wife. 2. JAZZEGO at best can place.

Race 2: 4. TOMMY CARMICHAEL has been very well prepared belongs to a gambling stable and doesnot have a lot to beat here hence if on job looks a good bet today.1. PRINCE LOCHINVA will run a bold race today but the placement of the wide false rails gives the former a slight edge.3. GOLD BISCUIT is the dark horse and can spring a surprise.

Race 3: from what I have read 11. PHENOMENALE cost 80 lakhs to the connections for her breeding but when a horse of such hype has been entered to make her debut in class 5B for 3yr olds says a lot about the confidence of the connections and the potential of the horse at this current time aslo being such an expencive purchase pesi will not push her preperation if she wins then good luck but there are Too many first timers so anyone can win my picke is 10. PERSONAL POINT

Race 4:In her last run 5. SPIRITUALL ran out of gas very quickly and looks to have a very short spurt hence is best left alone any of the top 3 horses can beat her today and my pick is 1. BONNY LIGHT who has run in far superior company and will be suited by the false rails to win from 2. NOTABLE RUNNER .

Race 5: bad race best to avoid but make a note of 11. HI DOLLY has a bit of experience under her belt and can spring a surprise along with 6. REAL DREAM

Race 6: Only 1. FIERY FORTUNE will be the thorn in 2. ROCKEFELLER sucess

Race 7: 2. OYSTER GEM manner of victory desrves another shot to win form 6. ALMARINA but the horse all will have to beat is 7. THE DOMINATOR if he is on job today the race is over.

Race 8: 11. BREZHN at this wieght is my pick to beat 1. SANGOMA and 4. VANGELIS .

Today on paper looks a favorite card that can go either way so chose wisely.

Days Best:T Charmical
Treble: T Carmical/TE Querio/B Light
Horses wothe a eachway bet : Te Queiro/B Light/T Dominator/Brezhnev

Good Luck All

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mumbai 10 Feb 08

Interesting card today watch the market closely today.
Race1: The way 1. DYNAMIC CAT was nursed to pip C look clearly states that the horse is not sound and has a few problems now running in a span of 7 days leaves a lot of questions to answer.However his manner of victory was impressive and the extra 2 flgs will help but from punting point of view he is best left alone and if he wins Good Luck. 2. MISCHEVIOUS ROSE with blinkers today is my pick to win from 3. VICTOR IVANOV but this race is very tricky to pick a certain winner as an upset cant be ruled out.

Race 2: A gamble from many stables can be seen in this race where there is no genuine performer. 11. LADY TROOPER has all the chance to win here only problem is the draw but I still believe if on job the horse has a very good chance and place looks certain.12. PHI is the one that can trouble her.1. CONSTANTIA is the dark horse but at best can place.

Race 3: Another bad race 7. CONSUELA doesnot belong in this class however if on job today should win well from 13. TRIBAL WARRIOR who is at the right mark to win and is worth a eachway bet.

Race4: 6. MING fitness is the big question seems to have some problem but will be right there if all is ok with him has to beat 2. ENGLEHART who is in rousing form and has a slight edge over the former.9. STAR ALWAYS at this handicap should make ammends but looks best at place. The dark horse is 1. FLAMES OF FIRE who will relish the extra furlong.

Race 5: 8. RED INDIAN has changed stables and with Antia you never know when his horses are tried hence it will pay to watch the market if on job he will be right there. My Pick for this race is 7. WILD TEMPER who is at the right mark today and is worth a good eachway bet at higher odds dont ignore her she should win today from 11. RADIATING and 10. KNIGHT who belongs to a gambling stable.

Race 6: Honestly under normal circumstances I would have said that this is a GIFT race for 2. CASUAL LOOK but a filly taht was fully extended in her last run and running within a span of 7 days with 57.5 kgs will not work in her favor the odds of 6/10 on are wrong in this set of pure sprinters If you still believe she can win then good luck but it wont be easy for her and it will pay to halve your bets if you want to back the favorite.3. TEASER is my first pick to win from 1. GOLDEN SPURS

Race 7: In all honesty 17. OASIS STAR is one of the best sprinter around but today will be tested to the optimum in this classy field where the draw and luck of the race will decide the winner. In my opinion the former will have to beat her older brother 6. OYSTER COVE who has the edge over her and 7. REJUVENITE who has been perpared for this race and Is My firsy pick to win and is worth a good eachway bet. UPSET: 10. ENAKSI

Race 8: First Timer hence no comments but keep you eye on 7. CYCLADES who will be right there.

Race 9: 7. PURE DEVOTION is overdue for a win and is my first choice from 6. ORIENTAL JEWEL who is running the right distance and has the right jockey to guide her to victory.

Days Best: Wild Temper
Treble: W Temper/Teaser/P Devotion
Each waybets: W Temper/Reuvinite/P Devotions/L Trooper/T warrior


Good Luck all and watch betting trends very closely today

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Honestly if I pick a single winner today I will consider myself lucky.People who read this bolg and follow me must have understood by now that I like to think outside the square.everyone can tip favorite but I take more interest in who can beat the favorite. Todays selections will be mailny based on that principle and I hope that it works for all of us.

Race 1: 7. NEEDFORSPEED is the favorite and with no false rails today will be right in the money but its important to understand the horse is a madain and has always been taught how to lose so today is the first time he will ne taught how to win and I hope he is a good learner. My pick is 4. MODESTY who has been consistant enough to win today from 11. LATEST NEWS and 12. SARA JAHAN who will be finishing late today and has been prepared for today.

Race 2: 6. PERSONIFIED has beaten 8. CHARDIN and is on level terms again but the latter has improved a lot since then and will get the better of the former the horse to beat is 1. FANTASTIC FURY

Race 3: If P S Chauhan has figured out the right way to handle 1. WHISKEY BANDIT the race is over if not 7. URBAN WARRIOR will trouble him.

Race 4: This is sprint for the line race 7. DYNAMIC CAT has the credentials but track moments suggest that she is not a sound horse so its best to leave her alone.10. GREEN VALLEY is my pick to win from 6. CASUAL LOOK who has been very well prepared. Upset 4. LIGHTNING BOLT

Race 5: The terms of this race suits 5. BEYOND BELIEF and should be right there but I am very careful when he rides with Ramu,s horses in contention. If you are looking for an outsider back 8. SAMARKHAND as a eachway bet will be right there
Tips: 5. BEYOND BELIEF /Smanarkhand/R Snow

Race 6: 3yr 14. KIARA will play second fiddle again 15. MONOPOLY was very impressive first up and is my frist pick to win from 2. JUVENTUS who has been tracking extremly well and is worth a each way bet

Race 7: The Derby:
1. BOURBON KING : If he wins toady which he should he will break the Jinx of the first horse to win the Ramnivas Ramnaryan Trophy and the derby which I believe has not been achived by any one. I have been reading a lot on The King of can he stay of cant he I honestly believe it doesnot matter he has a Big Heart and will stay as there are not enought pace makers to trouble him or unsettle him. But can he break the Jinx and will luck be in his favr is the Big ??

2. CZAR ALEXANDER there has been a lot of speculation on his last run but I know Pesi and Malesh are smarter then what we see. His true potential was tested in the last run and since then has been tracking well and is being taught to settle early hence is a live treat and will look the king in the eye today.

3. DA VINCI Good luck

4. EARL OF WARWICK Good luck

5. HOTSTEPPER Will be the top contenders but at best can fill the frame

6. MASEEHA not here

7. MONTALVO not here

8. MOUNTAIN BEAR : He is the one horse that can never be discounted has a big heart will stay,the draw will suit him as he like t cover the leaders from the outside has been tracking to win and not to pace the race and has all in his favor today to win the derby.

9. NITROUS : has run lenghts behind the king in a mile has improved a lot since the will stay the distance and will make the pace too and in my opinion is the Upset horse if the others are caught napping or under estimate him

10. NOBLE PRINCE : lack of Experience will be the factor that will be the difference between winning and losing for this very talented horse

11. REGAL CONNECTION : he is the only out station horse that is in with a very good chance but I am not a big fan of Alford in big races but wont be surprised if he pulls it off

12. RETRIBUTION lucky winner but not again in this small break

13. VANQUISH not here

14. WESTERN COMMAND : will run a brave race today as he will love the extra distance and the mumbai straight Good luck

15. CITY TAMER : if she has recoverd well after the oaks she should run well

16. GOBELIN : was finishing on very well in the oaks if she has recovered she will be right there todays pace will suit he and if you like her chances not hesitate to make a small place bet.

17. PENINSULA was the fastest finishing in such a slow race is the best of the fillies and is the one filly can give B Chinoy a well deserved double

18. RUBY QUEEN not here

19. SWEEPING SUCCESS Best filly in this set but noy here specially with praksh.

Finally My top 5 are 1) M Bear 2) B King 3) C Alexander 4) Peninsula 5 ) NITROUS.

i AM GOING TO BACK 3 horses eachway M Bear/Nitrous/Penensula

Race 8: 11. AVEC PLAISIR doesnot belong in this class should win today from 12. LAHINCH is the only danger

Race 9: Bunch of donkeys here 1. GOLDEN ORRA is the best of the lot and should win from 12. GRACIAS SENORITA who is tracking well and the equipment change is in her favor.

Days best: W Bandit
Treble:W Bandit/Modesty/C Look

Eachway bets: Modesty/samarkhand/Juventas/A Pasier/M Bear /F Fury/G Senorita


Good luck all and ope you have a win.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mumbai 2 Feb 08

Race 1: The pace of this race will decide the winner any which way 3. SPIRITUAL FLAME has the best credentials but belongs to a gambling stable hence if money comes her way she will account for it.5. FREDERICIA is the one to beat with malesh in the sadle today who is a very good judge of pace and if he makes the pace of this race he will be right there at the finish.

Tips: S Flame/Fedrecia

Race 2:3. ASCLEPIEION has improved a lot and should win again however the task ahead will not be as easy as it was last time 4. FANTASY LAKE has been prepared very well will keep her honest along with 6. SECRET PILGRIM who has been tracking extremly well for a long time and will relish the mumbai straight.

Tips:Asclepeiion/F Lake upset S Pilgrim

Race 3: bad race with abunch of average horses wont be surprised if a firstimer wins 6. DESERT SAFARI has been well prepared and is worth a eachway bet

Race 4: Hopefully no sad stories for 2. ENCELADUS today should win.

Race 5: good luck if you pick a winner here STAR OF CHINA has the credential to win here from 15. PRESENT GLORY but there will be a lot of swoopers in this race and I am going to have small eachway punt on 2. PONYTA and 1. GENERALISSIMO

Race 6: Vale of Leven is a first timer and best left alone 6. MASTER PLANNER has the merits to win here but will have to beat the far improved 4. SANGOMA

Race 7: 1. AUTONOMY shuld fight it out with 10. NORA for spremacy4. THUNDERING HOOVES isa dark horse that has to be included in jackpot and wrt a small eachway bet at higer odds

Race 8: 5. RISING EMPEROR should win today from 3. BRIDGE TOO FAR .6. TE QUIERO should be considered for a place and jackpot.

Race 9:Bad race where a gamble cant be ruled out 1. STARYNESSEY is my first pick from3. DESERT SKY and 9. TOOFAN MAIL

Days Best: Enceladus
Double Enceledus/Rising Emperor
Treble: Enceladus/R Emperor/Master Planner

Horses Worth a eachway bet.Ponyata/M Planner/T Hoves/R Emperor/T Mail


Good Luck All

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