Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bangalore 26th June

Race 1: Lightning Express, was impressive first up but has not been on track since that run hence difficult to consider for a bet,Steel King, is bred well but first run with only 2 spurts to his record makes you wonder but is likely to be the owners first leg of the double best to ignore this race.Plus horses 5-11 belong to gamble trainers and all of them are rated 26 and below hence its likely they will prefer to try them in 0-25 rated race.
Tips:  Lightning Express,               Upset: Perfect Speed,

Race 2:Although this is a weak set Alpharetta, is a very light framed filly who is carrying 62.5 kgs which is more then 17% of its body weight over 9 flg best to ignore as it will be very difficult for her. Burning Ambitions,has been hiding form for a while and will be hard to beat today note. Amazing Colour,is the dark horse but has a very weak rider can upset.

Tips; Burning Ambitions,                   Upset: Amazing Colour,

Race 3: Open race but with a benefit of a run my pick is Drop Of Honey, who should be the one to beat Adonis,will keep him honest.A Move To Remember,can be considered for minor place bets.

Tips: Drop Of Honey,Adonis,                Upset: A Move To Remember,

Race 4: Open race with many horses placed with a potential for improvement I can see an upset coming here or a big gamble on Red Bishop, make note and see the market trend.Best to avoid this race.
Tips: Secret Punch,Red Bishop,            Upset: Signifies,(place chance)

Race 5:  Lad Diva, and Shuddering, are both on promotion the second named has a better chance to repeat as the field have more pretenders then contenders Sweet Timer,just missed out last run and can make a difference today.
Tips: Sweet Timer, Shuddering,               Upset: Spark Of Silver,

Race 6:  Although Loveatfirstsight,looks good it is impossible to say if she will behave if put under pressure hence from a betting angle its difficult to be confident on her.Crown Rule, has been prepared very well and looks very fit to upset here is a worth EW bet. Vijays Conquer, is tracking extremely well can cant be ignored.

Tips:(note)Crown Rule, Loveatfirstsight            Upset: Vijays Conquer,

Race 7: If the following information is correct on Touching The Town,( Infection from 26/04/11 to 03/05/11, Injury from 14/04/11 to 18/04/11, Injury from 06/05/11 to 10/05/11, Lameness from 12/06/11 to 14/06/11) then its best to leave her alone.St Catz, in my opinion is a very good animal and if fit will prove too good for this set.Magnitude, should be right there. make note of Castle Town, who ran well below par last time and today comes in with a very good chance to upset or at worst place note.

Tips: St Catz,Magnitude,               Upset: Castle Town,

Race 8: Recharged, is handled well will be hard to toss hence my first pick in this very open race. Don Diego, has run below par for a while but the jockey has accepted to ride him again after last failure which is a positive sign note can upset.Make note of Leon Cavallo, who is way above this set if the jockey can handle hi he will be flying and will upset worth a eachway bet or for minor combo,s.

Tips:Recharged,Don Diego,                   Upset:   Leon Cavallo,(note)

Race 9: Rhythmic Dancer, is my first pick to beat Arabian Gold,

Tips: Rhythmic Dancer,Arabian Gold,            

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bangalore 25th Jun 2011

 Interesting Card expect a few Gambles and Many surprises its worth following Dominic/P S Chauhan and Niel D/ L ad Stephenie combos Good Luck

Race 1: Most of these horse have some form but their fate will be decided in the ring.Spring Beauty, has the best chance to win here Spark Of Diablo,is the obvious danger and is a worthy eachway or place bet in this race.
Tips: Spring Beauty,Spark Of Diablo, (note)                   Upset: Harini,

Race 2: Handicap does favor Forever Glory,but she is running her third race in 21 day which being a filly is not a good thing best to leave her alone or halve your bets.Mountain Range, was very impressive last time and will be the one to beat.Karisini, could not cope with the initial pace last run as it was too fast and the jockey was not up to the task but has the right rider here and can upset.
Tips: Mountain Range,                  Upset: Karisini,

Race 3: Obvious Gamble race but they all have to beat Neel Gagan, make note of her today and if the jockey is putting you off then look at the card closely and see how many good jockeys are actually there in this race obviously the horse needs to be on job which i believe will be.

Tips: Neel Gagan,

Race 4: If you look at race 227 in Bangalore winter then Jack O Lantern,is better placed on handicap ahead of Indian Royalty, today with a benefit of a run plus positive change in equipment and jockey is worth a good ew bet.Habanero, is definitely the danger horse and can upset here

Tips: Jack O Lantern, Habanero,(note looks certain place)             Upset: Flip Your Destiny,

Race 5: Open race with many horses in with a fair chance Braavo, is running a handicap race after a long time can win but first run of the season so hard to say.Hatsuhana,has done nothing but has only won 3 races in her life and all of them are at the post hence cant say she can win with confidence however i do hope she does for the sake of the Talented and Hard working Neil Darashah.From the rest Soberano, Topkapi, and Tomsk, have merit the first named is ignored because of Jockey but can upset, the second named ran a great race first up and has a lot of merit to win today at this handicap and ofcourse Tomsk, who is running a handicap race for the first time in 12 months has enough class and will be right there if alford can time his run.

Tips: Topkapi,Braavo,                Upset: Tomsk,(note)

Race 6: Top Secret, should win par mishap make note of Magic Wave,and Final Velocity, for minor bets the first named can sneak in a place at good odds.

Race 7: Very open race horses but the winner should come from the first 4 horses Bon Giorno, was very impressive first up and is the one to beat One Cool Cat, and Smart Exotic, are the ones to beat the first named will certainly place and can upset.

Tips: Bon Giorno,Smart Exotic,          Upset:  One Cool Cat,

Race 8: Spook, is tracking very well but first run, Saratoga Spring,has the class but not the best on track,Ibelieveinmiracles, has merit but at best can place Swiss Don, is the one they have to beat had a easy run first up and looks very very fit and dangerous if he flops then its anybodies race make note of Field Marshal,for an upset or jackpot or minor combos

Tips: Swiss Don,                 Upset: Field Marshal,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bangalore 19 jun

Race 1: Rubbish race with betting at race time to decide on who dares wins... best to leave.
Tips: Trillion Win,  Upset: Ladzone,note

Race 2:  Another Rubbish race best to ignore
Tips: Sukanti,Star Of Stars,          Upset: Attaturk,(expect a gamble)

Race 3: Another Gamble race
Tips: Voice Of India Super Spectacle,

Race 4: I know there is a lot of Hype for Shivalik Prince,who is running first time after being gelded and only 4 spurts looks under prepared best to avoid or halve ur bets.Pronto Star,also seen on track 3 times may have been prepared on the breeders farm as most of his horses are can judge so best to ignore or halve ur bets.No Doubt, had a good run first up and is tracking very well is wortha eachway punt Golden Viper, is best on track will be hitting the front and will be catch up from there. Open race but the above 2 will be in the money.

Tips: No Doubt, Golden Viper,

Race 5: Race should be confined to the fancied runners Mark Of Genius, looks the best of them Gunpowder,is the obvious danger. make note of North Cape,if the jockey can hit the front he will upset.

Tips: Mark Of Genius, Gunpowder,       Upset: North Cape,

Race 6: In terms of handicap and Jockey experience Amadeus, has a clear advantage over Speed Six, however the former has to prove he can stay the mile plus a very ackward draw doesnot do any favors to him its likely he will come of the pace but his acceleratin will be tested if he fails to stay only class will bring him to the wire Pesi's confidence on him staying will be tested in the betting ring so watch the odds and decide I personally dont thing he can win should finish on board.from the rest i have shortlisted horses 3-6-8-9-14-15. Astapi, is the one horse that will upset this set can stay the trip and looks ready to go if there is a upset it will be him.I Specialist, was finishing well but may just lack class here however can place, Mountain Prince, ignore last run winning looks unlikely but place looks fair.Pronto Pronto, well prepared will stay but lacks class, Speed Six,jockey needs to judge the pace i am sure he wouldnt have slept last night and if he paces with the wrong horses it will be his un doing I personally dont think he will stay the mile anyways,Super Duper, struggled with the fast pace last time, has a very bad draw, his recent track movements suggest he will be run off the pace and if he can get a clear run in the straight he will be flying home along with Tiberius, who has a lot to prove today has the right jockey good draw that suits his style of running enough class and rest is luck.

Tips: Astapi,Tiberius, Amadeus,                    Upset: Super Duper,

Race 7: Rare And Precious, should beat Classic Charge, or Sky Train,

Race 8: Open race Indian Bolt,is on job will be hard to beat if not tried then Gluteus Maximus,has a fair chance. Make note of Simply Phenomenal who is tracking well and can upset or place at worst.

Race 9: Dancing Emeralds, should win bar mishap. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bangalore 18 June

Race 1: Both Vijays Rose, and Hockenheim, have merit to win the second named has a benifit of a run and a better rider hence my first choice.although many horses are not likely contenders here but an upset cant be ruled out from the following horses 2-4-7-10 I personally feel the dark horse is Beau Sancy, who is tracking very well and is fit to be right there note.

Tips: Hockenheim,Vijays Rose,           Upset: Beau Sancy,

Race 2: Open race with 6 contenders 1-2-3-5-6-9 all in with a realistic chance Carrus,is best placed on handicap and my first pick to beat Vijays Jet,who is tracking extremly well.Hillstone, also has merit.
Tips: Carrus, Vijays Jet,

Race 3: Sun Doro, weight and distance are not in his favor and i dont think he will stay.Fist Of Rage, and Akaliki, are both very strong contenders and will be a fighting it out till the wire i believe the former has a slight edge. From the rest of the runners there are many horses that can likely upset they are 2-5-7-8-10.Golden Dixie, and Chevvy,will be the main treats make note of the first named I have a feeling she will be tried at this handicap and in this set and if she is she will win and a small eachway bet on her will go far.
Tips:Fist Of Rage, Akaliki,           Upset: Golden Dixie,(note)

Race 4: Open Race horses 1-2-4-5-7-8-9 all with a good chance Montedoro, is my first pick his stablemate can win too as his first run is his best hence am confused.Cape Ferrat,is tracking very well can upset if she hits the front.Camelot, who had a easy run first up can upset
Tips: Montedoro,Cape Ferrat,  Upset: Camelot,

Race 5: Doesnot matter where he runs Becket,will always be the horse to beat, Ordained One, has been prepared well and will be right there note her from the rest Spearhead, cant be ignored.Xisca, looks bit under prepared can win but best to stay off the betting on her.

Tips: Becket, Ordained One,             Upset: Spearhead,

Race 6: Very Open race but my shortlisted horses are 1-2-5-9. Sunstone, and Gazaki,are my top 2 the former is in good form and and the latter is tracking too good to be ignored jockeys merit will decide the outcome.

Tips: Gazaki, Sunstone,                        Upset: Camorra,

Race 7: Looks like a straight fight between Lads Ability,and Migrolino, the latter is well prepared but the former has better class and will prove it. on many occasions i come up with horses that have donkeys sitting on them and today is one of those horses Scarlet Knight,is the one note her for minor combinations place or jackpot if u can.

Tips:  Lads Ability,Migrolino,           Upset: Scarlet Knight,

Race 8:Although it is a very open race  Mishri, is a smart horse and will be hard to beat if ridden on merit, Own Empire, has come up a lot since last run and can trouble the best if tried.make note of Mi Amor, will be right there.Jackpot hunter keep Red Bolt, in the equation.

Tips: Mishri,Own Empire,            Upset: Mi Amor,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bangalore 12 Jun 2011

Race 1: Unknow quality of horses both first timmers Aladdin, and Abronia, have been consistant on track the latter looks better on track.I am going for experience hence my first pick is Magnomical, who has got everything in his favor today should be the one to beat.Cherry Hill, is the dark horse that can upset.
Tips:Magnomical, Abronia,                              Upset: Cherry Hill,

Race 2: If Biutiful, is on job she will win if not then anybodys race
Tips: Biutiful,Ponte Verdi,               Upset: Strive And Serve,

Race 3: Interesting race Tender Romance, is a favorite once again ?? the finish will be ineresting here Corleone, is the best on current form and my first pick to beat the rest of the field.
Tips: Corleone,         Upset: Celestial Son,(should place)

Race 4: VB no point in studying is Horses with no form or trackwork win like champions in the hands of H G Rathod says a to follow the flow of money my choice are as follows but with no confidence
Tips: The Last Fling,Free Styler,           Upset: Indian Pride,

Race 5 : Windsor Park, looks tall in this set will win if jockey can handle it note.Trillion Win, and Nectar Crown, will be right there.
Tips: Windsor Park, Trillion Win,         Upset: Nectar Crown,

Race 6: Lovely Kiss,African Queen,           Upset: Magnitude,

Race 7 ;With so many front runners its likly an blanket finish is there in here make note of Seaside Star,who runs off the pace can upset if tried

Tips: Seaside Star, Hawa,      Upset :Notredame,

Race 8: Cool Whistle, should fight it out with Lad Diva, make note of Star League, who can upset if tried.

Tips: Cool Whistle,Lad Diva,       Upset: Star League,

Race 9: Rule Forever, should win from Unique Show, or Anacostia,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bangalore 11 June 2011

 Tough day for punters but will be a good day for the ones who follow form and handicapping and not whats being backed.Trainers like L dsilva N Darashah, S Britto, A Caddy and J Babu rao have good runners that are well placed and all of them have atleast one winner on the worst case scenario.

Race 1: Open Race Legend Reborn,has been tried many times and let his followers down today is in the lowest class but running first up with top weight and a wide draw with a average jockey does not make it easy can win but is not outstanding. horses that can beat the favorite here are 2-3-4-6-10. Star Of Stars, has all the advantage he can get i.e draw/jockey/handicap, had a good and easy run first up hence my first choice to win from Spark Of Diablo,who is ready to strike and Beautiful Dancer,
Tips:(note) Star Of Stars,Spark Of Diablo, Beautiful Dancer,

Race 2: Lad King, has the best chance in this race but a maiden at such cramped odds is not my cup of tea, looking at the card he should be running at least at evens to justify horses that can beat him are 3-4-5-6-7 either of them can win or are worth a chance in place as they will offer good odds. I personally fancy the Hydrebad contender  Ann Arbor, who was given a good lung opener first up has the right jockey to pull up a surprise or at worst place.Sudden Magic, is tracking very well too to beat the favorite. make note of Samajdaar, for a minor combination or place bet.
Tips: Ann Arbor,Sudden Magic,           Upset:Samajdaar,(place)

Race 3: Sachimore, should have won last time and will be hard to beat if on job.from the rest horses 3-7-9 can upset.Lampon, is one horse that is definitely going to cause some problems for the former.
Tips: Sachimore,      Upset: Lampon, (note)

Race 4:Very Very Open race that will have a very interesting finish  Grand Success,looks out handicapped against Delta Delight, and Blue Star,who is well placed on handicap has had a negative change of equipment which is a??. from the rest horses 1-4-5 have a very good chance and jockeys talent will be the deciding factor.Southern Bay,will be the one to beat from the 3 and my first pick to win from Silver Springs, .Delta Delight,looks a certain place option and is likely to upset.from a punting point of view its best to leave the race as horses 3-6-9 can also upset.
Tips: Southern Bay, Silver Springs,  Upset: Delta Delight,

Race 5: Immense, has the class to win but first run in 6 months and only 2 recent spurts plus carrying top weight suggest u leave him alone and if he wins good luck.Accurate, has done nothing wrong so far but today is a real test as he has reached his class only advantage is the handicap.Clear Mandate,is a better class animal then the former and the results will prove that however my first pick is Hatsuhana, right distance right handicap and right jockey will be hard to beat if luck is on his side.

Tips: Hatsuhana,Clear Mandate,        Upset: Soberano,

Race 6: Once again a very open race with many chances horses 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 are all in with a good chance however if Kilimanjaro, is sound he will win.
Tips:(note) Kilimanjaro,Rezoom,                  Upset: Royal Surprise,

Race 7: Horses 2-4-5-6-8 are all in with a chance River Side,has a benefit of a run hence a slight advantage to beat the well prepared Affirmative,. make note of Win Again who can cause a upset here has the right jockey and will be right there.
Tips: River Side, Affirmative,        Upset: Win Again

Race 8: Saphira,and Sun Rich, can dictate the terms of this race the second named has a bad draw but if he can get over it he will be right there.Shourya,is well bred and is tracking well note for a upset or place chance.
Tips:Saphira, Sun Rich,          Upset: Shourya,

Days Best: Sachimore,
Kaichi:Sachimore, Star Of Stars,Saphira,River Side,

Upsets: Kilimanjaro, Samajdaar,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bangalore 5th June 2011

 Mixed Card but should favor the Punters provided they pick the right races to have a bet.

Race 1: Very Very Open race best to leave alone but a small eachway bet on Miss Ching,whos last spurt was very good will go a long way.
Tips: Miss Ching,Upset: Salsa Touch,

Race 2: Straight fight between Splendid Dancer,and Count Royal,former looks better.
Tips: Splendid Dancer,

Race 3: Chantilly, Rappadan Glory,

Race 4: I Fancy You, has a decent chance in this set and cant be ignored has to beat Sun Doro, who has enough class but intent is unknown.
Tips: I Fancy You,Sun Doro,            Upset: Stud Muffin,

Race 5: Crown Empress,should win here from Sun Absolute, or Xtreme,
Tips: Crown Empress, Sun Absolute, Upset: Xtreme,

Race 6: Luck and timing will decide the winner here with every single runner with a good chance Pesi has spent a lot of time in preparing Attila, but would himself know the horse will need more then that to win today. Siachen, a late entry adds a lot of weight to her chances the wide draw and the fast pace will suit both the horse and jockeys style to beat the favorite.Sirono, and stablemate Rare And Precious, are equally matched too the latter will be suited by the fast pace and can cause a upset.Successor, is another danger to all so its best to leave the race or have a small ew bet on Rare And Precious,

Tips: Siachen,Rare And Precious,             Upset : Lady Duff,

Race 7: Sun Forever,and Habanero, are both inter connected so best to see the market trend as the race looks likely between the 2 unless Super Spectacle, who is definitely a better animal is asked to put his best foot forward can upset. Best to leave the race
Tips: Habanero,             Upset: Super Spectacle,

Race 8: Arabian Gold, should repeat Golden Rule, is the danger. Make note of Redshift, who is down in class and can sneak in a place if tried
Tips: Arabian Gold,Golden Rule,     Upset: Redshift,

Race 9: Open race to end the day but the result should be limited to 1-2-3-4-5-7.Muqtadir,is my first pick to beat Brilliance, or the very speedy Hidden Destiny,. Make note of Thirteen Black, who can upset if tried don't ignore for minor bets.
Tips: Muqtadir, Brilliance,           Upset: Thirteen Black,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bangalore 4 june 2011

Very Balanced and competitive card it will pay to follow your instincts as all races are open.

Race 1: Make note of Spring Beauty, today at this handicap and in this company will win provided the connections decide not to try her which is unlikely i believe there will be a big Gamble on her and is so she will win don't ignore, Unchallenged, will be right there and will keep everyone honest.

.Tips:(note) Spring Beauty,Unchallenged,

Race 2: Open race
Tips: Mountain Range, Castro,

Race 3: Forever Glory, is looking good to beat Top Secret, who is a improved animal and Saratoga Spring, who has been gelded recently

Tips:(note)Forever Glory, Top Secret,

Race 4: Lots of chances here but Missoni,is definitely the one to beat make note of him today in this set will be right there.Ailsa, and Saloni, should be in the fight

Tips:(note) Missoni, Ailsa,

Race 5: Tricky race but my first 2 choices are Still Will, and Superb Style,the second named will be hard to beat if the jockey does not fumble.Make note of Eagle Claws, as an upset as his first run is his best run has beaten the likes of Saichen in first run however his fitness is not good but if fit can upset.

Tips:(note)Superb Style, Still Will, Upset: Eagle Claws,

Race 6: Dancing Emeralds,should make amends however Vijays Rose, and Ibelieveinmiracles, can upset the first named is running for the first time but tracking well and the secondnamed seems a nice type can upset.

Tips:Dancing Emeralds, (note)Ibelieveinmiracles, Upset: Vijays Rose,

Race 7: Illustrious, will be very hard to beat if her blood vessel does not burst, Corleone,is a handy place chance that can upset.However dont ignore Amiable Lady,for a place bet or minor combo she will finish on board.
Tips: Illustrious,Corleone,           Upset: Amiable Lady(note)

Race 8: Mystic Dawn, should be right there in this open race Fame And Glory, and Jaldi, can beat the former

Tips: Mystic Dawn,Fame And Glory, Upset: Jaldi,

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