Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: It looks like there is going to be a gamble on 3. LONE TROJAN today horse looks to have been prepared well and is ready to strike see the market and if money come his way he will put his running shoes on.7. MASTER PLANNER is also from a gambeling owner and looks better then the former but is an unsound horse and from past experiences when both these owners have had a gamble in the same race H Mehta has always had a upper hand. the only horse that can upset this gamble is 1. FIREY FUTURE who should win here on paper but I have my reservations.... be careful and watch the market

Rcae 2: 6. SUPREME DISCOVERY IS A VERY NICE HORSE if tried will win well watch market.

Race 3: Pace of the race which will be very slow will decide the winner as it will be sprint to the winning post in the last 600 mts hence i am opting for a younger horse in 4. DREAMING ...2. GOLDEN TRIANGLE is second best and will not make it easy for anyone.

Race 4: 2. RUBEN STAR is the one to beat in this open race 1. OYSTER COVE is the dark horse and cant be ignored Very bad race

Race 5: Worst race of the day any onecan win hence i am looking for a small bet on horses that are good eachway value and 2. STAR O`WAR stands tall and is worth a eachway punt the other dark horses are 16. OYSTER GEM and 7. COSMIC FLOWER

Race 6:2. MAVERICK whos odds has surprised me in saying that the owners of the favorite are genuine and will be trying the horse all out I think an upset is looming large in this race 5. LANDLORD who is ready to strike.

Race 7: the faith of this race is between 2. DRUIDS GLEN who has not had a fair run so far and 9. MODESTY who is speedy and drawn well i strongly believe the former doesnot belong in this class and should account for it.Make a note of 10. CLASSIC STAR will be tried in place today.

In all today card will be ruled by gambles by H metha , I nathani and a few others watch betting in the ring and make your decision. H dajis runners will do well and C RAJENDRA and P Belose are jockeys that can strike too.

Eachway bets : Oyster Cove/L Trojan (only if backed)/Landlord/Star O War

Win bets : S Discovery (only if backed) and D Glen

Good luck

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: Is a very bad race hence I am going fo an outsider in 9. TE QUIERO whose connections are taking the best advantage they can in the handicap with only 43. kgs on his back if on job will win. He has also run 5 times in 6 weeks ann has finished under 10 lenghts from the winner on all occasions and has never been extended today after a 3 week rest all indications are of a gamble please make a note i will be making a good eachway bet on him today and pray that he is on job.Of the others 4. NOTABLE RUNNER and 3. HOLIDAY DATE can do the job.

Race 2: Bad race again C ALFORD in my opinion one of the genuine and loyal jockeys and if the horse is good enough should win in this week set only danger can com from 3. REFUSE TO BEND or 7. SHAYARA latter is tracking well.

Race 3: Race is between 2-5-6 I belive 6. HIDDEN DRAGON with the right assistancetoday should win 3. HELMSDALE is the dark horse another tricky race.

Race 4: 4. STAR FLIGHT if on job will win only challangers in the form of 1. ARKHOS and 8. SUDARSHAN CHAKRAM

Rcae 5: 6. PERFECT ATTRACTION is the only thorn in 1. AQUILO way rest will follow 2. DREAM DESTINY is out handicapped and good luck to the connection if he defies that.

Race 6: 4. STARYNESSEY will not go down without a fight with 2. HEIFITZ and looks a cretainty in place.

Race 7: 2. SUMMERTIME PROMISE is 3yo runing in a very eek set and beln to gabelng stable if there is money on him today he will win but 6. THE RIGHT MAN is my choice over the former because you never know with these gamble horses.11. HABIT is also running at the right handicap and I am confident Antia will try him today make note.

Over all todays card is very very bad for punters Aquilo and Heifitz are looking like to good bets but watch the market trend too.
Each bets today are as follows: TE QUIERO /SHAYARA /STARYNESSEY /THE RIGHT MAN

Good luck and Go Slow



Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mysore quick tips

Only 2 horses Race 7 13. SOUL MUSIC and 9. VIVID COLOURS in the last race is a good eachway bet.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: 7. MILES AND MORE seems to be a good type but is going to be extended for the first time against some experienced runners hence it will pay to halve your bets 4. BENFICA will be a good hedge bet as I believe he can beat the former with the right assistance in the saddle.

Race 2: This is a very weak set of horses and anything can happen see market trend 10. SEPIA TONE is my fancy.

Race 3: 4. MING is better then 6. STERNE ROYALE and should finish in that order many first timers in this race so watch market trend make a note of 1. ADJUSTMENT he is one of Antias better horses and might be tried for place.

Race 4: Very open race I dont think 6. MONTALVO relishes the pune track and with the out side draw will struggle again however 7. SECRET PILGRIM needs another chance has been tracking well and should account for her expensive failures.1. RUNAWAY STAR will have to give 6 kgs to the former and might find it tough.10. GOLDEN ORRA has been blazing the track and cant be Ignored.

Race 5: 4. OASIS STAR stands tall in this set but what confuses me is after such an impresive win why has the horse been of the track for a month (No track recorded between 7 Aug to 10 sept) and why has he been entered in such a weak set ???... If something is wrong with the favorite then 6. ALVIDA is woth a punt. 12. CRESPO is a dark horse make note.

Race 6: Only if 1. ASTRAEA maintains a straight course she will win 5. PRESENT GLORY is second best

Race 7: 1. CROWN JEWEL deserves another shot in this very tricky and open race from 2. PEBBLE BEACH ... watch the market if Ramus horse is backed the above 2 horses will only follow.

Race 8 : Bad race 11. CRYSTAL GAZING and 9. LADY TROOPER should be involved in the finish.

Good luck

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: Bad race 2. TEARAWAY is ready to strike from 9. AMARANZA who is carrying a feather on his back.

Race 2: 1. AQUADISIAC should handle this set with ease however the extra distance and the tongue strap will favour 3. REGAL REFORM and he will be right there at the finish. with blinkers 6. KEMPINSKI will be on a start to finish mission hence cant be ignored do expect an improvment from this horse but cant beat the former.

Race 3: 1. ELUSIVE TRUST will find it very hard to beat this set.. the class to class penalty will prove too hard to defy. If 6. FARFALLAH gets a level start wil challange the former and should get the better of her at wieghts.honestly i cant pick a winner in this set but dont believe E Trust deserves to be a favorite as the terms of this race dont suit this horse.I am going to place a small punt on 3. FIDDLERS FERRY who has been tracking very nicely and will be right there Go Nina.

Race 4: 8. FIERY FORTUNE is my pick in this set where an upset cant be ruled out make a note of 7. CANNY LAD he is ready to strike.

Race 5: 5. DESERT CONQUEROR who didnot have the best run last time is ready to strike from 6. PORTRUSH in this open race. Make a note of 3. SHYBOY he is ready to strike and is a joker in the pack, if on job today will trounce this set.

Race 6: Filly/62kgs/diffedent/2400 meters giving 4 horses 14.5 kgs needs to be atleast 30 lenghts superior then the field on level terms if you think it is the case only then back .In My opinion H Court is 31 lgths superior then M Touch and 6 lenghts superior then S Memory on level terms and over 2400 meters. If she still wins then Clap your hands but is she worth a bet the answer is NO.

rACE 7: H J ANTIA will try one of his 3 horses here....4. SIMPLY PERFECT is the best of the lot and belongs to a gambeling owner if there is money on him beware.... I like 1. LA TREMOLO who is running the right distance today and if the stable prefers him over 6. CRIMSON RED should open his account or the stablemate can be considered next best. Please follow betting trend in this race and it will pay to half your bets.

Race 8: 11. BU ATTIFEL is nicely places on handicap and is tracking very well sould tacle this set if on job,8. HOME TO HOME is second best and is tracking the best in this set and should be considered a good eachway proposition.

All the best
Horses that are worth an eachway bet Tearaway/Firey Fortune/Shyboy/Home to Home
M P Jodhas horses will make their presence felt today.

Good Luck

Friday, September 21, 2007

lalwani said...

lalwani said...
Today 21/9/07 MYSORE CHOICE:********************************

I Like a good double today i.e. LUCKY GOLD STAR/DREAM FANTASY
Upset can come in the form of TALK OF THE DEVIL and SIMPLY DANGEROUS dont ignore these horses.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Lalwani's tips for Hydrabad

lalwani said...
BAD RACE (4,6,7,8,10.)
BEST OF LUCK..........

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: this is a bad race from a punting point of view as this is a pure VB race for 3yos 7. MUBARRAS had a forward run and positive equipment/jockey change and the fact that he is running after 21 days is my pick to win from 6. WINNING STAR make note of this horse he has been fancied in better company and can strike here the draw will suit this horse today.

Race 2: This once again is a very open race 8 horses can win... It will pay to be a spectater. I have tried to look for value bets and keep falling back to 1. PERFECT ATTRACTION it defies logic as to why is this horse placed in this set and why has Appu opted to ride him ahead of M roberts who is a genuine sprinter. Looking back this horse has won 3 races and 2 of them have been sprints secondly he has had some prep work and with the pace of the race being fast he can swoop the field.second best without doubt is 5. DANCING BRIDE who has been prepared well for this race.

Race 3: Too many horses can show a reversal of form in this card 9. ESOTERIC belongs to a trainer/jockey connection where both are trying to strike form hence let them first get out of this bad fancy is 6. PERSONIFIED who has been systamaticly prepared along with 4. INDIAN QUEST .

Race 4: 5. BALANCE DE POWER should win here only danger is 7. QUEEN OF THE TURF who belongs to a gambling owner/trainer connection if there is money on her she will have to account for it.

Race 5: Hard race to pick a winner from 7. SEILLANS is a nice type and can spring a surprise again...1. HOTSTEPPER is second best in this very open race for jackpot dont ignore 4. RED INDIAN .

Race 6: 2. TORQUE is ready to strike from 7. PAMPERED PRINCESS who is running after a busted blood vessel.Make a note of 3. ENAKSI very rarly will you see R demello preparing his horses can upset but still has to beat Torque

Race 7: 8. FIREFOOT looks outstanding in this set but with rajenders luck who knows...Haresh mehta has 3 horses hence watch the market... 2. EXPENSIVE AFFAIR is the only horse that can beat the fovorite.

Race 8: the two joint favorites in this race 2. VERY BONAFIDE and 4. TOMMY CARMICHAEL belong to the same connections unfortunatly if one is backed the other will go south hence I am trying to look at horses that can beat this pair but there are not a lot to pick from.5. COMPLIMENT however has the correct equipmet change and has been prepared belongs to a tring stable can upset along with 9. VENA AMORIS who will be suited by the extra distance. however it will pay to hold all bets till the last 2 minutes in the race.

Overall todays card is not good for punters it will pay to halve your bets and watch the market trend.
TORQUE looks a good eachway bet PERFECT ATTRACTION and DANCING BRIDE should also be considered as an eachway proposition.
Upset of the day ETERNAL SPIRIT

Good luck Play safe

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1: 2. CROWN JEWEL stands tall in this race and if tried/on job will toy with this opposition she is a nice horse and has now come to hand with the trusted Malcolm should win. If she is not on job then 6. SEA SIREN can do the trick.

Race 2: 5. SPIRITUAL FLAME has everything set to break its maiden status today but belongs to gambeling stable hence market trend will decide her faith.Make a note of 6. DA VINCI he has been well prepared on track and belongs to a trainer who knows how to take care and prepare horses and in my opinion will run the winner very close and can upset too.

Race 3: 2. COTSWOLD ARMS is definately in with a good chance but is not worth a bet under the odds of 70/100. the reason being in the last 13 day the horse has run a race and has had 3 spurts in the his last 3 spurts have been in a span of 4 day which is very unusual pattern pesi had adopted maybe he needed to lose wieght but the horse needs some rest in between races. Just a caution. dont be fooled by the jockey of 1. DONT BE SILLY he is a stable jockey and knows the horse better then anyone else and 5. SHOWER OF ROSES will relish the stepup in distance hence be careful if you are backing the favorite.

Race 4: 3. SKYWARDS has been prepared with this race in mind and should tackle this lot 8. ZEPHYRELLA on handicap and form is second best and upset OF THE LOT is 5. FIERY FORTUNE .

Race 5: 1. FESTIVE LIGHT has the class to win again, 5. STAR GIRL is best on track and can upset. Make a note of 11. BORN TO LEAD the owners have opted to run him in a higer class and are claiming full allowance with 42 kgs on her back she is definately a surprise packet. VERY OPEN RACE

Race 6: This is a very open race with many chances hence i am looking for outsiders 6. ISHTAR stands out his track and preperation strongly suggest he is on Job today and is definately worth a good eachway bet.9. SILVER GIRL will prefer the extra distance and can also win.

Race 7: One of the horses that has been on my will win next start list is 7. MERCEDES who has been systamaticly prepared and should win in this set. The horse belongs to a genuine gambling stable and will win if there is mone on it and should be considered as a good bet of the day. However there is something that is bothering me in this race and it is a horse called 8. CAPE MERINO ... very rarely will you see a 9 year old horse on track as older horses generally run in races but the fact that he has been tracked and is showing improvement it will PAY TO HEDGE YOUR BETS on him. I could be wrong but I know this horse has the class to upset.

Days best: MERCEDES and Crown Jewel
Horses That are worth and eachway punt are Da Vinci,Born to lead, FIERY FORTUNE, ISHTAR and Cape Marino.

Good luck all and Sudaker hope you make money today.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Mysore quick tips

Race 1: this is a very week set and 11. ASPIRING SEVEN on paper should win but I strongly believe that 12. SOUL MUSIC will upset this set he has been prepared well and change in equ/joc/track moments suggest he will be hard to beat make note.

Race 2: Very bad race a small eachway bet on 7. ISLAND PEARL or 6. GLITTER AS GOLD is worth it.

Race3: 9. PRET A PORTE and 6. SIERRA will fight it out however need to be on job see market trend 1. KODAVA FIRE is ready to strike

Race 4: Very open race and upset cant be ruled out here from 3. KING OF GOOD TIMES

race 5: 7. SUPREME ACT sould get the measure od Diomedos and Cromwell today howevre 6. BLACK CAT is a dark horse expect some improvement here.

Race 6: I strongly believe that 6. SWEEPING SUCCESS is the better of the 3 horses ramu has entered but my pick for this race is 3. READ MY MIND who was not given a fair ride first up and is a nice horse with a very realistic chance.

Race 7: 9. ANCIENT PRINCESS should win again if on job 3. STORNOWAY can upset

Race 8: 1. BERKLEY SQUARE should win if all goes well...4. PERFECTREMEMBRANCE and 11. SILVER CAT will also make the finish interesting

Race 9: 11. KHUSHI is nicely placed on handicap to win here from 1. GLINT REVELATION who is ready to sSTRIKE make note.

All the best tough card today Go Slow. in race 1 soul music is a good eachway proposition.

Good Luck
Regards Tiger

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mysore quick tips

I will try and give mysore a bit of a try this week,

1) 2. ROMANTIC DESIGN should handle this set but if 8. AIR WARRIOR is on job he can upset the former.

2) 3. RAIN MAN with blinkers should tackle this set 4. SHE`S BIG will find this trip sharp but can spring a surprise.

3) Bad race 4. ALINSKI is shaping well from 5. CONSTANT WONDER

4) 10. ZABDIEL is tracking well and can account for a win here from 9. BRAHMOS . It will pay not to back 8. ROMANTIC STORY as Ramus horses dont win when the prise money is less the a lakh make note.

5) Very tricky one and should be left alone 7. CEDROS always runs well in his first run and should not be taken lightly.2. DIAMOND HUNTER and 1. TRIBAL FANTASY have the class to upset here

6) 6. CONQUERING LOVE is a nice type and should handle this set 1. SHOOTING VENUS will make things interesting but hard to see the former losing.

7) Lack of interest from other connections has made 3. IMPERIAL VIEW a piping hot favorite he does deserve to be a favorite but is he worth the odds 1. RENASCENT will keep the favorit honest and will not go down without a fight

8) 11. SNEAK PREVIEW if on job will make this race very interesting,10. OLYMPIC GLORY is second best race worth watching from the fence.



Good luck hope it works.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pune pointers

Race 1: 2. FANTASTIC FURY has been well prepared for this race and should be considered a good betting proposition today.9. MASTER PLANNER from a gambeling stable is second best

Race 2: 1. CINDERELLA MAN is ready to strike in this week set 5. STUBBS will relish this trip

race 3: 5. MUGHAL E AZAM is lagads better horses and in my opinion can upset 12. RAQUEL who is an average horse 3. LEGENDARY with blinkers today can also upset the favorite.

Race 4: A no whip jockey and blinkes will suit 4. CONSUELA and she will be hard to beat today only dager can be seen in the MOODY 9. GANADOR

Race 5: 3. DEMOCRATICUS will relish the step up in distance and should get the measure of 4. RUBEN STAR but this race will see a very close finish as a lot of horses have been stripped fitter if you are looking for an outsider dont go beyond 6. ADAM`S STAR jockey is a question mark but B chinoy is not a fool.

Race 6: 9. PENINSULA deserves to be a favorite and should do well howver horses 3-4-10 can upset a apple cart bad race

Race 7: 11. COUNCILOFTHEGODS is running after a set back almost after 12 months it would pay to let him win as you never know.12. FIREY FUTURE is the dark horse

Race 8: 2. STUD OF GOLD on paper cant lose if he is not on job then 3. UPROAR who looks a certain place


Upset: Ka Ching and Adams Star

all the best


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pune Pointers

Race 1 : bad race however 3. NECTAR JEWEL is th best of the lot from 4. MAYBACH who is best on track and loves the pune course.

Race 2: 7. LUCK FACTOR is better than 4. THUNDERING TAN who if not ridden in check wont be able to beat the former definately a race worth leaving

Race 3: On Paper 1. OPRAH cant lose in this set if he fails again the race will be btw 4. GENERALISSIMO and 5. PONYTA see market trend.

Race 4: bad race 7. CITY TAMER is best on track

Race 5: 1. THREE OF ARTS should win from 9. CAPRIANI or 6. SURAJ who has had a nice forward run in far superior company

Race 6: Its fair to say that 3. FLASHING FLAME deserves another go is a nice horse and will make it tought for everyone today.1. OBELINNA is a filly carrying 62 kgs first run pune cant be backed with confidence hence best left alone. 6. SPIRITED GUY has been training extremely well and at this wieght nd oung strap on can upset.10. SLEIGHT OF HAND is the dark horse if there is money on him in place he certainly will.

Race 7: 4. ALAMSHAARA looks good in this set but its gate habits suggests he should be avoided.1. TAANUSH has been prepared for this race and looks to have come to hand nicely with pace of the race expected to be fast he can swoop this set.Best on track without a doubt is 10. NOTABLE RUNNER and he can upset. Bad race

Race 8: A small eachway bet on 13. OPEN SEASON in thsi open race is worth it Ramus favorite strikerat of winning races where the prize money is 1 lakh and under is 7% you be the judge if you wish to back the favorite.

Race 9: 11. MAGIC WORDS lost the race at the gates needs another go if he is on job is anotherthing.3. FIRE N DESIRE is next best gambeling stable again so keep an eye in the ring.I for one am going to make a good eachway bet on 1. SPHINX he dosenot belong in this class make note.

Good betting propsitions are Oprah and Three of Arts

all the best

regards Tiger

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hyd Info

lalwani said...
Hyderabad Selections:-
Hypnotiq/Golden Celebrity.
Keep in touch/CelestialQueen/First Warrior.
Barcelona/Fire Wings.
Leo dvig/Willow Bend/Man About Town

....Best of Luck.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pune Quick pointers

Race 1: 2 SOMETHINGABOUTHER deserves a second chance

Race 2:2 WILD TEMPER should fight it out with 1 ENCELADUS

Race 3: 4. NOBLE REPLICA loves this course and should beat 10. COMBUSTION

Race 4: If 10 SIBERIAN SIREN is backed in the ring will win from 7. HISHAM

Race 5: Very open race its worth eating the favorite 8. ROYAL CROWN should make ammends from 6. PRESENT GLORY

Race 6: bad race an upsent cant beruled out from 4. HIDDEN DRAGON or 2. THE DOMINATOR who is definately the best in the lot .

Race 7: 11. HYMN STAR has been tracking well and should give a fair account at this handicap from 2. QUO IBOE

Race 8: If 5. SIMPLY PERFECT is on job 2day this race is over see market trend i think he will be trued. If not 4. REGINA .


Good luck

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