Friday, July 31, 2009

Bangalore 31 July 09

Suraj Narredu has good mounts today he should score in races 1-2-3-7 as a minimum good luck all for the final day of bangalore races.

Race 1: Vb race with some un proven horses Alluring, dint get the best run last time today should prevail over Classic Commander, who faith lies in the owner.make note of Southern Style, can spring a surprise tracking well.

Race 2: not much to beat Simply Phenomenal, should give the jockey a back to back double.Leading Lady, should keep hin honest.dont ignore Haute Appeal, for minor combinations can place at long odds and upset too.

Race 3: once again S Narredu has the best horse in the set although un proven Best Time, is tracking well and should be right there how ever he has to beat Price To Fame, make note of her today tracking very well and will be hard to toss if tried.

Race 4: It looks a straight fight between Originality, and Aurelian, i think the former should easily win today.

Race 5: in terms of reletive handicapping Ciboney, looks to be a far superior horse however I am not too confident on her staying the trip if you think she can stay the back her I am going for Vivacity, as my first choice at this handicap was not in good shape last run but today can be a different story .Native Talent, can be the thorn.

Race 6: Natouchka, at these odds is questionable.... the horse is still a maiden and has a very short spurt can lose.Mighty Monarch, is the one that can upset here make note of Sweet Surrender, can sneak in a place at long odds win is not off the Radar.

Race 7: Last race of the season should see narredu secure the championship with Corbett, if he loses it will only be at the hands of her Stablemate Cassandra, make note of Super Speed, running the right distance with the right jockey and tracking well can upset if he hits the front should at worst place Dont Ignore.

Days Best:Originality,

Horses that can Upset and Should Place:Cassandra, Sweet Surrender, Ciboney, Aurelian,Southern Style,Haute Appeal,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bangalore 30 July

Fighting races once again the Naredu Clan should do well

Race 1: The top 3 horses look like the main contenders here.... Luminous Gold, who has been systamaticly brought down in class looks better of the lot hence my first pick to win from Excellent Ability, or Crackerjack

Race 2: Victoria, who failed last time is running in a span of 4 days however is best placed amongst her peers today and should be right there at the all important end. Make note of Hoten Happening, she is the only horse in the set to come down by 2 classes has always run in terms races and competing amongst class 3 animals today in VB with a positive change or jockey and equipment can win make note the connections are big gamblers hence decide in the ring. Prince Norbert, is the dark horse once again the connections have to agree with it.

Race 3: Amazing Ray, has not lived up to her potential and failed on too many times and such horses should be left alone but its fair to say only 2 horses look good enough to upset her today Target Achiever, and the well bred Leave It To Me, who is tracking very well and should give the favorite a run for the money.

Race 4: Very open race all 8 runners have a chance hence avoidable however if Ghatala gives Shisham, a chance he will be hard to toss make note.Sunnyland, is due to strike and will be right there, Make note of Royal Alchemist, who was once considered a classic went wrong but is in the hands of a trainer who works wonders with unsound horses if his track movements are a guide class will prevail can place at long odds and win is not off the Radar.

Race 5: Star Wave, has the credentials and handicat to win here but I am going for Guided Missile, who had a easy run last time to win from the former.Blink, has the right jockey for assistance and can uposet

Race 6: Once again a very open race the result should come from 1-3-4-7-8 are the usual suspects I am giving Ecuador, a slight edge over Awesome Beauty, or Colonel Duff,

Race 7: once again a open race horses 1-2-8 are running well under there form hence i am giving Distinctly Ahead, a slight edge to beat Superyacht, who can win when tried.Hall Mark, is the dark horse who is placed well on handicap make note

Race 8: Going by trackwork and decent handicap Soundofthewind, can upset here today make note has to beat

Days best:Luminous Gold,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bangalore 26 jul

Tough day at the office today very very tough card and many cntenders today go very slow and look for value or take a day off I Ghatala is the trainer to follow and R Baramji

Race 1: Very open race best left alone make note of Stillato, watch the flow of money is tried will be in the top 3

Race 2: Jockeys talent will decide the out come of the race that is between the fancied runners.

Race 3: Once again very open race any horse can win. Make note of Voodoo Moon, tracking well can easily place and can upset a good odds

Race 4: Amazing Queen,and Step In Style, should figth it out the former has a slight advantage due to draw.make note of Black Beauty, today can create a flutter.

Race 5: Once again a open race but Your Destiny, has the best credentials to win today make note hence my first choice to beat Monarchial, or Glory Bound,

Race 6 :Very interesting race and should have a very interesting finish my top 5 are 3-4-10-11-12. I think the draw and jockey will make the difference the my first pick on those gorunds is Systematic, who is well rested and well prepared for this race and with a little bit of luck can swoop this field in a blink the 2 horses that are also up there are Corbett, who is improving with every run and Tanzanite, who is better then his stable mate.Make note of Semper Eadem, who is the only unextended horse in the field will be right there I am just worried of the jockey dont ignore for minor bets.

Race 7: Very open race my first choice is Gift A Diamond, if she can produce her trackwork she will win fromHill Of Grace, or Van De Star, dont ignore for minor bets.

Race 8: Talisker, is improving with every run and should get the better of Six Shooter, make note of Coorg Honey, is the dark horse can upset.

Race 9: very open race horses 2--4-11-12 are the main contenders. My first pick is Sun Zone, at this handicap to beat In The Zone, or Royal Amber,

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