Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mumbai 30mar St Ledger

Nice mixed card today but many possible false favorites in race (3-4-8-10-11) if you still like them half your bets... Antia's horses are very well placed today and a double is certain treble cant be ruled out too watch out. S Shinde has his farewell gift today even if he loses I hope he beat Ivanka to prove a point. I might make some changes once odds are issued please check again.

Race 1: EMERGING POWER should beat(Provided he is tried) BRIDGE TOO FAR rest of the field are well handled dark horse is CONSTANTIA .

Race 2: ENCOURAGEMENT should win here with a bit of luck MASTER PLANNER drawn 1 belongs to a gamble owner and if there is money his way can trouble the best..... ADJUSTMENT is the dark horse will relish the extra flg and can create a flutter.

Race 3: ALVIDA is running for the first time after being gelded... hence u never know and not worth the risk if he win then goodluck... 3. DESERT DUST (Days best Good bet) is my first pick to win today only trouble maker will be 6. PONYTA but I hope S Shinde leaves on a winning note.

Race 4: Very open race but THE BRAVE HEART (good eachway)will be the one to beat today and is worth a small eachway punt 3. BORN TO LEAD who will be right there.

Race 5: 3. STELLAR AFFAIR (Good bet)should tackle this set with ease only danger will com in the form of 1. JEWEL STAR who looks certain in place

Race 6: TANTRIK (good eachway)another of antia horses stands tall here and can upset make note 1. INTIMACY is the only danger both these horses need to me watched closely in the ring the Former definatly will be right there.7. HITZ will also be prominant in the finish.

Race 7: First timers no comment but make note of SPLENDID MONARCHY (place certain)has been trimmed fit is a speedy type and a win here wont surprise.

Race 8: Today 1200 meters will suit ENCELADUS (good)who should win here and has only one to beat and that is 5. SCHUBERT (hedgebet or eachway)which is another of Antias horses.... ENGLEHART is definately the better of the 2 nagad horses.

1. ARABIAN KNIGHT : will and can stay all day but first run in mumbai and the fact that he hasnt beaten much gives it no chance in this set.

2. AZUREUS : is tracking well and will run a much improved race toady but a win looks out of compass at best can fill the frame.

3. IMPERIAL VIEW : will be scorching the pace today

4. MASEEHA : Good luck

5. MOUNTAIN BEAR; staying is the ??? not today hope not

6. NITROUS : has improved since the derby run and will run a brave race at best can place.

7. NOBLE PRINCE : Now with experience under the belt can break the jinx has the right jockey today and will be in the top two.

8. GOBELIN : Well rested well prepared and is now ready to strike and in my opinion will be suited well by the pace of the race and is definatly the one to beat.

9. PENINSULA will stay all day and at best can place

10. SWEEPING SUCCESS : great filly with a great heart but she must also be a tired horse which is the one thing that will go against her and seconly ramus pacmaker will suit the running other horses namely gobelin abd N prince.

Tips:Gobelin-N Prince-S Sucess-Nitrous

Race 10: Firstimers 10. ICEBREAKER is a speedy type but I prefer 5. GOLDEN SYMBOL who should have no problem tackeling the former..

Race 11: 5. CLASSIC STAR (Good bet)has been well prepared to is running the right distance and has the right jockey to win.1. CATALUNYA is consistant enough and should be right there from 6. BLACK DAHLIA who will be right tere and is a certain place. Dark horse is Morpheous dont ignore.

Upsets: HI DOLLY

Good luck all

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mumbau 27 mar

Race 1:Most horses in this race have been prepared for a gamble and the field is evenly matched OPERA ROYALE in particular belongs to a gambeling connection but blood vessel is the drawback SOLSKJAER is over due for a win has been prepared nicely and should win...wieght can go against GUSTI EGLI but will be in the frame... the bottom wieghted SPARROW HAWK will try and runaway today has the potential and should be considered as a hdge bet.
Tips: Solskjar(Good eachway)/S Hawk

Race 2: CONSUELA has the right jockey to get off the mark however she is still a maiden who has burnt a lot of punters over time... if she was not owed by V Mallya would you back her and give her so many chances I would leave her good luck the moody GANADOR will extend the best and in a small field can put his best foot forward to upset this set and the inform SHAKTIMAN .
Tips : Shaktiman/Ganador

Race 3: BLUE BLAZE should not have any trouble here onlt dager will come from MADAMME BIJOUX

Race 4: CALL TO ARMS ( Good Bet ) has only one horse to beat KING`S DESIRE rest should not be a problem

Race 5: BABEINTHEWOODS is drawn 11 in a field of 12 horses that are fast I dont think she is worth the odds....7. ELEMENTTO STYLE can do the trick race best left alone.

Race 6: Very open race 6. BEAU MONDE (Days Best good eachway)is the one today is worth a good eachway bet. Blood vessel is the only problem.2. AXIOLOGY is the only danger if asked to win.

Race 7: 2. BONNY LIGHT should win if has recovered from last week.... 6. EXPENSIVE AFFAIR is the surprise packet....

Upset of the day: NOBLE DEEDS / THREE OF ARTS

Good luck one and all

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mumbai 23 Mar

If you have anything else to do today please do it todays card is a Killer and will and can break the backs omany. My tip would be to play very small value bets 0r Just enjoy the sport and Today it looks like a Sport of Kings with this open set.

Race 1: a 2400 mter race where the pace can do any thing.... horses of this caliber cant never be trusted all 4 are equally matched and tactics will decide the winner I personally will leave he race but the results should be in the order of 2-4-3-1 with 2-4 will be involved till the last stride but beast to watch.

Race 2: A 3yr old race for average horses with 5 horses of 9 are interconnected the best of that lot is 9. WILD TORRONAADO who will be in the top 3 the horse that I believe will win here is 3. FLYING SPIRIT has run in the company of quality horses without being duly extended well rested and today running in the right class should win if asked to make note. 4. FOCUS is an average horse and needs time.
Tips: F Sprit (good eachway bet) W Torronaado upset: 1. FIDEL DEFENSOR

Race 3: This is a race with 9 contenders and no pretenders I stronglt believe an upset cant be ruled out... On handicap 8. FREDERICIA is better then 5. SPIRITUAL FLAME , 3. GATRAVAT is better then 9. PRINCE LOCHINVA on handicap and will beat him again and 1. HERE COMES THE DON is better then 4. FIRED UP and then you have horses like 2. DOMINATRIX and the under performed 7. BORN DESTINY both belonging to to gambling connections I personally believe Gatravat will win again has improved a lot to be ignored here.

Hence my tips are : Gatravat(eachway)/Fedrica/DominatrixUpset : Born destiny

Race 4:Bad race again the winner will be from 1-4-6-9 my personal fancy is 4. BLACK HUSSAR but I am not goint to bet here again as my follow horse 9. DESERT BLUE is running here will win when asked to so just to be safe a small each way on him.
Tips: B Hussar/D Blue/P Queen

Race 5: Very Open race where any one can win but from this field 5 horses will decide the results i.e. 1-3-5-8-14 My pick is as follows

Race 6: on current form 4. MISTER FIXIT should win but only back him if you trust the trainer well I dont. 6. MAZAN has malesh on to looks a certain place and will be the one to beat.
My first pick is 2. TEARAWAY ran well first up today is placed in the right company with the right jockey and is worth a small punt
Tips: Tearaway/Mazan/1. ARABIAN PRIDE

Race 7: 4. MERCEDES will come alone if on job watch the market and if on job make a good bet for the day. Only horses that can trouble him or can win if she is not tried are 9. LATEST NEWS (certain place) and 3. ABOVE ALL

Mercedes(Days best) L News/Above all


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Race 1:Looks like a pick race for SPICY STAR

Race 2: GIRL NEXT DOOR looks a good betting proposition today ony horse to beat if the jockey can handle it is SILVER PARIS worth a hedge bet or a small eacway punt

Race 3: Quick double from the baramji stable looks certain on AELENIA only ADORABELLA can extend her on handicap

Race 4; ROYAL AMBASSADOR has the best chance to win but OUR LITTLE SAVAGE looks a live treat and can topple the favorite

Race 5: Bad race but RETRO QUEEN can win here keep an eye worth a small eachway bet

Race 6: bad race again but SPARK OF ISIS is definately the one to beat.

Race 7: SUN ZONE has a slight edge over STAR BLUE the race should be between these 2.

Good luck all

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mumbai 20 Mar 08

Malesh has taken some Interesting mounts today a double in the 4th and 7th race looks certain and a treble cant be ruled out watch betting on his horses.R Dmello and Antia are the trainers whose horses are worth watching..... Last but not the least Race 5 is all set for a shrewd gamble look very closely thats all I can say.

Race 1: THE BOSS has all the credentials to win but being a ubsound horse and running in such a short span is a big negetive hence I am giving both COCAINE and PHI a chance to win the latter has been very consistant and belongs to the astute R demelo... whilst the former belongs to a gambeling stable has been well rested and has been on track today with a stronger rider is the one to beat: Tips: Cocaine (Good eachway)/Phi (Place certain)/The Boss??

Race 2: the under performed RADIATING should not have any trouble here. BONNY LIGHT can trouble but place looks certain.
Tips: Radiating ( Good Bet)/B Light Upset : A Seeker

Race 3: SPICA fitness is a ?? and the distance will be a bit sharp to her liking... MING has the best chance to win in this set and will be right there but my first pick is REALLY ROMANTIC who is in great heart and will be the one to beat at this handicap.
Tips: Really Romantic( Good Eachway Place certain)/Ming/M Roberts

Race 4: Pace of the race will decided the winner but I do think the race is between 4. EARL OF WARWICK and 2. ADRENALINE RUSH the former if ridden on merit should have it easy and the latters only problem will be his Blood vessel if it is a hot day.

Tips: E Of Warwick (Good Bet)/A Rush

Race 5: This is a very tough race where a GAMBLE seems to be cooking..Keep your eyes open and Ears to the walk if you want to be in the Money.... Note these 2 horses 13. TSESEBE and 11. WHITE HART LANE both are prime candidates for a coup and if so will suceed as the only horse to beat is 10. SUPREME FALCON .

Tips : TSESEBE (Good eachway)/WHITE HART LANE(Good Eachway)/ S Falcon

Race 6: The ONE EYED 1. SPIRITUALL HAS ONLY ONE HORSE to beat 7. KAI who will give him the run for money. C Parker looks certain in place.

Tips: Kia/Sprituall/C Parker

Race 7: 1. NARA should be able to win here if allowed to only danger will come from 2. BINEE .

Tips: Nara ( Good Bet) Binee

Monday, March 17, 2008

Watch this race

Watch this race very closely, First see the ride on N Rawal on the R Scene when Rockerfellar comes next to him at the bend the jockey does not make any effort till the favorite is out of watch malesh on samarkhand and notice the way he rides the mount or pretends to and compare his efforts with his rides on Jeuvantas and Sepia Tone and see the difference for yourself.... This is called the Power of Syndication..... feedback welcome.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mumbai 15 Mar 08

P shroff is the name that will make or break punters today... with 5 horses from his stable having a realistic chance... But it is important to understand 1 in 5 of his horse win and 1 in 2 of his favorites win there is a high possiblity that a treble is a minimum from his stable hence choose wisely and sucess will be yours:

Race 1: 1. SANGOMA should win but only 2 horses from this field can trouble the worthy favorite 2. RAGING CHENB who finished 1.5 lenghts behind Elusive Study in last Mumbai then changed stables went to Antia who had 2 failed gambles early this season changed hands again and todat the 7 flg will suit him well and if tried can upset the favorite... the other horse is 5. TEMPTATION only problem is the jockey but in this small field you never know

Tips: Raging Chenb, Sangoma temptation

Race 2: if fitness is not a issue 2. OUR EXCELLENCEE will have no trouble to win here watch the betting trend only horse that can beat him is 1. SILENT PRESENCE

Tips: O Excellencee, S Presence

Race 3: I can smell in this race jockeys of horses 1,2,3,5 are all interlinked to one owner H Mehta... which makes the race with only 2 runners hence watch the market very closely or leave the race if all runners run on merit then my tips are as follows



1. SET ALIGHT is class above this set.... but 8. SECRET GLORY can ruffle a few feathers and will be right there place looks set.

Race 5: This is a dash for cash race where anyone can win I always look for value in such races where draw and form is very important to consider hence my first pick is 2. STAR ALWAYS to in from 6. ALMARINA .... however for jackpot purposes do not ignore 13. JEWEL STAR who can surprise the best.


1. RED ROMEO : ha done nothing wrong so far is a good horse but in my opinion he did not stay the 7 flg trip hence was beated.... today traveling 200 mts more and giving 5 kgs alround will do no favors he needs to be atleast 7 lghts superior then this set most of whom are classic material horses to beat them it will take a lot of luck at best will finish on board.

2. ARKTOUROS : Won unfancied and beat a lot of smart horses has got a lot of potential and will be right there at the finish the top 4 spot is well held but winning and beating his stablemate is doubtful.

3. BLUE RAY : won well first up without a sweat... has a trementous turn of foot and is tracking very well distance/jockey/draw will suit his running style and if he produces his best will sweep the field of its feet is the one to beat.

4. FLAMING ACE : best horse from Ramu,s camp will love the step up in distance and is definatly an upset chance today and is in my top 3 today.

5. HIGHLAND CROWN : not here

6. JUVENTUS : With Malesh on him and and the experience and heart he is a certainty to be involved in the finish.

7. RAGHUVANSH : Amazing horse who has an excelent turn of foot and is in the top 3 contenders and a certain place bet win will not be out of the Compass.

8. SOUTHERN SUMMIT : others prefered

9: 9. STAR SCEPTRE will love the step up in distance but this is not his cup of tea.

Tips: I honestly cant make up my mind between Blue Ray,Flaming Ace and Raghuvansh as all the 3 will extend each other but the winner will come from them
Tips: B Ray/Raghuvansh/F Star UPSET: 6. JUVENTUS

Race 7: bad race but the race will be decided between 2. HONEYDAY who might find this a bit sharp,4. REFUSE TO BEND ,5. EKOFISK and 7. MIRROR IMAGE the favorite in this race is a first timer hence no comments and good luck if she can beat this set

Tips: Refuse to bend, Ekofisk/Honeyday

Race 8: Only bad luck or bad intentions can see 2. RISING EMPEROR lose today is far superior then this set and will have no trouble tackling this field.7. VARUN should place and might upset.

Days Best: Rising emperor
Treble: R Emperor/S Alight/Star Always
Kaichi: Above 3/Our Excelencee

Each way bets: Star Always/B Ray/R To Bend

Upset of the Day: JEWEL STAR

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bangalore 15 mar

Quick tips

Race 1: 2. PLEASANT PRINCE will win due to lack of opposition
Race 2: This is tricky one if the jockey can handle it 8. ROYAL FILLY will win from 6. FIREY BUSINESS and 3. NEW PASTURES


race 4: Eat 3. AURELIAN back 5. ARMAMENT days best




Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mumbai Tips 13 March

Race 1: Handcap suggest 6. HOUSE PREFECT should earn a bracket today if he fails the 1. THUNDERING HERO who is in great heart and win again 2. CZECH is the dark horse.

Tips: H Prefect/T Hero/Czeh

Race 2: 2. NITROUS has the best credentials to win today only negetive is the jockey who still hasnt won on him so far..... The horse That I strongly believe will give her the run for the money is 3. DESERT DUST who ran a very suggesive race last time in Top class company where he made the pace well in the straight and finished only 7lghts behind the winner Spinoza and wasnt fully extended the but today its a different field and with 54 kgs on her back will win if asked to .

Race 3: I smell a rat in this race study the field very closely and watch the Jockey Sindcation.... One of them is the Guru and 4 of them are his Chelas....... if S.fargeat was astride 1. COMBUSTION he would have been my best bet but with this combination of Jockeys be VERY CAREFUL...... she wont win today if you still think it is possible please halve your bets. I will leave this race but have a small punt on 3. FARFALLAH

Race 4: Bad race 6 of the 13 horses are non jobbers.... of the 7 remaining only 4 have a realistic chance..i.e 2. CASUAL LOOK who has burnt a lot of punters in the past..9. KALPAVRUKSHA , 7. AMBEROGI and 1. DANCE MAESTRO who is down in class and had a forward run last time. Watch the market but I believe the latter has the class to beat this field.


Race 5: 4. THUNDERING HOOVES should win from 1. CAMEO who will be right there ....12. EXISTENZ is placed well in wieghts and can spring a few feathers....

Tips : T Hooves, Cameo Upset 12. EXISTENZ

Race 6: Very Bad race where anyone can win... My first pick is 2. PONYTA to win from either 3. SIMPLY SMASHING or 7. STAR LEGEND but very Open race here

Race 7: 7. LOVE FORTY if on job will win today watch the market and chose...

Tips: L Forty/ VANILLA SKY

Days Best: T Hooves
Treble:T Hoves/L Forty/H Prefect

Horses worth a eachway bet: L Forty(watch market)/Ponyata/D Maestro/D Dust


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mumbai 9Mar 08

A day where favorites can make your day but it will pay to watch the market before making the final choice.

Race1: 5. THE BOSS is far superior then this set but hi fitness will always be a ?? if he wins good luck but is he wortha risk is your choice. Besides him the race will clearly involve 3 horses 3. BLACK WARRIOR with I shiekh who has concinced me that he can ride is he wants to when he won onAgha and 8. QUAOAR who has a good draw to run away and the un predictable binee.

Tips: 8. QUAOAR , B Warrior.

Race 2: 5. BLUE DAFFODILS never intended to win in the last race but today if the intentions are there she should win well... there are many firstimers here hence it would pay to leave this race or minimise your risks... 1. SECRET AFFAIR and 6. HI DOLLY both these horse have made the pace with far superior quick horses and the former will to make good account in the weak set and the latter if on job can spring a surprise.

Tips: B Daffodils,S Affair and Hi Dolly

Race 3: Very funny field here 4 genuine sprinters and 4 genuine milers all running 7 flg or an in between distance. In my opinion the bottom 3 horses dont have the class to beat the top 4.hence my top two picks are 4. SHYBOY who is decently placed on the scales to day and will account a win from 1. REJUVENITE who with a doubt will have no problems in carrying the wieght and the only reason is my second pick is because of teh Owner/stablemate but I strongly believe he will be there on the wire. The best of the bottom 4 is Royal Flash but remember the word (Blood vessel)
Tips; S Boy, rejeuvnite

Race 4: Too many first timers 9. TOUCH OF LAND will be right there

Race 5: 10. GOLDEN ORRA is well over due for a win and will win today very nicely placed on handicap and today with the right jockey will win and is worth a good eachway punt. 6. RAGE OF ANGELS is also in rousing form and is the only danger..4. DESTINED PRINCE will run well but at best can place.
Tips: G Orra,R Of Angels

Race 6: The faith of the race looks to be in the top 3.7. TROMOS is my first pick to win from 12. PRETTY COMMISSION who will be right there along with 4. IL DIVO . But for jackpot reasons or a value place bet dont Ignore 2. FEISTY DANCER who is best on track and can upset here.


Very interesting race..have to say .1. SPINOZA will beat 2. GRUEZI again but I dont think he will win the race.3. MOUNTAIN BEAR with blinkers today will be the one to beat ... the only doubt in my mind is he wont stay every thing else is on his side if he doesnot stay then its anybodys race including 6. GAEA who can leave them all standing.

Race 8: toss a coin and pick a winner my money is on 3. AXIOLOGY who can tronce this field in a blink of an eye and is worth a small eachway bet.

Race 9: Very bad race but 5. CALL TO ARMS will be the one to beat and wortha small eachway punt from 2. SCHNELL and 8. HEIFITZ

Days best: G orra
Treble/ G orra,Tromos/Axiology

eachbets: G orra, Axiology/Call to Arms/Shy boy/B warrior

Good luck all have a win

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bangalore Pointers 8 Mar

Race 1: 5. HALL MARK who had a very easy run first up should have a bracket today and is my first pick to win from 4. FLAIR QUEEN who after debut in dec was off the track for 2 months which is unusual hence I am a bit cautious of he chances but if all is well she will be in the fray...6. MONEY MANTRA is a dark horse.

Race 2: Very bad race best left alone 5. THE BRAVEST is an avrage horse who will be right there but the horse to look out for is 10. ASPIRING SEVEN who can bet this set but best to follw market trend and make a decision.

Race 3: 2. ON A ROLL should win due to lack of company but its not going to be as easy as it sounds with false rails today and the only thing in his favor is he is a speedy horse hence he is the favorite I wont be a surprise if he is beaten on the post it will pa to halve your bets as many unknow quality horses are running in this set 5. WALTER is the dark horse tracking well

Race 4: 1. RIMPUCHE should tackle 2. SCENIC MELODY the dark horse if ridden well is 4. LITTLE SPLENDOUR who looks a certain place and will run a bold race today

Race 5: 6. CARABINIERI is my first pick to win here only horse to beat is 7. FLAMING LAMBORGIN the rest of the horses are well handled...2. RIO BRAVO is in my opinion a false favorite and if you fancy him halve your bets.

Race 6: 9. ECUADOR is my first pick to win from 8. STAR BLUE will be a toss up but the latter has a slight edge

Race 7: 3. SOUTHERN CHIEFTAN should win only lack of track work and drop in distance can be the downfall but I still believe he is head and shoulder over this field. Only danger might come form 5. ALCHESAYE and ofcourse Ramu

Race 8: Toughest race of the day where 8 horses are in with a chance an Aprencice jockey with only his 3rd ride on an on money favorite... on a horse running only his second race of his life says only 1 of 2 things, 1 the horse is 3 classes superior or 2 the rest of the field has a day of you chose. I am going to make a small eachway bet on 4. GIFT A DIAMOND wo I believe will beat the favorite again.

Good Luck all

Days Best: S Cheftain
Treble: S Cheftail/carabiniri/Rimpuche

Upset of the day: 9. FIRE OF JOY

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bangalore Pointer

Hi All,

Just a few pointers for Bangalore

Race 1: Best Race of the day.... Look at this scenario there are 11 runners in this race amongst them they have run 132 times with no wins and only on 7 occasions some of the 11 horses have finished in the to 3. This is the worst Quality of horses running and If you really can say with any certainty that a particular horse can win then good luck. some of these horses have been on track and 7 SPREAD A SMILE has been tracking well with a inform jockey who hasnt tracked the horse even once but she will be right there and Place looks certain. I personally am looking for Value and will have a small Time pass eachway bet on 10 SILVER PARIS ..For the serious punter leave the race.

Race 2: 6 LIGHTNIN BLUES who did not have the luck of the race last time should make ammends today if asked to from 12 SHES A DIAMOND who can sneek in a place.

Race 3:Bad race 2 PROOF OF TREASURE is the best of the worst and should be involved at the finish along with 3 GAMPU . Make a note of 11 ORANGE ORCHARD has been consistantly tracking well and it wont come as a surprise if he is tried today definaly worth a small each way punt in this set.

Race 4:1 BEE THE STAR should win again but drawn 10 with topwieght can be a problem however the only danger is 4 REMARKABLE STRIDE who can spoil her chances for a hatrick the rest of the field is well held.

Race 5: Anyone can win here My pick is 4. DARE DON it win either from 2. ALEKONA and 1. LIONHEART ...............The Favorite 3. STAFIRE has won 1 race in 15 starts and is in class 1 today...... not worth a risk at these odds.

Race 6: 1. ATTAIN is a horse with a lot of talent but is very hard to handle and I dont think R Marshall can handle his drift and swings will win but will knock a few horses out before he gets there not worth a risk at all.9. TURBO BABE is second best and is worth a eachway punt.

Race 7:6. WOMAN IN CHARGE is my first pick to win here from 4. SUGAR BLAZE

Race 8: 11. ALL MY COLOURS is an average horse in this set only if none of the other horses are on job then can he win otherwise its not going to be easy will make sense to halve your bets..
3. SERENITY NOW has been tracking very well and can trouble the favorite.

Days best: W In Charge
Treble:W I Charge/Bee The Star/L Blues

Good Luck All

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tips for Mumbai March 6

Sorry for the delay have been tied up with work and lost track of time. Well what can I say about todays card... read it very closely and use the process of elimination to suceed today. Firstly have a look at the odds Shailesh Shinde is on 5 horses that are top 3 in the money .... at best he can get a double so if you follow him choose wisely.

Race 1: If you open the race book and see the card you will say 3. TULLAMORE will win well... but the CNB off on 1. CONSUELA who was ridden by malesh last time is now on the favorite... It very Important to know that many trainer and owner ask Malesh to ride their horses just to test the water of the animal and if any thing needs to be done. I believe there will be a big Gamble on Consuela and if so the race is over so watch the market very closely.
I never like to tipe Gamble horses as you never know. hence I am going to place a small eachway bet on 7. COLOUR OF JOY but for the punters please watch the market closely or look for place value. Malesh can stop a train and if Conseula is backed down Tullamroe will finish a good second.

Race 2: 3. PARTY CELEBRATION is a very good horse but is a very hard to handle horse too who loves the fast pace of the race to in a mile with no real pacemaker his chances are limited if you wish to back him halve your bets and save it for later.1. FIERY FORTUNE ran a forward race last time and the mile is best suited to him hence is my first pick to win from 2. ROMANTIC SCENE .....4. FANTASTIC KNIGHT can cause a upset provided his bloodvessel doesnot give way. Ivanka does have a good handicap and is not carrying anything will definately beat P Celebration but ?? dont know about the others

Race 3: Ithink This is a wrong jodi in Liquidater and G Queen... the 2 horses that have been perpared well are 4. BLACK DAHLIA and 7. SOLID BLACK and I strongly believe the race will be between the 2 and I think the former has a slight edge but later will be right there San Jose can spring a surprise.

Race 4: First Timers but will be a toss up between the 2 fancied runners My pick is 9. VEERA WANG on track movements.

Race 5: Another jodi that can go belly up...My first pick is 3. ARABIAN SPEED to win from 2. MEDTIAS PRIDE will be a close call but the former should win today... the dark horse is 7. THE DREAMER

Race 6:3. HEIFITZ with malesh on top has the best chance to win here form 15. FIREFOOT .... an upset cant be ruled out make a note on 11. TANTRIK who is drawn 2 and can runawy with the race.

Race 7:8. TOOFAN MAIL is is my first pick to win here form 1. COSMIC FLOWER who is down in class the dark horse is The Right Man

Race 8 : 6. THE REBEL is back in shape but this is a set for unsound horses and may the best of the worst win. If you are looking for value dont look beyond 11. LATEST NEWS drawn 2 he can pull it off.

Days Best: Toofan Mail
Double/T Mail/Heiftz
Treble T Mail/Heiftz/Consuela
Eachway Bets: T Mail/L News/A Speed/Solid Black/F Fortune/C O Joy


Monday, March 3, 2008

What a horse

Although Sweeping sucess won the Invitation cup the Win of Oasis Star will be remembered by me as the feat by a horse to date. I personally have never come across such a Great Sprinter. Well done what a horse.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2nd tips for hydrebad

A very sad day in the racing to see a gallant performer ONNU ONNU ONNU broke down yesterday in the sprinters cup....many will say that he died doing what he did best but all I can say if he had a choice he would have chosen otherwise Very Sad.
A word of caution for followers of the following horses who are running within a Span of 24 hours.
RHAPSIDION SNOW , OASIS STAR and WOMAN ON TOP please note all three are Fillies who normally lose a lot of condition after a race. The best of horses struggle. From memory only 2 horses have won within a span of 24 hours i.e Bergamo and Strenghttostrength both of them were colts and both were very strongly built horses too many will think and say if they can do it why cant these horses do the same the answer is simple there have been many horses who have tried this feat but only 2 have succeded the percentage of sucess is less then 10% and nil as far as a filly is concerned so it would pay to make a educated choice and if any of the above horses win then Good luck to their connections.

Race 1: 3. SPIRITED PLAYER has been very well prepared and has a bright future should win this hands down.1. CAPRIOSKA does not have initial speed and the hyd course is not his cup of tea is the false favorite.The consitant 5. STRATEGIC PARTNER is the only danger but will the jockey ride him against Ramu is another thing.

Race 2: Backers of favorites keep this in mind 1. ASSOCIATOR is still a maiden in class 3, carrying topwieght on a course that he has never run on in a big too and the you still think he is value for monet then make a bet. This is a very open race my pick is 14. DEBONAIRE to win from either 7. BIG BUDGET or 12. TASTE OF INDIA .

Race 3; Very Open race any of the 6 horses can win My first choice is 5. VIJAYRATH to win from 6. CASSANDRA

Race 4: 8. RHAPSIDION SNOW had a very impressive victory yesterday but a filly to run in a span of 24 hours and being stalled as a favorite is not to my liking. Please see her paddock condition and make a decision to she is running in a far superior company of well rested and prepared horses I would be happy if she places today if you still think she will win halve your bets and Good Luck.My first pck for the supermile is 12. THE HURRICANE dint have the luck of the race last time is running the right distance today and will be right there. 9. BADGE OF GOLD on paper is best horse in this set and the one to beat of the others 3. KHALEELS PRIDE who is a local contender will fill the frame along with 1. DIEGO RIVERA .

Tips: The Hurricane,B Of Gold, D Revire Upset: 10. ELUSIVE STUDY

Race 5: Bad race


1. BOURBON KING I dont believe he will have a problem in staying this trip is the best horse in this set but if he is ridden off the pace today he cant win. If the connections believe he can stay will need to run him on the pace and let his Big heart do the rest.
2. HOTSTEPPER : Another big Hearted horse at best will fill the frame others look better prepared.
4. NOBLE PRINCE is the one to watch lack of experience is not in his favor good luck to the conections if he reproduces his derby run.
5. REGAL CONNECTION the dark horse but not today
6. RETRIBUTION won here well but beat no one will be in the fight but does he have the class is another thing
7. CLASSIC SKY prefer stable mates
8. MATHEMATICA one of the mosted rested horses in the field if she can stay the trip and course she will win
9. RUBY QUEEN not here
10. SWEEPING SUCCESS the most Improved horse in the set will certainly be in the top3 and is the one that Mathematically stands between Sucess and the King

Top 3: B King, S Sucess, Mathematica.

Race 7: 5. BEYOND BELIEF has everthing in his favor to win today and is my first pick to win from the Moody 2. RUBEN STAR who would be my first pick but Drawn 12 is a big?? the dark horse in this set without a doubt is 11. CONQUERING LOVE who is one of the most underestimated horse in the field and a small eachway wager on him can go a long way. Bad race

Race 8: Bad race I am going to make a small eachway punt on 16. SHINE AWAY

Days Best:Sprited Player
Treble: S Player/B King/B Belief
Eachway bets:Taste of India/The Hurricane/R Star or C love/Mathematica


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hydrebad Invitation day 1 / AMMENDED

Firstly please note I dont follow Hydrebad as much as i do for other centers but I will give it a go....

race 1: This is one of the toughest corse in the country and 1. ABLE ASSOCIATE who hails form bangalore has to be a very talented horse to win here..hailing from the bayramji stable gives it a added disadvantage as most of of his first timers are not fully extended. 6. ACCIACCATURA is my first pick to win here dint have the luck of the race last time and should win BUT THE CONNECTIONS ARE BIG GAMBLING STABLES and the fact that there are no odds on him has mede me change my mind and it would be safer to bet on 2 CALIGATAE eachway from 8. COLOURFUL who will be in the frame.

Race 2: 5. RHAPSIDION SNOW at this handicap is a worthy favorite but keeping in mind that the horse has not won over a mile so far has drawn my attention towards 2. AGASSIZ who is very nicely placed on handicap.... had a good forward run in the last to races and was in the fight till the final furlong today he wont be making the pace for stable mates and is running 600 mts less hence is my pickt to win here from either R Snow or 3. GOLDEN SHADOW who is a local contender and knows the course well.

Race 3: Bad race but 6. IMPERIAL GATE should win if asked to dark horse is 12. QUEEN ALBA


1. BUDDY BROTHERS : will find this set to good
2. ESCRAVOS One of the main contenders who has the draw and a jockey who knows this course very well asride.his running pattern to stay up with the leaders at the bend gives him an added bonus will be in the top 4 in the finish
3. ONNU ONNU ONNU : is the best of the local contenders only age and the wide draw is againts his chances but Experience is on his side can run the Hyd Course with blindfolds on will be ritght there and would be a wonderful gift if he wins Good Luck to the connections.
4. OYSTER COVE : Change in jockey will help but will need to stay up with the pace to make the final challage to the front runners drawn 3 is the only reason I am not confient on him as he will have a lot of traffic problems if the jockey is not alert.
5. ENAKSI ran a brave race last time but since he prfers to make a late bib in the straight he will find it tough to catch the leaders
6. EVATINA : Dont I gnore her today evrything including the jockey is in her favor and with a little bit of luck will beat the best and is my first pick to win.
7. LADY ONE Goodluck to the connections if she wins....
8. BRAHMAPUTRA : speedy but not here
9. PASTICHE : is the dark horse but is not upto this class
10. AUXILIARY is in rousing form but the jockey is not a big race jockey has to hold his nerves to win here which is very difficult but is one of the main contenders and can prove me wrong
11. OASIS STAR : is the horse everyone has been talking about is without a doubt the best in the set. She is drawn 2 today hence will have to kept up with the pace to be in striking position. Coming from off the pace in Hydrebad is a very risky proposition as the Uphill before the bend and the Right angled bend can unsettle the best of horses stride. Srinath has not been riding at Hydrebad lately which is not a good sign Hence the only way she can lose is because of the jockeys overconfidence on the abilty of the horse who are not machines.
12. UPPER CRUST will only run
13. WOMAN ON TOP is a good horse but at best can place the choice of jockey is very strange and I do believe the Mumbai contenders are better the her.

Tips: Evatina,O Star,Onno Onno Onno, O Cove: UPSET : PASTICHE

Race 5: Very open race with many chances 7. LOCAL IKON has been prepared nicely and is my first pick to win from 2. RIPPLES who can cause an flutter and should carry this wieght.

Race 6: The terms of this race benifits 6. SECRET MEMORY and 1. AQUILO both of whome are carring top wieght but at worst are only giving 5 kgs to horses of their peers. The one that stays the best of the 2 will win I believe 1. AQUILO is the better stayer of the 2 and is my first choice to win from S memory.5. MAXIMISE is the dark horse and the only danger.AZUREUS, orichi and and G dream are out handicapped and are not worth the odds.

Race 7: 1 BERNARDO will find this set easy to beat but the distance looks a bit out of his compass but will be right there at the finish11. VIJAYAM has a good chance to win here from 10. ARMSTRONG who has a very strong chance in this very open race.

Race 8: An upset can be ruled out here My firt pick is 4. CLARE BRIDGE who looks a certain place to win from 15. VIJAY LAKH who can spring a surprise.

Days best: Agassis
Treble: Agassis/I Gate/Evatina

Eachway prpositions: Agassia/Evatina/Aquilo/Vijayram/Vijay Lakh(if the formerwins) or C Bridge.


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