Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mumbai 6 March

Good Luck everyone

Race 1: Open race none of the horses are ouutstanding horses 1-2-5-8-12-13-14 have a fair chance.Devil In Disguise, is worth a small EW chance

Tips: Devil In Disguise, Star Goddess,Escalating,

Race 2: Few hidden horses here make note of Fetish, who has a decent break in handicap and can upset if the jockey can handle it Sacred Relic, had a good run last time and is the one top beat depending on the owners intent Ocean Princess, does not belong to this class but I am not to sure on her staying however she should be right there make note of Arzaan, who will win today if he doesnot burst his Blood vessel

Tips:Arzaan, Ocean Princess, Upset: Fetish,

Race 3: Blackjack, was taunted as a classic till his mumbai campange if he is ready he will win if not then Ancient Wonder, should repeat Amouresque, is the dark horse.

Race 4: Astapi, seems a nice type and should win here make note of Cool Cat, will run very close can upset.

Race 5: Becket, last run was a total mystery have no clue to what went wrong if he is right he will win but I think its unlikely best to leave alone and if he wins it would be good to see him back.Onassis, was a bit unlucky to lose last time will improve from that run but is not outstanding,Sprint Star, dint have the luck of the race would have finished closer or won last time is very well prepared and in my opinion is the one horse they all have to beat,Beautiful Stranger, is just not staying will run a brave race today can upset but not likely should place,Star Future, has the right jockey but is not favoured by the terms and handicap,Su Chaliyo, just short of class,Siachen, has been on the track 4 times in 42 days maybe has some issues will win if ok

Tips:Sprint Star, Siachen, Upset: Beautiful Stranger,

Race 6: Elizabeth, is placed well on handicap but this is a a very strong set of semi classic horses which wont kane her job easy at all, Aprillia, has enough class but is coming back after 2 months not the best on track but if fit can win Cruising, is a 7flg animal and will be give this field a scare can upset should place Mighty Crusader, is very well placed on handicap too but the wide draw wont help sould be considered for minor combination along with Mystic Quest, as both sail in the same boat. If you are looking for an upset her dont ignore Tomsk, the connections have given him a easy run agains D reviara and noy prepared very well with this race in mind wont mind the wide draw will be covering a lot of ground at the post and can fly past this field.

Tips: Tomsk, Elizabeth, Upset: Cruising,


1) Business Tycoon, Not here

2) Macchupicchu, Still Improving just lacks class but makes up with his heart will need a big heart to upset here which is possible.

3) Moon Star, : Maybe on the moon

4: Ocean And Beyond, Will be right there and try and turn the tables today is possible but unlikely

5) Sun Kingdom, is the best rested animal on track the trainer has opted for endurance training as if the horse stays he will win as he has the best accleration of al the horses I am not a big fan of bangalore horses running in mumbai first time but I strongly fee Sun Kingdom will finish in the top 3 and I wont be surprised if he win note today can upset.

6) Sunnys Secret, Will Finish ahead of of the beaten brigade

7) Vijay Monarch, Good luck

8) Balmoral Castle, Mystry horse lacks class but is a filly that has improved with every run

9) Moonlight Romance, Big task on her shoulders today had all the luck in the derby and will need a lot of it today to repeat the feat can win but will not be easy

10) Xisca, Should have won the derby had no luck now tuned to the minute and is the one to beat.

Tips: Xisca, Sun Kingdom,Moonlight Romance,

Race 8: Very Open Race Royal Highness, has the best credentials and if all goes well is the one to beat Great White, is back to his pet distance and will be right there dont ignore.Make note of Exuberance, today dont ignore for minor placing or bets will win if tried.

Tips:Royal Highness, Great White, Upset :Exuberance,

Race 9: Very open race looks like all of Lagads horses are on job and luck will play a major role

Tips: Hottie, Tudor Regent, Upset: Wild Imagination,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mumbai 5 March

Race 1: Horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-14-15 are all in with a chance which makes this race a very open event to start the day with. Ocean Of Faith, and Money Flash, have been prepared well the latter has a better chance due to draw.Rising Asset, and Arabian Eagle, are dark horses make note of the latter today can upset at good odds.

Tips: Money Flash, UpsetArabian Eagle,

Race 2: Starseeker, and Scarface, both have been impressive in their last win but have not been spared by the handicapers and need to improve by atleast 7 lths to beat Glowing Star, and Sexy Eyes, again which is a big task so its best to leave this alone Starseeker, should improve a lot after the last run but is not outstanding.Starfall, faith is in the hand of the owners Alexus, is the horse above this class has fitness issues but if sould should be the one to beat. make note of Sea Shower, is back to his pet distance and running amongst his peers can upset.

Tips:Alexus, Upset: Sea Shower,

Race 3: There is no doubt that Cape Ferrat, is in great heart but all horses that have run with her can show some improvement specially Our Fortune, who ran last time after a long break and managed to finish only 2 ltghts behind her today with a better jockey and some decent track will improve a lot and the results will show the improvement.R Hughes has opted for Highland Music, over OW there has to be some madness in this choice I personally feel his last 2 runs can be discarded as he will be right there,Ashwa Paarth,can UPSET.

Tips: Our Fortune, Highland Music, Upset: Ashwa Paarth,

Race 4: Bold Dancer, needed the run last time today will be the one to beat however there are many horses that can win if the former fails my next three are Venus Rosewater, Blue Mellon, and Hurricane Bird, the first two are on track and form the first named if right at the gates can easily upset the second named is well prepared and has the right jockey note. Make note of the last named is the only horse bred by Elusive Pimpernel to whom this race is dedicated to plus has good recent form and jockey there is a method in this madness and I will be putting money where my mouth is.I will back the last two named as a eachway bet.

Tips: Bold Dancer, Venus Rosewater, Upset:Blue Mellon, Hurricane Bird,

Race 5: Nearness Of You, couldnot beat S Blaze who was conceding 5.5 kgs that says a lot cant back her good luck if she wins.Voyager, will do well taday was unlucky last time but has to beat the up coming

Tips: Voyager, Upset: Majestic Force,

Race 6: Its Foolish to say any one horse is outstanding here as luck will play a major role here andRare And Precious, is my choice to beat Nefyn, or Celestial Way,

Race 7: Native Knight, should come out of his maiden status today from Spark Of Gold, or Cabriolet,

Race 8: Golden Creek, should win on sentimental grounds.

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