Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pune 30 Aug Unable to post.

Due to some issues I will unabe to post but without going in much detail PERSIAN POWER/Classic Star, /Hidden Danger,/ Feona,/Red Dragon,/Rodrigo, are horses I like.

Upset of the Day can be Prince Of Troy, or Absolute Reality,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pune 29 Aug

Although its a small field chose wisely

Race 1:On Paper Rule Of Law, should tackle this field due to sheer lack of company however its important to note that all the 3 fancied runners are front runners hence if the pace is too hot it will suit the running of Secret Agenda, who runs well off the pace and is improving with each run definitely worth a punt.

Race 2: It will be a tragedy to see Western Challenge, lose again.Lightning Cavalry, is the only one that can do it.

Race 3: Salute The Star, had no luck in the last run and today will make amends only danger is De Nada,

Race 4: El Tropico, should have won last time will be the one to beat from the well bred Ashridge,. Make note of Tudor Regent, who should finish on board and can upset as he is the most experienced horse in the Field.

Tips:El Tropico,Ashridge, Upset:Tudor Regent,(note)

Race 5: Although Stud Of Gold, has enough merit to win here it is not a advisable bet as the Owner will only try if his money is on it and if you don't know the facts Stay away. Plus the change of equipment and the wide draw are also a worry. The horse can win but don't know if he will be allowed to. I personally feel that the winner should come from the horses that race in Race 55. I am personally Going for Adam's Pleasure, who looks to be prepared well and the step up in distance and draw will suit him well hence is worth a each way bet to win from Expensive Affair, who will be right there. The dark horse here is Landlord, if the jockey can get him on the outside in the straight he will Upset.

Race 6: The Handicap on Cyclades, is too low to be ignored in a sprint he will be hard to catch if the jockey is up to it if not then Sea Princess, should have her Day today.

Race 7: Triunfo, is well rested and ready to strike hence my first pick to beat Rio Del Ray, who is definately the horse to beat and Forever Young, I personally would advise to leave this race due to the jockeys on the 3 horses. Mama,Bhanja and Bhatija.

Race 8: Raphael, is my first pick to beat this field Hickory, is the one that can trouble the former hence is worth a hedge bet or place bet.If Super King, runs the race in a straight line he can beat the best make note.

Tips:Raphael,Hickory, Upset: Super King,

Days best: Western Challenge,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pune 23 Aug

Race 1: VB race and will be an interesting finish, looking at the card horses 1-4-5-7-8 will be tried. Last Nights Sonnet, has the best chance but is not placed well on handicap.Beacon Light, is a much improved horse and should pick up a few races this season hence my first choice. Make note of Charlie Parker, rarely will you see a 10yr old going for a fast gallop in trackwork, intensions are there the horse has class and at this age has nothing to lose will pay to have a eachway bet on him in this weak set I will definatly do so.

Tips:Beacon Light,Last Nights Sonnet, Upset:Charlie Parker, (note worth a punt)

Race 2: Tricky one, Frangipani, who is the best in the set has no trackwork which means nothing as the trainer is know to hide trackwork of his horse before a gamble... Make note only if money come her way lots of it. Wild Torronaado, ran a brave race last time can improve with the jockey has to beat the former if tried.El Bunduq, will be right there. Make note of Pacemaker, should keep them honest can upset should place.

Race 3: Unknown quality of horses hence hard to chose Titan, looks a good type and is tracking well. Bright Future, is a speedy type can upset. Make note of Always Smile, looked very impressive in the mock race can upset here at long odds should place.
Tips: Titan,Bright Future, Upset:Always Smile, (note)

Race 4: Although Critical Acclaim, is above this class I am not too sure if the FILLY will stay the trip with 61.5 kgs not worth the risk or halve your bets.The race is likely to be in the top wieghts hence anyhorse from 1-5 and win.Chandelier, is my first pick to either beat Saddlers Rule, or the Favorite.

Race 5: It will be interesting to see how Rajendra handles the pace of this race today, horses like Running Bull, and Escravos, who are fast horses will not let the Favorite dictate the terms which will make the finish very interesting if the jockey panic at top wieght. I personaly believe he will and that will throw the race open to second wind horses.Portrush, is the one for the notebook was given a easy run first up today well paced by the terms can upset along with stablemate Elmwood,

Tips:Portrush,(note) Red Romeo, Upset:Elmwood,

Race 6: Star Impact, is definately a better horse then Feet Of Flames, but with H Metha and syndicates its hard to know the intent.Premier Perception, is very well suited on handicap Draw and distance hence my first pick and Strathendrick,is well placed on handicap and can upset.

Race 7: Kapathos, is very well placed on handicap is my first pick to beat Duke Of Windsor, or Force Of Law, note latter can upset at good odds.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pune 22 Aug

Tough card W Smith has some interesting mounts and is worth following Look for value or take a rest day

Race 1: Vb with no real talent in the field hence avoidable as a upset is possible. Secret Affair, is the one that can do it due to jockey factor W Smith is a very Good Judge of front runners this horse will hit the front today and can upset should easily place.Ran Banka, in my opinion is better then the favorite is tracking well and my firt pick.

Race 2: Dutch Art, has a good chance to win here due to the Jockey factor.Wings Of Angels, is the one to beat if the jockey can handle it. Make note of both Winning Treat, and Yowza, both can win when asked watch the market one of them will be tried today.

Race 3: Fluent Victory, has the best credentials to win here from Shodaan, . make note of Secret Talk, can upset.

Race 4: Weizhou, in my opinion did not stay the mile trip or dint relish the track...with the final 2 flgs in 12.9 and 12.7 sec is very average hence is avoidable. If you still fancy him halve your bets.Chotee Begum, is the one to note she failed last time because she is a small filly and 60kgs was not to her liking although failing in the lower class her connections are trying her in a higher class at bottom wieght is a clear indication that she is not a wieght carrier will be hard to toss at this handicap. If she loses it will be at the hands of Cavaradosi, who is best on track and has been prepared with this race in mind make note.Indian Summer, will beat the favorite again.

Race 5: Too many first timers... Make note of Floods Of Fortune, can win Tryst With Destiny, is also tracking well.

Race 6: Difficult to judge this race but Tora Bora, looks the fittest of the lot and is the one to beat. Make note of Gloria, who would have been my first pick if she had a better draw is tracking very well can win and should place. Royal Companion, looks to have improved after his last run has a benifit of a run and tracking well can upset.

Race 7: Very Open race with 9 horses in with a Good chance hence Luck and Jockeys Talent will decide the out come I am going for neither but cant decide between Three Of Arts, and Red Dawn, latter is a better horse but jockey on the former has a slight edge hence the former.Here Comes The Don, dint have any luck last time if tried today can upset.

Race 8: the top 4 are the main contenders River Blitz, should make ammends Lyrical Lass, and Onus Probandi, will keep him honest.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Absolute Rubbish

I have been reading all the articles that have sprung up after the loss of Set Alight. Everyone has their right opinion but what I cant understand is why is everyone blaming the Jockey.

When she lost the derby in a Gallant Effort, I can understand that Malesh did Panic but in my Opinion he did his best under the circumstances but was he really the one to blame or are tactics on how she will be run in big races are the cause.
Pesi and the connections had Telstar as a Pacemaker in the race but why did he let a weak rider like M Kharadi ride the horse, secondly he was running in a span of 8 days which makes you wonder what the real tactics were.... the Job of a pacemaker is to try and settle the fancied stablemate and lead it into the straight. Telstar could not even pace with SA till the 800 mt marker and started to fall back at the 6 flg marker exposing SA to the field due to which Malesh found him by himself all alone in front with 4 flgs to go and had no choice but to ride the filly out. to those who want to see what i mean watch the derby with a open mind including Sharan Kumar. I know Malesh is no Saint but give credit where it is due.

Re her loss against Ice Breaker last week I am surprised that everyone is blaming the jockey and Some say she is not the same horse which is utter rubbish.
What has surprised me including people who rate them selves as "India most prolific writers on Horse Racing" have missed the Golden Rule of Horse racing " Horses are not Machines".

I am surprised that why has none of these Racing Guru's considered that this Wonder Filly is not a machine.

In a span of 14 days She Ran a Mock race on the 2nd August in 1.38 (1600) and (600 in 35) was did some pace work on the 9th in Pune, Arrived in Hydrebad between 10th-13th Aug, two easy pace work in Hyd and then ran a 10 flg race in Hydrebad for the first time in her life with Top Weight.

She is a filly that is asked to do too much by her connections, where do you think she had the time to recoup from the mock race and travelling before she was pitted against her peers on the 16th, any person with half a racing brain knows filly's need rest in between runs and traveling so why dint her connections consider these factors when they targeted her for this race if you watch the final stages of the race it was clear the horse had nothing left in her but Fatigue.

Its about time people, critics and the rest see the broader picture and give credit where its due consider the fact that the Trainer and her connections who decide her future as SA does not decide when she runs and where but Pesi and the owners do and its about time they take responsibility for their actions, I have always had a lot of respect P Shroff and his judgement as the jockey but am not too sure of his abilities as a trainer ????........ Maybe he has too much on his plate.

With the test of time Set Alight will always be talked about as a wonder horse, 20 years from now not many people will remember who beat her but will acknowledge that she was the Best in her Era. Elusive Pimpernel was one of the greatest to run the turf in India and many people still remember his Talent but how many of them remember who beat him in his only loss No many.

I hope she bounces back and proves her class and if she does I hope credit is give where its due....... If she does not it will be sad day in racing where Greed and Ego will see
" An End of a Era".

Here are two Famous Quotes on Horses dont just read them Understand Them.

1) If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy.
- H.H. Isenbart

2) A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care.

- Pat Parelli

This is my Opinion and I am happy for comments as long as they are made in the right spirit.

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