Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pune 31.08.2013

Race 1: Winds Of Change, has been hiding true form for a while should be tried today and should be the one to beat its best to decide at race time as he will be backed down. There are many other chances here if the first named is not tried but make note of Jaipur Gem, he is tracking very well was moving very well in the mock race should be the danger to all.

Tips: Winds Of Change,                      Upset: Jaipur Gem,(note) 

Race 2: A wide open race and many horses will be tried here, Horses 2-3-6-7-8-9 all have a fair chance and its best to look for a value bet here. Monteray, and Pepe Senior, represent value. Both have had easy first runs and are ready to strike as the step in distance will suit them. Indiscrete, will also be suited by this trip and should be the one from the fancied runners.

Tips:(note) Pepe Senior,Indiscrete

Race 3: Earth Tamer, is tried should win.Miracle Of Mercy, is the danger.

Tips: Earth Tamer,                    Upset: Miracle Of Mercy

Race 4: A set of very average youngsters here and any horse can win best to look for a value bet here. Express, ran last after being checked first up but his last spurt was very good. Has blinkers on today and will be suited to him should give everyone a run for their money. Shockalot, is the joker in the pack should run a good race today.

Tips: Express, (note)                              Upset: Shockalot,

Race 5: A very open race Titleist, and Rising Angel, are my top two but this race is best avoided.

Tips: Titleist, Upset Rising Angel

Race 6: A very open race and any of the 12 runners can win here its best took for a value each way bet. Coincidentally the two horses I Like as a value each way bets belong to the same owner. Jewels Of The Hill, who is a nice animal who may find this trip sharp but is fresh and tracking very well should be right there. Champakali, is on a very good handicap and was a very impressive winner last time should account for that win and can repeat.Ice Empire, should keep them honest.

Tips:(note) ChampakaliIce Empire,                Upset: Jewels Of The Hill

Race 7: To The Manor Born, is a nice animal but is a late galloper the short pune straight wont do him any favors specially if the race is run on the monsoon track he will struggle. Amistad, was a impressive winner but beat no one today is giving weight to horses horses like Hawker, and Shygirl, who ran a Grade 2 race won by Marinsky 6.5 lengths behind her. Today are receiving 3 and 4.5 kgs from Amistad which means over 9 flg he has to be a minimum of 6 lengths better than the two which is unlikely. Expect an Upset in this race from  Shygirl, who ran un interested first up but today up in distance better jockey and handicap and down in class she can do it or will give Amistad a very Good fight to the wire.

Tips:(note) ShygirlAmistad,

Race 8: Lack of serious contenders leaves the race between 5 horses that are likely to be tried. Horses 1-2-3-5-7 are the ones in question. Haunting Moments, and Alvira, are horses that should dominate the finish. Although the first named is tracking well and looks well prepared with the best jockey in the set the second named can upset here as she was tracking well had a easy run first up with step up in distance she will be in the money today. From the rest of the field if there is a upset here it will be Winds Of Luck, it will pay to keep and eyo in betting trends on her and decide at racetime.

Tips: (note) Alvira,Haunting Moments,              Upset: Winds Of Luck

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pune 25.08.13

Race 1: Race for 4yo's only which includes many first timers who obviously have issues best to avoid such races.Dark Knight,Wind Chime, and Zille Ilahi, are my short listed 3, The first named is tracking very well but has fitness issues, The second named has had 2 forward runs and easy ones is the most experienced intent is unknow but the market will be a good indicator, The last named doesnot look to be a very nice animal or Pesi would not have run him in such a shortlisted race.

Tips: Wind ChimeDark Knight,

Race 2: Open race Infallible,Indication, and Fleetwood Mac, all have a fair chance if tried. The first named had no luck last time should run a good race is all goes well, the last named has come up a lot since last run and should account for it. The second named finished an un interested second last time seems to have come up a lot since then and is the one to beat.Circle Of Life, has merit but seems under prepared and is nothing special can win but not worth it at short odds.

Tips: Indication,           Upset:  Infallible,

Race 3: Looks a open race Carpe Diem, will improve a lot from the last run and should be the one to beat but is a maiden so its best to avoid.Many horses if tried have a fair chance but intent is unknown. Stella, and Ashwa Yodhaa, are on a very good handicap and will keep the race interesting.Best to avoid the race.

Tips: Stella,Ashwa Yodhaa,

Race 4: Mint Approach, has won some good races and has beaten some good animals but I am totally confused as to why is dallas running her in a such a low graded race the same goes Majestic Reward, it is likely the first named is not fit and the trainer is give he a lead up run for some future classics she should win but its best to halve your bets. the second named is ok as he has had a campaign in bangalore and seems to fit. Relic Hunter, is tracking well so is Hail The King, but considering the company its unlikely they will be tried. Best option is still Mint Approach, but with a word of caution.

Tips: Mint Approach,                   Upset: Hail The King, (note)

Race 5: Interesting race Intesar, has had a few forward runs in good company and is now tracking well watch the market as a gamble is likely on him today. Superlicious, and Oriental Rocky, are the ones that can upset here.

Tips: Intesar,                  Upset: Oriental Rocky,

Race 6: Open race. The terms of the race favor Panamera, a bit, but she has never run on this course but is well place on the handicap and can win here. Neona, has the distinction of not losing on this course yet she was quite heavy when she won first up which is a clear indication that she loves this track and I am a big believer in horses for courses. Maple Star, and Halle, have a fair chance too the last named is well over due for a win.

Tips: Neona,Panamera,                                       Upset: Halle

Race 7: A wide open race and any of the 10 runners can win here. It will pay to look for value here. Horses 7-8-10 all represent value.     Victorious March, is a very fast animal with 44kgs the jockey has to take a good jump and let the horse do his best. Rule Forever, was given a good breather first up was very heavy and should be stripped fitter for the challenge should be the one to beat. Pitbull, loves this track and will be right there.

Tips: Rule Forever,                Upset: Victorious March,

Race 8: Mykonos, is speedy but nothing special, If you are going to base you bet on the mock race keep in mind she was fully stretched and does not like being whipped. Although the company is average today( too many non Jobers) The ones that will be tried have the credentials to beat the favorite.Arch Duchess, is very fit and will keep the first named honest.Carlton House, is the joker in the pack but the connections are more interested in gambles so watch the market.

Tips: Arch Duchess,                                        Upset: Carlton House

Race 9: A wide open race horses 2-3-4-7-8-10 all have a fair chance if tried. A likely gamble on Ice Affair, in this set has the speed and experience to win if tried from Starsonboard, who definitely will be tried .

Tips: Ice Affair Starsonboard,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pune 24-08.2013

Race 1: Shortlisted 3 are Head Of State, who is running in the lowest class for the first time, is very well bred and never been extended so far but is a small animal weighs about 400 kgs and is carrying 60 kgs which is 15 % of his body weight.Star Builder, who has some current form but not won a race for 2.5 years good jockey and handicap.Hot As Ice, interesting horse has always shown glimpses of form and in this set will be tried and will be finishing the fastest.

Tips: Head Of State,                Upset:  Hot As Ice

Race 2: Interesting race all 4 horses can match strides with each other. The pace is main factor here as 3 of the 4 like to stay up with the pace.The bottom weight Running Sun, has the best staying capacity of the 4 and will be the one to beat should go start to finish.

Tips: Running Sun

Race 3: Colourful Prince, has merit here but has failed too many times and its hard to suggest a bet on him. Horses 1-4-6 have a good chance to beat him if tried. Best to avoid the race.

Tips: Astromia,Song Of Sparrow

Race 4: The manner of victory of Cactus Cash, was very good and should repeat only danger the moody and sparigly raced       Colossus,

Tips: Cactus Cash,

Race 5: Hard to judge as youngsters with unknown potential.SailorPenny Lane,and Morals, are tracking well but hard to say.Swashbuckler, is well bred and has had some good spurts too.

Tips: SailorPenny Lane,

Race 6: Fortune Favours, has beaten Cactus cash and had a easy run well prepared here and should win if all goes well. Sheer Romance, is the one to note here although she has won sprints she is bred for a longer trip her dam Romantic notes has won from 1400 to 2400 including including the calcutta derby and today will run a good race make note if there is a upset today here is one.

Tips:  Fortune FavoursUpset: Sheer Romance,(note)

Race 7: Ace Connection,Gallant Lad, and Quest For Love, are all tracking very well the first named is well bred and should be the one to beat the last named is the danger should place and can upset.

Tips : Ace Connection, Upset:  Quest For Love, (Note)

Race 8: Victoria Falls,Doc Holliday, and Dyna,  are best on track in this race of first timers, The second named can upset note.

Tips: Victoria Falls,             Upset:    Doc Holliday

Race 9: A wide open race with many horses in with a fair chance if tried.1-3-5-6-7-9 should dominate the finish in no particular order it will depend on who has the intent.Yardstick,Arabian Lord, and Wild Imagination, are my short listed 3.

Tips: Yardstick,                        Upset: Arabian Lord

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pune 18-8-2013

Race 1: Bad race from a punting point of view. On paper Bonobo, and Romantic Beauty, should fight it out the first named is better. Lagad has 2 horses here and either can upset the bottom weighted Double Or Quits, has good handicap but negative shoes so hard to say.

Tips: Bonobo

Race 2: A very open race and Falco Nero, who won a 3yo only handicap race is now in a open handicap and that can be a big ask the extra 200 meters wont help either.Supreme Minstrel, was once touted as a classic material horse has had 2 easy runs, been tracking well since and keeping in mind this is the Ruben Star plate a horse owned by Ramu a bet on him will go a long way.
Nush, is the danger at this handicap. but all eyes on Supreme Minstrel, today.

Tips: Supreme Minstrel

Race 3: A wide open race Commander, loves this track and should be the one to beat if he is sound. Astapi, is giving weight all around but has the class is running a handicap race for the first time in more then a year should be right there. Hurricane Wind, is running the right distance and has a good handicap can upset.

Tips: Astapi

Race 4: Remember MeLa Traviataand Vaile Rouge, are my top 3 in this very open race. Intent and jockey skills matter the last named can upset is tried.

Tips : La TraviataRemember Me,                Upset: Vaile Rouge

Race 5: going by the mock race Jeremiah, is a classic and this is his prep run for the derby.

Race 6: Ace Angelfire, and Ainra, stand out due to sheer lack of interested runners inside draw and jockey gives the second named a good chance.Nevada, is the joker in the pack here should be tried for atleast place can win too keep an eye.

Tips: Ainra,                      Upset: Nevada,

Race 7: PresenceFontanelleForest Visionand Providence, all have a fair chance. The last named is best on track, the first named is running for the first time after being gelded, the third named needs more distance but is running amongst her peer and the second named looks prepared with this race in mind. Tough call but Providence, represent value as a each way bet.

Tips: Providence,Fontanelle

Race 8: Wide open race Horses 3-6-9-11 are my short listed 4 how ever intent is the key here. 

Tips : Double DiamondDancing Splendour,                 Upset: Gibran

Race 9: Starring, has the credentials but the wide draw wont help as she warms up late and race will be over by then best to avoid.Desert Wings, beat a smart lot unfancied belongs to gamble trainer best to decide at race time. This keeps the race wide open and its best to avoid or look for a value eachway bet. Alvira,Run Like The Wind, and Highway Express, represent value the first named can upset at good odds.

Tips: Run Like The Wind, Highway Express             Upset: Alvira,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pune 15.08.2013 Happy Independence Day

Race 1: Adams Prince, is the only horse with any form here but in VB form is not relevant.Eye Of The Storm, has not won for 2.5 years, Light My Way, 3 years, Viva Zapata, 1.5. you do the numbers best to leave the race.

Race 2: The terms of the race favor suit Ultrasonic, who will be the one to beat.

Tips :Ultrasonic,

Race 3: Open race Rodeo, would be my pick but any horse can win here including Strategic Change, who was one hailed as a classic hope.

Tips: Rodeo

Race 4: Zoraavar, has the credentials but is nothing special, the wide draw wont help as there are some speedy animals on the inside best to avoid or halve your bets if you prefer backing favorites. horses 1-2-5-7 all have a fair chance Gates Of Heaven, loves this track is drawn 1 belongs to gamble owner decide at race time if the horse is backed.Invincible, and She's Sweet,  are both speedy animals and can be hard to catch if all goes well. The first named is better.Act Of War, will be well suited by the fast pace of the race but is always camera shy so hard to say.

Tips: InvincibleGates Of Heaven,Upset: She's Sweet, (note)

Race 5: Ghazal King, was tracking well before he had a easy run first up should be tried in this set and win here.

Tips: Ghazal King,

Race 6: A very open race my top two are Su O Moto,Oxbridge,and Antonius Maximus,

Tips: Antonius Maximus,Oxbridge,

Race 7: BrindabanNegredo,

Race 8:Theology, In The Limelight

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pune 11-08-2013

It is very difficult to pick form of horses if they have not run as most are very heavy and intent is impossible to judge. Best is to decide race time after paddock look.

Race 1:Best to avoid  Perfect Strength, has a chance if money comes her way.An upset is not ruled out due to the quality of the field.

Race 2: If fit Supreme Star, should have no excuses here.

Race 3: Insignia,and Phelps, look the top contenders here but being a 9flg race for youngsters its hard to say as any of the horses can improve.

Tips:  Insignia,

Race 4: Wide open race Titleist,Be Cool, and Plan B, are my top 3 however it will pay to avoid the race.

Tips: Be Cool,Titleist,                      Upset: Plan B,

Race 5: Zakynthos, and Moon Shadow, should fight it out here both look well prepared the first named is a better animal but has fitness issues.

Tips: Zakynthos, Moon Shadow,

Race 6: Interesting race Dancing Prances, is a very good animal but a very big horse 500 plus kgs, Big horses struggle on this course hence avoidable.Indian Touch, and Hawker, were impressive winners here and should improve from last run. In my opinion the first named is better of the two. Mariinsky, has good fitness but not sure if all is well with her, Dynamo, looks well prepared but may need this run,Shygirl, can be the surprise package and can upset as she is tracking very well.

Tips: Indian Touch,             Upset: Shygirl,

Race 7: A very open race and all 8 Horses can win here. Set To Fly, is the best of the top 3 fancied runners. I strongly feel there will be a upset here. Neath,Catharsis, and Lake Paradise, will dominate the finish. The first named loves this track distance is sharp but being first run she is fresh and should run a brave race. the second named ran a good race first up and was unlucky as was checked will be right there today. Lastly Lake Paradise, has everything going for her today likes the track, No Whip jockey, had a easy run first up and today carrying 47.5 kgs if she doesn't win today then there is something wrong.

Tips: Lake Paradise,         Upset: Neath,

Race 8: Champakali, has had a huge drop in class today a positive change and right intent should see her win. Antia and Lagad have many runners here To The Moon, is the one to watch if the intent is right.

Tips: Champakali,                Upset :To The Moon

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pune 10.08.2013

Race 1: VB race with a few chances here horses 1-2-5-6-8-9-12-13 all have a fair chance if tried however Sydney, has had a huge drop in class here from terms to VB and expect a lot of improvement from him if the intent is right he will win.Showers Of Heaven, can upset.

Tips: Sydney,Showers Of Heaven

Race 2: HamletRoswaldand One Wish, all 3 will fight for honors. The Sparingly raced  Hamlet, has a slight edge.

Tips:  Hamlet,

Race 3: Panthera, manner of victory was very impressive first up and should be the one to beat. Emperor Of France, flopped last time and cant have any confidence today as he may not be liking this course as many horses don't best to observe or halve your bets.So True, has not been running on merit so far but this is a prestigious race for the connections and will be tried here.

Tips: Panthera,              Upset: So True

Race 4: Cosmic Dancer, and Amaya, are both tracking well enough to be the obvious choice in this weak set. the first named is better performed and the latter is tracking better so hard to pick. I am going for a better jockey. Make note of Seekingmagic, as the horse is bred for speed and the connections are notorious for producing Gambles first up no track means nothing as it could be hidden. Decide at race time or see market trend as this is a Trophy race a gamble is likely.

Tips: Cosmic Dancer,                       Upset: Seekingmagic, (note)

Race 5:This is a wide open race and any horse can win here. The class of Dancing Phoenix, will be tested in this set, 3yo over 6flg with genuine sprinters is a big ask. His last win was impressive but the horse was slowing down in the last flg 12.25 seconds compared to 11.58 in the flg before that.with extra 200 mtrs today and some very fast horses like Turf LightningSilver Birchand Saints N Sinners, he will be tested. Horses that come of the pace will be well suited here and it gives Ishpingo,AnahiSilk Cut, and Scarlet Pimpernel, a very good chance considering the form and jockey Anahi, and Scarlet Pimpernel, will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Anahi, Scarlet Pimpernel,

Race 6: The terms of the race suit Maple StarManyatta,and Master Shifu, considering the preparation the first and last named will dominate the finish.

Tips:Master Shifu,                           Upset:  Maple Star,   

Race 7: If track work reflects form then Foinaven, should win here.

Tips: Foinaven

Race 8:Amistad Lavender Brown, and Casino Jack, are my shortlisted 3 in this open race the first named looks well prepared but is a average horse, the last named is on a very good handicap but not sure if the connections will try here the second named is blazing the track and should be considered as a good each way bet here.

Tips:  (note) Lavender Brown,Amistad and Casino Jack,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pune 4th August 2013

Race 1: Midnight WindStylish Strokes and Rising Angel, should fight for honors here the first named has a edge due to age and a forward run. Being a gamble race its best to avoid.

Tips: Midnight Wind,                 Upset: Rising Angel,

Race 2: CeasarinaEveready, and Yardstick, should fight it out in yet another gamble race the first named is tracking well and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Ceasarina,

Race 3: A 9 flg race for youngsters anything can happen. Every single horse is bred to stay and some will improve more then others so its hard to say. Only One, and Splendid Light, should improve a lot from their last run.

Tips: Only One,

Race 4: Act Of War, and Dark Knight, are both tracking very well and should fight for honors.

Tips: Dark Knight,

Race 5: Open race horses 2-3-8-10 all have a fair chance here and should fight for honors.

Tips: One Kept Secret,Fontanelle                     Upset: Zaagros

Race 6: Trisara,Four Star General, and Administrate, are my top 3 here the first named is very speedy and should be the one to beat. make note of the last named who is tracking very well and can upset.

Tips: Trisara,Four Star General,                Upset: Administrate

Race 7: The terms of the race favor Rajasthan Royals, and Yuville, and the result should be dominated by the two. The second named is on a good handicap.

Tips: YuvilleRajasthan Royals,

Race 8: Mars, has a very good chance to win here but make note of You're The Boss, who has a lot of stamina in his breeding now is conceding 9kgs from the former over 9 flg which is a lot to give over distance and for 3yos. Take a eachway chance here.

Tips : (note)You're The BossMars

Race 9: Sun Salutation, and Appalachia, are both sitting  on a good handicap. the first named is overdue for a win.

Race 10: Samay Balwan, has a good chance to win here as is long over due for a win.Light My Way, and Adams Prince, are the danger.

Tips ;Samay BalwanLight My Way, Upset Adams Prince

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pune 3-08-2013

Race 1: Bad race Cornelian, finished an easy 5th behind Run Like The Wind, and should improve a lot and will finish ahead of the latter provided the intent is there as both horses are inter connected. Ace Of Diamond, is tracking well but the trainer is generally happy to let his horses have a easy run. Always There, has run in terms races before and now in VB fro a first time is tracking well too considering the company he has a very good chance to upset provided the intent is right.

Tips: Cornelian, Upset: Always There,

Race 2: Mykonos, and Strategy, should fight for honors here will be touch and go keep in mind the first named doesn't like the whip and if pressure is applied she will lose.

Race 3: Capital Attraction, has the best resume in the set should be the one to beat. Halle, is the danger

Race 4: Open race but keep in mind Three Roses, has one one win, in Pune, in august and with D Singh over the same distance and his rating at that time was (29)going by History and recent track he will be the one to beat.

Race 5: Jet Stream, has a good chance in this open race is well prepared and should be in the money.Pezzonovante,  is the danger make note for an upset.

Race 6: If trackwork reflects form then Edith Piaf, should win Sheer Romance, is the danger.

Race 7: In my opinion Insignia, is the best horse in the set i know Pesi has Zervan on Caruso but my opinion wont change, Modus Vivendi, is second best.

Race 8: Emerald Fortune, has a very good chance to win in this open race. Crowned Princess, and New Wings,  will be right there.

Race 9: Menage A Trois, has a good chance to win here from Wind Chime, and Star Legacy, the latter has a very good chance if tried.

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