Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pune 28.9.2014

Race 1: Zaan,Wind And Rain,

Race 2: Deep DiverIn The Limelight,

Race 3: Hallelujah,Star Lightning,

Race 4: Feast Of Love,Magic Vision

Race 5: Wind CraftAntartica Zone,

Race 6: Amazing Grace

Race 7: Mystical SunriseQuantum,

Race 8: Palace Girl,Locarno

Race 9: Ocean Dream,Fajr

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pune 27.9.2014

Race 1: Grand March,St Barts,

Race 2: Sheer Class,

Race 3: Windsor Queen,Mumbai King

Race 4: Remarkables,Sheer Elation,            Upset: Nebulous,(note for an upset)

Race 5: Supreme Minstrel

Race 6 : DiscourseRoublesha

Race 7: Deja VuSupreme Star,

Race 8: BurnZurich,     Upset: Great Expectation,

Race 9: Iridescence,      Upset: Samurai,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pune 21-9-2014

Race 1: Starry Moment,

Race 2: Honest Pleasure, Upset: Negotiator,

Race 3: Mykonos,Moon Shadow,

Race 4: Dixie DelightOxbridge

Race 5: Ghalib,Alderley Edge

Race 6: Flashing Chieftain,             Upset: Jack Frost,

Race 7: Edith PiafRomeo

Race 8:Pitbull, Ice Skates

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pune 20-9-2014

Race 1: Divine WishCha Cha Cha,       Upset: Pappillon,

Race 2: Dhishkyaon,To The Moon,

Race 3: Caesars StarOkavango

Race 4: Hallelujah,Elaheh,

Race 5: Strawberry Crush,

Race 6: Logano,Con Man

Race 7: PolydencesClassic Moment,

Race 8: Delightful LadyAl Shamsheer,

Race 9: Advance To Contact,Establish Predator

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pune 14-9-2014

Race 1: Alectar, has done nothing so far is favorite once again, distance and jockey is right but not worth a bet as a favorite. Star BuilderLight Of Arabia, and Zaan, are horses that can win here. The last named will improve a lot due to the step up in distance, the first named was unlucky last time if running with the same intent can win and the second named has had 2 forward runs and looks like a gamble on him is likely and will be the one to beat unless once again his stablemate beats him.

Tips: Light Of ArabiaStar Builder,

Race 2: Greek God, should win in this set.

Race 3: This a race for mediocre 3yo so best to avoid. Zambian, and Lex Luthor, should be the ones to beat.

Tips: Lex Luthor,Zambian,

Race 4: Angeling, and Cartel, were both impressive last start winners  and should fight out here. Feast Of Love, is the joker in the pack.

Tips: Angeling, Upset Cartel,

Race 5: La Femme Fleur, is a nice type but takes a long time to warm up, she won well in mumbai twice but was very sluggish this track is not for horses like her specially in her first run it will pay to avoid her or halve your bet.Haunting Moments, and Hawker, have both come to hand the latter has a slight advantage over the first named due to handicap.Quest For Love, is the one horse in this set if tried will win.

Tips: Quest For Love,Hawker,

Race 6: A wide open race.

Tips;  Saporelli,Satellite,         Upset: Replica,

Race 7: Blue Flame, Upset: Walk Of Fame,

Race 8: Angel In The SkyMt Tianmen,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pune 13-9-14

Race 1: Open race but Leothefiercehorse, is running amongst his peers for the first time should be the one to beat. Make note of Star Benevolent, and Without Fear, who will run close specially the last named.

Tips :Leothefiercehorse,                 Upset: Without Fear, (note)

Race 2: Bad race.

Tips: Dream Yuga,Answer My Prayer's

Race 3: Many first timers so hard to say. Earl Grey, has no recorded track work means he has been prepared at the stud farm is well bred can win if fit.Quantum, has been tracking well too can upset here.

Race 4: Rocking,Umarkot

Race 5: Tiger TopsNegotiator

Race 6: Artiste,

Race 7: Captain Abdon,Aleta

Race 8: AstapiRodeo,

Race 9: Stormy Princess,Beyond Horizons,

Race 10: Sunshine HeartPassion Prince,

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pune 7-9-14

Race 1: El Camino, looked very good in the mock race and looks a nice type that is coming to hand. But Brazil, and Rashun, are also in with a fair chance in particular the first named who was given two very easy runs today with Sandesh intent is clear and if the jockey on the favorite is thing of another Storming Home finish he will be beaten.

Tips: El Camino, Brazil

Race 2: Athens, was a impressive winner last time and is the one to beat.

Tip: Athens

Race 3: Interesting race, This race is a per cursor for future classics and all runners here are destined for a bright future. Illidan, is a favorite because of his finishing effort last time and a failed coup, The horse has been stripped fitter after that run and is probably destined to target classic in other centers but keep in mind in the last race the last 400 was run in about 25.3 which indicate the front running horses were slowing down so not worth basing your bet on that finish and it will pay to look at the rest of the field. Shivalik Showers, has been prepared well and has run in good company in mumbai will be one of the main contenders,  Majesterian, is an interesting horse, it will pay to review her last run and see the ease at which the horse was finishing on now well prepared and with the step up in distance will be one they all have to worry about. Zazou, is another interesting prospect here did not have any luck last time was seen finishing on and was easy all the way now stripped fitter and at a handicap advantage against the favorite she has a fair chance. Savage Beauty, is an interesting prospect here has had two mock races and looks like she has been prepared with this race in mind although this is a very good set of horses she will ru an very good race only problem is she does not like the whip.

Tips: Majesterian,Zazou,              Upset: Savage Beauty,

Race 4: This is another interesting and with a small field and all 4 runners like to dictate the pace it will come down to a very good finish and make no mistake any of the 4 horses can win. Caesars Star, is at a slight advantage here as the fast pace will suit him and he is the only horse that has run in graded race and the rest are on the upward spiral. Best to avoid the race or take a chance on Caesars Star.

Tips: Caesars Star,

Race 5:Difficult race, The terms of the race favor Clinton, who also loves this track short of a run but with a mock race looks well prepared, Form favors Heatwave, who with Sandesh can prove to be a thorn, Acclaimed, is running with the big boys today and he will be tested, The big boys are Commander,Supreme Star, and Clinton, and if you look at last pune seasons form the last named stands tall. The fist named will run a very good race today. Best to avoid this race or take a chance on the following two.

Tips: Clinton,                   Upset: Commander,

Race 6: Antartica ZoneSombreroDancing Splendour, and  National Gold, are my top 4 horses here the first two named have the form and should fight for honors the last two named have a very good chance of upsetting in particular the last named who is at a very good handicap and is 3yo running a handicap race for the first time can upset.

Tips:   Sombrero,  Antartica Zone    Upset: National Gold

Race 7: Reality, and Two Oceans, should fight it out Minister, is the danger and can upset.

Tips: Reality, Two Oceans, Upset: Minister,

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pune 6-9-14

Race 1: VB race for donkeys over 10 furlong anything can happen, Morals, probably has the best form of the lot going by last run but you cant ignore Zafirah, at this handicap and the last run is best ignored. Missfield, is in the same boat last run best ignored today with blinkers worth taking a chance.

Tips: Missfield Zafirah,

Race 2: If serious Senor D,  should win.

Race 3: Celsius,Brynhill,

Race 4: Home Advantage,      Upset: Running Sun, (note)

Race 5: Nature BoyCapilano,      Upset: Double O Seven,

Race 6: Storming Home,Fribourg,

Race 7: Something Special,Joleene,

Race 8: Zanthos,Burn,

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