Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bangalore 29 May 2011

 Not the best card for followers of form as fate of most races will be decided in the betting ring in the last 5 mts best to wait and watch.

Race 1: Avoidable Shining Fame, can place

Race 2: Ace Blood,          Upset: Blue Star,( First run after gelding)

Race 3: Open race Rhythmic Dancer, and Crown Crystal, can upset

Race 4: Gamble race on horses 1-2-5-6-9-11 best to leave alone i like the chances of Beautiful Dancer,but the wide draw is the problem.

Race 5: Open race an upset cant be ruled out by one of the claiming jockeys
Tips: Hamsafar, Cherelle,     Upset: Sunset Grill,

Race 6: Spearhead,Becket,

Race 7: Once again a open gamble race with many chances
Tips: Price To Fame,Rubellite,    Upset: Appolonaire,

Race 8: have given up on Tender Romance, however pesi has not so may carry some merit but as most of Pesis horses do his fate will be decided in the betting ring.

Tips:Gluteus Maximus, Love Conquers All, Upset: Anna,

Race 9: Bon Giorno,Indian Royalty,(gamble Horse)        Upset: Golden Dixie,Note for place

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bangalore 28th May 2011

Race 1:Abbys Baby,    Upset: The Last Fling,note 

Race 2:  Mad About You, Place chance: Ann Arbor

Race 3: Wide open race with all 3yos are potential semi classics Sunny Express, will be the one to beat and Castle Town, is the likely upset should easily finish on board

Race 4: It will be a close call between Tanzanite, and Shotgunn, i prefer the second named

Race 5: One Life To Love,            upset: Con Artiste,

Race 6: Araceli,     Place: Southern Gladiator, Note can upset too

Race 7: Very Open race but Burning Ambitions, and  Spark Of Diablo,are the one's to beat the first named is worth a ew punt and second named should note be ignored for minor combinations.

Race 8:   Hockenheim,  Upset: Simply Best,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help with Bangalore Rain

Hi Guys Please locals from bangalore tell me what the rains have been like before the race day and if there is a chance of rain on race day it would be great as I can judge the card accordingly.

Thanking in advance

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bangalore 22 May

Open card today

Race 1: Habanero, Place: Neel Gagan,
Race 2: Bad race best ignored Carrus, can place
Race 3: Bad race Fire Star, is the one to beat
Race 4: The Dawn, One Cool Cat,
Race 5: Super Duper, Speed Six, Upset: Esmeraldo,
Race 6: Black Magic Woman,Indian Bolt, Upset: Romance In The Air,
Race 7: Bad race Ibelieveinmiracles, can upset
Race 8: Open race Magnitude, Vijaykeerti, are the ones to beat

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Knock Knock

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