Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mumbai 23-03-14

Race 1: Double Or Quits, looks to have the best prep work and current form of the lot however old timers Adams Prince, and Walk Of Life, will be the ones that will create a flutter her the first named is the one to watch.

Tips: Adams Prince,Double Or Quits,            Upset: Walk Of Life,

Race 2: 1000 meter dash so it will all be about timing, Intesar, and Emerging Star, should be the ones to beat.

Tips: Intesar, Upset: Emerging Star

Race 3: bad race best to avoid 

Tips ;  Good Memory,Highway Express,     Upset: Rajasthan Glory, (note)

Race 4: WinstonSupreme Star, and Gentle Knowledge, should fight it out.

Tips: Winston,    Upset:  Gentle Knowledge,

Race 5: Bad race:

Tips: Angel In The SkyNicanor

Race 6:Hay DayStiletto,      Upset:  Fire Engine,

Race 7: RecklessRewarding Desire Upset: Advance To Contact,

Race 8: Brave FighterZambezi,       Upset: Ticker Tape Parade

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mumbai 13.03.2014

Race 1: A small field will force a very slow pace and jockey skills will matter Mufasa, and Snowing, will be forced to increase the pace and it will be an interesting finish. Holy Bull, is the fresh horse in the set and will be on their tail and can upset.

Tips: Holy Bull

Race 2:The last run of  Roswald, is best ignored as he was never interested in the race but today the at this handicap and jockey he will run a much improved race.

Tips: Roswald,

Race 3: On paper looks like a straight fight between Aeacus,Zanthos, and Infallible, however keep an eye on Vixen, in this race she will relish the step up in distance and the connections like a gamble so watch the market on her if she is tried she will win.
Ice Cool, is the joker in the pack should run a positive race here and can upset.

Tips: Vixen,                      Upset: Ice Cool,

Race 4: Open race but Mountain Treasure,Storm Lightning, are the ones to watch out for both horses are ready to strike and will be tried here.

Tips: Storm Lightning,         Upset: Mountain Treasure,

Race 5: Not a lot of youngsters can win a mile from start to finish with plenty in reserve which gives Royal Passion, as very good chance to win here. Miss Miracle, and Tiger Tops, are tracking very well and will right there.

Tips: Royal Passion,Tiger Tops,            Upset: Miss Miracle

Race 6: A wide open race but Rewarding Desire,Providence, and the bottom weighted Aravali, look very well prepared to win here the first and last named will not leave the board.

Tips: Rewarding Desire, Upset:  Aravali,

Race 7: Last ChanceQuasar, and Vision Of Romance, should fight it out the second named has a fair chance.

Tips: Quasar, Upset: Last Chance

Race 8: First Timers so hard to say but make note of Spear Of Trium, in this company don't worry about the jockey the horse will be right there.

Tips: Spear Of TriumBlend Of Elegance

Days Best: Rewarding Desire, 
Bolt from the blue: Spear Of Trium,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mumbai 9-3-14

Race 1: Few horses will be tried here but looking at the prep work Josephine, looks ready for a gamble and should be the horse to beat. National Pride,  is a dark horse with a positive jockey change.

Tips: Josephine,                    Upset: National Pride

Race 2:  Monza, and Victorious March, should fight it out, It will be an interesting finish and if the first named behaves herself she will win.

Tips: Monza,

Race 3: Interesting race with many chances however there will be a gamble on Amara, in this set and if I am right he will win. Fortune Hunter, is the danger.

Tips: AmaraFortune Hunter

Race 4: A wide open race and the entire field is in with a very good chance, Horses 2-6-7-9 have a slight better chance then the others in particular Myla Rose, and Bombardier, who look to be prepared with this race in mind the second named is tracking very well and although he is running after a long lay off he should be in the fray.Set To Fly, is the joker in the pack and will win when the connections want him to.

Tips: BombardierMyla Rose,                  Upset: Set To Fly,

Race 5: Youngsters so hard to say, Heart Of The City, and Artiste, have form and have run goo races but Jewel, and Royal Sapphire, should run improved races too and can upset.

Tips: JewelHeart Of The City,        Upset: Royal Sapphire,

Race 6: A wide open race but don't ignore Fleetwood Mac, today as he will be the one to beat.Allegiance, and Pappillon,  are well placed on handicap and can upset if the first named fails for any reason.

Tips:(note) Fleetwood Mac Pappillon,  Upset: Allegiance,

Race 7:Although it is a wide open race my top two areTo The Manor Born, and Falcon, tossup the second named is ready to strike.

Tips: Falcon,To The Manor Born

Race 8: Youngster so an improvement is expected on horses with a run Zazou, and Strawberry Crush, should show improvement after their last run the first named is the one to note. The General, has been tracking very well and he can upset here.

Tips: Zazou,      Upset: The General,

Race 9: (note) Princess Love,Beau Royale,

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Race 5: Charlatan,Equine Lover
Race 6: Rosie SunshinePlenipotent
Race 7: TintinnabulationCircle Of Bliss,

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