Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pune 27.10.2013

Race 1: Word Of Honour, will run a far improved race today and will be the one to beat, Bonobo, will is the danger.

Tips: Word Of Honour

Race 2: A wide open race but Bourbon Street, and National Pride, are ready to strike and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Bourbon Street, Upset:  National Pride,

Race 3: Casino Jack,Asahi, and Negotiator, in very good form and will fight for honors, the first named is on a nice handicap and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Casino Jack,Asahi,

Race 4: Another wide open race which can go any way best to avoid. National Glory, can create a flutter.

Tips:Deja Vu  Upset: National Glory

Race 5: Highlander, and Reynolds, toss up the first named is better.

Tips: Highlander,

Race 6: Arch Duchess, is probably the best performed animal in the set but as noted in race 83 of bangalore she doesn't accelerate under pressure which is not a good sign. Her current trackwork suggest she has improved but being a sprint and many fast horses I am not too sure if this distance will suit her. She should win but wont be surprised if she flops. Blazing Torronaado, seems to be a very fast animal and will be right there.

Tips:Arch Duchess, Upset: Blazing Torronaado,

Race 7: 2yos first timers so hard to say. Heart Of The City,Solomon, and Striking Story, who should have won on debut.

Tips: Heart Of The City,Solomon

Race 8: Colourful Prince, is fresh and ready to strike here. However the race is wide open and anyone can win but he will run a good race today. Shabdeez, is older but likes this track can upset if ridden on merit.

Tips: Colourful Prince,                        Upset: Shabdeez

Race 9: 22 horses best to avoid. My money will be on Dhishkyaon, and Double Diamond, here as I am fairly confident that they will be tried.

Tips: Dhishkyaon, Upset Double Diamond,

Race 10: Some very talented milers running here and it will be a interesting finish. On class New World, is way ahead of this set and if he is sound he will win.Belmont, and Stiletto, are both sitting on a decent handicap and well prepared and will be in the fray if the first named is not tried.

Tips: New WorldStiletto,               Upset : Belmont

Days best: New World
Bolt from the blue: Dhishkyaon

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pune 26-10-2013

Race 1: Short listed 3 here are horses 4-5-8 based on track work and performance.Aqua Aria, last run can be ignored as she missed the jump but is tracking very well and has a very good chance to win. If she fails Umarkot, or Paris, will keep her honest, keep in mind the last named is nothing special and the odds on her are wrong.

Tips: Aqua Aria,

Race 2: Muntasir, looks very well prepared to win here and the fact is that this Trainer/Jockey combination has a very high strike rate makes Muntasir, as good betting proposition today.Oriental Rocky, and Wind Chime, will keep him honest.

Tips: Muntasir  Upset: Wind Chime,

Race 3 : Difficult race but Other Song, has run in far superior company and today in class VB is a huge drop should win on that grounds.Universal Joy, can create a flutter as is tracking very well can upset.

Tips: Other Song,                Upset: Universal Joy,

Race 4: A wide open race Shishya,Zoltan, and Argyle Pink, are  my shortlisted 3. The last named will relish the step up in distance and considering the fact that the company is weak she has a fair chance.

Tips: Argyle PinkShishya,               

Race 5: An open race with many horses in with a fair chance based on last run Silver Streak, and Senora Bella, should dominate but are not outstanding. Horses that can upset them are Sumo, and Charlotte Ray, both will improve a lot after their last run and considering the fancied runners are bot up in class an upset from either horses cant be ruled out. 

Tips : SumoSilver Streak,                   Upset: Charlotte Ray,

Race 6: 22 runners with 17 non trier jockeys what a joke of a race. value bets Small TreasureDiamondzip,and Captain Smart, represent value 

Tips: Small TreasureDiamondzip,                      UpsetCaptain Smart

Race 7: Mauna Kea, has nott tracked since last win best to avoid the horse is nothing special.Insignia, should redeem herself today if all goes well.Gates Of Heaven, and Ucheshrawa, should run good races too can upset.

Tips: Insignia,                Upset: Gates Of Heaven

Race 8 ; A interesting race Keukenhof, has performed in good company and will be the one to beat. Make a note of Indian Touch, who is now well rested after 4 runs in 9 weeks in good races. the rest will get the best out of him and he can upset.

Tips: Keukenhof,                     Upset: Indian Touch,

Race 9: Ocean And Beyond, has a better chance to beat An Acquired Taste, today.Master Shifu, is the one to note is well rested now and she is on a good handicap to create a flutter will run a very good race today note her.

Tips: Master Shifu,Ocean And Beyond

Race 10: An open race similar conditions as Race 6: best to avoid or look for a value bet. Mountain Prince, and Strategy, represent value and can upset. Cosmic Dancer, is the better of the fancied runners.

Tips: StrategyMountain PrinceCosmic Dancer

Days Best: Muntasir,
Double: Muntasir,Other Song,  
Kaichi: Muntasir,Other SongInsignia

Eachway or place bets: Aqua Aria,Argyle Pink,Small Treasure,Sumo,Indian Touch,Master Shifu,Mountain Prince,

Bolt from the blue: Universal Joy,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mysore Derby

Mysore Derby: Its very difficult to see beyond Charlatan,Turf Striker, and The horse I believe can win more than he does Ace Bucephalus

Tips: Ace Bucephalus

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pune 19-10-2013

Race 1: ZoeSong Of Africa,            Upset: Victorious Cause

Race 2: Dreams Of YouJust By Chance,

Race 3: LoreleiAwesome Smile,

Race 4: Pumba,

Race 5: Flying Eagle,              Upset: First Glance,

Race 6: Zeda,       Upset: Lhotse,

Race 7: Allstar,         Upset: Giant Luck,

Race 8: Heatwave, Upset: Queen,

Race 9: Rock The TurfLucky Red,

Race 10: Okavango

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pune 13.10.2013

Race 1: A open race and can go any way, Jockey skills will matter here. 

Tips: Catharsis,                Upset: Dictator

Race 2 : Autumn RushCapri, and Habibian, should fight it out here the last named if sound will be hard to beat.

Tips: HabibianAutumn Rush,

Race 3: First And Only One, looks a nice type and is well prepared should win on debut. Make note of Mohegun Sun, who has been hiding true form for a while and should run a good race in this set he can upset or at worst place.

Tips: First And Only One,     Upset: Mohegun Sun,

Race 4: The terms of this race favor Ultrasonic, who should fight it out with Analeah,

Tips: Ultrasonic

Race 5: Savage GardenSword Of Honour, and Holy Bull, should fight for honors here. The second named is the one to beat.

Tips: Sword Of Honour,

Race 6: The terms, current form and jockey favor Star Trainer, in this set but I would give Yuville, another chance .

Tips: Yuville,Star Trainer

1) Bombardier, : A horse with a big heart always proved he has it in company. Today with the best jockey in the country an extra yard is expected will run a very good race and will keep everyone honest.
2) Cactus Cash,: lacks that class but will stay the trip very well needs to make his own pace to run everyone off their feet which is unlikely.
3) Celtic King,: Pacemaker, Not here.
4) Falcon, : Won well first up needs that extra galloping room and since the field is big will need a lot of luck to get that hence cant see him win but will run a good race.
5) Hawker, : Will stay all day, the introduction of pacemaker here will let him settle well he will be the first one in the straight and they will all have to catch him as he does have that extra. Is one of the horses that cant be taken lightly as he can kick on can upset.
6) Jeremiah, : Does not need an introduction, A nice animal with a bright future. I am not a big fan of horses running two classic in a span of 11 days and travelling too. He does have enough class to win but I am not convinced that it will be as easy as the odds suggest as there are many well prepared and well rested decent horses in this set.
7) Kallu Mama,: A very strange entry according to me, the horse has missed the derby in hydrebad and com here at the last moment doesn't make sense as to why do something like that. He does seem to have the class but no run and last spurt in hyd on the 8th suggest he has only arrived here a few days ago, he obviously has not traveled well or they would have given him a canter on this track. Will win only if he is some kind of a freak which is unlikely.
8) Majestic Reward, : A nice animal with a realistic chance, has done anything wrong and won when asked. I have noted that he had Respiratory Infection 02/10/2013, Laryngeal Abnormality 02/10/2013  which is not easy to shake off and it normally takes a few weeks for the horse to recover on that grounds It is unlikely he will perform today.
9) The Ministerian,: Like bombadiar he is improving with every run and surprising everyone he is now well rested and well prepared the fast pace and the wide draw will suit him and he will be grinding them down to the finish and can upset.
10) War Horse,: Not here or there will be a riot.
11) Circle Of Life,: The filly in the race first up and showed a lot of improvement, The connections have taken their time on her and opted to prepare her for the derby. I was of the opinion that her stablemate is better till I saw her mock race on the 22nd of Sept she ran 1800 meters in 1.51.50 on the monsoon track. Track record Monsoon Track- Yana ( 55 Kg. ) Time: 1:51.59 (05/10/2008). if the timing is correct and all is well with her I dont think she will lose.
12) Trance, : Another filly in the race who will run a very good race, The connections have opted for YS srinath to ride her carrying over wieght which clearly indicates the confidence in the connection. By a strange coincidence her dam Goblin won the pune derby in 2007 with Appu at long odds. She had a easy run first up after a spell the jockey knows how to win classics and will help the filly put her best foot forward.

On paper looks a very open race but if all goes well it will be a fillies derby.

Tips:  Circle Of Life,Trance,                   Upset: The Ministerian,

Race 8: Both Presidential, and Sheer Class, are very classy animals and it will be an interesting finish with the first named having slight edge because of a run the second named is coming back after some surgery and today race will be a good lung opener for her classic campaign in mumbai classics.

Tips: Presidential, Sheer Class,

Race 9: National Pride, and Grand March,  should fight it out in this wide open race.

Tips: National Pride, Upset Grand March

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pune 12 Oct 2013

Being the derby weekend almost every owner big and small will be attending and almost every horse will be tried, Today is a day to follow form and not money as it will be a mixed day of races.

Race 1:Swift Memories,

Race 2: VB gamble race many horses will be tried here so its best to halve your bets here. Ancient OdyessyVaile RougeTo The Moon, and Thunder Star, are all tracking well and all should be tried here.

Tips: To The Moon,Ancient Odyessy,       Upset: Thunder Star

Race 3: Will be a fast run race and will be a tricky one too many horses will be tried again and anyone can win. In reality all 9 runners if tried have a fair chance and its best to look for a value each way bet. Talk Of The Town,  and Plan B, both represent value and both will be tried and should be in the fray.

Tips: Talk Of The Town,  Upset Plan B,

Race 4: Manyatta, and Set To Fly, should fight for honors here. The first named is very well prepared and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Manyatta, Upset:  Set To Fly

Race 5: A wide open race Mumbai KingBe CoolDancing Jennyand Brave Fighter, are my short listed 4. The first two are well prepared and will be the ones to beat, The last two will like the fast pace and will be finishing on. Make note of the last named who will win when tried don't worry about the jockey.

Tips: Mumbai KingBe Cool,          Upset: Brave Fighter,

Race 6: SwashbucklerAmara, and One Wish, should dominate the finish here. The first named is a nice horse will a grinding gallop in this company and the short straight will be the only reason he can lose but I still cant go past him. The second named is a definite danger. The last named is best to decide at race time as a gamble horse.

Tips: SwashbucklerAmara,

Race 7: Bad race but there should be a gamble on Classy Dancer, here who has had a huge drop in class and is well prepared. Neon Light, and Prince Arius, will keep him honest.

Tips: Classy Dancer, Neon Light, Upset: Prince Arius,

Race 8: Rajsamman, is better than Four Star General, and should finish in that order. However this does not mean they will finish 1-2. There are some very interesting bred horses here and an upset cant be ruled out as many of them are tracking very well.Beyond HorizonsFireworks, and Wiki Wiki, are the ones to look out for they are bred for speed and since the fancied horses will be fighting for speed the fast pace will suit the first timers and they can be swooped.

Tips: Beyond Horizons,Rajsamman,        Upset: Fireworks,

Race 9: The last race of the day is wide open and there are many chances. It will pay to either leave the race or look for a vale eachway bet.Mega Star,DhishkyaonTraffic Jam, and Aurnia, are the horses you need to pay close attention to. All 4 are running a handicap race for the first time, all 4 have run well in terms races and all 4 are tracking well expect all 4 to perform in this set.Traffic Jam, and Aurnia, should be the ones to beat.

Tips: Aurnia,Traffic Jam, Upset:  Dhishkyaon,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pune 6-10-2013

Race 1: Open race can go anyways.Horses 3-4-6 have not been running true to form for a while and can win if tried lookout for Always There, in particular.

Tips; Always There

Race 2: Relative handicap favors Kaizer, here and he will be the one to beat or anyone can win including Bonobo.

Tips: Kaizer

Race 3: A wide open race and anyone can win my short listed 3 are Ace Of DiamondViva Capri, and Ashwa Yodhaa, can go anyways the second named has a fair chance because of the jockey. Make note of the first named if tried in this set can win as been tracking very well should easily place even if he is not tried.

Tips: Viva CapriAshwa Yodhaa Upset: Ace Of Diamond, (note)

Race 4: Forest Vision, and Negotiator, have run well in superior company and should fight for honors here. The handicap is in favor of the first named.Ricochet, is the one that can upset should place.

Tips:  Forest Vision,Negotiator,            Upset: Ricochet,

Race 5 : Edith Piaf, and Mint Approach, toss up the first named has improved a lot since last run and is tracking very well will win if the jockey does not mess it up.

Tips: Edith Piaf,Mint Approach,

Race 6: A interesting race with many chances here and it is best to look for a value bet or leave the race. From the fancied runners Oriental Rocky, and  Domingo, belong to the same owner and its hard to say which one will be serious best to decide at race time going by trackwork and handicap the second named has a chance. Ace Connection, has had one spurt since last run so hard to say has a chance by default but cant place a bet when there is no evidence of improvement. Glorious Reward, will have to improve a lot to win here can run a good race but is not outstanding. The horses that do represent value are Walk Of Life, who has good current form and tracking very well, Shishya, who looks to have been stripped fitter and prepared for this race in mind and finally Jens Secret, who is on a very nice handicap and will win when tried I am assuming that her connections will try her here and she is my first pick.

Tips; Jens SecretDomingo,                  Upset: Walk Of Life, (note for place)

Race 7: A wide open race best look for value eachway bets here or leave it.Mr Morrison,Stormyday, and Rocking, represent value the last named belongs to Antia so I am not interested but his manner of victory was very good last time. From the fancied runners they all have to beat Burgundy Rose

Tips: Stormyday,Mr Morrison,Burgundy Rose,                ( Note the first two)

Race 8: Open race as the field is big but my shortlisted 3 are Reckless, who is a nice galloper and well prepared,Silsila, and Ancient Warrior, the second named is the one to note is well prepared and can upset.

Tips:  Reckless,Ancient Warrior,              Upset: Silsila, (note)

Race 9: Another wide open race best to look for a value eachway bet or avoid the race. Tropical ZoneBrave Fighter, and Showers Of Heaven, represent good value and should run well here.

Tips:(note) Showers Of HeavenTropical Zone,         Upset: Brave Fighter

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Calcutta 05.10.2013

Race 5: Beyond Stars, has a good chance here.


1) Andreus,: A probable pacemaker here can run a good race if he can stay.

2) Arabian Warrior : A genuine stayers will improve a lot from last run will run a very good race and should finish ahead or close to the ones who beat him last run, he does need more galloping ground and that may be his down fall here.

3) Argiano : Like to stay up with the pace and will stay with a few horses that will make the pace interesting he will benefit from that and the post can come to his rescue can win here.

4) Audrick : Impressive winner and will only improve from that run. His manner of victory was very impressive and if he behaves at the start he will be the one to beat.

5) Captain Courageous : I am not too sure that he is a stayer has a good gallop and turn of foot but will need more than that to win here.

6) Knight Of Ke : A very impressive winner in pune should improve from there however the pune track can be deceptive as some horses that love it and some hate it. He is a good chance here purely based on his last run but unsure if he will show the same performance on this track.

7) Mufasa, One paced animal beat a very average set jockey may make the difference but cant see him beating this set.

Will be a interesting finish but they all have to beat Audrick if he behaves at the start if not its anybodies race.

Tips: Audrick,Arabian Warrior,Knight Of Ke

Race 9: Win Again, has a decent chance to win here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hydrebad Derby day

Race 9: CharlatanJeremiah,             Upset: Arrogant Approach, (note)

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