Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mumbai 30 Dec

Race 1: 3. EARL OF WARWICK if ridden on merits should win again

Race 2: 4. TOOFAN MAIL on whom a coup failed first up should be right there at the finish but the odd are too short for a punt, make note of 2. HYMN STAR who did not relish the introduction of blinker first up has tracked very well in her last spurt and suggest will run a much improved race today and is my pick to beat the favorite.3. POLAR GLOW is the dark horse

Race 3: 5. DREAMING had a good lung opener first up and has been systematicly prepared for this race and should fight it out with 3. WORLD WAR THREE ..........

Race 4: 5. ARABIAN POWER will be the one to beat from 1. KADIMA in thsi very open race

Race 5: 6. SYNERGETIC is my first pick to win from 3. SUCCESSOR and 1. MYSTERIOUS HEIGHTS who will have abold show

Race 6: 1. COUNCILOFTHEGODS is overdue for and win and should win today one of lagads horses can make the finish interesting i.e Salandra or Here comes the Don. Fair Tactics at best can place.

Race 7: I am going for Class in thsi race and it will be claose call between 10. MAGIC TOUCH and 9. SPINOZA ...... For an upset chance 3. FLAREON deserves merit over all this race will see an upset.

Race 8: 8. STUNNING STAR if ridden on merits today will win from 10. OYSTER PRINCESS and the former deserves a good eachway bet dark horse is 1. PONYTA

Race 9: 2. ASCLEPIEION belongs to a genuine stable and is a nice horse who should tackle this set.... the Dark horse is 8. VARUN and is definately worth a small eachway bet today.

Days Best: E Of Warwick
Good Double: E Of Warwick/C Of The Gods
Treble: E Of Warwick/C Of Gods/Dreaming.
Horses worth a eacheay bet: H Star/Dreaming/S Star/Spinoza/Varun
Upset of the Day: AQUILO

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Race1: 5. SUDDEN IMPACT had a hampered run firt up, was finishing on very well and un assisted make note today if on job will win and should be considered as a good bet to win from 9. CASUAL LOOK and 4. MIRROR IMAGE who can be expeted to put his best foot forward today.

Race 2: Bad race best left alone my picks 8. GANADOR from 1. TEASER

Race 3: Bad race but 2. DOMINATRIX is my first pick worth a good eachway bet to beat 5. STAR CRUSADER and 6. CITY TAMER ....make note of 8. MOTHERS SON who is tracking very well can spring a surprise.

Race 4: This race has a very weak set of horses and I am going to opt for 3. EXPENSIVE AFFAIR who is running in a very weak set and can spring a surprise from is definately worth a good eachway bet and say Merry Christmas. from 1. RISING WARRIOR

Race 5: 6. SPICA is better then 11. SCHNELL and should finish in this order but an upset cant be ruled out here.

Race 6: 2 yro old with first timers .... I alway give prefrence to experience and 6. EXCELLENT STORY is my pick from 5. CROWN PRINCESS who will relish this distance.

Race 7: VB race over 2000 mts means a death trap.... my pick is 8. HOUSE PREFECT who will improve with distance and 14. TARAS BULBA who is carrying nothing on his back make note of the latter he will run a good race today.

Todays card will spring many surprises so its woth making a full use of it look for value today.

Good eachway bets:Sudden Impact/Dominatric/E Affair/Tara Bulba


Good luk all have a Mery Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Race 1: The top 3 horses in this race are interlinked to each other which makes it tricky on which of the 3 will be tried. If all 3 ran on merits then VERY BONAFIDE is definatly the better of the 3. ADALLIA has her first run today her track moments are too good for her to be in this class being a first runt its hard to say realy how good this filly is hence from a punting point of viw I would leave this race as one can be easily burnt here.Tips: ADALLIA , VERY BONAFIDE Upset DA VINCI

Race 2: 9. CHARDIN has only one thing in his favor today and thats wieght... being a very average horse he doesnot look a sure shot. If 3. TIGRESSE NOIRE takes alevel jump today she will win. she has been well rested and well prepared and will be the one to beat. from 8. EAGLE MOUNTAIN Tips: T Noire, E Mountain, Upset F Flame

Race 3: 2. PREMIER DIVA has all the chance to win in this very weak set from HISHAM who is a surprise packet and cant ignored.Tips: P Dive, Hisham

Race 4: Bad Race best left alone My fancies are 2. JAZZEGO from 8. BEAUTIFUL EYES and 3. TE QUIERO

Race 5: 5. RED INDIAN deserves to be a favorite but not at such short odds as is running in a very open and competitive set of horses it would pay to halve your bets on the favorite as he can lose. My first pick is FREDERICIA who is a smarter horse then what the records show and can topple this field from 5. RED INDIAN ...2. FANTASTIC FURY is the dark horse.

Race 6: If on job 3. STAR GESTURE will win watch the market second best 9. PURE DEVOTION can make a race out of it.

Race 7: 2yo first timers

Race 8: 9. FLAMES OF FIRE has a the credentials to beat the favorite here and is me first pick to beat 6. ENCELADUS who I believe needs a a forlong more but will be a close call halve the bets if you prefer the favorite.IN saying this if the former is not on job the favorite will have it easy.

Race 9: tough race 7. STRAWBERRY FIELDS is my first pick to win from 3. BEYOND BELIEF .

race 10: Bad race but 6. HOWLING WOLF can not be ignored and is worth a small eacway punt.Honestly todays card will be decided in the ring as the faith of many horses will depend on who is on job hence

I would reccomend to watch betting in the riong very closely and then make your bet.

Days Best: Tigress Noir

Double: T Noir,P Diva

Treble:T Noire/P Diva/S Field.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mumbai Horses to make note of

Horses that need attention in the future.

KINGDOM OF LOVE should repeat in higher class will go the extra distance
PRINCE LOCHINVA should improve with this run will not dissapoint next time
SUMMERTIME PROMISE ready to strike note with positive Jockey
TULLAMORE ready for a big gamble
UBER ALLES will pick up a race this season make note in 5 yr old and over terms
DESTINED PRINCE over 7 forlongs
BONNY LIGHT in 4 yr old and over 7 flgs
AURORA AUREALIS average horse
SURAJ upto 7 flgs in a 5 yr old and over terms race
MONARCHOS ready for a gamble
PEBBLE BEACH should not dissapoint next time
VANILLA SKY is ready to strike in 5 yo and over make note
ARABIAN SPEED in a sprint 5 yo and over
CLASSIC DREAM will improve with distance should win again
PONYTA 1200 5yr and over
ENCELADUS should win again
Ming over 1200 mtrs
THREE OF ARTS is ready to strike in 5 yr old and over make note after 1 jan 08

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Race 1: I am always vary when N Lagad doesnot race his horses for more then 30 days 4. PRINCE LOCHINVA is one of them... running after more the 3 months is the only worry here but track moments suggest that the horse is fit but still at these odds be careful or halve your bets.. He has matched strides with much better horses and if all is well should win. The horse I believ who will be right there at the finish is 3. LIGHT MY FIRE who is my worth an eachway punt at higher odds.1. KINGDOM OF LOVE is in the fight but has to beat the above two which looks tough.

Race 2: bad race I do like 5. REFUSE TO BEND but the change in equipment ahs put some doubt in my mind however if there is money on him he will win. The outside draw will suit 1. VIJAYI BHAVA and if the former is not on job will earn a bracket today from 4. ENCOURAGEMENT who will be right there.

Race 3: 2yr olds first run let the best horse win.6 HI DOLLY will run a much improved race today.

Race 4: 6. PREMIER QUEEN is blazing the track and is my first pick to win from 1. CALLING THE SHOTS . A horse that can cause a form of upset in this set is 7. XIAMEN make note.

Race 5: Another 2yo race with many first timers 7. AURORA AUREALIS has a good chance but at these odds its not worth the risk. In my opinion 8. POMME DE TERRE is better then the former and should beat the favorite.

Race 6: Very tough race to predict a winner but going by track moments 7. MYSTERIOUS STAR merits a lot of attention to win from 6. PILLATUS whi is a moody horse that does not belong in this class the mumbai straight gives him a very good chance to perform today and if he puts his best foot forward the race is over.8. PERSONIFIED has done nothing wrong so far but is running in a very tough set today and at best will fill the frame.

Race 7:1. ALVIDA : Needs more merit then he is getting Drawn 6 today and has been tracking well enough to run a much improved race. At best can Place.
2: 2. BOURBON KING has made a mockery of the opposition so far, Today drawn 2 in a field that has more contenders then pace makers can be his only undoing. Has a big heart but will have to outwit the swoopers from the outside.
3:3. CAIRNDHU tracking well, Only unbeaten/unextended horse in this field. Drawn 1 and with luck in the bend will be there to cause a Major Upset.
4:4. CZAR ALEXANDER who is a classic hopeful has everything in his favor today except the jockey.Drawn on the outside will help him settle early and will love the final spurt in the straight to collar the field. Will be right there.
5:5. GIOCOMETTI pacemaker6:
6. HOTSTEPPER always a contender but recent form suggest that he has a big task in front of him.7:
7. MEJESTICAL Pacemaker
8: 8. PERPETUITY Good horse wrong race to be considered in.
9: 9. THE HURRICANE Will be in the top 4. Drawn 3 is the only problem. If settled early he will storm the field. A much improved horse and worth a good eachway bet.
10:10. ASTRAEA If she has recovered from last weeks run she will give these colts a run for their money. Everything is in her favor today and if her fitness is good she will win.
Top 4: The Hurricane,Astrea,B King, Alvida. Upset : Cairndu

Race 8: Bad race 10. COTSWOLD ARMS is nicely placed on handicap to win here but will have to beat 1. NANJING and 2. DESERT DUST the latter has had a very good run first up and has been tracking expremely well worth a eachway bet.Race

9: 10. GREEN VALLEY deserves to win today the dark horse is 2. TOUCH THE SKY
days best: Premier Quuen
Double: P Queen/C Arms
Treble: P Queen/C Arms/G Valley
Eachway bets:L My Fire/V bhaye/T Hurricane
All the best and have a win today.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Race 1: A bad race which the market should decide the out come. 3. AGLITTER is my first pick to win from 4. FIREY BUSINESS who is looking well prepared on track workouts.

Race 2: 6. PASTICHE today is running with genuine sprinters of this class the one that can trouble the favorite is 1. ARMAMENT who can topple the favorite make note.

Race 3: Very Open race. My first pick is 8. ORO NEIRO to win from 6. AUCHINLECH who is a unsound horse but has the class to win anytime.7. INDIAN ARCELOR is the dark horse and need to take a level jump to be in the money.

Race 4: 3. DARKTAN is my first pick to win here from 11. SILVER CREST who is at the right handicap to strike and is tracking well watch the market.

Race 5: 2 Yr old leave alone 3. MARK OF GIBRALTAR is is first run and this set of horses have some depth in them so the favorite wont get it easy and is not worth a punt at these low odds. Another negitive is that the favorite has been over worked might go against him.6. STAR SCEPTRE is the one to watch make note.

Race 6: Another bad race with many horse in contention but if 4. BASTIAN BAY is tried in thsi set he will win from 12. FULL STEELE who is tracking well and should run a good race at this handicap

Race 7: 5. DOUBLE EMERGE is my first pick to win from 6. MILFORD who is running in the right class today. the Dark horse in this et is 8. ZAFAR .

Very bad race for punters today as many horses will be in the fight so it will pay to watch the market moversGood luck

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Race 1: 1. PEBBLE BEACH is a far superior horse considering that he has matched strides with much better horses is my first pick from 2. DOUBLE EASE who is tracking very nicely.

Race 2: 5. COMBUSTION is not a sound horse and this the only reason why she is running in this weak set if all goes well today she should win from 7. SIMPLY PERFECT who will only put his best foot forward if there is money his way.

Race 3: Bad race as no genuiene horses in this set.My pick is 4. BINEE who needs to take a level jump from 6. CINDERELLA MAN but leave this race any donkey and win here ....Watch the market on 9. NORTHERN PRINCE he is ready to strike even with this jockey.

Race 4: Very open race anyone can win in this sprint to the wire...if there is money on 5. KING`S DESIRE he will be right there and is my first pick to win from 1. PONYTA ...Very open race leave alone.

Race 5: On track movements 1. ENCELADUS will be hard to beat from 3. HAIFA VICTORY

Race 6: Bad race again my pick is 1. EXPENSIVE AFFAIR from 2. RISING WARRIOR

Race 7: 7. PACIFIC ZONE should win in this set from 11. COCAINE

Too many sprints and medicore horses running today go slow

Days best:Pebble beach

Double: P Beach/EnceladusTreble: P Beach/Enceladus/P Zone


Sunday, December 9, 2007


Race 1: The pace of the race will decide the winner 1. ROMANTIC SCENE on paper stands tall but horses from bangalore find it tough in the mumbai straight in their first run hence I am giving the consistantly unlucky 2. WORLD WAR THREE a slight edge over the former.

Race 2: 2yos first timer just watch but make a note of 8. GRAND STAND looks in a forward condition.

Race 3: 5. COUNCILOFTHEGODS should make ammends this time but the pace of the race and the mumbai straight will see some late finishers and the horses to keep an eye on are 3. ALAMSHAARA and 9. BEAU MONDE the former has matched strides with far superior horses and if she takes a level jump will trouble the favorite. It will pay to halve your bets on the favorite.

Race 4: Bad race with under average horses 1. ATHENA and 2. TE QUIERO should be involved in the finish if asked to the former lacks experience but has put in some decent track work latly and has aslight edge.

Race 5: Very open race anyone can win 5. SHYBOY who has a benifit of a good forward run is my first pick from 6. SAMARKHAND . very bad race.

Race 6: 6. MAZAN at this handicap should win today from 3. TANTRIK

Race 7:2. ASTRAEA is my first pick to win here from 1. ALVARITA how ever an upset cant be ruled out from 3. AVEC PLAISIR who is best on track and will set a scorching pace and 5. GOBELIN who despite a lack of a run will relish the mumbai straight dont ignore.

Race 8: 2. TOP ACTION is my first pick to beat 7. MILES AND MORE

Race 9: If on Job 5. PRESENT GLORY cant lose in this set if she fails or is not tried 6. STUD OF GOLD and 3. RED CLOUD who will be there today and should not be ignored make note.Over all a very tricky day for punters and it will pay to go slow today.

Small Eachway bets: Shyboy,Top Action and Red Cloud.

Days Best : Astrea

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bangalore 8 Dec

Race 1: Too many first timers hence will pay to halve your bets or leave the race alone but 1. FANTASTIC QUEST is a nice type and is in a very forward condition and also has a benifit of a good easy run. make note.

Race 2: Bad race follow the market 1. SAMRAT ASHOK if tried should win again from 7. ROYAL FILLY or 4. LAND OF SMILES

Race 3: First timers..... 8. FLYING FLAME and 1. JOIN THE PARTY look well prepared with the latter looking a speedy type.

Race 4: 3. CANNAVARO has been tracking very well and can win in this weak set but the Horse that is worth making a note of is 2. PRECIOUS ANGEL who doesnot belong in this set and if there is money on on him should trouble the best.

Race 5: 2. LIONHEART has been well tuned for this race and should tackle 4. STORM REGENT who might find this trip a bit too sharp will be a close call between the two. 3. FULL SPEED is the Dark horse that can never be discounted.

Race 6: 3. MYSTIFIED is a far improved horse and should tacle this set with ease provided he is asked to the danger will come from 2. OCEAN CREST who seems to have improved from the last run and 4. FLAMING LAMBORGIN who is tracking extermly well.

Race 7: 4. BADGE OF GOLD is my first pick to win from 1. ROYAL AMBASSADOR .... an upset cant be ruled out in this race 6. SOBERANO

Race 8: Bad race 6. STAR BLUE and 3. ROCAMORA are my picks latter has a slight edge.

Race 9: Bad Race 1. FANAA if tried today should tackle this set second best is 7. ZAIOS .


Small Eachway Bets: Precious angle, Rocamora and Fanaa

Bad day for punters so go slow and all the best.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mumbai 6 dec

Race 1: 1. TRY YOUR LUCK should handle this set with ease.....7. GREY STORM will be suited by the extra distance and handicap but the steel plate suggest that he wont be tried today however follow the market on this one.
Race 2: 4. ENGLEHART should win with the right assistance today only danger is 3. PEORIA who will give the former a run for the money.
Race 3: 8. WALKING TALL has been blazing the track and on that performance is my first pick to win from 5. SPARTA who will relish the mumbai straight.
Race 4: This is a very open race 2. BLOOM is an un known quality horse who has been tracking well hence should be right there at the finish. 7. HOUSE PREFECT who dint have the luck of the race last time will do well with the step up in distance. Bad race
Race 5: Looks like a toss up between 7. MERCEDES and 4. SLEIGHT OF HAND with the former in with a slight edge.
Race 6: The main event of the day poses many chalanges the horse that has the class and is in right hands now is 8. SPIRITUAL FLAME who is my first pick to win from 7. OBELINNA who is tracking extremly well make note. 5. FIDDLERS FERRY who has run in far superior company cant be ignored and should be considered as a jackpot possible.
Race 7: Bad race best left alone my picks are 3. PURE DEVOTION from 2. GOLDEN SPURS Days best : 4. ENGLEHART

All the best

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