Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mumbai Final Day

Race 1: Star Goddess, and Salt, will fight it out the latter has a good handicap and age advantage and should prevail.

Tips:4) Salt,

Race 2: Very Open race and its Likely any horse can win. Make note of Lazor Razor, who won race 210 same class, same distance and a a handicap of 56 kgs. Today in 2 months time he is running the same class/distance and a handicap of 54.5.......... Wonders of handicaping. Is the youngest of the lot and can win if tried which is likely.Arabian Eagle, is running in a similar pattern.

Tips: Lazor Razor, Arabian Eagle,

Race 3:  Cypress Point, manner of victory was too good but not sure how she will cope with the drop in distance Rule Forever, and Limitless Hills, are in good form and at a decent handicap and the race can go anyways.

Tips: Cypress Point,

Race 4: Bad race but Cougar, and Zorba, are the ones to beat.

Tips: Cougar, Upset:  Zorba,

Race 5: Native Lady, is the one to beat in this very open sprint. Saba, is the likely upset dont ignore for minor bets.

Tips: Native Lady,                 Upset: Saba,

Race 6: Very Open race but Crimson And Clover, and Seen It All, are the ones to beat the first named has had a easy run and is blazing the track if he can handle the wide draw he will win.The second named is ready for a gamble and will be right there.

Tips:Crimson And Clover, Upset: Seen It All,

Race 7: Interesting race with a few animals in with a fair chance expect a surprise here and the horse that is likely to do so is Sumo, make note today is very well prepared after a very easy run first up if he has the luck from the inside draw he will win here.Amitayus, Jewelled,and Mighty King, have had good races last time and will be right there.

Tips: Sumo,Mighty King,

Race 8: Open race but Persian, and Etesian, should fight it out.

Tips: Etesian,

Race 9: Distance is sharp for the very well bred Jewels Of The Hill plus fitness is also a issue best to leave her alone as its her first run too.Crowned Princess, and Scintillo, should dominate the finish if the former fails.

Tips:Crowned Princess,   Upset: Scintillo,

Days Best: Crimson And Clover,
Double: Crimson And Clover,Crowned Princess,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Crimson And Clover,Crowned Princess,Native Lady,Salt,
Eachway or Place Bets: Lazor Razor,  Sumo,Scintillo,
Bolt From the Blue: Saba,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mumbai 28-4-2012

Race 1 : Gamble race and best to leave alone. Double Diamond, and Jacqueline Smile, have both disappointed when fancied hence difficult to say the second named has merit  but jockey with no whip will be difficult as she will be tried in a start to finish run.Soli Deo Gloria, and O'princess, are ready to strike and both have that extra that will be make the difference my pick is the second named very well prepared and good handicap.

Tips: O'princess,                  Upset: That's My Master,

Race 2: Holiday Dancer, and Star Fire Lady, look very well prepared for the event but they have to beat Smokey Baba, who i believe is a nice animal but lacks that inetial space however his last spurt suggest improvement and he will be the one to beat.

Tips: Smokey Baba,Holiday Dancer,

Race 3: Blue Mellon, is ready to strike and will be the one to beat Kaskazi, is the only danger and will be right there.

Tips: Blue Mellon,  Kaskazi,

Race 4: Both fancied horses are very average animals and surprise cant be ruled out.Snow King, Woven Dreams, and Dashing Indian, are tracking well but Can V Pakde win his second race of the season or can J Perera and V Jodha win their first one I am sure it can happen but best to leave the race.Make note of Trump Card, here she is bred for incredble speed and I do feel she will be tried and if I am right she can win or place at good odds.

Tips :Trump Card, 

Race 5: Erotic Flame, and Historica, toss up.

Tips: Erotic Flame,

Race 6: Bad race Something New, can upset.

Race 7: Neptune,Purple Moon, and River Tern, are my picks to win here.

Tips:Purple Moon, Neptune,  Upset: River Tern,

Days Best: Smokey Baba,
Trble or win bets: Smokey Baba, O'princess,   Erotic Flame,Purple Moon,
Eachway or place bets: Blue Mellon,Trump Card, Neptune,
Bolt from the Blue: Snow King,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mumbai 22 April 2012

Race 1: Bad Race Although Starlight Magic, has a good chance horses 1-3 have come up a lot and track work suggest they will be right there.Zaracha, in particular is tracking extremely well. Tudor Regent, has a fair chance too.

Tips: 3)Zaracha, 2)Starlight Magic,              Upset: Beyond Comparison,

Race 2: Mighty Splendor, and Step Up, should fight for honors here and looks like a toss up.

Tips;6) Step Up,            Upset: 3) Mighty Splendor,

Race 3: Light My Way,Viva Zapata, and Westerlie, should dominate the finish. the first named is fresh and ready to strike should be hard to beat if his legs hold up.The second named was a impressive winner and should give them a run for it.

Tips:3) Viva Zapata, 2) Light My Way,   Upset:6)  Westerlie,

Race 4:  Icon, looks well placed to win here however note Eye Of The Storm, has 10 kg advantage and can upset.

Tips:3 ) Icon,  Upset: 6) Eye Of The Storm,

Race 5:  Amadeus, should win the Madras race club trophy.

Tips: 3: Amadeus,

Race 6: Running Sun, and Sledgehammer, should dominate the finish here.

Tips: 5) Sledgehammer,     Upset: 3) Running Sun,

Race 7: First timers best to avoid but make note of  9) Purple Mokara, and 4)Magic Star, tracking well and likely to upset best not to ignore for jackpot or minor bets.

Race 8: Expect a gamble on Arabian Champ, today should win if I am right or its anybodies race.Matter Of Heart, is another horse a gamble looks likely on so keep in mind.

Tips: 6) Arabian Champ,           Upset:7) Matter Of Heart, 

Days Best: Amadeus,
Win or Kaichi Chances: Amadeus,Icon,  Sledgehammer, Step Up,
Eachway or place bets:  Light My Way, Running Sun,Arabian Champ, Purple Mokara, 
Bolt from the blue: Magic Star, 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mumbai 21st April


Race 1: Horses 1-2-3-5-7-8 all have a fair chance if tried however looks like a gamble on Tipping Point, is likely and if i am right she will win.

Tips:8) Tipping Point, 1) Sacre Coeur,

Race 2 : If Staying Alive, does not bleed he will win,Destined To Glory, can upset.

Tips: 5) Staying Alive,                   Upset: Destined To Glory,

Race 3: Plan B, This Ones For You,Winchester, and Miracle Of Mercy, are likely to dominate the finish the first named is tried will be hard to catch. the last named can upset today.

Tip : 4 ) Plan B, 12) Miracle Of Mercy,

Race 4: Very open race and any horse can win. Horses 1 and 4 are likely to cause a upset here. Make note both have come up a lot since their last run and if i am right can win. I am going for the better jockey however will be backing both if the odds are good.

Tips: 1) Bathsheba, 4) To The Moon,

Race 5: First timers but Song Dynasty, is tracking very well and Sheer Romance, has come up a lot can hold the key here.

Tips:7) Song Dynasty  Upset:5) Sheer Romance, 

Race 6: Spirit Of Ecstasy, Stuntacular, and Festival Night, are likely to dominate the finish here. the first named will be hard to beat if she take a level jump.

Tips; 9) Spirit Of Ecstasy,  4) Stuntacular, 

Race 7: Seven Seas,Voyager,Star Mountain, and So Royal, should dominate the finish.

Tips;1) Seven Seas,5)Voyager,               Upset:11) So Royal,

Days Best: Spirit Of Ecstasy, 
Double: Spirit Of Ecstasy, Seven Seas,Plan B, 
Eachway or Place Bets: Tipping Point, Staying Alive,  Bathsheba, 
Bolt from the Blue:  To The Moon,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mumbai 15 April 2012

Race 1: Perfect Strength, Looks well prepared for this race but has to beat Apache Indian, who now down in class and will make a race of it.

Tips: Apache Indian,

Race 2:  Hard to pick here but Rodeo, should do well.

Tips:  Rodeo, 

Race 3:  Sacred Soul, on whom a huge gamble failed last time looks set to make ammends. The fact that the connections have accepted to run him in a race that is for horses rated 20-46 when her rating is only 18 says a lot for confidence of the connections and the positive change in jockey is also a good indicator.She should win here.Ibis, is the danger.

Tips: Sacred Soul,

Race 4: Bat Yam has been systematically prepared and placed in this set for a gamble, She is tracking well and has the best jockey in the set should win.Fast And Furious, and Zeki, are the obvious danger the first named will not go down without a fight and the second named is only in this class because of his habits at the gates if she behaves herself she can upset.

Tips: Bat Yam,Fast And Furious,              Upset: Zeki,

Race 5:  First Timers hence hard to say however Windmill Lady, is the dark horse here looks a very speedy animal and can upset the lot.

Tips: Windmill Lady, Macedonian,                   Upset: Taj E Shahi,

Race 6:  If Berlusconi, is ridden on merit today he will beat Onassis, 

Tips: Berlusconi, 

Race 7:  Star Empire, and Dictator, should fight it out here the first named is better.Roesti, is at a good handicap and if the intent is there he can upset.

Tips; Star Empire,                          Upset: Roesti, 

Race 8:  The wide draw wont help the chances of Moonscape, This race can spring a surprise horses 2-4-5-6-7-9. Lagad has 2 horses here that are well rested and at a good handicap have no clue which one will be tried but Queens Kiss, is my guess anyways which ever is tried it can upset. However this race is avoidable or look for value.

Tips: Queens Kiss,Pronto Star,               Upset: Titleist,

Days Best: Sacred Soul,
Double: Sacred Soul,Bat Yam,
Win or kaichi Bets: Sacred Soul,Bat Yam, Star Empire,Apache Indian,Rodeo,Berlusconi,
Eachway or Place bets: Zeki,Queens Kiss,Titleist,
Bolt from the Blue: Windmill Lady,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mumbai 14th April 2012

Go very very slow today, Many horses are tired now and that will affect their performances due to the heat Fillies always under perform and it will pay to follow fresh or rested animals or stay away today.

Race 1: Cuba,Aleutian Zone, Captain Smart, and Ocean Treasure, seem to be in the frontline contenders is a race were punters should stay away, keeping in mind both fancied runners are fillies and the race is a 3 pm will affect their performance due to the heat. Like I said stay away is the best tip i can give.

Tips: (8)Captain Smart,

Race 2: Fireback,That's My Master, and Speed Up, are the main contenders the first and second named are inter connected, the second named is back to his winning handicap but his faith lies on the intent. the first named and the 3rd named have been prepared very well if money comes on the first named (Right Money) he will win.

Tips: (8)Fireback,(4)Speed Up,                    Upset:(3) That's My Master,

Race 3:  Young Offender,Golden Spurs, and Ocean Of Faith, are the top 3 here the last named has age in his favor and if the jockey can handle the pressure he should win. Make note of Young Offender, best to ignore his last run today is at a tidy mark and running in 5yo and over race since the pace here will be fast he will relish it can can upset.

Tips; (3) Ocean Of Faith,               Upset: (1)Young Offender, (Note)

Race 4:  Money Flash, and Royal Crest, are the top 2 contender here the second named is a fas superior animal and if he is fit he will win. The first named has improved a lot and rested too will not go without a fight.Musical Rhapsody, is the joker in the pack if tried in this set which looks very likely today he can upset dont ignore for minor bets.

Tips:(1) Royal Crest,(8)Money Flash,            Upset:(6) Musical Rhapsody(note)

Race 5:  Best to leave this race as the quality of horses is very average and anything can happen. Negredo, is a horse that merits attention here I get criticized many times when i mention horses that have hopeless jockeys aboard but in this field and with such impressive track work only intent will see this horse running a bad race if she is tried which i have a gut feeling she will the she can win.

Tips:(7) Negredo, 

Race 6: One of the toughest races of the day and any horse can win however keep in mind if Pablo Neruda, behaves himself at the gates and takes a level jump he will be hard to toss. Otherwise this race can go anyways.Sebastian, ran a indifferent race last time can win if he is allowed to hit the front.

Tips:(3)(note) Pablo Neruda,(8)Sebastian,  

Race 7: Avoidable race many first timers with unknown quality.(1)Ice Skater, can spring a surprise ran a good forward race first up after being gelded has good speed and can upset if tried.

Race 8: Open race my shortlisted 5 are 3-4-9-10-11. Stringsofmyheart, has the best draw and the right jockey keeping in mind she doesnot like being whipped I am fairly confident she will be hard to beat if she has the luck in the race.Lake Leader, has a chance on jockey merit,Brave Vision, faith will be decided  in the ring but the wide draw and some very fast horses wont make it easy for him to settle early and that can be his undoing even if he is tried, Viva La Diva, is the better of the Antia animals better draw too only intent is the ???, Destined To Glory, has come to hand rather late in his career, the Fast Pace will defiantly suit him and I am fairly confident he will finish in the top 3.

Tips: (3)Stringsofmyheart,(11)Destined To Glory,              Upset: (10)Viva La Diva,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mumbai 8th April 2012

Looks like a favorite card today.

Race 1:  Jacques, has no business losing in this company, just watch her body weight at race time and if she hasnt lost a lot of weight since last run she will win.Prince Arius, is the danger.

Tips: 3) Jacques,                             Upset:7) Prince Arius

Race 2:  Oluchi, will be hard to beat in this class.Danger is Hickory, note can upset should place.

Tips: 1) Oluchi,                     Upset: Hickory,

Race 3:  Open race Flying Star, should be the one to beat.make note of So Royal, if she behaves at the gate she can spring a surprise.

Tips: Flying Star,                        Upset: So Royal,

Race 4: A straight fight between Astapi, and Lyrical Symphony, the second named is very well place on handicap and can run them off their feet note.

Tips: Lyrical Symphony,Astapi

Race 5:  Gamble race watch the market and decide.Bold Dancer, is the one to beat.

Tips: Bold Dancer,          Upset: Tag Along Tommy

Race 6: Par mishap or wrong intent Sikandar, should win.Burgundy Rose, should place and is the likely upset horse.

Tips: Sikandar, Upset: Burgundy Rose,

Race 7:  Miracle Of Mercy, and Blush, should fight for honors the first named should be tried not sure about the second named. Make note of Purple Moon, for a gamble today and if there is one he will upset.

Tips:  Miracle Of Mercy,  Blush,                      Upset: Purple Moon

Race 8:  Will be a interesting finish here.Samantha, blew her chances by running a very fast pace race leading upto the last flg she clocked 1.23 for the 7 flg which is a excellent timing today with the cnb on she will settle well and the jockey will give her the best chance to win.Catharsis, is a talented horses so is Days Best, the first named has a long way to go and will be right there. A Upset cant be ruled out here both Adelric, and Neona, can do it. The fist named is a half sister to smashing was a impressive winner in Calcutta rushed to mumbai for the breeders million where she dint have the luck of the race is tracking Very well and I am faily confident she can upset or at wort place note.

Tips:Samantha,  Catharsis,                     Upset: Adelric,(note)

Race 9: there is a lot of hype of Koh Samui, but lets see if its reality. Lord Aragorn, is a horse I have been very impressed with and i sincerely hope the connections try him today I have my doubts that they will but he is going to be my days best bet for the day I will not tips him as I understand other peoples point but my money is on him.Tachyon, will run a good race along with Que Sera Sera, who is tracking well.

Tips: Tachyon,Koh Samui,                Upset: Que Sera Sera,

Race 10: There will be a Gamble on Viva Zapata, today and Happy Easter everyone. Hym Path, and Red Sensation, should be considered for minor bets.

Tips: Viva Zapata,               Upset: Red Sensation,

Days Best: Jacques
Fancied runner that can win: JacquesOluchiFlying StarBold Dancer,   Sikandar,Miracle Of Mercy, 
Eachway or Place bets:  Hickory,Lyrical Symphony,Adelric,Viva Zapata,

Bolt from the Blue: Lord Aragorn,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mumbai 7 April 2012

Race 1:  Horses 1-3-4-6 should be involved in the finish here with 1-4 likely to dominate. On jockey merits and last run Mumbai King, has a edge over the lot. Make note of Were Wolf, here his last run was easy and very impressive, his last spurt on the 1st April was very good and this company is not the best and there should be a likely Gamble on him today If i am right he can Upset don't Ignore.

Tips: 4)  Mumbai King,                  Upset: 3) Were Wolf

Race 2: This race has a very open look. the top 5 horses should dominate the finish. This race does have a very competitive look and a gamble horse is likely to spring a surprise hence it will pay to watch the market or stay away.Celsius, has credentials and should be rewarded for his consistency but has failed too many times to my liking.  Soli Deo Gloria, is tracking well down in class and the terms are in her favor however is a gamble horse so decide at race time.Xenia, is a gamble horse and once again watch the market.Gibran, has been systematically prepared and ready for a gamble in this set will win if tried.Double Diamond, has merit can upset but with jockey cant say. Make note of Bayblues, for a upset at this handicap she will be very hard to beat.

Tips: 4)  Gibran,    Upset:8) Bayblues,

Race 3: A race for 3y0 maidens is always a risky one as they always improve as time goes on hence the race is avoidable.Valorozky, is best on track but hopeless jockey,Your LordshipSamburu,and Song Of Sparrow, all are likely to throw a improved performance hence best to avoid the race or take a small each way chance on Your Lordship,

Tips:3 Snow Ball         Upset: 5 Your Lordship,

Race 4:  Belle Brise, and Lorelei, have been very impressive winners in the lower class both horses have a class to class penalty and are stepping up in distance and both are fillies if they win in this set of some inform animals who are loitering in the same class will mean they were 2 classes superior prior to their last win which is unlikely.Jen's Glory, in her first run matched strides with Corgito urgo sum and Rancho who have gone and won to races and are in class 2 now if you go by that she looks like a certainty her will only lose if the the intent is negative.Sebastian, is the only horse that can beat her was very impressive first up today at this handicap will not miss the board and looks a good upset chance don't ignore.

Tips:  3) Jen's Glory,                            Upset: 8) Sebastian, (NOTE)

Race 5: Anybodies race her but horses 3-5-6 should be the ones to beat. Snow Blaze, who was given a ridiculous ride last time has a great chance to upset today.

Tips:  Coccinella,                  Upset: Snow Blaze,(note)

Race 6:  Huge field but the result should be between 3-4-6.

Tips: 6) Herculean,3)Crowned Princess,           Upset:(4) Star Blessings,

Race 7: Open race but horses 3-4-7-8 should be involved at the finish. Invictus, is tracking very well and if sound will be hard to beat at this handicap, Soneeyo, has class but has disappointed one too many times today the connections have opted to run him in a higher class and the drop in weight should suit her, Bongani, was a impressive winner last time will do better with distance has great speed and will keep then honest.Eye Of The Storm,  is the joker in the pack the fast pace of the race will suit his style of running jockey is the worry but will be finishing on well and can upset.

Tips; 7) Invictus,                   Upset: (3)Eye Of The Storm

Race 8: Once again a race for maiden 3yo who have not placed expect a lot of improvement from many horses, The 4 horses that can win here are 1-5-6-8. Spinawin, probably is better of the fancied runners and should improve today however make note of Enlightening, and White Feather, as they are both tracking very well after their first runs and look to be stripped fitter I am going for the better jockey of the 2.

Tips:(note)(8) White Feather,(5)Spinawin,            Upset: 1 Enlightening,

Race 9:  The worst race of the day and a gamble race where many horses will be tried it will pay to halve ur bets and look for value eachway bets. 5 horses that i feel fit this criteria are Chasing Memories,Marciano,Golden KingdomHoudini, and Bonny Light,. The last two named are from the same stable an am not sure who will be tried its likely that both are tried but Bonny Light, is better.Golden Kingdom, is very consistant and represents value, Marciano, and Chasing Memories, are both ready to strike the former is better on handicap but the jockey is a worry and the latter is a much superioor animal if ridden on merit today he will win note dont ignore.

Tips:(Note worth a ew bet)4 Chasing Memories,9 Golden Kingdom,   Upset: 6 Marciano,( take a small chance)

Race 10:  Shahenshah, was once rated better the Piccaso has problem with his legs but in this field and track work looks good to win but he needs more distance and that could be his downfall as drawn 1 will need some luck if he does not have initial speed.Horses likely to beat him are 3-5-10. Mountain Wind, is tracking well and ready to strike but has to beat the former.Crimson And Clover, is of unknow quality but tracking well enough to upset.

Tips: 1) Shahenshah, 5 Mountain Wind,                  Upset: 12) Crimson And Clover,

Fancied horses that can win: Mumbai King,Snow BallJen's Glory,Coccinella, Herculean,Shahenshah,

Horses worth a Eachway or Place bet today:Bayblues, SebastianSnow Blaze,White Feather,Chasing Memories,

Bolt From the Blue: Marciano,(dont ignore for jackpot or minor combos)

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