Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mumbai 30.12.2012

Race 1: VB race and a few horses with a good chance to win can go anyway being a 1000 mtr race. all the 9 runners have a chance here so difficult to say.Herculean,The Saint, and Let It Fly, are my shortlisted 3. The first named is a good horse but has been very in genuine so hard to say the other 2 have a benefit of a run this season so will go with that.

Tips ;The Saint, Upset Let It Fly,

Race 2: The pace of the race will decide the outcome here with no visible pace the race will suit  horses that have a good turn of foot.Limitless Hills, is better placed on handicap to Neath, and Invictus, has burst his blood vessels recently which leave the race between Incognito, and Limitless Hills, the first named has the best jockey who can judge the pace and I give him a very good chance today.

Tips:Incognito Limitless Hills,

Race 3:can go anyway Monet, has a decent handicap but is too one paced to my liking once again the pace of the race will decide the outcome.Rodeo, and Caesars Star, have a very good turn of foot and both will stay the trip should be a good fight to the finish.Mountain Force, is very well paced on handicap against Caesars Star and will run close can upset and cant be ignored as he looks very well prepared to strike.

Tips ; Mountain Force,Caesars Star

Race 4: Big field so luck is important Asahi, needs another chance here as there are many first timers and not on job horses.Wolfgang, is well bred and been prepared well but obviously has issues as his runs suggest if right can run a good race.Double Or Quits, and Castletroy, are tracking well and can upset.

Tips :AsahiWolfgang,           Upset: Double Or Quits

Race 5: Best to watch this race as Two of the fastest Fillies in western India will match strides today weight and handicap wont matter their jockey skills will if for any reason the jockeys assume that they only have to  beat each other the pace will be too fast and will suit other horses Mountain Regiment, ran a very good race last time and can upset.

Tips : Turf Lightning,Mountain Regiment,

Race 6: War Horse, looks well prepared and will run a good race but first run so best to avoid.Senora Bella, was a impressive winner but had the best run of the race today Ancient Warrior, and Head Of State, who ran with her had no luck at all and both these horses will be running very close today. Brindaban, was a very impressive winner last time too and will be the one to beat.A race best to watch as many 2yos will improve a lot from their  runs so will pay to go slow.

Tips: Brindaban,Senora Bella,       Upset: Head Of State

Race 7: Arusha, and Amitayus, should fight it out the first named is a nice type and should win.

Tips:  Arusha,

Race 8: Smashing, will resume her winning ways. Macchupicchu, will follow.

Race 9: A wide open race and can go anyway.1-2-3-4-5-6-10-12 all have a fair chance if intent is there.BucharestAlkaziIce Skates, (gamble horse) and Coquette, are my short listed 4. The second named has got the potential to win here and is worth a eachway bet.

Tips:Bucharest, Alkazi

Days best: Arusha,
Double: Arusha,Smashing
Treble: Arusha,SmashingAsahi,
Eachway or place bets: The SaintIncognito,Head Of StateMacchupicchu,Alkazi

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bangalore 29-12-2012

Looks a day where fancied horses can dominate but proceed with caution. Sharat Kumar has 16 runners watch the market trend on them.

Race 1: Gamble race but Steel King,Rise To Glory, and Midtown Delight, are the ones to beat the first named had a easy run first up after a long break and is ready to strike so is the second named..

Tips: Steel King,Rise To Glory,

Race 2: Horse 3-4-7-8 have the best credentials here Sans Frontieres, is overdue for a win and seems to have improved a lot since last run Sareeta, is the obvious danger.Immaculate, is the dark horse who will prefer this trip and should be in the fray if tried.

Tips:Sans Frontieres Sareeta,                 Upset: Immaculate

Race 3: 2yos so difficult to judge but horses 4-9-11 should be in the fighting line. Cheval D'or, has the edge.

Tips: Cheval D'or,

Race 4: A very open gamble race best to decide at race time. Horses horses 1-2-3-5-6-10-11-12 all have a fair chance if tried best to avoid the race or decide at racetime.

Tips :See You Later,Presidents Rule,          Upset: Street Of Fire,

Race 5 : Another gamble race but if Superior Edge, is tried he should win.

Tips: Superior Edge

Race 6: Another gamble race Magnomical, and Dancing Emeralds, should fight it out for honors if tried.Hillstone, is the joker in the pack.

Tips :Dancing Emeralds Magnomical,      Upset: Hillstone,

Race 7: Very interesting race as horses 2-6-8 are fancied but have not done much over a mile.This gives horses like Atlas Power, and Lad Star,who is hiding true form a very good chance If the first named is tried which looks likely today he will be the one to beat. Veyron, is placed on a good handicap and can upset.

Tips: Atlas Power,Lad Star,      Upset: Veyron,

Race 8: Bad race again but Simra, who is tracking well and will be running in a handicap race for the first time is well placed on handicap and should be the one to beat.Serengeti, and Igah Igah Igah, are the danger if tried.

Tips: Simra,  Serengeti       Upset: Igah Igah Igah,

Race 9: Gamble race best to decide at race time however Super Gold, is well placed on handicap and should win if tried. From the rest it is hard to say but Bebo, should be right there and can win as long as the jockey doesnot whip the horse.

Tips: Super Gold,Bebo,

Eachway or place prospects: Steel King,Dancing EmeraldsAtlas Power,Simra,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mumbai 27-12-12

Race 1: Open race full on un genuine horses and intent will be the key.Arabian ChiefBlush,Kaskazi, should dominate the finish but its best to avoid the race.

Tips: Arabian Chief,Kaskazi

Race 2: A very open race but Mable, has a big task on her hands as she is nothing special and there are a few horses that are likely to be tried against her horses 2-3-4-9 are the ones ins question. Phosphor, has a positive change in jockey and expect a gamble on her she has finished an average of 6 lengths behind the winner in the last 11 starts and intent is clear today.Endless Horizon, has the right jockey on her today with the wide false rails it will suit her running style and she will be right there.Plan B, and Conztanza,  are both jokers in the pack the first named is speedy and today wont be just packing up at the 600 mark expect a bit more and the last named runs best fresh with 47.5 kgs will be right there note her for an upset as she can.

Tips: PhosphorEndless Horizon,   Upset: Conztanza( Note)

Race 3: Going by track work Woven Dreams, seems to have the best credentials but being a H Metha horse it will pay to halve your bets.Lightening Thunder,Bunga Bunga,Oriental Masti, are ones that can win if there is wrong intent.

Tips: Woven Dreams,Lightening Thunder,                Upset: Oriental Masti

Race 4: Horses 2-4-5-7 should fight for honors here and it can go anyways.

Tips : Sugar Loaf,              Upset: Rule Forever,

Race 5: 2yos so hard to say Panthera, was given a ridiculous ride first up is a nice animal and should be the one to beat.You're The Boss, is the best on track and I wont be surprised if he beats the former.

Tips: Panthera,You're The Boss,

Race 6: A very open race and it can go anyway my shortlisted 4  are horses 1-4-5-10. Albuurz, ran a good race first up and can win.So True, is a speedy animal and is well placed on handicap. Fortuner, is defiantly the dark horse here has matched strides with some speedy horses and well placed on handicap don't ignore in this set can upset and should easily place.

Tips : Albuurz,So True,             Upset: Fortuner,(note)

Race 7: Wide open race horses 1-2-4-5-6-7 all have a fair chance if tried. Octopaul, is ready to strike and is the one to beat.The step up in distance will suit Gates Of Heaven, who should be in the thick of things.Miracle Of Mercy, is the dark horse here can upset should place.

Tips :OctopaulGates Of Heaven,      Upset: Miracle Of Mercy,

Eachway or place prospects: Phosphor,Albuurz,
Bolt from the blue: Conztanza,Fortuner,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mumbai 23-12-12

Race 1: VB Race Be Cool, with a better rider has a good chance but is a H Metha horse so best to avoid.Nanina, needs another chance has the potential to win here. Auraria, and Victorious Cause, are both speedy horses and can upset here the second named is better.

Tips: Nanina,Victorious Cause,
Race 2: Romantic Beauty, is the only winner in the set and should be the one to beat. Bonobo,  and Flight To Freedom, can upset here but bet to avoid the race.

Tips: Flight To Freedom

Race 3: Divine Inspiration, last run was very bad with R Hughes may run a better race but at the end of the day she was beaten by TARA a 7yr old and I cant tip her on that basis best to avoid if she wins then good luck. Il Moran, has been prepared very well and is running in handicap company for the first time should be the one to beat.Ice Beauty, first run so hard to say but owner mates Mountain Warrior, has a decent handicap and should be in the fray can upset.Soli Deo Gloria, is one of the most under rated animal in this set as she belongs to a gamble connection if she is tried here she will win.

Tips: Il Moran,Soli Deo Gloria                Upset: Mountain Warrior

Race 4: Clinton, was an impressive winner last time and has to beat Angel Crown, who will be making all the pace today to win here.

Race 5: Centrestage, has the class but its difficult to judge her condition as she has not tracked for a long time. There are horses here that can take advantage of that H Metha and his connections have 4 horses here which can dictate the running of the race although she has the best jockey on her it wont be easy best to halve your bets or leave the race.Golden Memory, at this handicap and the much improved Barringo, can upset her.

Tips: Centrestage,              Upset: Golden Memory,

Race 6: Amistad,is tracking well enough to make a winning debut but being a 2yos race its best to avoid.Phelps, is a speedy type and can upset.

Tips: Amistad,                   Upset: Phelps,

Race 7: A wide open race and it will pay to look for a value eachway bet. The horses that represent value are Bongani,Reckless Romeo and Follow Me, the first and the last named are unsound animals but are of a better class then this set. the last named is at a decent handicap and well drawn should be the one to beat, the first named is improving with every run and can upset.The second named has beaten some decent animals when tried and is a gamble horse.Spare a thought for 

Tips: Follow MeBongani,                   Upset: Reckless Romeo
One of the best fields I have seen in a long time the fact that 18 horses are running it will make it very interesting as luck and jockey skills will matter and not the class of the horse.

1) Amazing Desire,: A decent handicapper who is improving with every run just lack that class and the wide draw won do any favors however keeping in mind that the horse has a good turn of foot he will run a good race if the inform Suraj stays out of trouble winning looks difficult but can place if everything goes his way.
2)  An Acquired Taste, Sad to see such a nice animal heading in the opposite direction his track work is decent and the jockey is a perfect choice will run a brave race if all goes well but not today will be pleasant surprise if he wins.I do give him a good chance
3) Ascot Magic,: Lost last start thanks to the overconfidence of the jockey, I have always thought highly of this horse has a very good turn of foot and a very good galloper. Prakash is a man for big races and knows this track well enough. Keep in mind he would have taken a ride on any of the horses but picked this one the draw and field wont matter I think the horse is good enough and if there is a upset here is one.
4)Bizarro,: Decent animal but running against some far superior animals.Not here.
5) Blue Ace,: Ran a very good race after being gelded for the first time will improve a lot after that run, has the right jockey who will make the most of hi initial speed and he will be in the fight till the end but a mile being the optimum trip and the long mumbai straight can make it difficult for him can finish on board 
6) Commander, : Needs no introduction a good animal who will love the long stretch run in mumbai has the right jockey to guide his fortunes but being a mile and lack of initial speed i reserve my opinion on him winning here can place.
7) Franklin,: A impressive winner on debut has the jockey who will get the best of of him is probably a good chance for a repeat but it will not be a easy task as he is running with some genuine and classy horses should be in the top 4.
8) Hachiko, : back to his winning ways is tracking extremely well after a impressive win against Neona. Good draw and a good jockey will be right there and can win if all goes well.
9) Hemisphere,: Impressive winner in pune followed by a good mock race in mumbai the wide draw will help this horse who has a good turn of foot and suits the jockeys style who is a forceful finisher can upset if he has the class.
10) Ice Pick, Not here
11) Ice Zone, Will like the step up in distance but lacks that class.
12) Macedonian, Will only run
13) Machiavellianism,: Has done nothing wrong so far was beaten fair in his last run but if ridden of the pace today will be finishing on and should make a impact however keep in mind he did not relish this track last year so its hard to say.
14) Manyatta,: I personally feel she will go well over this trip but lacks that class
15) Montezuma,: Was a impressive winner last time thanks to a fantastic ride by prakash todays draw will affect that magic jockey will make the difference again but I prefer others.
16) Shivalik Hero,Without a doubt one of the best horse in this set luck has always evaded him  and toadys inside draw and the jockey has really disappointing so far it is difficult to pick him on that basis. If only the jockey could do justice he will break the jinks.
17) Silver Birch, Drawn 18 will help him settle of the pace and can make a race of it if Zervan doesn't panic.
18) Sumo,: Improving with every run will be making all the running and try and make every post a winning one lack that class but his heart makes up for it don't be surprised if he places.

Its difficult to pick a winner here but Pesi does have the best of the lot.

Tips:  Franklin,Hemisphere, Ascot Magic          Upset:Blue Ace,

Race 9: Open race horses 3-5-6-9 shoud fight it out Stella, is on a good handicap and can win here if tried. Zeki, is the dark horse that can upset should place.

Tips: Stella,Sheer Romance,        Upset: Zeki,

Race 10) Winston, should manage to peat either New World, or Sophisticated, here the last named will test him.

Tips: Sophisticated,

Eachway or place prospects: Nanina,Follow MeBongani, Reckless RomeoStella,Hemisphere, Ascot Magic  
Bolt from the blue: Zeki,Blue Ace,

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bangalore 22-12-12

Race 1: VB race but not many horse look to be on the money.Alpine Shine,Pole Position, and Smart Edition,  are the ones that should fight for honors, the last named is better.Loving Fantasy, is the joke in the pack and can puset if tried.

Tips; Smart Edition,          Upset: Loving Fantasy,

Race 2: Ice Stone, and Arrabian Gold, toss up the former has a good handicap chance.

Tips: Ice Stone

Race 3: Surprisesucceeding, and Brigade's Paradise, look the main contenders here the second named has a slight edge. Artic Breeze, is the joker in the pack with blinkers today should run a good race can upset.

Tips: Brigade's Paradise,          Upset: Artic Breeze,

Race 4:Truman, Summers Breeze,Blizzard Of Oz, and Starstruck, look the main contenders in a very open race and a few gamble horses here. the first named is running after a long lay off has the class but is not a sound horses best to avoid. the second named is a gamble horse and tracking well has the credentials to win if the right money comes on her.the third named is on a decent handicap and tracking well should be in the fight. Make note of the last named needs more distance but in this company if tried will spring a surprise.

Tips :Summers Breeze, Upset: Starstruck

Race 5: Open race Make My Day,Migrolino,Top Secret, and Supremacy,  should fight it out the second and third named have a slight edge.Balas Glory, is the dark horse Ramus horses are always tried in big races today is the first time in 9 runs a decent jockey is on her will make the difference.A place bet can go a long way.

Tips: Migrolino,Top Secret,             Upset: Balas Glory, (note)

Race 6: Change of equipment on Starscream, is a worry,The consistant but unlucky Cowboy Cal, has a good chance if luck is in his favor today.Brilliance, has a easy run first up now with the right jockey and distance can beat them all.

Tips: Brilliance,Cowboy Cal

Race 7: track work suggest Yourewindsofchange, should be the one to beat.Smooth GliderNessie,have the right draw and will be the danger to all if the intent is there/

Tips: Yourewindsofchange,  Nessie,         Upset: Smooth Glider,(note)

Race 8: Hillfiger, and Sudden Magik, should fight it out but the first named will be very hard to beat today.

Tips :Hillfiger, Upset:  Sudden Magik,

Race 9: Wide open race Next Move,Sweet SecretBoudicca, and La Jawaab, all have a good chance if the intent is right the last named is tracking well and can upset.

Tips : Boudicca, Sweet Secret,Upset: La Jawaab,

Days Best: Hillfiger,
Double: Hillfiger,Yourewindsofchange,
Treble:Smart EditionHillfiger,Yourewindsofchange,
Eachway or place bets:Loving Fantasy, Artic Breeze,Balas Glory,Brilliance,Smooth Glider,Sudden Magik,Boudicca, 

In the calcutta Oaks I like Silverina,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mumbai 20-12-12

Race 1: Going by trackwork and past form Winds Of Fortune, has a fair chance but keeping in mind she is a filly and carrying 61kgs over a mile is not a easy task Fairy Empress, and Blue Swallow, will keep her honest.

Tips: Winds Of Fortune,Fairy Empress,

Race 2: Negredo, has huge drop in class and has been tracking well expect a gamble on him today.Arabian Lord, and Bartimaeus, will be in the fray.

Tips: NegredoBartimaeus,

Race 3: Enlightenment, has the best credential to win here Titian, is the only danger.

Race 4: Memorable, is the one to beat here Monsieur Strauss, and Romalia, will keep her honest.Magic Star, is defiantly the joker in the pack and could be a Christmas gift for the work jockey.

Tips: Memorable,          Upset: Magic Star,

Race 5: Bad race with many negative jockeys and gamble horses.Best to leave this race Basic Life, if tried will win but being a Antia horse best to leave or decide at race time..New Wings, and Star Zone, have won races and have half decent jockeys can win here.

Tips: Star Zone,New Wings,

Race 6: First timers best to avoid Sword Of Honour, is tracking very well and can upset.Sky Lantern, is the joker in the pack.

Race 7: Bad race Zoom Zoom, and Super Satin,  are the ones to beat.

Race 8: If Shahenshah, is fit he will win.Arctic Minstrel, and Bold Dancer, are the danger.

Tips: Shahenshah,Arctic Minstrel, Upset Bold Dancer

Race 9: Another Bad race best to avoid.She's Sweet, is ready to strike and should be the one to beat.Windsor Queen, and Warrior Prince, are inter linked best to watch the market I think the second named will be tried.Spirit Of Ecstasy, is the joker in the pack can upset.

Tips: She's SweetSpirit Of Ecstasy

Race 10: Song Of Sparrow, has a huge drop in class and is tracking well expect a gamble.Oriental Sapphire, should be in the fray along with Ceasarina, who is ready too.

Tips: Song Of Sparrow,            Upset: Ceasarina,

Days Best: Memorable,  
Double: MemorableShahenshah,
Treble Kaichi:  MemorableShahenshah,Zoom Zoom,
Eachway or Place prospects:Fairy Empress, Negredo,Star Zone,She's Sweet,Song Of Sparrow,

Bolt from the Blue: Magic Star,Bold Dancer

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