Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bangalore 29th July 2012

Very Open card today look for Value bets.

Race 1: Open Gamble race with many possible horses being tried here.Horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-10-11 all have a fair chance if tried.Southern Pearl, is best on handicap but Ignored because of jockey. Yamaguchi, has come up a lot very likely to be tried today should be right there.Surprisesucceeding, has also come up a lot and can win.But a race to avoid from a punting point of view.

Tips: 6) Yamaguchi, 5)Surprisesucceeding

Race 2: Amazon Bay, and Volcano, have run good races but failed to win. A drop in distance wont make the first named run faster hence wont be easy the second named was not ridden on merit when had a chance to win.Amalfi, seems a nice horse first run but looks very well prepared and 1100 is a good starting distance first up hence my first pick however being first run I dont recommend a bet.

Tips:6) Amalfi

Race 3: Very Open race.The connections of  Foswell, have opted to run him in a higher class and has a good handicap will make the most of it has had no luck all season but well rested and with a little bit of luck he can win here. Ice Mint, is the joker in the pack jockey is a donkey but the horses has merit there is a good chance he will be tried in this set considering he is the only horse from the (Poonawalla) stud running in the (Poonawalla Stud Plate) considering that horses 5-6-9-10 are not contenders he has to beat only 3 horses to finish in the top 3 is a possibility.

Tips: Foswell,                        Upset:  Ice Mint,

Race 4: Never Say Goodbye, looks very well prepared to win here if the wide draw does not affect her chances. Anna, is the one to watch here she has been hiding form for a long time has the right jockey and handicap today and can upset should place by default.

Tips:7) Never Say Goodbye,Upset:5) Anna,(note for place)

Race 5: Yourewindsofchange, is in great heart should run a great race, Change of equipment has put me off on Ben Ten, who was probably the one who could beat him, Thoughts N Actions, is in good form but 4th run in 6 weeks has put me off. From the rest horses Romance In The Air, and Lad Fury, are danger horses the first named has had two easy forward runs and well placed on handicap should be in the fray today dont ignore the second named had a fall last time and it will pay how she runs today.

Tips :7)Yourewindsofchange,  Upset: 9) Romance In The Air,(should place can win)

Race 6: Interesting race being a mile and most of them being tested for the first time.Own Asset, is probably the most experienced of the lot but over raced hence avoided,Ratham, will have no problems with the trip but does she have that extra class is a ?? however she will be right there.Ace Dancer, is tracking very well and won well last time has got a very good turn of foot I personally think mile is her optimum trip and is likely the one to beat.An Acquired Taste, is a smart galloper and will stay the trip no problem going first up in a mile is no problem but does he have the class will be decided today.Charlemagne, is a smart horse but her stamina is a ?? plus her manners at the gates has not been too good so avoidable.Sandstorm, is the joker in the pack ran well first up tracking well too will stay the trip and should be in the fray.Sun Salutation, has an outside chance but seems a moody horse so left alone.

Tips: 4) RathamAce Dancer,             Upset:8) Sandstorm

Race 7: Very Open race however my shortlisted 3 are horses 4-10-11. If any Kripa, or Mark Of Genius,are serious today will be hard to toss  the inside draw for the first named and no track work is a problem the second named should do it today. Make note of Adonis, inside draw is the only issue but if there is a Upset here it is.

Tips:Mark Of Genius,               Upset:Adonis,

Race 8: Open race and any horse can win here. Horses 2-3-5-6-9-11 all have a fair chance if tried.The Situation, and Javanica, have form and merit but drawn very wide which makes this race wide open, Rising Sun, is also coming up but drawn wide,Raja's Pet,  has a decent jockey but this set is much superior then the last time. Make note of  Astonishing, who was good horse that went wrong he ran after a long layoff and finished unextended 7th only 10 lengths behind Raphire today running amongst his peer her last spurt was very impressive and If there is a Upset here is one.

Tips: Astonishing,Raja's Pet,

Race 9: There will be a gamble on Afternoon Delight, today and if I am right have a good Afternoon. Wrekin,  has merit but giving wieght to the former and Our Love, who has a negative change of equipment is going to be difficult. Symbol Of Success, is the joker in the pack and can upset at good odds.

Tips: Afternoon Delight,(Gamble horse decide at race time)         Upset: Symbol Of Success,(Note)

Days Best: Never Say Goodbye,
Double: Never Say Goodbye,Yourewindsofchange,
Kaichi or Win:Foswell, Never Say Goodbye,Yourewindsofchange,
Eachway or Place prospects: Anna,Romance In The Air,Ratham,Mark Of Genius,Astonishing,Afternoon Delight,(Gamble horse decide at race time) Symbol Of Success,

Bolt from the Blue: Ice Mint,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bangalore 28th July

Mainly a card where fancied runner should prevail P S Chauhan can have a good day today as he has some very good mounts specially the ones he has had a ride on before and failed.

Race 1: A race for maiden 3yos can some time be tricky as horses can show improvement. However it looks limited to horses 1-6-7. Applejack, is the one to beat has improved a lot.See You Later, last run is best ignored had come up well since then and should be right there place is default upset is likely.

Tips:1) Applejack,    

Race 2:Its best to avoid this race although the result will be between the fancied runners all of them are closly matched and it can go any way. Cielo Signore, has been fancied in all her starts but has not once shown improvement over the last run best to avoid.horses 5-7-8 should dominate the finish.Boudicca, has come up a lot since last run and should be the one to beat.Firelight, was unlucky last run but will improve and should be in the fray.Shivalik Pride, is a vastly improved horse and can beat them all I personally feel there will be a big coup on him today.

Tips: Boudicca,Firelight,

Race 3: Summers Breeze, is a gamble horse however she does not like being whipped and is carrying top weight plus her behavior at the gates last time doesn't give any confidence.Horses 2-4-5 should dominate the finish.Attractive Bay, has good speed but running first up so hard to say.Jeyem's Pride, has come up a lot since last run and good handicap will run a good race and should be in the top 3.Florence, has been prepared well and should be the one to beat has a strong rider today.

Tips:5) Florence,4)Jeyem's Pride

Race 4: Wind Stream, is tracking very well but first run of the season is a problem,Amitayus, has improved a lot and the blinkers will make him run a better race should be the one to beat.Make note of Chiron, here who is tracking very well should be in the fray and can upset.

Tips:1)  Amitayus,           Upset: 6) Chiron,

Race 5: Aztec Gold, finished an un extended 6th in his last run today with a few fast horses will run a far improved race and is the one to beat. Bullet, has merit but dint like the under foot conditions hence avoidable.Demonstrator, and Firezone, are the horses of class here the second named will win when ever tried and the first named should run a fair race today can upset.

Tips:8) Aztec Gold

Race 6: Real Steel, has improved a lot and should win here however i do feel the distance is a bit sharp for him. Anonymous, and Sweet Secret, are the danger animals. The first named is a nice horse but running after a long lay off best to watch how he goes as his fitness is a ?? the second named is one horse you can Ignore is a gamble horse but intent looks clear should easily place and can upset note.

Tips:3)Real Steel Upset: Sweet Secret,(note)

Race 7: Shivalik Star, looks a good type won very well last time but beat no one today in class 3 with a lot of pretenders should win here however Thunderbay, will not make it easy for him ran a good race last time considering she ran in a span of 7 days today well rested and tracking well to should not go down without a fight can beat the favorite too but its a toss up.Make note of Scenic Blast, here was a very good winner last time and should easily place again upset looks unlikely with the jockey but place looks very good.

Tips:5)  Shivalik Star, 7) Thunderbay,              Upset: 2) Scenic Blast, (note for place)

Race 8: Gamble race horses 3-5-6-7-8-10 should be involved although I do really like Shahraan, the choice of jockey has put me off dont ignore in your jackpot pools or minor combos.Balance Of Nature,and Fire Storm, should do well here if tried but intent is unknown. The first named is better and should be the one to beat.

Tips:10) Balance Of Nature,8) Fire Storm,        Upset:5)  Shahraan,

Days Best: Aztec Gold
Double: Aztec GoldReal Steel
Win or Kaichi Prospects:Boudicca,  Amitayus,  Aztec GoldReal SteelShivalik Star,
Eachway or Place prospects: Chiron,Sweet Secret,Scenic Blast,Shahraan,
Bolt from the Blue: Firezone,

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pune 27 July

Race 1:1) Fireback,           Upset:6) Knight Rider

Race 2: 8) Sweaty Betty, 1)Stylish Strokes,

Race 3: BrunelloTowering High

Race 4:4) Desert Eagle,3) Westerlie,

Race 5:3) Winter Wind,1) Phosphor

Race 6:1) White Knight, Lyrical Symphony,

Race 7: Limitless Hills,

Race 8: Ciel Indienne,Star Trainer

Race 9: Apocalypse,

Race 10: Royal Honour,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pune 26th july

Due to lack of time following are some pointers for today it is not advisable to make big bets in the early part of the season as the Pune course doesnot suit a lot of horses. Avoid horses that have never run or not performed on this track.

Race 1: Tips: 11) Prince,1)Rewarding,     Upset: 5) Bathsheba

Race 2: Mishri,Mountain WarriorQueen's Campand Sterling Silver, should dominate the finish the first 2 named love this track and should be the ones to beat.t

Tips:3)  Mishri,               Upset:4) Mountain Warrior,

Race 3: Guns N Roses,(eachway or place)

Race 4: AnahiMateus Rose, (note)

Race 5: Windmill Lady,

Race 6: Incognito,

Race 7: Twittillator,Purple Moon,

Race 8: Lucky Red,

Race 9: Koh Samui,

Race 10: Gloria,      Upset: Matilda,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bangalore 22 July 2012

A mixed card today pick the right races.

Race 1: A Gamble race with many horses likely to be tried. Horses 3-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 all have a chance if they have a tried best to leave the race as it could go anyway.Style Of Signature Molly Malone, and Montag, are horses that can beat the fancied runners if the intent is there.The last name is tracking very well and the second named is speedy and carrying nothing it if very likely there will be a gamble on her today. Best to decide at race time or definitely not  race worth a bet.

Tips:11)  Molly Malone,8) Montag,

Race 2: A wide open race the first 5 horses have the breeding to stay the trip how ever its best to see what 3yo do the first time they run over a mile.Angel Crown, has an disadvantage of going up in distance and weight hence best to avoid.Starstruck, and  
Entertainer, have been tracking well the first named looks very well prepared and the second named is tracking well and has a strong rider to finished on however It is very likely that Provocateur, is going to go on a start to finish mission has the experience and a jockey who can dictate the terms hence has a slight advantage over the rest however such races are best to watch.

Tips: 2) Provocateur,              Upset: 3) Entertainer,

Race 3: Looks a straight fight between Final Countdown, and Sweet Angel, who are likely to be in the money. Make note of Potential, who is running after a long layoff but is tracking very well can upset there or place at good odds.

Tips: 1) Final Countdown,     Upset: Potential,(note for a place)

Race 4: Purely on handicap Spaniard, is very well placed in this set to win today. His last run is best Ignored as he had no luck in the race but today it all goes well he will win.

Tips: 8) Spaniard,

Race 5: In The Spotlight,

Race 6: A wide open race and luck will dictate the result however if Bullet, behaves at the gates he will be the one to beat.

Tips: 1) Bullet,                   

Race 7: Open race and improvement is on the card for a few runners here best to avoid.Make note of Dance Of A General, who seems to have come up a lot since last run and can upset.

Race 8: Dancerella, is tracking very well and has the form to support it should be the one to beat but is not out standing. Gluteus Maximus, and Sudden Magic, have come up a lot since their last run and should be right there. Make note of the last named today can upset and should not be ignored for minor placing or jackpot.

Tips : 1) Gluteus Maximus, 8) Dancerella,           Upset:6) Sudden Magic,

Days Best: Spaniard,
Double: Spaniard,In The Spotlight,
Eachway pr place bets:  Potential,BulletGluteus Maximus,
Bolt from the Blue: Sudden Magic,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bangalore 21st july

Today's card is to accommodate small owners hence expect many gambles. Fancied runners should deliver but chose your picks wisely.

Race 1: Clearly a Gamble race with many inform but gamble horses, Horses 1-3-5 are 3yos with some form running a VB race Knock Out, has good form and run in good company however a gamble horse so best to decide at race time the horse has merit but although she is down in class and tracking very well she is up in distance and Weight so proceed with caution as that can be her undoing. One From A Billion, is also carrying the weight but has run 7 flgs before which gives her an edge, Shades Of Scarlet, has run a good race but negative change in equipment is a worry. Velvetine, should be in the fray but win looks unlikely.Benedict, and Wonder Lash, are experienced 4yos with decent form being gamble horses its hard to say however the first named needs a strong rider and has one if the intent is there will be the one they all have to beat.
Best to leave the race.

Race 2: Looks a straight fight between Invincible Shot, and Hillstone, Handicap is in the favor of the later but the manner of victory of the former suggest he will win again.Catamaran, is the joker in the pack her last run is best ignored as she was very fractious and had interference at the start is tracking well and has a decent handicap if the Jockey can do her justice she will upset should at worst place.

Tips: 2) Invincible Shot,          Upset:5) Catamaran,

Race 3: Hatchet Harry, won very well first up but is a gamble horse, this set will be difficult.Horses 2-4-9-10 should give the former a run for it. Regal Hostess, has a negetive change in Shoeing however keep in mind the horse has won once and placed once in Steel Shoe and a good jockey aboard will be the one to beat.Royal Spirit, is good on handicap but intent is unknown. Make note of Signifies, if there is a upset here its likely to come from here her last run and subsequent spurt was very good with the right intent jockey wont matter.

Tips:9) Regal Hostess,                      Upset :4) Signifies,

Race 4: Looks a straight fight between Brabus Speed, and Lads Ability, however it can go either way. Make note of Cat Logan, who ran 9 lengths behind free law but that run was after a lay off of 6 months which was a very good run. The horse has enough class and potential to improve by atleast 10-12 lengths since that run. Is tracking very well and should upset here if the intent is there note.

Tips:9) Cat Logan, 2)Lads Ability,

Race 5) Stellar Ambition, is well placed and is a nice animal but has had some health issues recently however has enough class to win here.Absolute Majority, and Whistlejacket, are the obvious danger animals but will have to be at their best to beat the former.

Tips: 10) Stellar Ambition,           Upset:8) Whistlejacket

Race 6: Gamble race best to avoid.Super Spectacle, is the dark horse and can upset.

Race 7:Another gamble race Summer Sun, and Delta Delight, are both gamble horses and are ready to strike best to decide at race time as flow of money will decide the outcome.Make note of Bernicia, in this set can place at good odds.

Tips:1 Delta Delight,            Upset:8 Bernicia,

Race 8: Another Gamble race, Inspirator, has come up a lot since last run and should run a good race today. Make note of Tribal Queen, here specially if the connections have a win earlier in the day which is likely she can upset at these weights.

Tips:3) Inspirator,            Upset ; 11) Tribal Queen,

Days Best: Delta Delight,
Eachway or Place Prospects:Catamaran,Signifies,Cat Logan,Bernicia,Tribal Queen,

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