Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mumbai 22 Jan 2012

Race 1: AlejandraAshwa Yodhaa,           Upset: Mountain Flora,

Race 2: Star Alliance,Berlusconi, Toss up

Race 3: Star Of Venus, Amadeus,

Race 4:Oluchi, Fireback,               Upset: Hills And Heights,

Race 5:Guernica, Last Tango,           Upset: Lake Como,

Race 6: Storm Tracker,

Race 7: Ice Empire, Set Ablaze,

Race 8: Romantique, Smashing,              Upset: Capriole,(note)

Race 9: Aliyana,Martinique,           Upset: Royal Honour,

Race 10: Sorrento,                Upset: Purple Patch,

Days Best: Sorrento,  
Double: SorrentoStorm Tracker,
Kaichi or Win prospects: Sorrento, Storm Tracker,Alejandra,Guernica,
Eachway or Place prospects: Ashwa Yodhaa,Aliyana,Romantique,Ice Empire,Fireback, Star Alliance,

Bolt from the Blue: Capriole,Hills And Heights, and Purple Patch,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bangalore 21 Jan 2012

Race 1: Cornelius,             Upset: Speedy Girl,

Race 2: Hot Stuff,

Race 3: Southern Pearl,Spark Of Passion,

Race 4:AnnaSparkling Image,        Upset: Its My Party,

Race 5: Tomsk,Win Again,              Upset: Dramatic Dancer,

Race 6: Lowndes Square,   Aztec Gold,    Upset: Sun Control,

Race 7: Celestial Son,                 Upset: A Move To Remember,

Race 8: Rise To Glory,            Upset: Sandhurst,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bangalore 20 Jan 2012

Race 1: Shining Fame,              Upset: Cute Angel,

Race 2: Violent Storm,  No Doubt,            Upset : Blue Star,

Race 3: Super Saloni,Spring Beauty,

Race 4: Sudden Magic,               Upset: Cat Logan,

Race 5: Point Taken,           Upset: Red Admiral,

Race 6: North Cape,Savvy Concept,

Race 7: Citrali, Smooth Glider,

Race 8 : Own Empire,

Days Best: Own Empire,
Double: Own Empire,Sudden Magic,
Win or kaichi Prospects: Own Empire,Sudden Magic, Point Taken,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mumbai jan Quick Tips

Guys like I have mentioned earlier I am caught up with a few personal issues till the end of month and havent been following racing. Following are my options of the day plase keep in mind that they are my quick views due to lack of time so do your homework before u go for your wallet. Good Luck

Race 1:Bad race  By The Way,           Upset: Bayblues,(note)

Race 2: Anahi,           Upset: Royal Lady,

Race 3: Bling,

Race 4: Lake Geneva, Vibgyor,            Upset: Rein In Spain, (note will stay the trip)

Race 5:Bad race  Follow Me,Zeki,       Upset: Faramarz, Note

Race 6: Halle, Suntan Beauty,           Upset: Showers Of Heaven,

Race 7: Riding Onthe Storm,Desert Eagle,          Upset: Afsoon,

Race 8 : Circus Ring,Golden Memory,          Upset: Marciano,(note)

Race 9: Destined To Glory,            Upset: Viva Zapata,

Race 10: Clarion Call,

Days Best: Bling,
Double:  Bling,Clarion Call,
Kaichi or win prospects: Bling,Clarion Call,Destined To GloryCircus Ring,
Eachway or place bets: Bayblues,Riding Onthe Storm,Zeki,Rein In Spain,Royal Lady,Viva Zapata,

Bolt from the blue: Faramarz, and Marciano,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cup Race Bangalore

ReZoom and O One will fight for honors the first named is well placed on handicap and will be the one to beat O One is well rested now and can trouble the best.

Good Luck

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking a Break

Hi Guys,

   Due to personal reasons I am taking a break till the end of the month. I have too much going on in my personal life and am only focusing on it at the moment. Please accept my apologies but its beyond my control at the moment.
I have personally taken a break from racing but do go through the card quickly and if there is anything worth a mention I will post it. I do understand its Classic season hence I will try and give my opinion on those races if time permits.

I thank you for your support and good wishes and I hope you all have a wonderful 2012.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bangalore 7 Jan 2012

Race 1: Wrekin,        Upset: Nocturnal Hunter,

Race 2:Young Achiever, Abbys Baby,            Upset: Thejaguar,

Race 3: Sunday Storm,             Upset: Hillfiger,

Race 4: Hamsafar,Savvy Concept,       Upset: Voodoo Moon,

Race 5: Casanova,                  Upset: Sparkling Star,

Race 6:I have my doubts on the staying prowess of Southern Bay, and if I am right then Loveatfirstsight, will win the THE BANGALORE OAKS .

Tips: Loveatfirstsight,                  Upset: Argentum, (should be in the top 3)

Race 7: One Life To Love,                 Upset: String Along,

Race 8: Royal Surprise,Supremacy,        Upset: Mystere,

Race 9: Beau Sancy,                   Upset: Fruit King,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mumbai 5 Jan 2012

Race 1: Wings To Fly,             Upset: Lake Como,

Race 2: Mountain Lion,          Upset: Ashwa Sakira,

Race 3: Blush,Alaska,         Upset: Kimaya,

Race 4: Sledgehammer,      Upset: Octopaul,

Race 5: Brave Vision,    Neptune,        Upset: Sterling Silver,

Race 6: Exuberance,  Legends Order,           Upset: Arabian Pride,

Race 7: Guns N Roses, Elena,               Upset: Awesomeness,

Race 8: Amaretto,             Upset: Scarface,

Race 9: Destiny,                Upset: Supreme Minstrel, (note)

Race 10: Hidden Goodness,

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