Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bangalore 30-6-2013

Race 1: Many first timers so hard to say Siena, is tracking well and should run a good race.Policy Maker, has better form then the rest.

Tips: Policy Maker,Siena

Race 2: A race with a lot of talented runners Arrogant Approach,Regal Boast, and Winged Foot, are mt top 3 the last named seems to be a good galloper and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Winged Foot,Arrogant Approach, Upset :Regal Boast

Race 3: Gamble race and anyone can win here Super Saloni,Emphatic Victory, and Raja's Pet, are 3 horses who have won in the past and brought back down to compete in this call all 3 have had a decent run and a gamble on them today considering the field is week is more than likely. the First and last named are the ones to watch out.

Tips: Super Saloni,              Upset: Raja's Pet, (note)

Race 4: Tricky race 5 of the 9 runners are 3yos of which 3 are running a handicap race for the first time which itself is a big drop in class. The very well bred Sweet N Smart, and Cool Baby, have run good races in terms and are today pitted against some very average VB animals if the intent is there which is more than likely the winner will come from them. The first named finished a length behind Argiano who has won 2 races and now rated 70 and has beaten Royal Salute who is a winner too and now rated 43 if you go by that scale and if the horse is ridden on merit he does stand out. The second named ran a very good forward race first up this season showing a lot of speed and if tried will be running a good race.

Tips :Sweet N Smart,             Upset: Cool Baby,

Race 5: Dancing Inthe Rain, ran a good race first up and should be the one to beat.Maths Professor, and State Of Joy, should be right there.

Tips: Dancing Inthe Rain,

Race 6: A very nice race with a few speedy prospects the pace of the race will decide the outcome. Luck and jockey skill will be the key factor here.Magical Spell,Whispering Gallery, and Santa Monica, are my top 3 here.

Tips ;Magical Spell,Whispering Gallery, Upset Santa Monica,(note place)

Race 7: Assurance, is ready to strike and will win today. Javanica,  is the danger if tried.

Tips: Assurance,               Upset: Javanica

Race 8: Open race horses 1-7-9-11-12 all have a fair chance if tried.Lad Star, is my first choice to beat Alcazaba, and Midtown Magic, here.

Tips: Lad Star,  Alcazaba, Upset Midtown Magic,

Race 9: Roses In Bloom, has a fair chance to win here.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bangalore 29-6-13

Race 1: Interesting race with a few talented animals in the fray best to avoid as they are youngsters and will show different measures of improvement so hard to say. Ademaro, and Placervilles Glory, look the main contenders I prefer colts at this stage of their lives.

Tips; Ademaro,

Race 2: Open race Mystic Lavenders, who had no luck in the last 2 starts has the credentials but has to compete with a few hidden horses that are likely to be tried today Law Of The Land, is one of them and if I am right he will be the one to beat.The Phenomena, is the joker in the pack unlikely to be tried here but if paddock condition is good take a small punt in place or eachway.

Tips: Law Of The LandMystic Lavenders,

Race 3: A very open race as many horses are stepping down from terms to Handicap and some of them will be class one in a matter of time. Horses 1-3-4-6-10-13 are the ones in question.Lucky Thirteen,Royal Salute, and Arziki, are my top 3 the first named has the best jockey and the best handicap should be  the one to beat.

Tips: Lucky Thirteen,

Race 4: Track work suggest Real Steel, has improved a lot and should win here. If there is rain today take a chance on Red Bolt

Tips: Real Steel,             Upset: Red Bolt

Race 5: A wide open race but today they will have to look out for Atlantus, who is ready to strike. The Leader, is tracking very well will improve a lot from last run can upset.

Tips: Atlantus,The Leader,

Race 6: Horses 2-7-10-12 should fight it out Wind Of Soul, is the one to beat.

Race 7: Bad race but Wrekin, and Amazon Bay, are the ones to beat.

Tips: Wrekin, Upset Amazon Bay,

Race 8: Should be a toss up between State Secret, and Will Star, jockey skills will mater.

Tips: Will Star, State Secret

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bangalore 23-6-13

Race 1: Glamour BoyMy Favourite Voiceand Prince Academy, look like they are likely contenders the first and last named have been tracking well after their first run. Best to avoid or decide at race time.

Tips: Prince Academy,            Upset: Glamour Boy,

Race 2: Hard to say as many first timers best to avoid.

Race 3: A wide open race and many likely contenders Sugar Fairy, and Success Star, both have a good chance to win here.

Tips: Sugar Fairy,Success Star,

Race 4: Triumphant, has a default chance here as there are a lot of pretenders in this race.

Race 5: Wide open race My short listed 3 are AcclaimedAce Bucephalus, and Nabisco, as I can see these 3 going a long way the second named is a horse that will surprise them all.

Tips : Ace BucephalusAcclaimed,    Upset:  Nabisco,

Race 6: Cheque Discounter,Spiritual Star

Race 7: Bad Race

Race 8: Afternoon Delight

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bangalore 22-6-13

Race 1: VB race but form and track work suggest Arthur, and Samovar, are the ones to beat if the intent is right.

Tips: Arthur,Samovar

Race 2: Artic Attraction, and Zenica, are tracking extremely well and should fight for honors the second named can surprise.

Tips ;Artic Attraction,   Zenica,

Race 3: A open race both fancied horses have the potential but are running after a long lay off so hard to see form Absolute Majority, is the better of the two how ever distance may be short. Sukhmanee, was a impressive winner last run and should improve Twinklingofaneye, can upset.

Tips:Sukhmanee  Upset: Twinklingofaneye,

Race 4: Shoot Out,Starscream, and The Phenomena, are My top 3 in this open race if the first named is on the money he will be hard to beat.

Tips: Shoot Out,Starscream, UpsetThe Phenomena,

Race 5: An Acquired Taste, should win here from Field Marshal, who is now ready and will keep them on their toes.

Race 6: A wide open race best to look for value each way bets Sumitomo, and Potomac, are of value the second named is conceding minimum of 8kgs from the fancied runners and that's a lot over a mile will be in the fray and can win worth a each way bet.

Tips: PotomacSumitomo

Race 7: Charlatan, was a impressive winner last start and should repeat.Imperial Verse, is on a good handicap and can upset.

Tips: Charlatan,       Upset: Imperial Verse

Race 8: Arun,Gustavo, and Strive And Serve, should fight for honors here.

Tips : Arun,      Upset: Gustavo

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bangalore 16-6-13

Race 1: Horses 1-2-3-4-7-9-10 all have a fair chance if tried it is likely at least 5 of them will be tried so best to look for value or leave the race.Sweet Angel, finished an un extended 4 last time and was moving very well hence worth a punt.Balance Of Nature,  and Mystic Lavenders, both have a fair chance due to the jockey factor.

Tips: Sweet Angel,

Race 2: With no real form horse and many first timers it will pay to follow horses with a benefit of a run this season. Both Hydrabad contenders have that advantage and it will pay to watch the condition of Vijays Grandeour, who weighed in at 500 kgs in his last run where he was very gross if his body weight today is around the 480 mark he will run a good race as his last  two spurts are good.

Tips: Vijays Grandeour,Laguna Beach

Race 3: I Gotala has two runners here and all depends on what the intent is decide at race time. Absolute Red, is the better of the two.Horses 2 3 5 8 all have a chance here too and it will depend on who is trying so it is best to avoid the race.

Tips :Absolute Red

Race 4: Queen Of The Stars, and Lagoona, should fight it out here the first named was a very impressive winner last time and should repeat if all goes well .

Tips: Queen Of The Stars

Race 5: HillstoneLads Gladiator,  and Super Surprise,  are my top 3 in this open race. The first named belongs to I Gotala hence best to decide at race time but if serious he will win here. The second named has a lot of heart and the right jockey today don't ignore can upset.

Tips ; Hillstone,   Upset: Lads Gladiator

Race 6: There is no doubt that Starry Eyes, is a good classy animal but looking at her mock race it is not clear if she likes this track as there was no fluency in her stride plus the fact that she is running amongst her class of horses and drawn wide she will be truly tested, It will pay to avoid her today or at least halve your bets. Amelia,Keturah,Shamrock Lady, and Striking, are my short listed 4 to beat the favorite here. the first named is well prepared will relish the step up in distance and should run a good race today, the third named won on debut and beat a very good horse can repeat the last named found one better and can upset here as improved by track work and finally Keturah, who i feel has a very good gallop you rarely see Z Darashah bring his horses to bangalore and even more rare is you see his horses in Aluminium shoe I do feel he has a very good chance here and should be the one they all have to beat.

Tips: Keturah,Amelia,               Upset: Shamrock Lady

Race 7: Sunstone,Sudden Magik, and Cirque Du Soleil, should fight for honors here. the second named has a very good chance to win.Own Asset, is the joker in the pack can upset as distance is ideal.

Tips: Sudden Magik,Sunstone,             Upset: Own Asset

Race 8: Arch Duchess, should prevail over Keukenhof,  and Ray Of Light

Race 9: Lucky Sam, has the best credentials to win  here from either Neron, or Viva Diva, both are ready to strike.

Tips : Lucky Sam,            Upset: Neron,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bangalore 15-6-13

Race 1: A race with a open look with many gamble horses. Horses 1-3-4-7-8-11 are all in good contention and if tried any one can win. I prefer Faith And Toil,and The Scientist, as my top two the second named is far superior but his manner at the gate is the problem.

Tips: Faith And Toil,The Scientist,

Race 2: Not a lot of interested horses here.Super Silver, is the best performed of the lot is looking fit too by track movements but S shoe is a worry I think he will be tried the negative equipment is for odds.Ultrasonic, and Feet On Fire, are also in contention but unsure of the first named fitness best to avoid the race.

Tips: Super Silver,Feet On Fire

Race 3: Shivalik Fire, looks very well prepared to win toady and will not disappoint.Strive And Serve, can place.

Race 4: Fire Storm, and Bella Pinky, should fight it out the first named is better.

Tips: Fire Storm

Race 5: A wide open race and any horse can win but dont ignore Quick EnoughValahak,and Jersey Girl, have enough in them to beat this set the first named has a definate edge considering his last easy run.

Tips: Quick Enough, Upset : Valahak,

Race 6: Coral Springs, and Fearless Moments, both from hydrebad should dominate the finish here.

Tips: Coral Springs, Upset Fearless Moments

Race 7: All Proof, has a slight edge in this very open race.

Race 8: Another bad race but Delilah, is the one to beat.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bangalore 9-6-13

Race 1: A race with VB horses and Jockeys best to avoid there should be a gamble here not sure on what.

Race 2:A very tricky race, fancied Simra, has no track since last run jockey is the only positive but you can back a horse based on that however it is more then likely they will try a gamble on Wind Tunnel, as same connection make your decision at race time. Impressiveattitude, failed to deliver a coup last time in this company should be right there. Kentucky Rose, has a huge drop in class and is speedy enough to keep them on their toes however keep in mind she is a very small filly 412kgs and carrying top weight and the fact that she is running in a span of 14 Days is a bit too much so she is not outstanding decide after you see her paddock conditions. From the rest there are two horses that can spring a surprise if tried they are Ordered Steps, who had a very good forward run in march is tracking well and considering the quality of the field has a good chance if tried,Samovar, who has some consistency but not sure of intent.

Tips:Ordered Steps, Impressiveattitude,

Race 3: Artorius, and Scarlet O'hara, should fight it out the second named has a benefit of the run plus a good handicap and will give the first named who is a better animal.

Tips: Artorius, UpsetScarlet O'hara,

Race 4: Anfield, and Scuffle, should fight for honors the second named has beaten some very good animals and if fit should be hard to beat.

Tips : Scuffle

Race 5: Wind ForceDivine DeliveranceFormula Oneand Red Admiral, are my top 4 in this race the first named needed the run last time and is the one to beat, The third named will improve too the one to note is Red Admiral, who can upset if the intent is there.

Tips: Wind ForceFormula One,Upset: Red Admiral,

Race 6:A wide open race but the terms of the race are in favor of RidgewayHemisphere, and Montezuma, the second named needs a longer strech run but should run a fair race.

Tips : Ridgeway,Montezuma,

Race 7: Difficult race as first timers but purely on track work horses 6-7-12 look good.

Race 8: This is a wide open race and any of the 8 horses can win luck and intent are the key. Severstahl, was a one time classic  horse with a set back his last 2 runs are forward and suggest he is fit plus is down a class can win if the intent is right.Lad Star, and Saganaki, can also win if tried the first named is the danger to all today.Both Ratham, and Auburn Beauty, are of the same caliber the firstnamed has a benefit of a run and can upset.

Tips: Ratham, Auburn Beauty,        Upset: Lad Star

Race 9: Gamble race but horses 1-2-5-12 have the best credentials.

Tips: Artic BreezeOne From A Billion,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bangalore 8-6-13

Race 1: With no real form horse and first time runners its best to avoid the race. Make note of Summer Gold, who's last spurt was good and should easily place and can upset.

Tips: Summer Gold,

Race 2: Southern Sky, has a good handicap advantage and should make the most of it.

Tips: Southern Sky,

Race 3: Looks like a Toss up between Socrates, and Madame Bovary, and jockey skills will matter second named has a slight edge.

Tips; Madame Bovary,

Race 4: Aumento, and Flashing Colours, should fight it out here the second named had a very good run first up and should be hard to beat if all is well.

Tips: Flashing Colours

Race 5: Clever Trick, had a easy run firs up should make amends with the positive change here. The danger is the stable mate Red Bolt,  who loves these conditions and if it rains he can upset.

Tips: Clever Trick,

Race 6: A wide open race that can go anyway. Horses Zagato,Mickey Mouse, and Noble Reward,  are horses that are good on the track and can upset. The second named needs to behave at the gates and if he does he will be the one to beat.Is is best to avoid this race or take a small ew punt on any of the three after u see the paddock conditions.

Tips: Mickey Mouse,Upset: Noble Reward

Race 7: Another open race with the top 7 runners are all in with a good chance and its best to avoid. Horses I Specialist, and Meghalaya, run best in their first runs and going by jockey skills the second named has a good chance.Wind Of Soul, will keep them honest.

Tips : Meghalaya,  Wind Of Soul,        Upset:  I Specialist

Race 8: Another wide open race best to avoid or take a small eachway chance on Spark Of Diablo, or Sugar Fairy, the first named is a better animal.

Tips: Spark Of Diablo, Upset Sugar Fairy,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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