Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mumbai 29 Feb 2012

Race 1: Ashwa Yodhaa,                      Upset: Bonny Light,.

Race 2: Fantastic,                  Upset: Gloria,

Race 3: Staffan,                    Upset: Expelliarmus,

Race 4: Unknown Rebel   Upset: Be Cool,

Race 5:Tell Me More,      Diani,      

Race 6: Cogito Ergo Sum, Sledgehammer, toss up former will be hard to beat.

Race 7: Angel Child,           Upset: Scone,

Race 8: MatildaGlorious Miss,

Race 9: Showers Of Heaven, Snow Ball,

Race 10: Limitless Hills,            Upset: Blue Mellon,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mumbai 26-2-12

Race 1: On Papper the result should be limited to horses 1-4-7-8-9. So True, is running in a weaker set here has the best credentials to win is offered sufficient support in the sadle.Fantastic Kingdom, is tried can chaallend the best. Adams Prince, is bad at the gates but if all goes well can upset. However make note of Blades Of Glory, in this set today looks like the horses has been prepared well and its only a matter of time when he is tried, If it is today he will upset note.

Tips:So TrueFantastic Kingdom, Upset: Blades Of Glory,(note)

Race 2: Mountain Song, on paper should win but with Antia horses you never know best to watch the market.Saifeena, is the Likely candidate for an Upset,
Tips: Mountain Song,                Upset: Saifeena,

Race 3: This can turn out to be a tricky race for punters with not real pace and 5 Genuine contenders it will be and interesting finish and in such conditions Class always prevails.Rajasthan Royals, has the class and is a danger to all.

Tips: Rajasthan Royals,

Race 4:Result should involve the top 5 Soneeyo, has lost his way but is a better horse then his record states had a easy run first up and looks fit and ready to strike.Cent Per Cent, was impressive last win today is in a better company but the horse is on the up so you never know.Mountain Ruler, and Yuville, are running after a long break so racing fitness is a ??? hence best to avoid the second named is a better animal.Destined To Glory, is definately the dark horse will be suited by this trip can upset.

Tips: Soneeyo,Cent Per Cent,              Upset :Destined To Glory,

Race 5: Martinique, should open her account today.If you are looking for a Upset you can count on National Glory,

Tips: Martinique,                  Upset: National Glory,

Race 6 ; Smart Strider, should make ammends today however make note of Sumo, looks like a speedy animal and can upset.

Tips :   Smart Strider,        Upset : Sumo,

Race 7: Risky Business, is up in distance and up in wieght has to be be a very nice animal to beat this set of stayers.

Tips: Tara, Apache Indian,

Race 8: Open race

Tips: Southern Opinion,Turf Lightning,             Upset: Sikandar,

Race 9: Our Chieftain, Hidden Goodness,      Upset: Phosphor,

Race 10 : Arabian Eagle, Starlight Magic,                 Upset: Sylvinia,

Days Best: Martinique,
Double: Smart Strider,Martinique,
Win or Kaichi prospects:Rajasthan Royals, Smart Strider,Martinique, Our Chieftain,Mountain Song, Soneeyo,
Eachway or Place Prospects: Arabian Eagle,Turf Lightning,Sumo,Blades Of Glory,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bangalore 25 Feb 2012

Mixed card look for value.

Race 1: First timers so its hard to say Pendolino, and Nickel Chrome, are looking in a forward condition and should be the ones to beat.

Tips: Pendolino, Nickel Chrome,

Race 2: On Paper its a straight fight between Saganaki, Brilliance, and Samovar, intent and jockeys talent will guide their fortunes.

Tips: Samovar,Saganaki,

Race 3: Mi Amor, and Castro, should fight it out the latter has a slight edge but will be a close call.

Race 4: Gamble race but an upset cant be ruled out horses likly to cause a upset are Whisper In Town, and Turf Fame, the second named has a better of the 2 jockies but the first named is a far superior animal and if tried can wine note.

Tips: Whisper In Town,Red Hot,             Upset: Turf Fame,

Race 5: The Spartan, is very well placed on handicap to lift the race however an upset can be ruled out here and is there is one you can bank on Dramatic Dancer, jockey is a worry but I do believe he will be right there.

Tips: The Spartan,              Upset: Dramatic Dancer,

Race 6: Stellar Ambition, has a handicap advantage over Treasure Mountain, however she lost last time as she dint stay the trip today with 200 mts more the latter will still improve and is the better of the 2.Super Storm, is the only danger  to him and with 5 kgs in the bag will be right there.

Tips: Treasure Mountain, Super Storm,

Race 7: Gamble race best to decide at race time.

Tips: Fantabulous Star,She's A Lady,       Upset: Jaanvi, (note)

Race 8: Shuddering,Celestial Son,  and Foswell, look the meain contenders here however the last named has the best credentials to win.

Tips: Foswell,Celestial Son,             Upset: Shuddering,

Race 9: Gamble race best to decide at race time.

Tips: Sachimore, The First Bullet,

Days Best: The Spartan,
Double: The Spartan,Treasure Mountain,
Eachway or Place prospects: Foswell,Dramatic Dancer,Whisper In Town,Mi Amor,Samovar,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bangalore 24 -2 -2012

Hopeless card with most races have gambles written all over them watch the folw of money and decide.

Race 1: First Timers so best to avoid however Sweet Secret, and Union Jack, look wel prepared the first named will be the one to beat.

Tips : Sweet Secret,                 Upset: Union Jack,

Race 2: Looks like a straight fight between Gun Salute,  and Cafe Del Monte, and riding skill will decide the winner.

Tips: Cafe Del Monte,                  Upset: Gun Salute,

Race 3: Gamble race best to decide at race time and watch the flow of money. Javanica, is tried is the danger to all.Super Saloni, Biscotti,and Heart Of Gold, have merit if tried the second named is the better of the fancied runners.

Tips: Javanica, Biscotti,

Race 4: Another Gamble race best to decide at race time or stay away.

Tips: Caraway,Indian Pride,

Race 5: Southern King,           Upset: Cat Logan,

Race 6:  Spark Of Gold,  and Crown Empress, Toss Up the latter has a slight advantage.

Tips: Crown Empress,                 Upset: Spark Of Gold,

Race 7: Another Gamble race best to decide at race time or stay away.

Tips :Jaldi, Six Shooter,               Upset: Another Destiny,

Race 8: Gold Venture,Artic Breeze,           Upset: Stormyred,

Race 9: Inspirator,Star Of Desire,           Upset: Black Beauty,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mumbai 23 Feb 2011

Mainly a card that will be dominated by fancied runners. R Huges should have a good day today.

Race 1: Fortuner, is a favorite on the assumtion he will be tried, is a 6yr old who made a debut at the age of 5 suggest he is not the fittest of animals, his last run was very good but being a un sound and gamble horse its difficult to suggest a bet if you still want to go ahead it will pay to halve your bets.Peregrine Falcon, is speedy but un sound too can place and upset too but cant suggest a bet on her too.I do believe that Monarchos, Aleutian Zone, and Watch Out, will be the ones who will be fighting with anyone involved in a gamble. the second named has genuine form and jockey to bet the best.

Tips; Aleutian Zone,                          Upset: Monarchos,

Race 2: Bad race horses 1-2-3-5-8 probapbly have a fair chance Tzigane, Guernica, and Hym Path, have the best credentials if tried. the last named is running the right distance today and will be right there however if the first named behaves himself at the gates and takes a level start the he will win and would have been my first choice if he wasnt that moody at the gates.

Tips: Hym Path,                 Upset :Tzigane,(note)

Race 3: On Form if it is relevant horses 1-7-2-6 have a fair chance to pick up the honors. Fairy Queen, has the best form but is a very small horse carrying top wieght hence can lose. Sweaty Betty, has a fair handicap and is consistant enough to trouble the best. Herzeliyah, is the dark horse.

Tips: Sweaty Betty, Fairy Queen,              Upset: Herzeliyah,

Race 4: Carlyle Hills,  has been systamaticly brought down in class for a gamble has the best jockey in the set and should be the one to beat in this very open race.Savage Garden, is well palced on handicap and intent is clear with jockey selection and will be right there is a certain place and can upset.

Tips: Carlyle Hills,                       Upset:  Savage Garden,

Race 5: Best to leave this race as Antia and Lagad have 5 of the 3 runners It is likely that lagad will try both animals but with Antia only the one with his money on will be tried.Red Passion, and Creme De La Creme, are the better animals of the respective stables if run on merit.Diani, ex ( Sun Elegance ) who has beaten horses like Xisca and was touted as a classic contender had a easy run first up when his body wieght was 493 kgs, when his average racing wieght has been 450 kgs would have stripped fitter after last run and at race time if his wieght is around 470 or under expext a Gamble dont worry about the equipment if tried he will win.

Tips: Creme De La Creme,                Upset: Diani,

Race 6: Oceanic Wisdom, and Scholar, should fight it out the first named has an edge.

Tips ;Oceanic Wisdom,                 Upset: Scholar,

Race 7: Maidens and first timers hence hard to say however make note of Lord Aragorn, will run a good race and can upset the best.Star Fire Lady, is bred well and can be in the fray too.

Tips: Lord Aragorn,Edwina,                Upset: Star Fire Lady,

Race 8: Mountain Queen, should win                   Upset: So Royal,

Race 9: Madain and first timer race.
Tips: HOME FACTOR GLORIOUS SONG                      Upset: ACE OF DIAMOND

Race 10:  A very Open affair but make note of 2 horses here as if either is tried they will win they are Bat Yam, and Veneziano, from the fancied runners Royal Honour, has the best credentials.

Tips: Bat Yam,Royal Honour,                        Upset: Veneziano,

Days Best:Carlyle Hills,
Double: Carlyle Hills, Mountain Queen,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Carlyle Hills, Mountain Queen,Aleutian ZoneHOME FACTOR, Sweaty Betty,
Eachway or place bets: Bat Yam,Lord Aragorn,Scholar,Diani,Tzigane

Bolt of the Blue:Veneziano,Star Fire Lady,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mumbai 19 Feb 2012

Todays card is a go slow card for punters Good luck but look for value bets mainly eachway or place.Faisal Abbas has many well placed runners and I do feel he will have a good day today.

Race 1: Storm Tracker,

Race 2: Very open race and many horses will be tried here horses 1-4-5-7-9-11-13-14 all have a fair chance if tried. Money Strike,Bonny Light,Mountain Lion,Lazor Razor,Beautiful Mind, and Flashforward, will be involved in the finish. the first named is the one they all have to beat if tried,

Tips: Money Strike, Beautiful Mind,                  Upset: Lazor Razor,

Race 3: This is a very tricky race both the fancied runner will be tested for one reason or the other. Invictus, is a good animal but running after 5 months has obvious fitness issues and its best to leave horses like this alone. Sorrento, won well but is up in class and up in distance plus is running in a span of 3 day after being fully extended will need to be above this class to win again which is unliky.Ariane, is in very good form and better place on handicap against Eye Of The Storm, Snow Blaze, is also in great heart and if not for the jockey would have been a favorite here is definatly the one to beat and should be right there.

Tips: Snow Blaze,                 Upset: Ariane,

Race 4:Tricky race All runners are closely matched here and it will come down to jockeys talent to decide the out come. Ocean Wish, is a better animal then Class Apart, who won very well last time. Pure Elation, ran a good race first up after a long break and should improve from that run to beat the above 2.Incognito, and Martinique, have the same owners and the first named is better on jockeys judgement. However make note of Amaretto, who has fitness issues but is best placed on handicap dint have any initial speed last run but will run in a different light today will be moving the fastest and the long mumbai straight will work to her advantage.

Tips: Amaretto,             Upset: Pure Elation,

Race 5 :A very open race and it will pay to leave it alone Clarion Call, has always been a better then White Knight, and should finish in that order provided her BB holds up.Su Chaliyo, will have to be at his best to win 2000 mtrs at top wieght. Bling, will be running for the first time amongst a class 1 company is a horse with a big heart running amongst horses who havent won for a year will be right there or completly out classed.the last run of Romantique, should be ignored as she stumbled early in the race and was lucky to be on her feet plus she lost her chances as the pace was too slow. She has a good handicap and has the class to win here as todays pace will be very fast and if she has recovered well after her last run.Lastly Desert Rule, looks a definate contender is rated 79 but the connections have opted to run him in a 80 and above race will have no problems staying the trip and if he is allowed to make his own pace he can upset.

Tips: Romantique, Upset: Desert Rule,

Race 6: Distant Promise, is a gamble horse and if he is tried in this set good luck as it wont be easy. Horses 4-5-6-8-10-11-12-13-15 have a fair chance if tried.But this race is best avoided as far a betting is concerned. My choices below should prevail if tried. Make note of Houdini, who is at this handicap and is tracking very well dont worry about the jockey as if he is tried he will win

Tips:  Adventurer,Royal Connection,Rio Del Ray,             Upset: Houdini, (Note)

Race 7: Forest Legion, seems to be a very good animal and will be the one to beat Chicharito, is tracking very well can upset but being her first run its hard to say,make note of Anahi, who i believe is a very nice animal and if I am right she will Upset note.

Tips : Forest Legion,Chicharito,                 Upset: Anahi,

Race 8: This is a race in the memory of a Great Man and one thing will be for sure every single trainer,jockey and owner would want to win it which makes is a very good race where all 20 horses will be ridden on merit. Endless Horizon, was avery impressive winner last time and looks to have class and fitness but in such a big field will need all the luck.Ptolemy, is very consistant and has the best jockey aboard age is definately against this game animal.Emerald Valley, is back to her winning handicap but is running back in a short span,Floods Of Fortune, has come down well in class and with prakash working and accepting the ride gives him merit but being a blood vessel animal its hard to recommend,Tag Along Tommy, is drawn well in this field but the jockey should hold his nerve in this set. Laurus Pride,Macho Uno,Hammerhead, Pound Foolish,Smooth Operator,Laurus Pride,Star Of Zoltan, and Athos, have sme form and are tracking well and If you can pick a winner or place the consider yourself very lucky.

Tips:(note) Marine Zone, Star Of Zoltan,  Endless Horizon,          Upset: Hammerhead,

Race 9: Mainly a gamble race so best to watch the market Miracle Of Mercy, and Bartimaeus, should be the top 2 to beat.Machala, is one horse in this set will beat them all if he is tried which is very likely.

Tips: Miracle Of Mercy, Bartimaeus,              Upset: Machala,(note)

Days Best: Forest Legion,
Double: Forest Legion,Amaretto,
Eachway or Place bets: Forest Legion,Amaretto,Money Strike,Ariane, Marine Zone, Machala, Houdini,

Bolt form the Blue: Anahi,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mumbai 16-02-2012

Looks like a card for fancied runners but watch the flow of money and market trends before you back the fancied runners.

Race 1: VB race for donkeys. It is very likely a few of the animals will be tried here as none of them are any good. My shortlisted 3 are 5-6-9. Blue Swallow, has some merit and a positive change in jockey shows intent however the connections are gamble people so it will pay decide in the ring. Rajdoot, is probably the most consistant of the animals and should be right there. make note of Voices Of Angels, here as he can upset had a easy run first up and is now running the right distance plus has a very good handicap should place and can upset Note.

Tips: Rajdoot,Blue Swallow,          Upset: Voices Of Angels,(Note)

Race 2: Due to a small field and lack of pace it will suit Rancho, however it will be a close call.Strategic Change, is a moody galloper but if the connections adopt a start to finish tactics on him he can upset. best to avoid this race.

Race 3: Dancing Dame, has the best credentials to win in this set is tracking very well and if the jockey can give her a fair ride she will win.

Tips: Dancing Dame,

Race 4: If Jacqueline Smile, is tried she should win however Bayblues, should be right there, Make note of Knight Rider, here who is very well placed on handicap has run in better company is tracking well and if tried will give the Jockey his first win. Will place and can upset note.

Tips: Jacqueline Smile,   Bayblues              Upset:,Knight Rider, (Note)

Race 5: Nicanora, has run in good company and has the exprience and is tracking well enough to win here provided the intent is there.Kismat, and Samantha, look the best of the first timers.

Tips: Nicanora,                                    Upset: Kismat,

Race 6: I Fernandes has the key to this race bot his horses can win if tried By The Way, is better suited by the terms and handicap and can win if tried.

Tips: By The Way, Free For All,           Upset: Blue Knight,

Race 7:Tricky race Signor Sassi, is well bred and tracking well but the wide draw on debut wont do any favors Mountain N Dales, has failed twice with better jockeies. Horses 1-2-4-6-7-9-11-13-14-16-17 have negetive jockies or no form at all. which leaves horses 8-10 to beat the fancied pair.Free Agent, is 5yro making a debut is tracking well but cant say and Seven Seas, who has had a positive change in jockey is very well bred and looking at the current company will be tried and should finish in the fary can upset note.

Tips: Mountain N Dales, Signor Sassi,Upset: Seven Seas, (note)

Race 8: Horses 1-2-3-5-9 should dominate the finish. Sorrento, is better of the fancied runners and should be the one to beat. is looking good on handicap and is the one that will be right there. Afsoon, is very well placed on handicap and if the young jockey can handle him well he is a likely upset can place.Desert Eagle, also has merit but being rated 27 the connections are likely to make him drop a class.

Tips: Sorrento,Prince Arius,             Upset: Afsoon,(note)

Race 9:Tricky race Horses 1-2-5-9 have merit however horses 2 and 9 belong to the same connections and is one is tried the other wont perform so watch the market.Brigadier, is a first timer and is ok on the track. Jewelled, is tracking well after her debut and will make her presence felt.

Tips:Stormy Princess,Brigadier,                Upset:   Jewelled,

Race 10: Besame Mucho, has come up a lot and should not dissapoint this time. However horses 1-2-3-6-7-9-17-18 can make it tough for him.Lucky Misba,  is a horse that looks poised for a try today will have to beat the favorite but will be in the fray along with Mountain Mynah, and Charlie Cool,

Tips :Besame Mucho,Mountain Mynah,                Upset: Lucky Misba,

Days Best:Besame Mucho,
Double: Besame Mucho,Dancing Dame,
Win or Kaichi Prospects: Besame Mucho,Dancing Dame,Sorrento,Jacqueline Smile,Rancho,
Small Eachway or Place prospects: Stormy Princess,Seven Seas,NicanoraBy The Way,Knight Rider, Voices Of Angels,

Bolt form the Blue: Lucky Misba,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mumbai 12 Feb 2012

Is a very tough card today however Ramu's horses should shine today as they are well prepared and well targeted. Go slow and Good Luck

Race 1: Very interesting race and if you go purely on handicap Living The Dream, stands tall, Running of this race is the key and dash to the wire is likely. Star Of Gibraltar, is definately the better of the two fancied runners and should win provided his stablemate decides to win.

Tips: Star Of Gibraltar,

Race 2:Another tricky race Difficult to judge Risky Business, as no form, late starter and average trackwork, the horses belonging to this trainer always seem to have one sided support when fancied however with only two winners in the season makes no sense may win but not worth a bet.Alejandra, was not ridden on merit last time, today the connections have opted to run him in a higher class and bottom wieght plus the fact that CNB is off and blinkers on means a start to finish tactic will be adopted will run a good race today and will be the one to beat. From the rest horses 5-6-7 are interconnected if one is tried the others will be on holidays, Pumba, is one horse to note however its likely that the connection will have a gamble in the lower class this horse if tried can cause a upset watch the market and decide.Cypress Point, is nothing special but Celestial Call, and Light My Way, are classy horses and are the 2 animals that will trouble the fancied runners.The second named is a better class horse has been stripped fitter and come down to winning condition if tried he will be hard to beat.Best to leave the race or take a small eachway chance on Light My Way.

Tips: Light My Way, Celestial Call,                    Upset: Pumba,

Race 3: Open race with many likely contenders horses 1-2-3-4-5 and 9 should dominate the finish. I personally think Arctic Minstrel,Oriental Dawn, Great White,and Aristocratic, have the best credential the second and third named are inter connected, the second named belongs to a gamble owner and if she is backed the first named can be discounted the first named is the horse of form and well placed and should be the one to beat. Aristocratic, is the likely upset if his blood vessels hold up.

Tips: Arctic Minstrel,Oriental Dawn,                   Upset: Aristocratic,

Race 4: Victorian Vice,                Upset: Barringo,

Race 5: Worst race of the day where any horse can win luck will play an important role and if you pick a winner here good luck.Rebecca,Angels Pursuit,Emerald Valley, and Borderline, are my short listed 4. The second named is very well prepared and will be right there and the last named if fit can upset.

Tips: Angels Pursuit,Rebecca, Upset: Borderline,

Race 6: Another open race but if there is a upset here it will be Weizhou,
Tips:Forest Flair, Attila,               Upset: Weizhou,

Race 7: Airplay,

Race 8: Smart Strider, should win but is not outstanding Halle, and Krypton, will keep him honest make note of the last named can upset seems to be a nice animal.

Tips: Smart Strider,               Upset: Krypton,

Days Best: Victorian Vice,
Double: Victorian Vice, Star Of Gibraltar,
Kaichi or Win Prospects:  Victorian Vice, Star Of Gibraltar,Airplay,Arctic Minstrel,

Eachway or Place bets : Krypton,Angels Pursuit,Light My Way,Forest Flair,
Bolt from teh Blue: Weizhou,Borderline,

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