Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bangalore 31 July 2011

After a disastrous Saturday am a bit down in confidence, have put my best effort today and i hope things work out looks a day of upsets but u never know Good luck all.

Race 1: Gamble race watch the market.
Tips:Miss Marvelous, Brave And Bold,Another Voice,

Race 2: Gamble race follow the market

Tips: Hackett,The Last Fling,     Upset: Samajdaar

Race 3: Top Secret,  should win today however is conceding a lot of weight to Salsa Touch, who will be the likely upset note her defiantly worth a hedge bet or a each way punt as 11 kgs over 7 flg is not an easy task.

Tips: Salsa Touch,Top Secret,     

Race 4:       Own Empire, has the most experience in this set and should be the deciding factor today however many first timers so best to stay away. Bavaria, has some merit but the jockey needs to learn how to win races hope he does sooner.

Tips:Own Empire,Bavaria,

Race 5: Gazaki, has a lot to prove today is tracking well and can win however Camorra, has a good break in handicap over the former is the jockey can do justice he can trouble the former.Make note of Caspian Sea, for minor bets win looks a bit far fetched but place looks good note for a upset.

Tips: Gazaki, Camorra,     Upset: Caspian Sea,

Race 6: St Catz, will be tested today as she is running amongst 4 very talented horses, RidgewayShaka Zulu, and Loveatfirstsight, the first named was very impressive first up when unfancied and is showing a lot of promise the second named has good speed and has a bright future however handicap is not in the favor and the last named is a very good animal and a good galloper was given a shocking ride last time today if all goes well will be flying at the post. if there is a upset it is likely to come from Veyron, who is running amongst his peers today has the right jockey and is tracking well enough to upset here 

Tips: Loveatfirstsight,Ridgeway,            Upset: Veyron,

Race 7: Secret Punch, was very impressive winner last time will repeat Stringsofmyheart, is very speedy and is the main danger Crown Rule, has a interesting Jockey choice but cant be ruled out for a upset.

Tips: Secret Punch,Stringsofmyheart,         Upset: Crown Rule,

Race 8: Very interesting race with the top fancied are running on promotion with be hard to repeat in this company as at least 7 horses are in with a fair chance horses in question are 1-2-4-5-7-8-9. although any of these horses can win I am discounting 1 and 2 as both have had a class to class penalty, Illustrious, is a good horse but is too moody and has let me down too many times if she is in a galloping mood she will win i cant trust her anymore.Ice Mint, is improving with every run and is a worthy contender will ber right there at the finish Crown Vision, is now well rested and tracking well and will be right there along with Golden Quest, who has been tracking very well and is my first pick to beat the former. make note of Strategic Change, who is well above this class but am not sure if the poonawallas will want to present the trophy to themselves has happened in the past so u never know the horse is very fit his first run is his best  so don't ignore can upset.

Tips: Golden QuestCrown Vision,                  Upset: Strategic Change,

Race 9: Open race and a few gamble horse placed here Sky Rider, is still a maiden after 15 starts,Steel King, is well bred but not sure of potential can win if the owners are serious. from the rest horses 1-4-10-11 have merit Inspirator, is tracking well has a decent handicap and if intentions are right he will be the one to beat, Spring Beauty, was impressive winner last time and will repeat if tried One Cool Cat, also has merit but the jockey will have to ride a great race to win today in this field. Hamsafar, is the one to note as an upset has good form and is speedy enough to trouble the best of the worst can upset.

Tips: Spring Beauty,Inspirator,             Upset: Hamsafar

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bangalore 30 July 2011

Its a very open card today will pay to stay away from favorites

Race 1: Open race with many contenders Shades Of Scarlet, looks very well prepared to win hers has to beat either  Royal Spirit, or the speedy Amber Star, the first named is a gamble horse but looking at the track work he is ready for a big gamble.

Tips: Shades Of Scarlet,Royal Spirit,                Upset:Amber Star,

Race 2: Many first timers in this race but make note of Sassy Girl, her track work suggests that she is a very good horse don't worry about the jockey she will win if all goes well Lad Star, who doe snot have a lot have initial speedy will be right there along with Simply Best,

Tips:(note) Sassy GirlLad Star,       Upset: Simply Best,

Race 3: Mostly gamble horse but horses 2-4-5 are running in a handicap race for the first time hence needs attention Sunraider,  has jockey merit and is my first pick to beat either Maverical, who is tracking well and positive change in equipment or Decorated,

Tips:Sunraider,(note)  Maverical, Upset: Decorated,

Race 4: Although Ben Ten, was an impressive winner last time he is out handicapped, which leaves horses 1-5-6-7-8 as potential contenders SivantaSilken Touch, and Chemin De Fer,  the last named is coming up nicely but is conceding weight alround, the second named is running after a long lay off which is a ??? the first named has a good handicap and will be the one to beat should win if the jockey can handle it.

Tips: Sivanta,Chemin De Fer,               Upset: Scarlet Knight,

Race 5: Will be a very interesting finish here some good old timers vs some upcoming youngsters Astounding Gallop, is my first pick to beat Love Conquers All, who is in great form and Shotgunn, who can upset as the distance will suit him however this is a very open race.

Tips: Astounding GallopLove Conquers All,            Upset: Shotgunn

Race 6: Special Fx, should repeat provided he can ward off Ultimate Fantasy, who is the only danger.
Tips: Special Fx,        Upset: Ultimate Fantasy,

Race 7: I just cant see Emerald, losing at this handicap if she is on job she will win.Royal Surprise, is in good form too but has to beat the former.Make note of Matias, for a upset as she is tracking very well and if the jockey can handle it will be right there note for minor bets or jackpot combo.
Tips: EmeraldRoyal SurpriseUpset: Matias,

Race 8: Cinnamon Rush, and Magnomical, should fight it out the latter is a better horse but jockey is the problem Scenic Blast, and Amazing World, are likely upsets at this handicap and both should not be ignored for minor bets or jackpot combos.
Tips: Magnomical,Cinnamon Rush,      Upset: Amazing World,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pune 28 July

Wadhwan and Vinayak horses are druged up and ready to go lets see what happens

Race 1: Ocean Fairy,             Upset: Titleist,
Race 2: Lyrical Symphony,     Upset: Light My Way,(note)
Race 3: Tora Bora                    Upset : Classic Ruler
Race 4: Royal Highness,   Upset: Lakhadema
Race 5: Scintillating Star,  Tag Along Tommy,          Upset: Uproar,
Race 6: Scholar,   Superior Quest     Upset: Midsummer Knight,
Race 7: Voyager,Maddox,         

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jockey G Adarsh

If anyone has any feedback on the young jockeys fall and how he is faring would be appreciated, after seeing the fall i have no doubt the boy is in trouble and am hoping he is fine and wish him a speedy recovery.

After viewing fall more then 50 times it is obvious his saddle slipped and such negligence should not be tolerated with a 5000rs fine. Due to someones negligence and lack of attention a young kid can lose his life and Trainer who was a jockey himself should have known better.

I Sincerely hope the connections involved Trainer/Owner and the Club make it a priority to help this kid with the best medical and financial support till he can stand back up on his feet.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bangalore 24 July 2011

Race 1: Although Prost, can win it definitely is not outstanding not worth a bet under 2-1. Am surprised by the negative Jockey and equipment on Thunder, who is tracking very well maybe the trainer is hoping to have a last minute gamble and if that's the case he can win on the merit of track work make a note.I do believe Signifies, has a better chance then the favorite along with The Great Gambler, who once again is gamble horse hence its best to leave the race or watch the flow of money.

Tips:Signifies,The Great Gambler,                               Upset:  Thunder,

Race 2:Very open race and will be a very interesting finish Esmeraldo, is better then Mountain Of Joy, and should finish in that order however i think the will will come from horses 1-3-8. Forest Regent, has a clear handicap chance is working well and will take full advantage of the situation Ace Blood, last run should be ignored will be in the fight with the former. But my money is on Kilimanjaro, who just needs to be in the mood and the results will say the rest.

Tips: Forest Regent,Ace Blood,           Upset: Kilimanjaro,

Race 3: Mishri, has to beat Shivalik Prince, to win here will be a toss up

Race 4: Gamble race but Beautiful DancerAmazing Colour, look the top 2 contenders the first named will be hard to beat if ridden on merit note Voodoo Moon, for a upset is tracking well.

Tips: Beautiful Dancer,Amazing Colour,              Upset: Voodoo Moon,

Race 5: Gamble race my first pick is Aston Park, on jockey merit and track Mark Of Genius, is the danger. being a gamble race if any of the following horses are in the money which is likely 1-6-7 are ones in question I personally feel Super Surprise, will be tried today and can upset don't ignore.

Tips: Aston Park,Mark Of Genius,                 Upset: Super Surprise,(note)

Race 6: Sunlight, will beat Xisca, today take a chance.

Race 7: Both V Mallya horses can beat friendly bond

Tips: Corleone,Skyliner

Race 8: Hill Rising,Radical AttractionPracticallyperfectLittle Boy Blue, and Sudden Magic,are my top 5 in this open race. Sudden Magic, is very well placed on handicap and tracking well however belongs to a gambling trainer so hard to say but will win if tried. From the top 3 weights Hill Rising, has the best chance and will be the one to beat. Make note of Practicallyperfect, here is tracking well and running amongst his peers for the first time will be right there Little Boy Blue, has come up a lot since the last run looks very very fit and has a positive change of jockey and equipment plus at this handicap can surprise the lot note for a upset.

Tips: Hill Rising,Practicallyperfect,                  Upset: Little Boy Blue,(note)

Race 9: Very very interesting race and any horse can win but they all have to beat Black Super Star, today make note for a gamble and don't worry about the jockey as the horse will only lose if the stable tries with their other horse which will be foolish.

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