Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tips for mumbai 29 April

Last day of the Mumbai season will spring a few surprises

Race 1) 2. AQUA GLOW will be the favorite but is not a very sound horse and has only beaten Xian who is still a maiden hence My choice will be 5. QUEEN OF THE TURF who should win well today.

Race 2: 5. STUNNING STAR can do the trick today from 1. RED DAWN

Race 3: 8. PARIS HILTON will have to fight it out from 2. HISHAM who has been unlucky all season

Race 4: 4. STAR CONQUEST is meeting his toughest opposion todate hence my choice is 5. FORCES OF DESTINY who should pick up the cup from 1. AGHA

Race 5: 5. SOLID BLACK has an outside chance in this open race

Race 6: 7. PRECISION if he takes a level start will be hard to beat but 4. EXCELLENTO is a threat to the best.

Race 7 : 6. LA TREMOLO shhould end the season with a win.

All best all have a punt on 5. QUEEN OF THE TURF ,Exellento and Le tramolo.

All the best and have a win

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tips for mumbai 28 April

Hi Guys tips for today are as follows

Race 1: 5. HOLIDAY DATE looks very good on paper after his last win and the manner of victory however after studying the field he dosenot apeal me in the card for the following reasons his win was in 00-30 and now he is running in 20-50 2 classes up, secondly the race he won did not have any fast horse that could test his skills hence the lead and the manner of victory.3. RAIBA who have been very consistant all season has beaten him by 12 lengths and should do the trick again. MY SELECTION IN THIS RACE IS : 4. BORN TO LEAD who has been consistant in this class and has a positive jockey change form 6. XIAN who is running the right distance today and worth a bet in this field 3. RAIBA will be right there.

Race 2: 1. CHARLIE PARKER has the class to win here but the equipment dosenot suggest the intentions however if born to lead wins race 1 then the horse will be given the Green signal. My choice is 4. GOLD CRAZE who will be right there from 3. CATALUNYA .... the race will be decided in the top 4 horses.

Race 3: Open race with 6. KALPAVRUKSHA in with a good outside chance

Race 4: Another open race take a punt on 4. TOOFAN MAIL however dont like the Fav 8. ZARZAITINE

Race 5: Straight fight between 8. LAGO MEDIO and 3. DANCING DIVA howevr look for an upset in 7. OYSTER GEM

Race 6: 4. ROYAL PANACHE has the class to win here but has to learn how to win hence my choice is 3. MAJOR WAGER who has the class to win however if you are looking for a long shot here spare a thaught for 1. WORLD WAR THREE who hasnt done anythng wrong so far.

Race 7) Very open race with every single horse in with a chance however if you are looking for a long shot take apunt on 6. MORTAL STAKES (each Way) who can win here from 3. RING BEARER and 7. OPEN SEASON

Today is not an easy day to find winners however as a word of caution there will be a lot of false favorites so please choose wisely .

My days best is BORN TO LEAD

the following horses are worth an eachway punt

Good luck all and I am happy to take any advise/suggestions.



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tips for Mumbai 27 apr 07/Ammended

Hi Guys I am back in town following is my opinion on fridays card. However might ammend a few tips if nessecary.

Race 1) Not a lot of horses here to attract merit but 1. THE RISING is my choice of the race as he has been tracking well and has had forfard run in his last run 2. MISTER FIXIT has had 2 forward runs but this distance is too sharp for him and is best ignored.

Race 2) 3. PINE CREST will be the one to beat and has the class to win here from 1. SILENT PRESENCE who is running within a weeks time and B Chinoy would not do it if the horse didnot have a chance or was unfit however 6. GRANTOWN who had a forward run last week is better the his stable mate and will be right there. Open race FIREY FUTURE has a chance too

Race 3) 1. HUGO has all in his favor to win today in this field 3. CELESTRELLA who did not run on merits last time out can creat a flutter.

Race 4) Very open race best left alone however if you are looking for a punt consider 12. COLOUR OF JOY as a good each way bet also be careful 4. JOLTEON who has been tracking well and belongs ASHOK RANPISE who can make this horse win see the betting trend in the last few minutes from the start...11. REALISM and 13. SAME GAME are worth a look for jackpot purposes.

Race 5: 5. EVERYBODY COUNTS is the one to beat in this open race

Race 6: Lookout for a GAMBLE on 5. FIRE N DESIRE who looks ready to win provided there is money on him from 7. CONSTANTIA and 2. PREMIER IMAGE will be the ones to follow.

Days best : HUGO
Double : HUGO and THE RISING
Upset of the Day : AUTUMN ROSE and HARD ROCK

Mixed day once more with a gambles on the card beware of D TODYWALLA horse and study the market in the last 3 minutes. Good luck all and have a win.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hi guys,

I am currently in thailand on a holiday hence cant detail tips and today following are a few horses to consider



All the best and make some money.



Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tips for mumbai 15 April

Punters beware today is a very tricky day so please be careful and pick you races to bet

Race 1: 1. FANTASTIC FURY cames very late on the scene and is not a sound horse however if all goes well shoul win but my choice is 8. INCROYABLE who handicap and forward run lasttime out merits attention from 6 QUEEN OF THE TURF dont worry about 2.Deeleecious
3.Sea Gull they are not in this league.

Race 2: Let the best horse win 3.Xiamen has been tracking well and will be right there but this race is best left alone and watched.

Race 3: Looks like a straight fight between 3. AMBERLEY and 5. LUNAR QUEEN with a few horses that can upset the cart 9. TANTRIK has a big task today hence best left alone ....for people looking outsiders spare a thaught for 10. XIAN

Race 4: Another race to watch for jackpot purposes do consider 6. WILD TEMPER

Race 5: Open race with 10. RAGE OF ANGELS gets the nod ahead of 2. PRIVATE EYE but if there is money on 11. MAGIC WORDS take a chance

Race 6: Picking a winner in 3 horses should be easy but I am sure its not however after looking into the race and my nod is in favour of 2. SILVER TERN the reason being since the pace of this race is not going to be pridictable i have gone with the Jockey who I believe is a very good judge of pace and hence when it comes to the final sprint he will be there.

Race 7: 2. FIREY FUTURE is my choice to beat 4. WORLD WAR THREE in this race.

Unfortunatelty I dont believe there is a Days best today however if I have to put my money where my mouth is these are the 3 bets I will make today

Good Eachway bets XIAN and INCROYABLE

Good luck and have a win

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tips for mumbai 14 April

Race No 1 ; 4. OH WHAT A BABE should fight it out with 3. SULEMAN PASHA who has the class on his side..

Race 2 : 3. WILD CAT has the class to win in this company but look out for 7. STROLL IN THE PARK (each way)

Race 3: Open race but 8. ATTIA IN SUNLIGHT today has a chance to make ammends from 6. LATEST NEWS or 13. TAFETA

Race 4: On paper 1. CAPRIANI has the class to win hands down.... However beware this horse has not been run on its merits all season and needs to learn how to win again.... Also she dose not like to be wipped hence I would not touch her if she wins goodluck..... 3. ESPRIT DE LIBERTE can upset.

Race 5: 1. ELUSIVE STUDY should win 3. MUGHAL E AZAM should be a good place bet

Race 6: 5. NANJING and 7. STRAWBERRY FIELDS should fight it out however expect some resistance from 6 APPRECIATE

Race 7: Looks like 3. CAVALRY BRIGADE race but LOOK OUT FOR AN UPSET IN 6. CHIRAYU WHO IS my choice of an upset today

Days best : Elusive Study
Double ; Oh What a bebe/E Study
Treble : Oh what a babe/Wild cat/ E study


Good luck


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tips for Mumbai 01 apr

Hi Guys sorry for ths as I have been away due to work however My tips for Race4 onwards are
Race 4 7. SPIRITUAL HYMN looks safe bet but if you are looking for value 6. KINNARI is the one to play each way
Race5 4. MATHEMATICA is my choice to I believe this horse has a gr8 each/way chance from Star of China

Race 6: 6. FIREY FUTURE has an outside chance in this very open race dont Ignore 7. PINE CREST for jackpot

Race 7 If ther is money on 5. LOVE FORTY he will win and should beat this card from 3. LA TREMOLO who can beat this field.

All the best

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