Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hyderabad Derby

Manyatta, and Shivalik Star, should be involved in the finish of the hyderabad derby.

Manyatta, is the most improved colt at the moment finished 3/4 lengths behind S Hero and head behind An Aquired taste in the 2000 g he is improving a lot and the distance wont be a Issue he was my fancy for the mumbai derby till I saw this card.
Shivalik Star, is rated 104 and justifies that rating the fact that he is actually bred to stay gives him a very good chance he does have his fair share of problems but is a very good colt with initial speed and stamina hence the race does look confined to the Narredu Clan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bangalore 26-01-2013

A very good and competetive card today I personally feel Jockey Valdir De Sousa  can make or break your day as he has the best runners who are all well prepared to win keeping in mind he is a jockey who is involved in big gambles watch the flow of money on his horses. Sharat Kumar also has very well placed runners but once again gamble connection so follow the market trend on his horses.Happy Republic day everyone .

Race 1 : Interesting race on paper Fire Storm, and Assurance, should fight it out the second named is slightly better.Many Wishes, who is a unsound animal but is far superior in this set can upset or place at worst if all goes well note.

Tips: Assurance,                 Upset: Many Wishes,

Race 2: Many first timers so hard to say but Noble Path, will run a good race and can surprise.

Race 3: Union Jack, has a slight advantage on handicap here should be the one to beat.Market Maker, is the dark horse here has recently changed ownership is a better horse then what form suggest if tried can upset.

Tips: Union Jack,            Upset: Market Maker,

Race 4: There will be a gamble on Flying Tricolour, in this race the name say it all plus the positive change in jockey and equipment should be the one to beat if I am right. From the rest its a very open field but Sutton Prince, and Thrillseeker, who was a winner of this race last year do come into contention the first named is a good animal and will be the one to beat.

Tips:Sutton Prince, Flying Tricolour,         Upset: Thrillseeker

Race 5: A wide open race and the terms are in favor of Sovetskaya, and Sprint Star, plus the fact that Ridgeway, and Severstahl, are not sound but can win if they are back to their fitness can change things. however there are a few horses here that have improved a lot or hiding true form they are HillfigerMagnitude Star, and Midtown Magic, the first and last named were considered classic in there era and both had set back but are now out of it and should fight for their former glory.In my opinion the the first named has improved a lot and has been prepared for this race and should be the one to beat.The second named finished an un extended 5th 3.5 lengths behind Toroloco in his last run is ready for a strike and can upset if the first named fails to win.

Tips: Hillfiger,Midtown Magic,                Upset: Magnitude Star,

Interesting race to say the least with 8 runners 3 late entries 6 horses will get prize money and no pacemaker with the highest rating of 102 and lowest of 58. If you go by rating only and close your book the handicapper suggest Super Storm, should win by a minimum of 6 lengths but when it comes to classics its amazing how Rating has no relevance.

1) Athletic Star, : Bred for speed the trip is a long one and doesnot have the class to cause a upset is running because he was entered in this race and can pick up some prize money if he finishes 6th or higher.
2) Maths Baby,: An impressive galloper that just does not seem to stay in this field he can run a good race due to lack of company and can finish in the top 3.
3) Red Baron,: A genuine stayer and a genuine class One animal who likes the fast pace if the pace is fast then he will be in contention has the merit to upset anyone.
4) Shivalik Fire,: Sparingly raced horse who should be reaching in the highest class over time however will have to be a very good animal to beat some of the top contenders here should finish in the frame win looks difficult.
5) Super Storm,:The One to beat.
6) Jersey Girl, : Probably dint like the slow pace in the oaks and was caught napping but her staying the trip is a ??
7) Snow Bird, : Impressive winner of the oaks and was given a very good ride but today there are horses that are better then her including her stablemate.
8) State Secret,: This is a horse that you can throw the handicapping theory away she is rated 69 as compared to 85 for snowbird which is 16 points which equates to 8 kgs or over 12flg is it means Snow bird is 16-18 lengths superior to her at this distance but she only finished 7.5 lengths behind her in the oak after losing 8-10 lengths at the start so on paper she is a better animal then her and should be rated higher.Her preparation is different from the rest had a easy run first up then lost her chances at the gates in the oaks. If you look at her form in bangalore summer she beat Cecil 4 lengths and then Cecil won 4 races and is now rated 103 which is higher then Super Storm who is rated 102 and going by that Theory she is a shade better then the favorite and is she takes a level jump she will win the Bangalore derby will be a toss up between the two and I give her a slight edge.

Tips:State Secret,Super Storm,

Race 7: This is a wide open race with many chances I would have said Atlas Power, but have given up on the trainers intent.However this is tough company and its best to avoid or look for a value eachway bet.Horses that are value for money are Radical Attraction,PanameraSussex Downs, and the bottom weighted Supremacy

Tips: Radical Attraction,Panamera, Upset: Sussex Downs

Race 8: Another wide open race Prince Of Darkness,Attractive Bay,Arabian King, are my shortlisted 3. the first named is a improved animal and the last named is a danger to them all had a good lung opener last time will be trying run them off their feet today.Endurance, is the joker in the pack the jockey is hopeless but the horse is good enough dont ignore for minor combinations.

Tips: Prince Of Darkness,Attractive Bay,        Upset: Arabian King, (note)

Race 9: MystereSix Shooter, and Cowboy Cal, are my shortlisted 3 in the last day of the day.

Tips:  MystereSix Shooter, Upset Cowboy Cal

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bangalore 25-1-13

Race 1: Gamble race with a many open look as many horses will be tried and true form is unknown best to avoid or go slow.

Tips: Law Of The Land,Buzzword,     Upset: Immaculate,

Race 2: First timers hard to say Natural View, should be the one to beat.

Race 3: Gamble race best to avoid.

Tips:Artic Breeze Divine Strike,

Race 4: Bad race 

Tips:Sukhmanee, Sweet Secret

Race 5: Wide open race and an upset can be ruled out.

Tips: Hillsboro,Free Law,

Race 6: WhistlejacketIndravati

Race 7: BrownieSpark Of Diablo,

Race 8: Artesia,Refreshed

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mumbai 24-1-13

Race 1: Bad race only horse of form is Gottawearshades, but gamble connections so best to avoid.Stella, and Let It Fly, are horses that can upset the second named is on a very good handicap will be tried today.Rose Bud, is the one to watch out for a possible gamble.

Tips:  Let It Fly,Stella

Race 2: A small field over a mile so the race can go anywhere it will be best to avoid. If you look at the race purely on form and handicap then Living The Dream, pune form is the best of the lot today considering that she is receiving at least 11kgs from each runner gives her a fair chance to win. A handicap of 11kgs over a mile can be about 15 lengths and the fact that she finished 1.5 lths behind maple star in pune with a 9 kg advantage gives her a very good chance today. She is running after a long break so please see her condition at race time. If the race is too confusing best to avoid.

Race 3: Another gamble race best to avoid Yardstick,Hot As Ice, and Arabian Lord, should be in the money.

Race 4:Open race but the following horses should fight for honors Ice Skates,Be Positive,Magic StarPrince, and Towering High, Make note of Magic Star, here had a easy run first up is blazing the track and if the wide draw is not a issue he will win.

Tips: Magic Star,Be Positive,                  Upset: Prince,

Race 5: Should be a close finish between here and horses 1-3-4-5 will fight for honors jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Mountain Force,        Upset: Celestial Call

Race 6: Zakynthos, should win here seems to have come right.Fortune Hunter, should place.

Tips: Zakynthos,          Upset: Fortune Hunter,

Race 7: This is a wide open race and an upset cant be ruled out here.Horses 1-2-3-4-5-7-13 all have a fair chance if tried.Mon Ami,Mountbatten, and Alecto, are my top 3 the first named should win if tried.Angel's Dream,  is the dark horse.

Tips: Mon Ami,Mountbatten, Upset Angel's Dream

Race 8: Celtic King, and Emperor Of France, look well prepared and should fight for honors.The first named has a benifit of the run.Rewarding Desire, is a dark horse can upset.

Tips  Celtic KingEmperor Of France,              Upset: Rewarding Desire,

Race 9: A very open race best to avoid

Tips: Astromia,Fireheart,              Upset: Windsor Queen,

Race 10: Swift Memories,

Days best:  Zakynthos,   

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mumbai 20-1-2013

A very interesting card today expect some surprises I Sait has some well placed horses who can steal the show.

Race 1: A very open sprint and all 10 runners can win here the pace will be fast as there are some speedy animals here and best to look for a value bet or leave the race.Check Her OutIllustrious, and Encore,  are the ones that represent value. The second named is a very fast horse but has BV issues she will today be the one to catch right jockey on today.the last named looks very well prepared with this race in mind with a fast pace will suit her as she will be finishing on should go close.the first named has a fair handicap can upset.

Tips:  Illustrious, Upset Encore,

Race 2: Polynesia,Seminyak and Impressive Touch, should be in the fray. On jockey skills the last named is the one to beat.The first named is running a handicap race for the first time and should be in the fray.

Tips: Impressive Touch,Seminyak

Race 3:  First Timers so hard to say best to avoid.Phelps, should run a improved race today can upset.

Race 4: If favorite Wings Of Glory, has a big job ahead here as there are some good sprinters and the fact that he does not like the whip dims his chances.Hills And Heights,Sugar Loaf, and Visionist, all have a fair chance to win here. The last named has fitness issues so difficult to say but is fit should be the one to beat.the second and third named are very closely matched and will be a touch and go between them however the last named in my opinion is better and will be finishing on so look out.

Tips: Visionist,

Race 5: On Paper Vittoria, is better then the set but is a horse who needs a strong rider which leaves Silver Birch,Spirit Of Mercy, and the far improved Invictus, who does have blood vessel issues. the second named stands out on handicap against the first named This will be a very good race to watch but they all have to beat Spirit Of Mercy,

Tips: Spirit Of Mercy

Race 6: Avoidable race many horses rated 30 and under will not be tried adding to that you have 10 not on job jockeys  in a 19 horse field and what is worst is the form horses with decent jockeys are drawn badly in a 6flg race.Lightening Thunder, has every thing in his favor today along with the speedy Super Satin,and Binzz, who are drawn 3-4 which will work from them and a likely winner will come from them or it will be a rank outsider.Wind Craft, is the one that can upset.

Tips: Lightening Thunder,Binzz,            Upset: Wind Craft

Race 7: Similar scenario as the previous race.

Tips: Fire Falcon,Colours Flying,          Upset: Port BlairTurkana

Race 8:A wide open race Starry Eyes, had a impressive mock race seems to be a nice type and at good handicap should be the danger Mariinsky, who is a nice type and Magical Spell, Terms favor the first named but being first run will be interesting to see.Scenic Warrior, and You're The Boss, are in with a very good chance too at this handicap.The second named will improve a lot from his last run and is a very speedy horse will not go down without a fight. This race is best to avoid

Tips: You're The Boss,       Upset: Scenic Warrior


1) Art Of Enchantment,:I think she will win today In her last run she was running her 3rd race in 3 weeks which got the better of her as expected but she ran a fair race.Will stay and is the one they all have to beat today.

2) Capital Attraction, : Has the potential but showed her limitation in staying the trip [ (1-53.76, 2-06.26,(12.5sec) 2-17.69,(11.40sec) 2-34.080 ( 16.4 sec)] clearly states that in the last 200 mtrs the horse had nothing left in the tank. Plus the fact that she had a hard race and is running in a span of 2 weeks which includes travelling back can take a lot out of the horse which will affect her true potential today.

3) Fond Memories,: Interesting entry will stay the trip is a nice horse but has issues as very sparingly raced will be surprised if she wins can place though.

4) Halle, Once again will stay but will need to improve a lot to place or win here. Jockey will ride her well though off the pace.

5) Maple Star, : Dont think she will stay

6) Myla Rose, Will also run will stay but not here.

7) Razeenaa, : Here is a horse that will stay no problems she is improving with every run and since the fancied runners either have doubts on staying the trip or are tired I give her a very good chance to upset here as the ones that will stay are of the same caliber as her and the jockey will make a difference 

8) Showin'off, Unlucky looser last time 800 mtrs more in distance will have to stay which I doubt

9) Simply Stylish, Won the oaks because she stayed the best but hard race and running in a span of 2 weeks with travelling will take its toll.

10) Song Dynasty, : Will stay and will run a much better race then most would expect but will need to improve a lot to spring a surprise place at best.

11) Songlark,: Same Scenario as Simply Stylish, and Capital Attraction, but is a better animal of the 3 the jockey will get the extra out of her however with all that travelling and no rest it will be hard should be in the fray but winning is a huge expectation.

12) Vijays Pride,: Good miler but never been tried in more then that which is a worry a few horses that she beat last time are better stayers and will improve and out stay her if she win here it will be on class but i don't think she is a stayer. 

The problem with this race is that the fancied runners have never been tested over a mile, The others that have a chance and can stay have done a lot of travelling in 2 weeks which leaves the rested horses that can stay with a very good chance to win and if i am right the result will reflect the same.

Tips :Art Of Enchantment,Razeenaa      Upset: Song Dynasty,

Race 10: Once again on paper Snow Blaze, looks a cut above the rest but he has not run a 5flg race for more then 2 years there are some speedy horses here and he is conceding weight to all of them will be interesting what the jockey can do about it.Matilda,Free Verse, and So True, are genuine 5 flg animals and will be in the thick of things.Talk Of The Town,  
who is linked to the favorite is carrying 46kgs today and there is a gamble looming on him today is his chance and he will be running them down 

Tips: Talk Of The Town,So True,      Upset: Matilda,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

19-1-13 Bangalore

Race 1: Hillstone, is subject to an inquiry so best to avoid.Sweet Timer, and Right On Time, have form and should dominate the finish the second named as age on his side.Living Legend, can upset if tried.

Tips; Right On Time,Living Legend,

Race 2: Glycys Bay, has merit but jockey at this distance is a worry. SmokeheadRebuttal's Hopeand Haute Ecole, have experienced jockey for this distance and should dominate the finish. Greyconnection, and See You Later, have been up in distance and up in class so avoid.

Tips: Haute Ecole,          Upset: Rebuttal's Hope

Race 3: A very open race with many chances and potential gambles.Perfect AttitudeSurprisesucceeding, and Cash The Cheque, are my top 3 choices.the first and last named are gamble horses so best to watch the flow of money on them.

Tips: Surprisesucceeding,                    Upset: Cash The Cheque

Race 4: DecoratedSunspiritI Specialist,  are my top 3 in a open race.the first named is on a good handicap and ready to strike.

Tips: Decorated,Upset:  Sunspirit,

Race 5: Murioi, has a good chance here but an upset can be ruled out.Socrates, and Zenica, are both blazing the track and look very well prepared for this race.

Tips: Zenica,             Upset: Socrates,

Race 6: Open race can go anyway Super Gold, manner of victory was too good and is worth another chance.

Tips: Super Gold,Catamaran,

Race 7: If Atlas Power, is not tried again then   Mark Of Genius, will win I have given up on the first named but know he will win when money comes on him..

Tips:  Mark Of Genius,

Race 8: A wide open race but the horses that will show a lot of improvement today are Spark Of Diablo, and Novel Approach, both of them will be right there the first named has an edge.

Tips: Spark Of Diablo, Novel Approach

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bangalore quick tips 18-1-13

Due to work commitments some quick pointers.

Race 1: O My Darling
Race 2: Corleone,Frame Partner
Race 3: Evraz,TRIUMPHANT
Race 5: Mitraya,
Race 6: The Scientist,Words Of Wisdom
Race 8: Key Of Knowledge,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mumbai 15-1-2013

Race 1: Bad race best to avoid

Tips: Quando QuandoNegredo,

Race 2: CentrestageBizarro, and Step Up, should fight it out the last named is very well placed on handicap and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Step UpCentrestage,

Race 3: A open race but if intent is there Cerro Negro, is the horse to beat here tracking very well and goo handicap there should be a gamble on him today.Fearless, and Castletroy, should keep the first named honest.

Tips: Cerro Negro,Castletroy,         Upset: Fearless

Race 4:On Paper  Blue Ace, should win however keep in mind he is running his optimum trip and conceding weight to some genuine milers which is big negative for him if you still fancy him then halve your bets. Brunello, is the former's half brother had a easy run first up now to his pet distance with 7.5 kgs advantage will be tone that can upset here.

Tips: Brunello,Blue Ace, (toss up)

Race 5: Youngsters so hard to say horses 2-9-10-11 have had a benefit of a run and should dominate the finish jockey skills will matter.Cactus Cash, is running first up but is tracking well can upset or place.

Tips: Yellowzone,Panthera,        Upset: Cactus Cash,

Race 6: A very interesting but wide open race and many chances best to look for a value eachway bet.Horses 1-3-5-6-8-9-11-12-13-15 all have a fair chance to win.Horses that represent value are New Wings,Myla RoseIbis, and Jen's Glory,
The first named will relish the step up in distance can win but will have to be at his best, the third named has been improving well late but likely to be tried in a lower class.The last named and the second named have both been prepared with this race in mind the last named is on a good handicap and will improve a lot from her last run should be the one that can upset here. The second named had a very easy run first up has been prepared well and will be the one to beat.From the fancied runners Roswald, and Winning Destiny, have the best credentials.

Tips: Myla Rose,Winning Destiny,               Upset: Jen's Glory,

Race 7: Bullseye, and Arctic Minstrel, toss up provided a decent jockey is declared on Relic Hunter, he will come in the equation.

Tips: Arctic Minstrel,Bullseye,          Upset: Relic Hunter,

Race 8: This is basically a rerun of the Colts trial stakes in which the pace was so fast it worked in favor of Machiavellianism, who was a underdog and no one worries about the underdog and they were all chasing the wrong horses but PS Chauhan rode a great race and caught everyone napping. Today it will be a different run race and since all eyes will be on him as he is not the underdog anymore it will be hard. Shivalik Hero, on the other hand was given a ridicilous ride today with a better jockey will run a far improved race and should win the Jinx Trophy.An Acquired Taste, has come to hand and should run close.

Tips: Shivalik Hero,An Acquired Taste,           Upset: Hachiko

Race 9: Bad race Wish Upon A Star, is tried will be very hard to beat.Make note of Athos, here if sound can upset.

Tips: Wish Upon A Star,                 Upset: Athos,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

KOLKATA Sunday, January 13 , 2013

My Opinion on races 3-6-7-8 Good Luck.

Race 3: Credit Ease, should beat Coppelia,

Race 6: Smooth As Silk, is a nice type and looks well prepared here Scooby Do, will improve a lot today and is the danger to the former at the handicap 4kgs is a lot as far a youngsters are concerned.

Tips: Smooth As Silk,       Upset: Scooby Do


1) Bold Desire,: Lacks the class in this company will only run.
2) Borsalino,: One of the main contenders note his Second run at any center is his best run so today will be the day he will put his best foot forward will be making a good of pace due to lack of pacemakers and will stay the short straight will work top his advantage if the rest give him too much lead.
3) Franenstein, Big jump in class here should run well but at best may finish in the frame.
4) Hamlet, Won a class 4 race with absolute ease in a good timing without a worry Rated 45 but sits around the rating of 80 should run a bold race the jockey is a ?? but will be right there.
5) Malpensa,: His manner of victory in the 2000 g was very impressive he will stay the trip and everyone has to worry about his turn of foot.
6) Snowscape,: I really like him today the horse is improving with every run will stay well and he his prep work suggest he will be coming well of the pace the jockey is the best on this track and will work to his advantage and should be running all of them down today.
7) Tintinnabulation,: Hasn't shown anything so far in classic company not sure if anything will change today.
8) Silverina,: Good winner of the oaks local contender too but her win in the oaks although by 5 lengths was nothing special beat the very tired Chase the sun who had 3 hard races in 4 weeks which is a lot for a filly to do and the timing of the race reflects the same and it will be very hard for her to compete against these well rested colts.

It will be a very close finish between 2-4-5-6 but the pace of the race will work to the advantage of Snowscape,Malpensa, and Hamlet.  The first named if ridden of the pace will be the one to beat but will have to fight it out with the second named.

Tips: Snowscape,Malpensa,

Race 8: Arrow In Auto Mode, should win again from Win Again,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bangalore 12-1-13

Very open card today look for value place or eachway bets.

Race 1: Open gamble race and a few should be tried here.Horses 2-6-8-10-11-12 have the best credentials and should be the ones in the money.StarstruckAfternoon Delight,and Autumn Red, belong to big gamble stables and its best to decide at race time on them keep in mind the last two named are connected so if one it tried the other will be on a holiday it is likely that the last named will be tried ahead of the second named.Magnanimous and Dance With Me,  have had easy runs so far with positive changes and very good track movements they will be the ones to beat.Samovar, will be in the fray but age is against him.

Tips : Dance With MeMagnanimous,

Race 2: Open race flow of money will show intent Sparkling Star,Aspect Of Love, and Corleone, are my shortlisted 3 however can go anyway.The second named is ready to strike

Tips: Aspect Of Love,Sparkling Star,

Race 3: Savvy Concept,Blue Star, and Arun, should fight for honors here. bad race so watch the flow of money.

Tips: ArunSavvy Concept,

Race 4: Murioi, and Miracle Memories, toss up 

Tips: Murioi,  Miracle Memories,   Upset: Nabisco,

Race 5: African Queen,Super Surprise, and Grand Success, should fight for honors in yet another open race the first named will win if ridden on merit.

Tips: African Queen,Super Surprise, Upset Grand Success

Race 6: Cape Ferrat, and Smooth Glider, should fight it out.

Tips:  Cape Ferrat, Upset Smooth Glider

Race 7: Another open race Carducci,Miss Ching,Anonymous,  and Sunspirit, all have a very good chance to win here in yet another open race. The first named is very placed on handicap and has to worry about the 3rd named as he has the class. Make note of Sunspirit, here he is ready to strike and can upset at good odds.

Tips:  Carducci,              Upset: Sunspirit,

Race 8: There should be a gamble on Hillingdon, in this set today should do well.Ace Golfer, is the joker in the pack has come good should be right there.

Tips: Hillingdon,          Upset: Ace Golfer

Race 9: Bound By Honour, is on a good handicap and should be the one to beat.Real Steel, and Endurance, are the danger if tried.

Tips: Bound By Honour,Real Steel, Upset Endurance,

Eachway or Place options: Dance With Me,Aspect Of Love,African Queen,Cape Ferrat,Ace GolferBound By Honour,

Bolt from the blue: Sunspirit,

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