Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bangalore 31 July

Once again the track conditions will play a big role today and it will be worth following horses that come off the pace and are drawn wider Good Luck

Race 1: Trillion Win, is the favorite due to lack of jockeys and form horses here In many cases it means we are not backing a horse on merit but we are relying on the lack of interest from the rest of the runners. I would like everyone to draw their attention to the following names of horses Dictator,Olivia Valere, Autonomy, if these horses make any sense to you then focus on their half sister Rich Radiant, whos last run is best ignored and for the simple fact that the field lacks any class this horse stands tall... either dont do anything here or take your chances I will. Fruit King, is a dark horse has good initial speed can upsat.

Race 2 ; Race should be confined to 1-2-6. and should finish in the same order

Race 3 : Horses 1-2-3-5 seem to be the interested ones here. Carnival Of Joy, who is down in class should prevail however make note of Spark Of Passion, here as she is running in the lowest class for the first time after running in terms races...positive change in equipment suggest she will be tried looks certain place prospect and can beat the former as he is not out standing.

Race 4 : Very Open race... All 8 Horses can win however Born To Fly, was very impressive first up will relish the step up in distance and looks fit and well to win here from Camorra, who has a decent handicap. dont be fooled by the jockey on Deep Blue Sky, he will finish in the imprtant end and can upset and should at worst place.

Race 5 : being a small field and some classy sprinters here it will be interesting to watch the finish. If the going is heavy the swoopers will have a field day here but only one horse has the that potential and it is Kyles Of Bute, who has the right jockey aboard and Originality, is the only horse here that can make it hard for him

Race 6: the connections of Golden Dixie, have opted to run her in a higher class is something worth a note as she is a very small filly she is better of carrying low wieght make note of her today she will be right there and is my first pick to beat Act Of Duty, or Persian Princess, who has dissapointed me so far. Make note of The Dawn, here who is making her first appearance this season had a decnt mock race and is the best horse on track I am confident he will be tried today and can upset at good odds dont ignore.

Race 7: Leonardo, should get his maiden win today if he fails again it will be at the hands of Oban,

Race 8: Not Not Seven, is my first pick to beat Sky Diver, in a race where not a lot of horses look interested however if either Burden On Me, or Born To Perform, are on job they will beat this set.Burden On Me, is worth a look can place and if not not seven is not tried can win.

Days Best: Leonardo,
Small eachway or place bets: Spark Of Passion,Burden On Me, The Dawn,

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bangalore 30 Jul

With heavy track conditions it is possible that top wieght horses and front runners will be at a disadvantage today it will pay to go slow or do nothing at all today. Plenty of Sparks today and I have noticed the connections always have a double at the Fag end of the season.

Race 1: tough race to judge here as many horses in with a favorable chance Love Me Tender, will relish the step up in distance and should make ammends however has to beat the far improved Ariana, who will be in the top 3 and Spark Of Knight, who is a improved horse. Sunstone, is running first time and has been tracking well Vernostonus, is the most experienced in the set but change of equipment and no track work is a negetive. Looks like Americus, need more time to mature.

Tips: Love Me Tender, Ariana, Upset : Spark Of Knight,

Race 2: A Move To Remember, won un assisted last run today the only ?? is the jockey however its the change in equipment plus the excellent track work suggest he will repeat only if the jockey can handle him if not Ice Mint, will clean up the act provided the trainer tries the other horse which is un likely. Price To Fame, is the dark horse here he is of the different class and if fit can sneak in a place at good odds win however looks unlikely

Tips: A Move To Remember, Ice Mint, Upset: Price To Fame,

Race 3: Spark Of Desire, has come up a lot since last run and should be hard to beat.
Elite Land, is having his 6th run in 60 either very fit or a very tired horse who need to learn how to win. Amazing World, is the dark horse that should place and if tried can win too make note for smaller combinations.

Tips: Spark Of Desire, Elite Land, Upset: Amazing World,

Race 4: Very Open race however with the underfoot conditions its important to value handicap hence my pick is Mystere, to fight it out with either Brunetta, or Hidalgo, the latter will be a live contender and can upset this younger set of horses specially if the trainer has a win earlier in the day make note.

Tips: Mystere, Brunetta, Upset: Hidalgo,

Race 5 : Shotgunn, definatly has the best credentials however considering the underfoot conditions I strongly believe he wont stay the mile trip as his breeding suggests..if he does which is unlikely he will win and good luck. many horses in the fray have horses 1-3-5-6-9-10-11 can be overlooked due to jockey factor or change in negetive equipment however Timeless Treasure, is the horses in this set can win if tried. From the rest horses 2-4-8-10 probably look likely to produce a winner. My first pick is Lock And Load, who has the right wieght and credentials to beat Polish Patriot, and Blink, both will relish the mile.

Tips: Lock And Load, Polish Patriot, Upset : Blink,

Race 6: Very open race looks like horses 1-2-3-6-7-10 are the only contenders here and the result should come from within these runners. Horses 1-7 are inter connected due to jockey factor however due to the heavy going front runners and horses drawn on the inside will be affected in the latter part of the day so its better to pick horses drawn wade and like to come off the pace or on the outside. Music Forever, is a horse that is at the best advantage but is a gamble horse and if money comes her way she will be right there Fantabulous Prince, has run in far superior company today in this set he can win if tried, Sunnyland, is the dark horse that relishes these conditions and can upset only if tried.

Tips: Music Forever, Fantabulous Prince,

Race 7: Kingdomofdreams, has been unluck all season today has to beat only 2 horses i.e Sweet Surrender, who looks good and can beat the former. Make note of Spark Of Solitaire, best on track looks fit and ready only disadvantage is the inside draw and if he can handle that he will upset and should place at good odds.

Tips: Sweet Surrender, Kingdomofdreams, Upset: Spark Of Solitaire,

Race 8: Zanzara, looks well placed and prepared here to beat Bid For Glory, who is improving with every run. Make note of Your Destiny, at this handicap if on job he will upset and can place at good odds too.

Tips: Zanzara, Bid For Glory, Upset: Your Destiny,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bangalore 25th July

With probably the worst personal trend I hope my luck changes today. Have picked a perfect day too as there dont seem to be a lot of clear cut winner and is a very very tough card of racing. Just for the sake of my friends I hope is suceed, if not then I am sorry in Advance.

Race 1: If ridden on merit Grand Topaz, should win African Sky, Sprawling Elegance, Youre Chilubuli, Different Opinion, all are in contention of a win here hence the race is thrown wide open.
Tips: Grand Topaz, African Sky, Upset :Sprawling Elegance,
Race 2: Looks like a gamble on Kalyan, is emminent watch the market on this horse I am ignoring him as no point in tipping gamble trainers and horses. Isinbayeva, if he takes a level jump will win and is a worth punt from Enchanting Beauty, or Miss Marvelous, the latter is ready to strike and can upset
Tips: Isinbayeva, Enchanting Beauty, Upset :Miss Marvelous,

Race 3 : Have got no Idea why Kirtling, is the favorite???? finishes 44 lenght behing winner last time average track work...??? the consistant Elite Land, and A Shooting Star, surely should finish ahead of her the former deserves a win but it is always hard to reccomend a horse that is Fit,fast consistant does not know what to do at the all important end.A Shooting Star, is a worthy contender as his track movements suggest he is in a forward condition.
Make a note of Amazing Colour, here... This horse is best on track and make no mistake the jockey is for odds although its his first run he doesnot have to beat a lot... Looks a Certainty in place and win is not out of the Radar make note
Tips:Amazing Colour, Elite Land,Upset: A Shooting Star,

Race 4 : Sun Salvador, should win here Alianz, is well placed on handicap can place ONLY if money coes her way
Tips: Sun Salvador, Alianz,

Race 5 : Magisterial, was very impressive but has beaten no one. if you compare his win with other runners today he has a huge task ahead of him Saloni, was very impressive first up and beat some good horses with ease, has been systematiclly prepared for this race and will be hard to beat if she can handle the wide draw. It is worth a mention that Sun Dancing, has beaten the former over a mile and is still in recipt of wieght last run of the latter has to be ignored as the pace of the race and long lay off dint justify the run today he is tuned up has a very strong rider and will be right there and probably has a slight edge. Skyliner, is the dark horse was unluck last time but will take full advantage of the handicap today can upset.
Tips:Sun Dancing, Saloni, Upset : Skyliner,

Race 6: Chintz, and Star Assembly, who has been well prepared look the top contenders in this very open race. the former is very well placed on handicap and is a worthy contender if the jockey can handle the pressure the latter on the other had has struck form and is tracking well is a worthy contender and will be right there.Cruising, will be suited by the step up in distance and will be right there today
Tips: Chintz, Star Assembly, Cruising,

Race 7 ;Open race Noble Breeze, and Amazing Queen, both look good and should fight out for honors however as both horses like to hit the front it can make the pace to hot to handle and swoopers can finish it off. Make special note of She's A Lady, here who is tracking very well and is tried can upset at good odds.
Tips : Noble Breeze, Amazing Queen, Upset :She's A Lady,(note)

Race 8 : Bucephalas, Incredible, Alaric, and Voice Of India, are my top 4 in this very open race. Bucephalas, has the best credentials can should win however belongs to gambeling stable so watch the flow of money. Alaric, also has a lot of credentials was hampered last time but looks well perpared and ready to strike in his pet distance and is my first pick to beat the former due to jockey merit provided he is tried. Voice Of India, belongs to a very potent trainer/Jockey combo should place at worst
Tips:Alaric, Bucephalas, Upset ; Voice Of India,

Days Best : Grand Topaz,
Double : Grand Topaz, Sun Salvador,
Kaichi: Grand Topaz, Sun Salvador, Alaric,
Eachway or Place bets: Alaric, She's A Lady, Chintz, Sun Dancing,Amazing Colour,Isinbayeva,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bangalore 24 Jul

Race 1: Spring Beauty, dont ignore her today. Just on Breading alone she will beat this very weak set of horses however its important to note that the trainer is a gameling connection and market will indicate intent I will be placing my bet anyway. Enduring Speed, might find this trip short but is well prepared and company is weak. Spark Of Harmony, is the dark horse will definately place and can upset.

Tips: Spring Beauty, Enduring Speed, Upset: Spark Of Harmony,

Race 2: Inspirator, should fight this out with Black Super Star, but the former has a slight edge

Tips:Inspirator, Black Super Star, Upset: Cute Angel,

Race 3: Precept, has a advantage over the favorite Bugatti, here as she is not the best starter and gets quiet worked up on the gates cerntainly not worth a bet under 2-1. Shot Of Gold, is the dark horse can upset is in job should at worst place.

Tips: Precept, Bugatti, Upset : Shot Of Gold,

Race 4: Tough race The Last Samurai, and Lush Lashes, are closely matched and should on form fight it out. However it is worth mentioning Star Presence, who has a negetive jockey and negitive change of equipment is best placed on handicap and is tried he will surprise worth a small eachway punt.

Tips: The Last Samurai, Lush Lashes, Upset: Star Presence,

Race 5:of the fancied runner Captivating, has the class but only 3 times on the track in 3 1/2 months is a worry as most of the other horses are peaked up its best to leave her as I feel she is being preped for winter is she wins good luck. Enduring Star, is also running after a while has been prepared well and well placed on handicap however is just short of class.Royal Ambassador, long lay off and no show since august 2009. Star Wave, is back to his pet distance also has a clear handicap advantage over the rest of the field and if in a galloping mood will leave them standing. From the rest horses 1-2 can place but jockey factor and handicap is difficult for win. Besides Captivating and Star Wave, Horses 3-4-6-8 can also win. my bet is going to be on Lowndes Square, as i do believe he is well prepared running the right distance and since this is a very open race it is worth looking for value and bet small.

Tips: Star Wave,Advantage Logan, Upset: Lowndes Square,

Race 6:Royal Surprise, shhould win from Fiorucci, or Gazellier, who are tracking well and look nice types

Race 7 :Sunspirit, definately has to beat Agent Archie, who i believe is a better animal

Tips: Agent Archie, Sunspirit, Upset :Dance N Celebrate,

Race 8: If Saddle Queen, is fit she will win if not A Run To Remember, will do the deed. Duke Of Edinburgh, has some merit but is definately a false favorite best to stay away.

Tips:A Run To Remember, Saddle Queen,

Days best: Inspirator,

Double: Inspirator, The Last Samurai,

Kaichi: above 2/Precept,/Royal Surprise,

Small EW or good place bets: Spring Beauty, Lowndes Square,Fiorucci,Agent Archie,A Run To Remember,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bangalore 18 Jul 2010

S Narredu will make or break your day today.. In my opinion he will have a very good day today and is worth following however there are many small level gamble horses placed well today as mentioned in the tips at the bottom of the page.

Race 1: Cute Angel, Gara Fluid, Upset: Harini, (note should place can upset)
Race 2: Record Breaker, Upset: ;Classical Charm, note looks good on track
Race 3: Elusive Way, Upset : Jaanvi,
Race 4:(note for a gamble)Retro Queen, Saratoga,Upset: Miss Marvelous, (should place can win)
Race 5: Deep Blue Sky, Yamas, Upset: Rubellite, (note place)
Race 6: Snow Peaks, Black Beauty, (note today can upset) Upset:Youre A Legend,
Race 7: Arabian Prince, Leave It To Me,
Race 8: Classic Charge, The Spartan, Upset: Caprioska,
Race 9: Persian Princess, Blue Origin, Upset: Man Down Under, should place can upset.
Days Best: Elusive Way,
Double:Elusive Way, Persian Princess,
Kaichi:Elusive Way, Persian Princess,Record Breaker,Classic Charge, Snow Peaks,
Small ew or Place bets: Man Down Under, The Spartan, Black Beauty, Miss Marvelous,Jaanvi, Classical Charm, Harini,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bangalore 17 Jul 2010

Race 1: Caldera, Smart Edition, Upset: Spark Of Knight, (note for a gamble today best on track)

Race 2: Powergrid,Zamalek,

Race 3: Lad Diva, Ailsa, Upset: Dragonfly,

Race 4: Time Flies, Best Time, Upset: Leon Cavallo, Note has a good chance if tried

Race 5: Magnanimity, Lady Duff, Upset: Jersey Pride,

Race 6: Marianella, Redshift, Upset: Refresh,

Race 7:(note) Amar Prem, Kingdomofdreams, Upset: Nox,(should place can upset)

Race 8: Youre Stunning, Monarchial, Upset: Sanfrancisco Girl,

Days Best: Youre Stunning,

Double: Youre Stunning, Magnanimity,

Kaichi:Youre Stunning, Magnanimity, Powergrid,

Small eachway or place bets: Spark Of Knight, Leon Cavallo, Marianella, Amar Prem,Monarchial,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pune 15th July

N Lagad, CD Katrak, F Abbas and Mp Jodha's horses are always in a forward condition in the early part of Pune season.. B Chinoy also keeps his horses fit so its worth to follw them . Good Luck

Race 7: Spirituall, Scholar, Upset: Blue Danube,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bangalore 10 Jul Pre selections

After last weekend racing it is irrelevant to apply logic as form or lack of it doesnot matter... what matters is who is on job or not... its impossible to predict or study races that are below
Class 3. Here are my selection if fair racing is done...

Race 1: Methodical, Love Me Tender, One Cool Cat,

Race 2: Crown Vision,Kings Admiral,

Race 3:Never Say Goodbye, Elite Land,

Race 4 : Royal Prodigy, Golden Dixie, Upset: Star Of Stars,
Race 5: Brunetta, Mercutio,
Race 6: Successor, Palazzio's Sun, Upset: Tomsk,
Race 7: Ciel Indienne, is too one paced to my liking as in this set there are too many horses with acceleration. Make My Day, is on a good handicap but jockey is ?? but can win. String Along, and Kohinoor Wish, are both improving with every run the former has a slight edge only becasue of handicap but the latter will be right there.
Tips : String Along, Upset:Kohinoor Wish,

Race 8: Spark Of Bronte, Sweet Surrender, Glitterato,
Race 9: Smart Ways, Legend Reborn,

Days BEst: Brunetta,
Double: Brunetta, Smart Ways,
Kaichi: Elite Land, Smart Ways, String Along,Brunetta,
Ew bets: Successor, Spark Of Bronte,
small ew or Good place: Methodical, Star Of Stars, Tomsk, Legend Reborn,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bangalore 4 July

Very good balanced and competitive racing card today expect mixed results.

Race 1: Chantilly Jewel, should win in this very average set of horses Inspirator, should follow him home. Tirolean Treasure, is running after a long layoff but is tracking the best of the lot can upset.

Tips: Chantilly Jewel, Inspirator, Upset: Tirolean Treasure,

Race 2 : Looks like a straight fight between Montedoro, and Plaka, the former look far superior and should win here Montedoro, Since there are 3 places here make note of the well bred Karisini, who will run a good race can also upset or place at good odds.

Tips:Montedoro, Plaka, Upset: Karisini,

Race 3: Vayuputra, has changed stables and now belongs to a gamble stable he is definitely better then Bid For Glory, and if tried will beat him. Buck Passer Junior, would have been my first choice if a decent jockey was accepted to rid it.

Tips:Vayuputra, Bid For Glory, Upset :Buck Passer Junior,

Race 4 : Bad race Super Gold, does look best on form to beat Sandalwood Star, and Jeyem, who has been tracking well enough to attract attention and can upset if tried make note.

Race 5 : I am not a big fan of fillies running in a span of a week hence I believe Modern Art, who is definitely better then field or at least the fancied runners can be beaten hence I can see a upset in this race. The two horses that can cause a upset are The Last Samurai, and Star Presence, both have picked up form and both are down in class the latter has never gone the distance but the former has won in this distance today has the right jockey as he needs a strong rider and should beat this set if the weight does not stop him which is highly unlikely.

Tips: The Last Samurai, Modern Art, Upset : Star Presence,

Race 6: There is no argument that Becket, is the best horse in the country however he has a big job on his hands today weight is the only reason he can lose.. both Spark Of Gold, and the vastly improved Spearhead, are conceding 7kgs from the champ and in handicapping terms is between 10.5-14 lenghts if u think he superior by that much the take the risk at these odds of take a chance on Spark Of Gold, who has a better rider today and is 2.5kgs better of the Becket since their last run. Spearhead, might struggle today as there are 3 pacemakers that will ruin his running pattern but will be in the top 3.

Tips: Spark Of Gold, Becket, Upset : Spearhead,

Race 7 ; Classic Charge, looks very well prepared however its his first run of the season and this a very competitive set of horses. The horse that is best on handicap and in good form is Ready To Mingle, who if tried today should give everyone a run for their money make note for a good each way bet. Make note of Frozen Fire, who is running after a long break but is a class above this set if fit he will leave then standing.

Tips: Ready To Mingle,Classic Charge, Upset: Frozen Fire,

Race 8: You're Wonderful, is running Steel plate which is not a good sign as N Darashah horses seldom perform with this equipment. There are many runners here with merit. horses 1-3-6-7-9 all command respect and can beat the favorite. My first pick is Royal Player, to beat Mac, who is tracking very well and if tried will win today.Make a note of Sun Zone, and Poetic, today both have been hiding true form for a long time and are better horses then its form shows today is running amongst peers and if on job and jockeys effort he will upset here. either should definitely come on board. I would definitely take a Chance on Poetic, today Overall a very open race.

Tips: Royal Player, Mac, Upset:Poetic,

Race 9: Open race with the top 5 being 1-4-5-6-11. Chintz, is speedy and well placed on handicap. Flaming Lamborgini, is back to his pet distance and is the one to beat as the fast pace that will be set by A Baby,Chintz and R in the air all 3 are fancied runners will suit him and Fantabulous Prince, I am only going for the former because of the jockey but my money will be on the latter.

Tips: Flaming Lamborgini, Fantabulous Prince, Upset: Romance In The Air,

Days Best: Montedoro,

Double: Montedoro,Chantilly Jewel,

Kaichi prospects: Montedoro,Chantilly Jewel, Ready To Mingle,The Last Samurai,

Eachway bets: The Last Samurai, Spark Of Gold, Ready To Mingle, Fantabulous Prince,

small eachway or place bets: Romance In The Air, Poetic, Jeyem,Karisini, Star Presence,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bangalore 3 July

Race 1 : Unless one of the first timers is a class 1 horse the race should be between Work Force, and Hi Life, The former was beaten by a very good horse last time but todays set is much easier the latter I do believe is a much better horse has been given some lite work but is tracking well and can beat the favorite and my first pick. Athabasca Star, does have merit but the change to negetive equipment is a worry hence best to leave alone.
Tips: Hi Life, Work Force,

Race 2 : Too many first timers best to avoid Brianna, should be involved at the important end.
Race 3: Looking at the prize money it is obvious none of the horses are entered for the prize hence ists good to see the flow of money here I personally wont bet here but if there is money on the following horses they will be right there. Bocconcino, is without a doubt the best in the set is worth a punt if money comes his way.
Tips: Bocconcino, Enchanting Beauty, Star Gleam, (dark horse)

Race 4: Once again low prizemoney means Gamble race best to go slow or leave the race.Except for Inspired Move, none of the horses have finished less then 12lth behind the winner show the quality or lack of it. so it will pay to follow the flow of money if there is money on horses 1-2-4-8 they will win if not the favorite should oblige however I cant see that happening. Devil Grandma, and Our Cruise, are the ones to watch. Leave Southern Gladiator, alone as A Caddy horses in S plate seldom win. best to leave the race

Race 5: Angelfire, only has a handicap chance here however it wont be easy for her to win today as I am not confident of the jockey. horses that can beat her are Slickkit, Rare And Precious, Atlantus, and Star Wave, its going to a game of luck here both Slickkit, and Atlantus, have the right jockey on them the former i believe is just short of class and Atlantus, will be running for the 4th time in 34 days hence i am ignoring him. Star Wave, has the class but the distance is short my first pick is Rare And Precious,to beat any of the above.
Tips: Rare And Precious,Slickkit, Angelfire, Upset; Star Wave, (should place)

Race 6 : once again a bad race and the flow of money will decide the outcome Showhorse, is the horse to watch here can win and is worth a eachway bet Youre Kiss's Due, has the best jockey in the set and is the one to beat. Precept, can repeat.
Tips: Showhorse, Youre Kiss's Due, Upset : Precept,

Race 7: Missoni, Day Trader, Corleone, Juno, will decide the faith of the race Day Trader, is definately the one to beat
Tips: Day Trader, Corleone, Upset: Juno,

Race 8: Enduring Speed, is the one to watch her if money comes her way she will be the one to beat.Man Down Under, is one for the note book is tracking well and can win here make note Defiance, may sneak in a place at long odds.

Tips: Enduring Speed, Man Down Under, Upset: Defiance,

Over all a very bad day of racing as the prize moneys a low so small timers will try and make a gamble or two if u r not sure leave the racing today
Days best : Day Trader
Small ew bets: Man Down Under, Showhorse, Rare And Precious,
Place bets: Star Wave, Juno, Defiance,

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